The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power

You might think that this blog title is a little off base for a website focusing on wisdom, health and wealth. But you would be wrong. For thousands of years civilized people have known that “the life is in the blood”. You lose your blood and you lose your life. The power for life in a living being is equal to how well the blood of that being carries out its function. If the blood, for one reason or another loses its power to carry out its job, the being will die.

Because of its connection with life and death, blood has always been a symbol which is used to secure covenants between different peoples and countries.

Blood covenant

Cutting the covenant
Blood Covenant

Blood covenants were a means by which different groups of people would join forces by which both groups would benefit from the strengths of the other. One group might be good at farming, but not good at fighting. Another group might be good at hunting but not so good at farming. By joining together in a covenant relationship, the hunters, who were not good at farming, could benefit from the farmers when game was scarce, and the farmers could benefit from the hunters skill when crops were not in season. These covenants were usually sealed by mingling blood from each of the leaders in a drink and then both leaders drank from the covenant drink. In a symbolic way they were now of one blood and one family. Each would lay down his life for his new brother, or sister, before he would break the covenant.

Another way of establishing a blood covenant, and to show the importance of it, they would take an animal such as a lamb or a calf or even a full-grown bull and kill it and split it down the middle and open it one side to the left and one side to the right. The parties of the covenant would then walk down the middle of the split carcass and pledge to keep the covenant and if they should break the covenant that their end should be the same as this bloody carcass.

The reason for the blood

Blood covenant was the most serious of all covenants. The covenant breaker was always put to death. Therefore, blood covenants were rare and only entered into when there was no other way to remedy a situation. Certain things were given up so that certain things would be gained. For that reason, blood covenants were rarely entered into.

When they were established they were lifelong covenants and in the case of families and nations they might be generations long. Rarely was a blood covenant broken because of the dire consequences involved. When they were broken, death ensued. The offending party had to die or the blood covenant would lose its power as a binding force.

Power of the blood

A blood covenant
Blood of the covenant

Blood has such an important role in a living being. It not only transports life giving nutrients to all the parts of the body, but it also transports those things which are not needed to where they can be taken out of the body. One of the most important things that the blood does is that it extracts oxygen from air in the lungs and carries it throughout the body to individual cells where it is used to create energy by which the cells of the body carry out their individual function for life. Without the blood doing its job, no other part of the body could carry on its particular function.

Without the blood, there is no biological life. In a blood covenant, each covenant partner pledges to give up his blood before he would break his part of the covenant. In other words, he would die before breaking the covenant.

The result of breaking a blood covenant

Death is result
Sentence for breaking blood covenant

To break a blood covenant was the most serious of all crimes. If one party of the covenant failed to fulfill his part of the blood covenant, the other party was obligated to kill the offending party. We, who think we are so civilized, might think that to be a little extreme. But consider the consequences. What good is a covenant that can be broken and there not be grave consequences for the breaking of it. It is of no good.

So, when the offended party comes and takes the life of the offending party(the covenant breaker), he is not considered a murderer, but rather that he is fulfilling the rights of the blood covenant. He is considered righteous in that he has upheld the blood covenant in that the parties agreed that the one who would break the covenant would die. The breaker of the covenant is the villain, not the one who upheld the covenant.

There is a covenant

The price of the covenant
Jesus paid the price

There is a blood covenant which the Creator of all things has established with His creation. This covenant was first established at the beginning of creation. The Creator entered into covenant with His highest creation when He granted dominion over the earth to Adam and Eve. That covenant was broken when they did the one thing that they were not supposed to do, they ate of the fruit of the one tree which they should not. The Creator had every right to end their existence immediately. But He extended mercy to them. Mercy is that state by which the demanded justice is delayed by the sacrificing of a stand-in sacrifice. In the original case, it was the skin of an animal by which the nakedness of Adam and Eve was covered. The Creator promised that there would be One Who would pay the price that would satisfy the covenant for all mankind. But it would be at the appropriate time. Until that time, the symbolic sacrifice of animal’s blood would remind them of their need of the blood that would satisfy the covenant that the Creator was establishing.

The blood of the covenant

The blood that established the new and better covenant was the blood that was shed by God’s only-begotten son, Jesus. Jesus came and lived as a human being, though He was the infinite God eternal. He lived a life which was in total conformity to the covenant established with Adam at the beginning. But, instead of claiming His rights as the perfect covenant keeper, He gave up that right and took the place of Adam as the covenant breaker and received the punishment that was due to Adam and all his descendants, whose we are.

The righteous Creator accepted Jesus payment for the sin of all human beings and His blood as the blood payment for all who would accept the blood of Jesus as their payment for breaking the covenant. How this is accomplished is a miraculous thing and is accepted only by faith. It is received by grace through faith in Jesus and His shed blood.

The blood that Jesus shed has established an everlasting covenant, one that shall never be broken because it is one that is established between the Father(our Creator) and His Son(Jesus, our substitute). They are each eternally righteous in Their covenant relationship).

How do we receive this right standing in this covenant relationship? We receive it when we, by faith in the grace of God, enter into Christ Jesus. The scripture says that “If any man be in Christ Jesus, he is a new creation.” By entering into Christ you have died to yourself. You are now a new creation in Christ Jesus. God, the Creator, only sees Jesus, who is perfect in His covenant standing. Because you are in Jesus, you are perfect in your covenant standing. The blood that established that covenant will never lose its power.


Thank you, Jesus!

Seek and You Will Find-If With All Your Heart Ye Truly Seek Me

One of the most beautiful arias in the oratorio library is one by Felix Mendelssohn entitled “If with All Your Hearts Ye Truly Seek Me.” This is the first phrase of the aria, and it is immediately followed by, “Ye shall ever surely find me.” It is punctuated with, “Thus saith our God.” It is music such as this that is so sorely needed in a society in which people seem to have no idea of what is really important in their lives.

Directions in life

Today there are literally thousands of sources trying to tell people how to find direction and purpose in life. We are told that to have purpose you must get an education. And the more education, the better. Millions have pursued education for years and attained many degrees and more on top of that. And yet when they have climbed to the top of their field they arrive to find nothing but emptiness and frustration. That goal which was to give their lives real purpose leaves them just as empty and still searching as they were at the beginning.

A wise man once said, “What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but loses his soul?”


We are constantly fed the idea that attaining money and living the good life is the goal that we should endeavor to attain. For millions over the world that is their goal. Do whatever you can to make as much money as you can and enjoy as many pleasures as you can while you try to make more money. Though there are many studies which show and prove that money does not bring purpose or contentment to life, one only has to look around to see that it does not bring any contentment or real peace and joy to those who continually pursue it.

Money is an excellent tool, but a terrible master. There are entire networks on TV that are dedicated to the love of money and the making of money. Do your own study and see just how many of those people on these networks really exude joy and peace and contentment.

There is a wise statement which was penned hundreds of years ago which should be an addendum to every pursuer of making money. This is what it says:” The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.” So when these people begin to tell you what to do with your money, let a warning light go on and use wisdom as you invest your money.”


Another thing that so many people seek after today is fame. Nowadays people can become famous by posting things on Facebook or Twitter or YouTube. Others seek fame as actors or musicians or promoters of other products. In attaining fame they believe that they will find purpose for their lives and existence here on earth. They think that influencing others they can enjoy the fruits of fame such as money, prestige, and comfort.

The attaining of those things rarely, if ever, gives real purpose to life. Rarely will you find a famous person who is at peace within his or herself. There is always someone who is more famous. There are more things that they want to achieve and more money to be made.

If not money or fame, what should we seek

Well, you ask, what should we seek if not money and fame? There is one thing that is most important if you are to have a meaningful life that is filled with purpose all the time. Seeking money and fame can give purpose which lasts for short periods. But to have a purpose which endures and is always guiding to greater and greater things you must have something that is not temporal as fame and money. You must have something that is eternal.

In the Bible, it tells us that things which are seen are only temporal, or they only last for a little while. Things that we enjoy with our senses are only temporary and will have to be replaced by something else if we are to find another source of purpose. But there are some things that are eternal which will always give purpose and fulfillment in our lives no matter what we may do. These are things which are within the spiritual realm. If you truly desire to live a purpose-filled life and know joy and peace in what you are accomplishing, then you must have a goal that is beyond the natural realm of accomplishment.

You may ask, “What good is that?” First of all, you must realize that you are more than just a physical body and a brain. Human beings have been endowed with a spirit as well as a body and brain(mind). The body and the mind want the things that we can see and handle with our senses. But all these things are temporal(temporary). They may give satisfaction for a while, but sooner or later they will fade away and lose their attraction and purpose. But, if your goals in life are focused on things that are eternal, then you will always have direction and purpose for your life. There will never come a time when you are lacking in goals to achieve or mountains to climb or new dreams to strive for.

If with all your heart

The secret to finding this purpose and peace is to do it with all your heart. The God Who created you has said that “if you seek Me, you will find Me”. In Jeremiah 29:13 He said it this way: “And you shall seek Me and find me, when you shall search for me with all your heart.” It was our Creator’s intention to have fellowship with each of us for eternity, but when Adam chose to rebel against our Creator that fellowship was broken.

Because we have a loving Creator, He has made a way by which we can be restored to right standing with Him just as if we had never rebelled against Him. He did that by taking the sin of our rebellion upon Himself, through His only-begotten Son, Jesus, and placing the punishment for that sin upon Jesus. Jesus suffered the price of our rebellion so that we would not have to if we by faith receive His gift of grace.

But, this is not a halfhearted stance that we take. Rather, it is a whole hearted surrender to the Lordship of Jesus in our lives. We give up total ownership of our lives to Him. That can only be done as we search with all our hearts.

The Creator has promised that we will find Him if we seek Him with all our hearts. Why don’t you give up your trying to find meaning through riches or fame and become a fulfilled person as you surrender yourself to your Creator Who loves you more than you could ever imagine? Find that purpose in living that never ceases but rather grows more and more meaningful every day.

Your Creator has sought you, now you seek Him.

I Believe in Miracles-They Happen Everyday

Do you believe in miracles? I do. And I am not talking about a general statement that groups everything into a miracle. I am talking about genuine miracles. Things that occur apart from natural processes.

What is the definition of a miracle?

A miracle is some process or event that happens and its explanation does not fall within the realm of being a natural phenomenon. The term of miracle is mostly found within the context of religion and especially within the Judeo-Christian religion.

The Holy book of Christianity, The Bible, is filled with numerous accounts of things that would have to be described as miracles. A list of these would be:

  • The universe created from supposedly nothing
  • Life created from nonliving matter
  • Human life created from material of the earth
  • Woman created from man’s rib
  • Red sea parts and millions pass through on dry ground, but when followed by pursuers, it drowns thousands.
  • The sun stays in place until a battle is won by the Israelites
  • Eight foot thick walls collapse at the sound of a trumpet at Jericho
  • 180,000 trained soldiers killed in one night by one angel
  • A virgin conceives and bears a son
  • Blind people receive sight from the touch of a man
  • People born lame get up from their beds and run and leap
  • Deaf people receive hearing
  • Dumb people receive speech.
  • A man who has been dead for four days is raised to life.
  • Storms are stopped immediately at the command of a man
  • Jesus is raised from the dead never to die again and guarantees this for all who will believe on Him

There are many more of these things that are called miracles which you can choose to believe or not to believe. After all, if they could be explained by natural processes so that all would believe, they would not be classified as miracles.

No expectation no miracle
How to get a miracle

Do you believe in miracles?


There are many people today who do not believe in miracles. There are many who do. Those who say they do not believe in miracles usually do not believe in a higher being, or Creator. They believe that everything came about by natural processes and therefore there is no need for a creator.

But, those who believe in miracles usually believe in a higher being, which exists beyond the realm of human existence. Many of these are merely creations of their own imagination and the miracles assumed are rarely, if ever, verifiable. So, quite often these people are vilified by the intellectually elite who believe in only natural events. This may be true in many events but not necessarily true in all events. Each “miracle” should be considered within its own context.


These people say they do not believe in miracles. They claim to be intellectualists who believe that if something is not naturally produced then it is not scientific. Needless to say, they look down on anyone who is not of their persuasion.

But if you study the naturalist more closely you will find that they do believe in miracles. All naturalists believe in the Big Bang (or some related form) as the beginning of the universe. This “Big Bang” says that the universe and all that is in it came from nothing. Can they explain that? No! It must be a miracle, then. They say that all the fine-tuned balances of the universe happened by accident. (The Law of Probability says that is impossible). Does that mean it was a miracle? They say that life sprung from non-life. (Another statistical impossibility). Then, it is a miracle.

So, you see, even non-believers in miracles believe in miracles. They are blind to their own ologic.

Examples of miracles

When I use the term “believe”, I do not mean that I think it might be true: I mean that it is true. I know that miracles happen because they are regular occurrences in my life. You may think that I may be a little odd or different from normal people. In that you would be correct. But the miracles that I have experienced in my life are real and verifiable by not only me but other people as well.

Let me share some miracles that have happened in my life.

I am on the brink
Are you ready?

While in college our choir was traveling to a nearby high school to present a concert. We were traveling in several cars. In the car that I was traveling in, I was seated in the front seat passenger side. We were traveling on a two lane highway at around 70 miles per hour.(that was the speed limit) One of the rear tires blew out and the car swerved sideways and crossed over into the oncoming lane sideways. We were headed into a car coming from the other direction which was traveling at the same rate of speed. I looked out the window as the car approached and said a prayer. Immediately we found ourselves in the ditch on the right side of the road and everyone was safe. The last recollection I had before that was that the approaching car was within about three feet of hitting the door next to which I was sitting. The only explanation was that it was a miracle. An angel intervened and literally picked our car up and moved it to the opposite side of the road. No one was hurt and the only outcome was a flat tire and a few shaken people. It was a miracle.

Sixteen years ago I checked into the VA hospital because I was experiencing a few problems with my health which I thought needed to be checked out. I went to the emergency room and registered and after a little while a nurse called my name and did a general questionnaire and took a little sample of blood. About fifteen minutes later the same nurse asked me if I would follow her back to the emergency room. She wanted to know if I was able to walk. I assured her that I could. In Emergency they took a full sample of blood and sent it to the lab. Fifteen minutes later the lab requested another sample. The doctor asked why they needed another sample. He was told to just get another. Fifteen minutes later the doctor in the lab came down to Emergency. His remark was astounding. He said that he wanted to come and see the “dead man” who gave the sample. His statement was that “he had never seen a living person with the blood platelet reading that he has”(speaking of me). To put it plainly, I should not have been alive. I did not have enough blood platelets to carry oxygen and nutrients to my body. It was a miracle.

These are two of many instances that I have experienced miracles in my own life. These were major miracles. But there are miracles that happen which do not seem to be major miracles, but they are miracles nonetheless. Several months ago my wife lost here wedding ring. It was a nice ring with engagement ring combined. We looked and looked but could not find it. We decided to exercise what the Bible says about angels, that they are servants that do what we say when we line it up with the word of God. We commanded them to bring the rings back because the word of God says that we could ask anything in Jesus Name, and He would do it. So, this ring, being a symbol of our covenant together, should be returned. A day or so later my wife was looking through her closet to pick out some clothes to send to Goodwill. She chose a jacket that she had not worn for a couple of years and was getting ready to put it in the clothes for Goodwill, but decided to check the pockets, just in case there might be debris. To her surprise, she found her ring. She had not worn that coat for years. But the angels knew where to put it for her to find it. It was a miracle.

Why I believe in miracles

You may think that I believe in miracles because miracles have happened to me. But, you would be wrong. The reason I believe in miracles is because I believe the Word of God, The Bible. If you wait to see a miracle before you believe in them, you will probably never believe in miracles. But, if you begin by believing what God has said in His Word, The Bible, then you will begin to have miracles happen in your life on a regular basis.

Jesus said, “To him that believes, nothing is impossible.” If you do not believe it, it will not happen. If you find it in the Word of God, you can believe it and it will become evident in your life. I have seen many miracles, simply because I took God at His Word. I have “Christian” friends who do not believe some promises of God’s Word, and guess what, they never see the miracles happen in their life. They are getting just what they believe.

A grateful heart
Always be grateful

I believe God’s Word and I get what God’s Word says.

God’s word is true

God gave us His Word because He wants us to exercise His Word. In Isaiah 55 He says that “His word shall not return to Him void, but will accomplish that which He says.” Either God is true or He is a liar. I know that He is true. He has revealed this to me through His word and He will do the same for you if you fill up on His word and then allow the Holy Spirit to exercise faith in His Word.

Miracles will become the norm for you instead of the experience of others. May God bless you as you continue to seek and grow in HIm.

I’d Rather Have Jesus

Choices, choices, choices! There are so many choices to make every day. On a work day you may not get to choose when you get up. When you have to be at work will help you make that decision. But, then you must choose what you are going to wear and what you must eat. These types of choices are fairly simple and straight forward. Other choices will determine the direction your life will go.


In your education you may not have a lot of choice at a young age since that choice has been made for you by the nation you live in. Most modern nations require school attendance up to a certain age and education level. Once you reach the level mandated you can choose whether you wish to continue with your education or begin your contribution to society by entering the work force or in some cases the military establishment of your country. The choices have begun. From now on you will be making choices. Even if you choose to give that role over to some other entity such as the military, you have still made the choice and will have to make that choice every three or four years.

If you choose to go the education route, you have entered a maze of choice making that will never end until you come to the end of your existence on this earth.

You will need to choose a field of study to pursue or to pursue a general field of study. Having decided and chosen a field of study you will need to choose a school or institution from which you can gain the knowledge to succeed in that field. Then as you progress in your studies you will need to decide whether to continue in your learning by pursuing advanced degrees in the area of your choosing, or you can launch into the work force and seek a job, hopefully in your field of expertise. But, if not in the special field of your study, you will need to choose a job which you can make a living in.

If further study is in your plan, you must once again make application to schools which you think will help you in gaining the knowledge that you once again wish to attain. If you are so blessed that you have more than one to choose from, you must choose which school to attend. After years of study and attaining an advanced degree you will then be presented with the matter of choosing which job or position that you would like to assume. Hopefully, you will have a choice at this point. If you do not have an offer in your chosen field, you will then need to choose the direction that you will go.

Working class people

If you chose not to get a college education but felt that normal working class type jobs were better suited to your abilities, then you must choose what kind of work you will pursue. If you are not interested in any further study of the book type but wish to get into the workforce immediately, you still must choose an area to begin to learn a trade. There are many jobs in construction out there that need good hard-working people to come and learn a trade while working in the trade. The pay may not begin with great amounts, but you can be learning a trade and be getting paid while you are doing it. Many people who have little formal education have done quite well in the trades and have become very successful just by beginning as an apprentice and growing until they had their own business. So, education is not the determining factor in succeeding in business. Determination and perseverance play a large role.

But, here again, choices are involved. You must choose an area that you can enjoy working in and that you would like to grow in the knowledge of. Along the way, you will have to decide when or if you should launch out on your own. With that decision will come even more decisions to be made.

If you choose not to build a business of your own, you will decrease the number of choices, but there will still be choices that must be made.

Whether to marry or not marry

Human beings in a moral society will face the choice of whether to marry or not to marry. It is more than likely that the average person will marry, but there are some who choose not to marry. Assuming that you decide to choose to marry, you must then begin the search for just that right person of the opposite sex that you will choose to spend the rest of your life with.

You will probably set standards and make lists of qualities you would like in a mate. These will change from time to time. But, it would be wise to have at least two or three items that would be the priority. You can decide that for yourself. This choice will be one of the most important you will make. It, along with one other, will carry the gravest of consequences in your life here on earth. Choose wisely!

If you choose to marry, then will come the choice of whether to have children and if so, how many and when. Having children will add a whole new level of decisions to make. We shall not address that at this time.

Other decisions in marriage are where to live(city, suburban, country, etc.), structure(apartment, duplex, single house, subdivision, acreage, etc.). The choices keep coming.


At some point, later on, you will need to decide when or whether to retire. Some people enjoy their work so much that they choose not to retire. You will find that there are many people who have their own business who enjoy it so much that they just keep on working. Their business has become their lives. Still, there are others who have looked forward to retiring and doing something different from what they have done during their working years. This is usually found among people who have worked for other people most of the productive lives.

In western countries these people have either through their government or plans of their own, have saved and invested enough money to be able to live and carry on a certain level of comfort even in retirement. These are choices that you must make all along your life’s journey. You will then have to choose as you come to retirement age.

You may have to choose to lower your standard of living. You may have to choose a different place of living. Depending on your health, someone else may have to choose for you.

The ultimate choice

Of all the choices that you will ever make the one that will carry the most importance is the one in which you choose who will run your life. You may say that you are the one who runs your life. To be realistic, that is not true at first. At the start, it is your mother and father, the people through whom you were conceived, or in some cases, those who adopted you. As you grow through your younger years they will continue to make most of the choices in your life, where you live, the food you eat, the clothes you wear, etc. As you mature there will be a gradual shift in the decision-making in your life. There will come a time that you will make the decisions in your life. It is then that all responsibilities will be on your shoulders.

At that time, if not before, you will make a decision as to who will run your life. You think, “That will be simple, I will run my life.” If that is what you decide, then that is fine. You are a free moral being. You have the right to choose. Your Creator made you that way and gave you that right. If you choose to be the one who makes all the decisions then you are exercising your God-given right as a human being. No other creature in all creation has that ability or that right.

However, let us point out a very important fact. If you choose to run your own life you have fallen into a trap which millions and even billions of people have falsely believed. The fallacy comes in that there are really only two possible choices that a person can have. They will choose to follow their own path, which is really a false delusion of freedom, or they will choose to follow the path of the God Who created them, which is really the path of true freedom.

You may ask how this can be. It all began in the Garden of Eden when the Creator gave His highest creation, human beings, the choice of obeying Him or making their decisions on their own. Well, human beings, through their first human, Adam, chose to make their own decisions as to what they would do in life. They ate of the fruit of the forbidden tree. Since then, human beings have always leaned to running their own lives. They chose to believe themselves rather than their Creator.

Because you are a human being, you have those same inclinations. If left to yourself you will choose to run your own life. In so doing you have fallen for the lie of the enemy, satan. True freedom will only come when you surrender your life to the One Who paid the price for my and your sins when He died on a cross. His name is Jesus. He satisfied the Creator completely because He was perfect in all His ways and then He paid the price of death on a cross for you and me and all who would accept His payment by faith.

What you choose to do with Jesus is the most important decision you will ever make. Choose wisely.

As for me, I’d rather have Jesus and let Him make the decisions in my life.

May God bless you.

What Is The Truth About Wealthy Affiliate

The fastest growing platform for business these days is the internet. More and more entrepreneurs are choosing to launch their businesses online rather than brick and mortar. There are several reasons for that. The major reason seems to be money. It usually takes less output of money to establish and build an online business that it does to rent a building and stock it with inventory and then wait for sometimes years to recoup the investment.

One of the most used platforms or programs used to begin an internet business is one called Wealthy Affiliate. You may be among many who want to know “What is the truth about Wealthy Affiliate and the program they promote?” That is what this review is about.

What is Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is not necessarily a product that you purchase and download it to your computer and then it builds you a business. It is not a website that you own. It is not a business, per se, in that you buy all the parts and put it online and it brings you an income. Wealthy Affiliate is not the name of your business that you build online.

Wealthy Affiliate is a comprehensive guide and tools by which anyone can establish and build an online business and make money. It provides a comprehensive library of lessons, videos and articles which number in the thousands which address just about anything that you would need to know to be able to succeed in an online business.

It should not be construed that because the word “affiliate” appears in the name, that it is the only platform or approach that can be learned at Wealthy Affiliate. You can develop any type of online business that you may prefer. You can find the tutorials and the lessons which will take you in any direction you desire.

Wealthy Affiliate is also a community of like-minded people who want to build an online business just as you do. Among all these you will find some who have done it for years and are very successful and then you will find some who are new at it and are learning and growing in the knowledge of online business.

One of the best aspects of Wealthy Affiliate is the support that it offers. If you ever have a problem that you cannot find the answer to in your lessons, you can ask the support team and get an answer, usually within minutes. I have experienced getting answers to questions which with other programs would take 24 to 48 hours, but with Wealthy Affiliates, it only took 15 minutes. The support is phenomenal.

Wealthy Affiliate does not promise you that you will succeed. However, they will promise you that if you are patient and persistent in your application of the program to your business that you will attain some level of success. Of course, the level you achieve will up to the investment of your time and energy.


Money Investment

How much do you have to invest? That is a pertinent question. There are many programs out there that are similar to Wealthy Affiliate which will gladly charge you thousands of dollars for the training and tools and support that you get through Wealthy Affiliate. I shall not say that what they sell you is not worth what they charge, but I can say that I tried a few of them and when all was said and done, I did not receive anything of lasting value.

What I can say about my investment with Wealthy Affiliate is that in the past year I have invested 1/20th of what I had invested in other programs and have begun to see a return on that investment, whereas I never got a return on the other programs that I tried. With Wealthy Affiliate that return is continuing to grow. As I grow in knowledge and development of my business, so will the income that is generated.

How much is that investment? Well, to begin, it is only your time. You can begin with a Free Membership. But, if you decide to move up to a Premium Membership, you can have access to all the tools and programs and teaching resources that are available to Wealth Affiliate Premium Members. That is the only level of membership that there is. You will not have to pay more to get a better membership.

What is the cost? The cost for a Premium Membership is $49 a month. You may wonder if that is reasonable. Once you see what all you get for that fee, you will come to realize that to purchase all these tools and support separately would cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month.

Time Investment

The time that you invest in your internet business will be the one thing that brings great returns. You will first spend time learning from the vast library of lessons that are in Wealthy Affiliate. It is structured in a way that keeps you on track so that you will always know how far you have gone and where you will pick up on your next lesson.

There is a systematic approach to your teaching so that you build on that which you have already learned. It is easy to do a quick refresh of a previous lesson if needed before going on to the next.

You will learn how to build and maintain and grow the website for your online business. You will have access to building 25 websites for free through Wealthy Affiliates. In addition, Wealthy Affiliates will host twenty-five more domains for free that you may own or purchase.

The building of your online business will take a while, but with patience and persistence along with consistency your business will grow and succeed. It may take six months or even a year, but you will succeed by persevering.

What is the truth about Wealthy Affiliate

As you can read, my assessment of Wealthy Affiliate is that it is the best program on the internet for beginning and building your own online business. If you enjoy learning and are a creative person then the Wealthy Affiliate program is the perfect fit for you to build your own internet business. It will not be an overnight thing, but it will be the kind of business that will continue to grow and give you an income for years to come.

I encourage you to try the Free Membership. There is no credit card registration. If after you have tasted of what Wealthy Affiliate is and decide that it is the program for you, then you can move up to the Premium Membership.

I shall leave you a chart showing you the comparison of the Free Membership and the Premium Membership. Once you decide Wealthy Affiliate is for you, just click the button at the bottom of the chart.

I wish you the best in your business endeavors. May God bless you and prosper you.


I wish you well in your internet business.  May God bless you and prosper you.


Collapse of Evolution

It’s reign of tyranny is finally at an end. For a century and a half it has reigned supreme in the kingdom of science. Its’ foundation was made of styrofoam and rested on whipped cream. It looked and sounded great while it lasted, but the collapse of evolution was preordained because it was really a fairy tale made up by haters of truth and deniers of logic and truth.

Evidence supporting evolution

The evidence which supported evolution was at best superficial. At its’ worst it is lacking in logic and reasonable conclusions of evidence. The people who built the “kingdom of evolution” were people who wanted to escape the constraints of a society built on principles derived from a Biblical world view. To achieve that goal it was necessary to present a scenario of how the universe came into being without the need of a Creator. In other words, the storytellers of evolution were anti-theists. The term I used is not atheist, but anti-theists. An atheist would need to be all-knowing to be able to determine with certainty that there is no God. Any rational person can understand that there is no one on this earth that knows all information. Thus, there can be no true atheist.

On the other hand, an anti-theist is someone who is against(anti) God. They know there is a Creator but they are filled with hate toward their Creator. Rather than yielding to logic and knowledge, they rebel and built a kingdom of rebellion against the true Creator of all things.

A picture of nothing

The evidence supporting evolution has never been based on good science but has always been built on just so stories of how things came to be and how they evolved to become different and more complex. How do we know they are stories? One reason we know they are stories is because the “facts” (I use the term loosely) of evolution keep changing. If something is true, it does not continually change. Evolutionists will never admit that they were wrong but will admit only that they are surprised when the truth of a certain evolution story is contrary to their original story. When a hypothesis does not prove true, they merely say that it will take more studies and money to discover why.

The evidence supporting evolution is at best tenuous. But to be truthful, it is just a story based on a lie. Is there any wonder that the collapse of evolution is inevitable?

What about scientific evidence for evolution

Picture of science experiment
What does science say?

Yes! What about it? There is not one shred of scientific evidence that will support evolution as taught in schools today.

They will use a false definition by defining evolution as change. It is easy to see that change occurs everywhere and in everything. So, they preach that evolution must be true.

But, that is not the true definition of what they call evolution. What they define as Darwinian evolution begins with the simple and progresses to the complex. They will overlook laws of nature in the beginning and along the whole process to bring about their wanted conclusion. To be Darwinian evolution each succeeding generation must become more complex. This must continue for millions of generations and billions of years. If that really happened then evolutionists might have a case to argue in the court of science.

However, science has disproved any such process occurring in living things. Instead of information and complexity increasing from one generation to the next, the opposite is occurring. As more and more information is gained about the process science is finding that all life is actually de-evolving(decreasing in information and complexity) instead of evolving.

Evolution is blind irrational faith

Blind man
Blind faith

Evolutionists enjoy making fun of people who believe in a God Who created the universe and all that is in it. But, being realistic and using a reasoning mind, it is easy to see that it is the evolutionist who is the one that is irrational in his or her belief. As science continues to prove the case against evolution, those who believe in evolution will have to travel further and further from the realm of rationality. As we learn more about the science of living things we see that they are the ones who accept the “belief” of evolution without any real evidence to back up their faith in it. That is what should be called a religion. But it is a weak religion because its’ “beliefs” are not built on viable evidence.

Irrational foundations

Desert Sand
Shifting Foundations

Let me list just a few of the “foundations” which evolutionists are building their house on.

  • The Big Bang. There is no scientific evidence to confirm without a doubt that such an event ever occurred.
  • Expansion. Once again no scientific evidence to support such a claim. They must have it there or The Big Bang cannot be possible.
  • Dark Matter. This is a substance that has never been observed or detected. Yet, they claim that it makes up 96% of the matter of the universe.
  • Dark energy. Once again this has never been detected or observed, but it makes up 75% of the energy of the universe.
  • Life spontaneously generates. This has never been observed and directly violates the Law of Biogenesis.

More evidence

Evolutionists were confident that the fossil record would validate their hypothesis of the increase of complexity in living things. They have drawn charts to support their theory, but the evidence of the fossils in the layers do not bear out what they were expecting. Instead of proceeding in complexity from lower layers to higher layers, it is a mixture of simple with complex and often in the reverse of what evolutionists predicted. The Cambrian explosion blows the concept of evolution out of the water because of the sudden appearance of complex creatures along with some of “simpler” forms.

The truth of the matter

It is one thing to make a mistake and not come to the right conclusion. But, it is a totally different matter when the facts say one thing and the scientist reports something else. All evidences point to a recent creation of less than 10,000 years ago. When a theory must constantly be revised and even rewritten so it can be maintained, then we are no longer dealing with science.

The people who “push” evolution are not scientists. They are snake oil salesmen and they will lie and present falsehoods or do anything just so their “theory” can still be maintained. They are not seekers of truth, but are wolves in sheep’s clothing seeking to rule over anyone that they can delude with their lies. The facts prove that evolution is a lie. It is devoid of sound scientific evidence.

The bigger picture

Picture of earth from space
World View

Evolutionists are merely a part of a bigger picture which is seeking to manipulate and rule over as many people as possible. It is run by what is called “the god of this world”. The Bible calls him a “liar and the father of all lies”. So, when you here a scientist or a documentary that talks of millions of years and billions of years, stop and think. These people have believed a lie and are trying to get you to fall for the same lie. Use the brain that your Creator gave you and do a little research. If you are willing to be logical and balanced in your research you will find that those who preach evolution have no real truth to base their beliefs on. Because of that, they have no foundation for what they believe.

Is there evidence for evolution? You decide.

God bless you as you search!





Thankfulness-Where Does It Come From

The United States of America is the most blessed of all nations on the earth. One would think that these would be the most thankful of all people. But that is not the case for most Americans. They seem to always be wanting more and more things. And yet in all these blessings, rare is the voice of thankfulness. If in the most blessed society on the earth the expression of thankfulness is relatively rare, then where does real thankfulness come from?

Picture of card of thanks
Thank you!

Recipient of thanks

For there to be thankfulness, there must be a recipient of the thanks. In other words, there must be someone who does some good thing for which someone else gives them thanks. You may help someone on the roadside by changing a flat tire. For that they give you thanks. You have helped them when they were helpless and for that they are thankful to you.

Giver of thanks

Just as there must be a recipient for there to be thankfulness, so there must be a giver for there to be thankfulness. In the example above, the person whose flat tire was changed was the giver of thankfulness. Quite often thankfulness is a greater currency than any amount of money could convey.

Picture of mirror as a mask

Why are we not more thankful

When I was growing up it was customary in our part of the country to always give thanks before eating a meal. My parents had each grown up in households where there were times that the food for a meal was not so plentiful as we experience these days. There were never any leftovers and quite often there was not as much as one would have liked to have eaten. Needless to say, there was not an overweight problem in their family.

So, when they gathered around a table that had enough food for all they were truly thankful and acknowledged the source of that blessing. An understanding of where thankfulness comes from is usually grounded in the reality of at some point not having that for which they are thankful.

In the society we live in we have come to expect many things that our parents and grandparents did not take for granted. Today we have politicians and leaders telling us that we deserve free education, free food stamps, free childcare, free medical care, free housing and almost free everything. This has produced an attitude of what is called “entitlement”. That is the attitude that says that I deserve it so I am entitled to have it. If we don’t get it we get angry and become violent. This attitude is the antithesis of thankfulness.

This type of attitude is promoted by a spirit which does not want you or anyone to ever receive the good things that would bring about thankfulness.

Where did ingratitude begin?

Picture of beautiful garden
Garden of Eden

You may wonder where this attitude of ingratitude began. There are some who would say that it just evolved. But only irresponsible people would suggest such a thing. Those people are the ungrateful and unthankful, even though they have great reason to be grateful and thankful. The beginning of ingratitude came soon after The Beginning. You see, the Bible gives us the true beginning of creation.

It was in the Garden of Eden that the devil tempted Adam and Eve by telling them the lie that their Creator did not want the best for them. After all, He would not allow them to eat of one of the trees found in that beautiful garden. Rather than being thankful for all the numerous trees that they could eat the fruit of, they expressed ingratitude for the one which they could not partake of. They decided that they deserved to eat of that forbidden fruit. The rest is history. And all their descendants have suffered for their unthankfulness.

What do we deserve?

Picture of US capitol
Politicians must be good liars

Maybe it would help us to be thankful if we knew what we really deserved. Politicians tell us we deserve this and that and every other thing and never mention anything about working for these things. Because we have been told that we deserve these things we see no need to work toward them or be thankful for them. After all, we deserve it! If you believe that, then you believe a lie. Politicians are masters at lying.

The truth is, according to the Bible, we do not deserve anything good. Because our ancestor, Adam, rebelled against his Creator, we have inherited an attitude of unthankfulness and rebellion. We have rebelled against a Creator that only creates “good” things and only does “good” things. So, if you rebel against the source of everything good, then you should not be surprised when bad things come your way. After all, that is exactly what you deserve. That is exactly what we all deserve.

But if you have never been told that great truth then you will believe the lies that the politicians will tell you and you will never be thankful even when your Creator, through His great mercy, still showers blessings on you which are totally undeserved and unmerited.

Where does thankfulness come from?

Thankfulness can only come from a new creation. The scripture says that, “If anyone be in Christ, he is a new creation.” The old person thinks like Adam did. He thinks that he deserves good things and can work hard and get them. He can “pull himself up by his own bootstraps”. So he thinks he deserves any good that comes his way. So, there is not attitude of thankfulness in him.

Three crosses
Jesus died on a cross for our rebellion

But, for the person who has “come to the end of his rope”, and all hope seems lost, there comes the Spirit which says “I love you and I have paid the price for your deliverance from this hopelessness.” This is found in the scriptures in Romans. “But God commended His love toward us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” What we deserved as sinners, Jesus took on Himself. Because He paid the price we can now receive the “good” things that only the Creator, Himself, can produce. The passage in Romans is preceded by this phrase: “When we were without hope..” There was nothing we could do on our part that could have put us right with our Creator so that we could receive all the good He has. We deserved nothing good and everything bad. We rightly deserved hell. But the Creator loved us and sent His Son to pay the price for our rebellion.

Now, you do not have to receive this “Good News”, and you can continue in the lie of thinking that you deserve good things when you deserve much more bad than you have ever experienced. It is the goodness and mercy of the Creator that delays your final judgment in hopes that you will receive His gift of grace that will make you a new creation in Christ Jesus.

When you experience that “new birth” and become a “new creation in Christ Jesus”, then you will have a spirit of thankfulness that will never end. You will always be expressing thanks to your Creator for every blessing that is showered upon you. Thankfulness will become a lifestyle. It will not be something you will have to work at. It will be the normal outflow of the life that is within you which is brought about by the Holy Spirit Who inhabits your whole being.


You will be constantly thankful because you are getting not what you deserve but what God delights to give you because you are His child.

God bless you!


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The Truth About Religion and Christianity

What sets Christianity apart from all other religions? Is Christianity a religion? What is the truth about religion and Christianity? These are questions that very few people actually know the answer to. Let’s take a look and see what the truth is.

Definition of religion

Here are some typical definitions of religion as it is stated in dictionaries:

  • a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices
  • archaic : scrupulous conformity : CONSCIENTIOUSNESS
  • a cause, principle, or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith

Sometimes the word “faith” is used to denote a religion but the above tend to be a general understanding of what religion means to the 21st century person.

But, if we look a little deeper into the actual practice of religion, we find that it is more than just a definition. It is actually a lifestyle. It is a life conformity that governs every area of living for the individual.

There are more and more today who say that they are not religious but that they are secular humanists. They seem to think that this will separate them from the greater majority which claim to honor a greater deity of one form or another. The truth is that secularists are just as religious, if not more so, than those who claim to be religious.

Among those who claim to be religious, religion may be defined as a desire to seek and follow after a presumed deity who can shape their life and provide for their lively hood and existence and then take them to an eternal situation whether it is nirvana or some other form of heaven.

For all of these “religions” the main theme is human beings seeking to discover how to please and then conform to the rules and regulations by which they may please the deity that they worship. The secularist will say that he or she does not worship a deity. Oh, but they do! The deity that they worship is “self”. They have exalted themselves to the position of being “god” of their own lives. Even the Supreme Court of the United States has recognized atheism as a religion.

So, the focus and definition of human religion may be defined as, “human beings seeking for their god and then doing what they believe will cause them to be pleasing to that god.” Religion is human centered.

What sets Christianity apart?

You may ask, “What sets Christianity apart from other religions?” Well, first of all, Christianity is not human-centered as concerning the beginning focus. Christianity begins with the idea that human beings by nature do not want to seek after their Creator. At heart, all human beings want to be their own god as the secular humanists desire. In the book of Romans in the New Testament we read in chapter 3 that “there is none righteous, no not one.” In essence, we do not really seek after the real Creator. None in their natural mind really want to follow God.

So, how is Christianity different? Christianity is different in that mankind does not seek after their Creator, but mankind’s Creator is seeking after them. It is the exact opposite of human religion. Human religion tries to please a god of their own making. Christianity’s God seeks after mankind and provides a way of making human beings pleasing to Him.

The difference

Do you see the difference? Religion sets up man made rules that will supposedly make us pleasing to God and then sets about to try to climb the ladder to get to a point where God will accept us. This approach allows some to think of themselves more highly and to look down on others who have not achieved the same level as they. In the keeping of rules and attaining to higher status they believe that they are more and more pleasing to their Creator.

But Christianity is contrasted to this approach when we read in Galatians 3:15 where it says, “For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision avails anything, but a new creation.” The reference to “circumcision nor uncircumcision” is a direct reference to the keeping of the law, or the following of rules. It makes clear that by keeping rules and achieving great and higher levels of knowledge will never get you to a point of being pleasing to your Creator. Religion will tell you that you can. Christianity will tell you that “you” cannot.

But Christianity does not leave you hopeless. Christianity tells you that you do not have to measure up. Why? Because Someone has already measured up for you. Christianity takes all the pressure off of you. How can that be?

Your Creator is just.

If your Creator is a just judge, then someone has to pay the price that would get you back in good standing with Him. That is exactly what He has done. Because there was no human being who descended from the original human being that could measure up to the Creator’s standard, the God of all creation sent His only-begotten Son in the form of human flesh, Who was born of a virgin and lived a perfect life and never failed to please His Father in any respect. The Creator, Father, declared Him in perfect standing in every respect. His Son then turned and being infinite, yet human, took the sin of all humanity upon Himself and for that sin paid the price that every human being deserved, eternal separation from their Creator.

Having paid the price for sin by dying on a cross, He was buried and because He was sinless, the Creator raised Him from death, the final enemy, and caused Him to reign forever and ever, Amen!

The Good News

The good news is that you do not have to seek your Creator! He is actively seeking you. That is what Christianity is all about. It is not a religion. Christianity is a people who have experienced the joy of The Savior of mankind coming to live in them and through His righteousness they have fellowship with the Creator of all things. They have found peace with their Creator.

The joy that this brings is so great that they are not able to contain it within themselves. It overflows so much that it affects everyone who comes around them. Christianity is not a religion or a structure. It is a life that exudes the very life of Jesus, Himself, so that everyone who comes in contact with a “Christian” is aware that they are in the presence of the Creator of all the universe.

This Creator is so full of love for you that He has gone to infinite extremes to get this “Good News” out to you. God loves you and desires to spend eternity with you. Will you give up your pride and your striving and receive His free gift of salvation which He has already paid the price for. Let today be the day that you find what real Christianity is.

God bless you!






I Need Help to Start My Own Business-How to Start an Internet Business

If you have a creative personality and have decided that you want to put it to use by starting your own internet business, then you have come to the right place. In the beginning we all need a little help, if not a lot of help, when we start to look at building and internet business. If you are like I was you may have just enough knowledge to make a lot of mistakes because you believe everything out there about building your own internet business.

Let me help

Let me help you.
Do you need some help?

The first thing I can help you with is this: Don’t believe everything you read about building an internet business. No promoter is going to tell you up front that they are going to take advantage of you. Now, when I began I did not know that. So, needless to say, I fell for several scams that took my money but gave me little in return. The main thing they gave me was debt which I must pay. so, do not believe everything they tell you about their product.

If you are interested in a particular product, ask them how much they will allow you to test their product before you must commit to purchasing it. If they insist on upfront payment, that is a good sign that you probably should look elsewhere.

If the promoter reduces the original price drastically in an effort to get you into the program, that is another red flag that you should not ignore. Once in the program you will find out that you will have to spend more and more money if you wish to get all the benefits of their product. In the end this will amount to thousands of dollars and you will be none the better for it nor will you have a money making enterprise.

If the promoter promises you a ready built website with all the products ready to sell, stop and think. What good is a beautiful website if you can not attract traffic to it? What good is a website if you do not know how to update and maintain it and add products as you see fit? What good is a website if you do not have suppliers of products and know how to connect with them to get new products? What good is a beautiful site if you do not know how to accept payments and make payments or returns? Just having a website is not enough.

How much do you know?
Learning what you need to know

What you need to know

So, what do you need to know. One thing that you will need to know is what goes into building your own business website. Not that you have to know machine language or javascript or all the other languages that are used in computer lingo. But it will help to have a little background knowledge of what is going on as far as the structure of your website.

Most, but not all, business websites use what is called WordPress as the platform for their business website. Just about every business website that you may interact with is built on a WordPress theme. Being familiar with how the WordPress platform is set up will help you in understanding how your website is developed.

There are many trained people who are more than happy to aid you in building a WordPress business website. If you have the money to afford them they will probably do a fine job in building you a business website. However, you will still have a pretty steep learning curve before you will be able to run your business website efficiently. You may find yourself spending more money to learn more things. But if you have the money, that is fine.

What if you don’t have lots of money?

Some people have lots of money.
Do you have money to throw away?

If you are like I was, you may have a little money but not thousands of dollars to spend on building a website and then spending more to get traffic and even more to be able to maintain and build the online business, you might consider one of the programs that teach you how to build your own internet business and website. The types of these businesses vary from price range to product range and even more.

Some prefer the storefront approach. They emphasize products of varying types. Typically it is a niche product. These products sites may vary from toothpicks to ATV’s to musical instruments and more. Others may sell intellectual products in the form of information to help in almost any area of knowledge growth.

Still, others are focused on what is called Affiliate Marketing. This is the type of online business that is usually built on the structure of a website that is a blog. Blogs are articles written on given subjects and through people reading the blog they may be directed to certain products that relate to the blog. Contained on the blog site are links to the related products. If the reader clicks on the link they are directed to the products website.

If the reader makes a purchase of a product, the product business will give a commission to the blogger for directing the buyer to their site. This is one of the favorite of online business entrepreneurs. Once the link is incorporated in the blog it will be viable for as long as the business exists. Some affiliate marketers are still making money off of links which are years old.

My recommendation

If you are just beginning, do not have a lot of money, and need to gain some knowledge about internet business, then affiliate marketing is probably the entry point for you. However, in the affiliate marketing arena there are many scams that are ready to take your money.

There are many that will take your money and promise you the sky. They will tell you that you will make fast money, in just days or weeks. DO NOT BELIEVE IT! There is no affiliate marketing program that can make you BIG money in just a few weeks. Any business that is worth its salt must be built on a solid foundation of knowledge and work. That will take time. Some will take a little less and some a little more. It will be determined what level of knowledge you have to start and how much time you have to invest as you grow your business. It will grow in proportion to the time and effort you invest. But it will grow.

Wealthy Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliates Logo
Wealthy Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliates is the program and platform that I gladly recommend to anyone who is serious about building and internet business. The only knowledge that really have to have is a general knowledge of how to work with a computer and how to get online. If you can do that, you can build an online business with Wealthy Affiliates.

One of the warnings I always give beginning entrepreneurs is that any program that will do what it says should be glad to give you a free trial run of the program. Well, Wealthy Affiliate will do just that. In fact, they almost insist that you do that. They offer what is called a FREE Membership. It is actually “free”. They do not want a credit card number. They want you to try the product and see if it is right for you.

With a FREE Membership you will get a glimpse of all the tools and programs and platforms that will be made available to you if you decide to move up to the PREMIUM Membership. With the FREE Membership you will get 10 free lessons from the library of thousands of lessons, and you will learn how to set up your business site and begin to build your own online business. You will get two free websites which will be hosted for free by Wealthy Affiliate hosting. You can continue as a FREE Member as long as you wish. But, to get access to the many lessons and videos and twenty-four hour support you will probably want to join the PREMIUM Membership

The PREMIUM Membership is priced for the working class people like you and me and is only $49 a month. For $49 a month you will have access to knowledge, tools and support that purchased separately would cost you more than a $1000 a month. You do not have to be concerned about being pressured to join the PREMIUM Membership. You will be offered opportunities to join and even incentives, but never pressured. You may remain a FREE Member for as long as you like. But I am convinced that once you see the advantages you will more than eager to join as a PREMIUM Member.

Let me give you a chart to show how the PREMIUM Membership compares to the FREE Membership.

The advantages of a Premium Membership
Wealthy Affiliate memberships- what you get


Still need help?

Help is just a click away.
We are here to help.

I believe that if you check out Wealthy Affiliates you will find that you will have all the help that you will ever need to start your own internet business. Thousands have already used the program to build their business and the online business commerce is growing bigger every day.

By joining Wealthy Affiliates you will have everything you need to build your internet business. The sooner you start, the sooner your business will begin to grow. The Wealthy Affiliate family is waiting to help you. Come on and join the family!





Be an Entrepreneur-Start Your Own Business Today

Have you ever wanted to have your own business? Do you want to be an entrepreneur and build your own business? Learn how to build your own business and be your own boss. You have come to the right place. Today you begin an exciting adventure of building your own business. You are becoming your own boss and you will determine how much you will make. The sky is the limit!

Let’s Begin

To begin a business you must first determine what you are interested in. Of course, we all are interested in making money, that is understood. But, in order to do that we must do something that we are truly interested in. So, the first thing we must do is find a subject that we are not only interested in but are passionate about. You might think that the area that you are passionate about would not make for a very good business platform. But you would probably be wrong. There are literally thousands of things to build your business around.

Did you know that there are people who have built online businesses that promote clothes pins and others that promote tooth picks. They actually make good money with their online business. So, go ahead and decide what you are really passionate about and then begin to be creative in what your business might be.

You may be wondering why I ask you to think of something that you are passionate about? If you are passionate about something you probably know something about it, or a lot about it. You will find out that to build a business on line you need to share your knowledge with other people. This is usually done through “blogging”. That is a term used on the internet to denote an article or an archive of articles focused on a given subject. As you share your knowledge and gain a following people will begin to trust you and will be glad to receive your advice in things to purchase and where to purchase them. This will take a little time.

Your time line

Some people who promote building online businesses feed you the line that it is an easy thing and will only take a few minutes every day. Then in just days or weeks you will have money flowing in. THAT IS A LIE! An online business is just like any other business. What you get out is proportionate to what you put in. In any good business when you put 10% in you expect 20% in return. The same is true in an online venture.

The advantage is that you get to choose when you put the time in. You can still keep your day job and build your online business by investing an hour or two each day or five or ten hours on the weekend. It may take a few months or even a year or so, depending on the time invested, but it will pay great returns as you are diligent in developing your website and business.

If you are consistent and patient you can probably quit your day job within a year or at the most two years and devote full time to your online business. Then you will begin to enjoy all the benefits of owning your own business and being your own boss.

Where to begin

All this sounds good, I’m sure. But where do you find the tools and the knowledge to bring it about?

There are many people out there on the internet that will gladly take advantage of your lack of knowledge. I encourage you not to spend any of your money unless you can first test drive any program that you might find interesting. Any program that will be of any good to you in building your business will gladly offer you a free trial version. These come in a couple of ways. Some offer you a 30 or 60 or 90 day free trial, but they want you to register a credit card with them. At the end of the trial period they will automatically charge the card and begin your paid membership without any notice to you.

Others will charge you either a partial or a full price for the product and say that they will issue a credit if you decide not to do the program. In those cases it is best to use a credit card, not a debit card.

But, be aware that there are many more scammers out there than there are true products to help you build your business.

My recommendation

Because I experienced a couple of the bad promotions that took advantage of my lack of knowledge I learned the hard way what to avoid. After being taken advantage of several times I finally found the right platform to build my own online business.

This platform did not, and does not, make any bold promises but presents the facts and the possibilities and then lets you make your own decision. You will find not 8 or 10 or 20 testimonies but you will be exposed to thousands of people who have used the program and continue to use it and put into practice all the tools made available to them. You can read testimonies of people who tried other products and who have tried this product. You will see that through persistence and patience success is a normal outcome.

This program surrounds you with like-minded people who desire the same things that you do and they are willing to help you and encourage you all along the way. You will become a member of the community.

Wealthy Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliates Logo
Wealthy Affiliates

This program is called Wealthy Affiliates. It is a program established almost fourteen years ago by two young men who wanted to build their own online business. Through what they learned in building their business they decided to share the with other people. So they began Wealthy Affiliates.

Wealthy Affiliates has a library of learning materials that is unmatched by any other like program. Their lessons and videos are almost too numerous to count, and they are continually being added to. There is no subject related to building an online business that their knowledge base does not address. Just in case you do have a question which the lessons do not cover, there is 24 hour online support. You will always get an answer to any question within 15 or 20 minutes.

The goal of Wealthy Affiliates is to make you a success as an online entrepreneur. As I mentioned above, it may take six months, a year or maybe a little more, but success will come.

What’s the cost?

To begin, it costs you nothing but your time. For a Free membership you will get access to the first ten lessons in how to build a website for your business. You may ask, “What does my website cost?” It is part of the Free membership. In fact you get two websites and they are hosted for free through Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting. You do not have to register a credit card. This is really Free! You can take your time and see if Wealthy Affiliates is the right fit for you. And all the while you are getting it for free.

If sometime, sooner or later, you decide that this is the program for you, you can sign up for the Premium membership. It will cost you $49 a month. Unless you are unfamiliar with what other programs cost, you might wonder if is worth that. To get what you will get for $49 a month with Wealthy Affiliates would cost you over a $1000 a month if you were to purchase all the services separately. Wealthy Affiliates is the best value of any platform for building an online business.

Check out the chart below to see what you get.


Now is your opportunity to become an entrepreneur.

This is the opportunity you have been looking for. There will never be any pressure put on you to sign up or continue on to the Premium membership. But I am convinced that once you try the Free membership you will begin to see the potential for you to build your own business.

I wish you well, and may God bless you.