New Scams Are Out There

It seems that get rich scams have come full circle. I used to think that most scams were focused on internet related business. Of course it all ends up back at the internet because that is where business is growing the fastest. So, there are new scams out there ready to take your money from you.

The method of contact

The latest scam that I have encountered is one that does not try to contact you on the internet but through your cell phone. I am not sure exactly how they got my phone number but they were obnoxious in their pursuit of me. By accident I answered the call one day and should have hung up immediately, but thought I would entertain myself just for the fun of it. I should have hung up. But being a nice guy, I let the voice on the other end rattle on for a few minutes.

I was amazed at the information that he had about me. He knew about previous sites that I had paid other scammers to set up for me and which had produced nothing at all. He somehow knew that Amazon, with which they were affiliated, would soon terminate my affiliation with them if there were not some click-throughs made through my site. Apparently this person was associated with the previous scamming entity to be able to have all this knowledge.

The Pitch

Having held my ear for a few minutes, he pushed on. He said that he had a degree in IT from college and knew how to use the system. He was sure that he could make me money within a short period of time so that Amazon would not terminate my affiliation with them. He was sure, but he was quick to insert the disclaimer that they all do, that it would depend on how much I wanted to put into it. If they would begin with this disclaimer I am sure that it would save them a lot of time and the person on the other end a lot of money.

His pitch is that you can not use the same old SEO tricks or Adsense or Google Ads, etc. that have been used because they are not working the way they used to. His approach he says is “cutting edge” in the promotion of internet sales online. It is not SEO or blog or storefront or Facebook promos.

You would never guess

He did have my attention, a little bit. So I hung on just to find out what his new approach would be. Please do not hold your breath or laugh when you hear what his “cutting edge” approach to promoting your Amazon Affiliate site is. Are you holding your breath?

Here it is!

The new “cutting edge” approach to promoting your online affiliate store is….(holding your breath)…RADIO!

I almost laughed out loud, but I constrained myself. I asked him which radio. He said all of them. AM, FM, Sirius, all of them. I asked him who would make the commercials. He and his staff would. I asked him how much it would cost. He deflected the question by asking me how much I could afford to pay. I told him I was out of money and was using SEO methods that were free. He then proposed $20 to $40 dollars over a couple of months.

I questioned the rational of that cost. His response was that I could get and interest free credit card and just pay the minimum monthly payment until the money started coming in from Amazon.

I once again asked what the cost of the plan would be. He once again change the subject and asked me how much I had made off the site in the past three months. Of course I replied, “Nothing”. He immediately implied that without his help it would continue to bring in nothing.

It was at this point that I let him know that he was promising me the same thing that the original people who set up the site had promised. They promised to be there every step of the way. They promised to show me how to set up Facebook, Tweeter, Google+, etc. Only one of the four promoters that I tried to work with came anywhere near doing any of that.

At that point I kindly informed him that I had taken too much of his time and he had definitely taken too much of my time, and bid him “Good bye.”

What to do

If you get a call from this fellow, be cordial, but do not waste your time.

Instead of wasting your time and energy let me present you with an alternative. I will not try to entice you with “pie-in-the-sky” promises. I shall give you a straight forward presentation over the next paragraph or two or three. Then you can make your own decision.

Here it is!

If you are truly interested in building an online business and are willing to invest some time and patience and perseverance, then I would like to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliates. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is a program by which you will build your own online business. It will take time, but it is a proven method and all who are willing to patiently work the program have experience success in it. You will determine how far and how big it will be.

This program provides all the tools and knowledge that you will need to grow your business. When I say tools, I mean tools. You will have over a hundred training courses, numberless videos, live chat, help center and literally thousands of other online entrepreneurs who have gone before you and are going with you. Among the tools are websites(25 free websites, and 25 free domain hostings through the WA program), SEO searches, content templates and forms, live webinars, etc.

You may ask how much all this costs. There are costs involved, but not at the beginning. To begin with Wealthy Affiliates we encourage you to take the free version. That’s right, the free version. This is not a limited trial version. You actually get to use the tools necessary to build an online site and develop it. You actually get two free websites to build. You will also get 10 free lessons on how to become an online entrepreneur. (I must tell you that I learned more in the ten free lessons at WA than I had learned in four other programs that cost me over $8000.) Now, if after experiencing the free WA version you decide you want to go ahead and move up to Premium and get the whole program all it will cost you is $49 a month(at that rate I could have paid for 20 years of WA with the money I spent on those other programs). If you do not decide to move up to premium, for whatever reason, that’s OK. But, keep the free membership and the two free websites.

If you do move up to premium, and for some reason down the road you decide you cannot continue, just quit paying the monthly premium and that will stop your membership, but keep the free membership. If later you decide to begin again, just start your premium membership again.

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I look forward to your success. God bless you!