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Why We Need Vitamins and Minerals

Western civilization is somewhat obsessed with health issues. If you spend any time at all watching TV, either for entertainment or information, you will be forced to hear or see numeral commercials dealing with some type of health situation. It is unfortunate that the maladies and diseases addressed are prevalent in our society and the […]

Creation vs the Big Bang Theory

It has often been presented as religion versus science when speaking of creation vs the big bang theory. But is that a true presentation of the facts? In this article we shall begin a comparative analysis of the two theories and see which is really more scientific. The big bang Just in case you are […]

How to Prepare for the Future

How to prepare for the future!   As I was sitting out on my back porch this morning having a cup of coffee, I observed some little squirrels as they were scampering about.  They were quite busy preparing for winter and next year. “How do you know?” you ask.  Well, you see, in our back […]