New Scams Are Out There

It seems that get rich scams have come full circle. I used to think that most scams were focused on internet related business. Of course it all ends up back at the internet because that is where business is growing the fastest. So, there are new scams out there ready to take your money from you.

The method of contact

The latest scam that I have encountered is one that does not try to contact you on the internet but through your cell phone. I am not sure exactly how they got my phone number but they were obnoxious in their pursuit of me. By accident I answered the call one day and should have hung up immediately, but thought I would entertain myself just for the fun of it. I should have hung up. But being a nice guy, I let the voice on the other end rattle on for a few minutes.

I was amazed at the information that he had about me. He knew about previous sites that I had paid other scammers to set up for me and which had produced nothing at all. He somehow knew that Amazon, with which they were affiliated, would soon terminate my affiliation with them if there were not some click-throughs made through my site. Apparently this person was associated with the previous scamming entity to be able to have all this knowledge.

The Pitch

Having held my ear for a few minutes, he pushed on. He said that he had a degree in IT from college and knew how to use the system. He was sure that he could make me money within a short period of time so that Amazon would not terminate my affiliation with them. He was sure, but he was quick to insert the disclaimer that they all do, that it would depend on how much I wanted to put into it. If they would begin with this disclaimer I am sure that it would save them a lot of time and the person on the other end a lot of money.

His pitch is that you can not use the same old SEO tricks or Adsense or Google Ads, etc. that have been used because they are not working the way they used to. His approach he says is “cutting edge” in the promotion of internet sales online. It is not SEO or blog or storefront or Facebook promos.

You would never guess

He did have my attention, a little bit. So I hung on just to find out what his new approach would be. Please do not hold your breath or laugh when you hear what his “cutting edge” approach to promoting your Amazon Affiliate site is. Are you holding your breath?

Here it is!

The new “cutting edge” approach to promoting your online affiliate store is….(holding your breath)…RADIO!

I almost laughed out loud, but I constrained myself. I asked him which radio. He said all of them. AM, FM, Sirius, all of them. I asked him who would make the commercials. He and his staff would. I asked him how much it would cost. He deflected the question by asking me how much I could afford to pay. I told him I was out of money and was using SEO methods that were free. He then proposed $20 to $40 dollars over a couple of months.

I questioned the rational of that cost. His response was that I could get and interest free credit card and just pay the minimum monthly payment until the money started coming in from Amazon.

I once again asked what the cost of the plan would be. He once again change the subject and asked me how much I had made off the site in the past three months. Of course I replied, “Nothing”. He immediately implied that without his help it would continue to bring in nothing.

It was at this point that I let him know that he was promising me the same thing that the original people who set up the site had promised. They promised to be there every step of the way. They promised to show me how to set up Facebook, Tweeter, Google+, etc. Only one of the four promoters that I tried to work with came anywhere near doing any of that.

At that point I kindly informed him that I had taken too much of his time and he had definitely taken too much of my time, and bid him “Good bye.”

What to do

If you get a call from this fellow, be cordial, but do not waste your time.

Instead of wasting your time and energy let me present you with an alternative. I will not try to entice you with “pie-in-the-sky” promises. I shall give you a straight forward presentation over the next paragraph or two or three. Then you can make your own decision.

Here it is!

If you are truly interested in building an online business and are willing to invest some time and patience and perseverance, then I would like to introduce you to Wealthy Affiliates. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. This is a program by which you will build your own online business. It will take time, but it is a proven method and all who are willing to patiently work the program have experience success in it. You will determine how far and how big it will be.

This program provides all the tools and knowledge that you will need to grow your business. When I say tools, I mean tools. You will have over a hundred training courses, numberless videos, live chat, help center and literally thousands of other online entrepreneurs who have gone before you and are going with you. Among the tools are websites(25 free websites, and 25 free domain hostings through the WA program), SEO searches, content templates and forms, live webinars, etc.

You may ask how much all this costs. There are costs involved, but not at the beginning. To begin with Wealthy Affiliates we encourage you to take the free version. That’s right, the free version. This is not a limited trial version. You actually get to use the tools necessary to build an online site and develop it. You actually get two free websites to build. You will also get 10 free lessons on how to become an online entrepreneur. (I must tell you that I learned more in the ten free lessons at WA than I had learned in four other programs that cost me over $8000.) Now, if after experiencing the free WA version you decide you want to go ahead and move up to Premium and get the whole program all it will cost you is $49 a month(at that rate I could have paid for 20 years of WA with the money I spent on those other programs). If you do not decide to move up to premium, for whatever reason, that’s OK. But, keep the free membership and the two free websites.

If you do move up to premium, and for some reason down the road you decide you cannot continue, just quit paying the monthly premium and that will stop your membership, but keep the free membership. If later you decide to begin again, just start your premium membership again.

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I look forward to your success. God bless you!





Best Body Detox Cleanser – A Review of Elite Boost Detoxify

There are many good products available today for those who wish and who need to lose weight. Quite often it is necessary to do a regimen that is called detoxification before one actually embarks on the actual diet by which they plan to lose their extra weight.


There are many products on the market that are promoted as detox products. What the best body detox cleanser for any particular individual may vary from person to person and situation to situation. If you are in need of loosing a large amount of weight it would be wise to consult your physician. For those of us who would like to lose a few of those love handles and drop thirty or forty pounds, let me share with you an important step in the beginning of losing weight and keeping it off.

When we gain more weight than we should we are usually eating a lot of foods that are not the healthiest foods for us. As our weight builds up we hinder the digestive track in its performance of breaking down the ingested food to that which the body can absorb for nutrition. In that process many toxins are not eliminated from our system which should be. Over time these build up and are stored in our digestive system causing illness and poor absorption of nutrition. To lose weight without addressing this particular situation will leave us less than successful in losing weight in a healthy manner.

This is where detoxification comes in. The program of ridding the body of toxins is usually a process which may last from fourteen to twenty-one days. It is meant to flush the GI track of built up fats and toxins which quite often block the absorption of the good nutrients that our body needs. Once the toxins are flushed out then a healthy diet will be much more successful because the body can get more of the good nutrients that it needs from less food intake.

Elite Boost Detoxify

One of the most used products in the detox regimen is one called Elite Boost Detoxify by Elite Weight Loss Supplements. It is promoted as a detoxifier, a cleanser, helps to break through plateaus, and restores health to your digestive system. It cleanses your system from toxins and sludge which would lessen the effects of the weight loss supplements that you will need to ingest. The results of Elite Boost should begin to be evident as it begins to rid the system of impacted and excess weight. In the process it relieves bloating and increases energy levels.

With this process you should experience a noticeable weight loss. This is not necessarily body mass but excess waste which has been eliminated from the intestines. But it is a good jump start to losing weight the right way.

What’s in it

Elite Boost Detoxify formula includes natural laxatives, herbs and fibers which help to sooth the digestive track. It contains acidophilus which helps in the growth of healthy bacteria in the intestines. The acidophilus also aids in the reducing of swelling and inflammation of the intestines. Elite Boost also aids in flushing of toxins and fatty acids from the liver.

So, what’s in it to do all this?

  • Senna Leaf. Senna leaf has for years been a remedy of upset stomach and constipation. It works as a powerful laxative in stimulating bowel movements and helping to shed excess water in your waste and in so doing eliminating toxins from your digestive track.
  • Cascara Sagrada. Though it is often used as a laxative it is also aids in the breakdown of food for easy absorption.
  • Psyllium Husk. Psyllium husk helps to control appetite. It helps in the lowers of blood sugar levels and cholesterol levels. Its’ fibers help slow down the breakdown of food so that your body can absorb more nutrients.
  • Flax Seed Powder. Flax seed powder is a dietary fiber that adds bulk and fills your stomach sooner making you fill full and assuaging your hunger feelings much sooner.
  • Aloe Vera. Aloe vera contains vitamin B and is a metabolism regulator. It lowers your glucose levels and is a natural appetite suppressor.
  • L Acidophilus. This probiotic produces lactic acid and reduces irritable bowel syndrome. It lowers cholesterol and prevents infections. Since some of the other ingredients are laxatives, L Acidophilus helps prevent diarrhea.
  • Licorice Herb Root Powder. This herb stimulates the production of digestive fluids in the digestive track, it improves the mucous lining on the digestive track improves blood circulation in the intestine wall. It flushes toxins out or the liver and colon.
  • Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil. This is a fatty acid that helps maintain healthy weight. It reduces stored body weight thereby providing extra energy. It even enhances mood.
  • Fennel Seed Powder. This herb regulates blood pressure. It reduces water retention and alleviates bloating. It minerals like Copper, Potassium, Calcium, Zinc, Manganese, Vitamin C, Iron, Selenium, and Magnesium.
  • Tumeric. tumeric acts as an agent to keep new fat from being stored. This herb causes your body to burn more calories than you would normally use in a specific action.

How to use

The recommended dosage is two tablets with 8 oz. of water just before going to bed. This will give the best results. If you are planning to diet after detox you begin your diet plan after the 15 days. If you prefer to take only one tablet and eight oz. of water you may stretch the detox period over a longer time. However, it may not accomplish the cleansing that is desired. No matter which method you choose you will accomplish detoxification and some weight loss.


It is my conclusion that this product is a very good tool for anyone who really wants to lose weight and begin new direction in body health.

Even if you do not need to lose weight but would like to do a cleansing of your dietary track, Elite Boost Detox will cleanse your system and give a fresh beginning to begin a healthy life style. If you are interested in learning more about the products of Elite Weight Loss please click on the BUTTON that I have placed below.




Online Affiliate Marketing Scams

The new money making model these days is affiliate marketing. Unfortunately, another one of the biggest money making models is online affiliate marketing scams. I know because I have been taken advantage of by several of them. So by writing this blog I hope to spare many of you from my same fate. Fortunately for me, I found one that really works. And I shall be glad to share it with you. But, let us first look at what affiliate marketing is and what to look for so that you do not get taken advantage of like I was.

What is affiliate marketing?

To begin, there must be a product or service which someone has to offer. To make the product or service known they will choose some form of advertising. Depending on the budget or backing the product has they may choose TV or radio or billboards or popups on the internet. These all have their pluses and their minuses. Each of them requires a financial output before there is any income generated by the advertisement. Of course studies are done to have some indication of what the possible income might be. However, there is always a delay between the time advertised and the time that the cash flow begins. Not all companies can afford that delay so they must choose a more efficient use of their funds.

Many of them choose to use affiliate marketing. In this structure a person who may have an interest in promoting the product that the company produces will offer to advertise their product on and internet site that they may maintain. This may be a blog or a store front or general information. The person will affiliate(or join) with the company and promote their product for them. The company pays no money for the advertisement but agrees to pay a percentage or a set amount per sale generated through that person’s site. In this way the product company has no advertising outgo until a sale is made. This becomes a win-win situation for product developer and affiliate.

How it works

Just about any business has an affiliate program. They are glad to welcome anyone who has a place to advertise to apply for their affiliate program. In applying for an affiliate program one will need to provide information as to name, address, how you will receive payment, and how you will use the internet to advertise(emails, blogs, storefront, facebook, etc.) Not everybody already has a platform to launch into affiliate marketing.

If you have some remedial skills in working with a website or the internet, you may be able to go right into affiliate marketing. But if you are like most of us you may be lacking in these skills at the beginning. This situation is what brings us to the main theme of our topic for this blog. Since so many people have become interested in getting into affiliate marketing, there has been another industry that has also been building up. That industry is “online affiliate marketing scams”. These come in many forms. I know. I tried several of them. Hopefully, I can save you from the pitfalls I experienced.

How they work

I am sure that you have seen the pitch that says “You can make $1000” by this weekend. That may very well be true for some affiliates. But without a doubt that person has been building their business for many months if not years. There is a lot of money to be made in affiliate marketing, but just like any business it takes time, work, perseverance and patience to get to that point. If you ever see that kind of advertisement for affiliate marketing, go ahead and bypass that one.

If you see an advertiser that says that all you need is just a few minutes a day and then you just spend the rest of the day lounging and playing or traveling, buyer beware. As I stated above, any business that grows will need to have a lot of time invested in it. The biggest investment will be at the front end. Yes, you can develop an affiliate business on part time basis. If you work at a full time job you have to spend an hour or two each evening working your new business. But the investment will be worth it if you persevere.

Another tell-tell sign of a scam is that they want all their money of front. No matter what kind of deal they give you it is never worth it. Some want thousands and some only want hundreds of dollars. They will promise to set you up a website to do affiliate marketing and even set you up with companies and products. If you have a great working knowledge of website building and can use WordPress well, then you may be able to take advantage of that. But if you are not well versed in affiliate marketing itself, you may have problems. But no matter, you will never get your money’s worth out of the deal. Here is the reason. I did that with two promoters and thought I was getting a great deal. But, it is no great deal when in six months you find that the company has gone out of business and your website is no more.

May I recommend

May I recommend to you what I have found to be the best possible way to pursue affiliate marketing. Whether you have great knowledge or no knowledge of the internet and website building there is a platform by which you can gain knowledge in both these areas and build an online affiliate marketing business that fits you. It does not come with any billboard blaring promises of making big money in just a few days or weeks. But it does come first of all, with a free trial in which you can experience the knowledge and tools that are being made available to you for learning how to build a website (yes, I said how to build your own website), how to utilize SEO(Search Engine Optimization), how to promote products and what products you are best at promoting.

The free program is free for as long as you wish. The only limitation is the amount of access you have to the program. With the free program you will have available 10 lessons on building a business online. To aid you in that you will receive two free websites through their domain server. If after trying the free program you think that you would like to move up to premium then you can do that. If you decide not to move up to premium membership that is fine. You still get to keep your free membership and your two free websites.

However, if you are like me, you will find that in the free membership I learned more about affiliate marketing than I had learned in the thousands of dollars I had spent on affiliate marketing scams.

If you do decide to move up you will be amazed. Rather than asking for an upfront lump sum, you will only pay $49 a month. I did a little figuring on that and I found that I could have paid for 20 years of membership with all the money I had spent on affiliate marketing scams. In the Premium Membership you get access to another 70 lessons on developing affiliate marketing. You also get 25 free websites on the server’s domain. And they will host for free 25 of your own domains. You also have support from thousands of other members who have probably faced and overcome the obstacles you may encounter. The two men who founded this program are still actively involved on a daily basis.

That is a great deal. But, suppose, if for some reason you decide you need to take some time off from working your business or just want to stop, all you have to do is stop your monthly payment. And that is it. If you wish to start your business again, then restart your payments. You always get to keep your two free websites.


If you are really serious about building an online affiliate business, Then click the button below and find out more.





Wisdom and Evolution -Is Evolution Logical

Not too long ago I wrote a blog on “Health and Evolution” in which I set forth several things that the “theory” of evolution had led us astray in our understanding of health and processes in the human body. Now I would like to set forth some points where wisdom and evolution are in stark contradiction. We shall address these from the standpoint of logic.

Science is based in logic

Many studies of new newborns and young children have established that human beings are born with an innate sense of logic. Logic maintains that if one set of facts exist then certain defined facts will follow. If they do not follow then logic dictates that they are falsified, in other words, not true. So we shall look at a few of the tenants of evolution and see if they are logical in what they propose.

The beginning

Evolution is based in humanistic materialism in which there is no creator but merely naturalistic processes. So, to get a beginning they must start with nothing. From the beginning they set aside logic. There is an established law of science which says, “For every effect, there is a cause. The cause is always greater than the effect. To say that something comes from nothing is blatantly illogical. Even children can deduce that. Yet, evolutionists and those who believe in “the big bang” will tell that this is what happened in the beginning. Some have acquiesced and realized that something had to exist before the universe if it were to cause the universe to come into existence. They have invoked “singularities” and “multiverses” and “multi-dimensions” as possible sources while all the time forgetting that there would need to be a cause for those, too.

When it comes to the law of cause and effect, evolution fails the test.

Forming of stars

It is a scientific fact that gases in a vacuum do clump together but rather expand and grow farther apart. The theory of star formation tells us that somehow the atoms which formed millions of years after the “big bang” began to be attracted to one another by gravity. Gravity is a law but it is subject to mitigating factors But a mass must reach a certain density before it can exert the attraction of gravity on another mass. Atoms of hydrogen do not have that mass. Hence, an atom in a vacuum, an expanding vacuum, will not be attracted to another atom. But evolutionists tell us that this is what happened to form the stars. According to these two laws of science the universe could not have come into existence.

Thus, the underpinnings of evolution fail their second test of logical science.

Laws of probability

The laws of probability are mathematically calculated. The smallest number of proteins in a living cell which is self existing is three hundred fifty-six. To come up with one of these proteins working at testing combinations of the twenty amino acids used to make living cell proteins at a rate of one billion times a second would take 10 to the 110 power(that is ten followed by 110 zeros) years. Even for evolutionist that is way too many years, and it is only one protein, and accidental amino acid combination would not happen that fast. Probability law says that anything whose probability is higher than 10 to the 40th power is impossible. And that is only for one protein. How long would it take for the trillions of different cells in all living things.

Once again, evolution strikes out in the realm of logic.

Are you left-handed?

Did you know that your body is made up of protein which is composed of amino acids which are everyone left-handed. That’s right. Everyone is left-handed. Amino acids come in left-handed and right-handed varieties. When amino acids are propagated equal amounts of left hand and right hand are made. That adds another kink in the probability conundrum. If the combining of amino acids to form proteins were accidental incidental happenings with no end in mind it would only take one right-handed amino acid to destroy the whole protein. Each protein is made up of hundreds of amino acids. The odds are sky-rocketing that it could never ever happen. Remember, we are talking about the building of one protein. It takes a minimum of 356 proteins for the simplest living form we know to exist.

In case you are wondering, to build the 356 proteins in the simplest living cell would take 10 to the 410th power(ten followed by 410 zeros) years to come up with those proteins.

Evolution operating by undirected processes has fail the test of logic once again.

Law of thermodynamics

In previous articles we have mentioned the laws of thermodynamics. These are scientific laws and have withstood the tests of science over the years. They are laws because no matter who tests them they can expect to get specific certain results. They have tested time and time again.

The first law states that matter and energy are actually the same, just manifested differently. One can be converted to the other but the amount is never diminished. If matter is converted into energy as in an atomic bomb explosion, the amount of matter may have been diminished in the system but it is replaced by energy of equal proportion therefore maintaining the full amount of energy/matter. Along with this law it is stated that neither matter nor energy is being created. All that there will be in the universe is already here. It is not increasing and it is not decreasing.

The second law of thermodynamics states that in a system entropy always increases. That’s a funny way of saying that order in a system is constantly declining. You may ask how that can be if there will always be matter and energy. Entropy means that everything is moving toward balance. It is moving toward everything being the same temperature in which situation there can be no exchange of energy(heat) for creating work.

Of course the evolutionist will counter that earth is an open system and receives input of power from the sun and therefore evolution is possible(decreasing entropy). Molecules are being ordered into living matter. That statement denies undirected evolution. To be ordered there must be one who orders the system, hence not undirected evolution. The evolutionist overlooks other points too. Just adding energy does not produce order. A hydrogen bomb explosion releases great amounts of power, but it cannot produce one protein much less a living cell. The energy must be directed and precisely ordered or it is of no use. Without intelligence to order energy it is only increasing entropy.

We have seen once again that evolution fails the test of logic.


Even though evolution consistently fails the test of logic it is still accepted as being a fact of science by many. Many of these people call themselves scientists and even tack on PhDs at the end of their names. But no number of letters following a name has the power to overrule logic. They may use all the jargon and fancy slogans they can but that does not change logic. They may have infiltrated the public schools with their atheistic theology but that cannot topple logic.

The Creator of the universe is totally logical. He is the One Who established true science and His revelation is totally logical in all its’ forms. I encourage you to exercise your abilities to learn and use that inborn ability of logic. Do not let someone of fancy or so-called scientific jargon fool you when you know in your own mind that it is not logical. Let wisdom have the fore front and let it direct you to logic instead of the unsubstantiated fairy tales of evolution.

Use wisdom in all your learning.  When it comes to wisdom and evolution, clearly wisdom is the winner.

Click on the icon below to get the book by Dr. Jerry Bergman,  Censoring the Darwin Skeptics.


Can Sleep Deprivation Affect Your Health

In this age of information explosion and high tech tools and toys and work being made easier along with unlimited entertainment an odd thing is occurring. People are sleeping less. You might think that would be a natural outcome of physical exertion being lessened because of all the tools and mechanisms made available to us in a digital society. Even so, the question must be addressed, “Can sleep deprivation affect your health?”


Why do we sleep? Sleep is a very important function for our life to be maintained. In fact, it is during sleep that most of the upkeep of our body is carried on. Of course there are always processes of upkeep being done at all times, but when we sleep many of the metabolizing muscles are at minimal levels of work. This allows more energy reserves to be used by the organs which must restore and repair the muscles, organs and processes that are necessary for daily living.

Without proper amounts of sleep and rest the body can not rebalance itself to function at its’ highest level. Something will have to give.

Risks of sleep deprivation

Though sleep deprivation may not be a direct cause of a disease, it can be linked to the onset of several. Studies at Harvard Medical School shown that sleep deprivation is associated with such conditions as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. New studies are beginning to reveal that getting proper sleep can be as beneficial as good nutrition and exercise. So addressing our sleep habits and the amount of sleep we get should have a priority in our consideration of a healthy life style.

Sleep deprivation effect on obesity

In a comparison study of people who slept eight hours and people who slept less than six hours, those who slept less than six hours tended to have more excess body weight than those who slept a full eight hours. Another study showed that babies who were short sleepers were more likely to become obese than those who were long sleepers.

Sleep deprivation and diabetes

In another study it was found that people who get less than five hours sleep per night stand a very high chance of developing type 2 diabetes. In subsequent studies it was discovered that by going to an eight-hour sleep regimen a positive influence can be made on sugar levels and reduction in type 2 diabetes effects.

Cardiovascular disease and hypertension

Suffice it to say that even a mild reduction in sleep has been associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and hypertension. It appears that the lack of sleep and the vascular related diseases become somewhat cyclical as one exacerbates the other and the cycle repeats. Steps to increase sleep should be taken.

Immune system

Another cycle instigated by sleep deprivation is infection and response by the immune system. Those who get less sleep are more susceptible to infection than those who get at least eight hours. Once the infection begins it affects the amount of sleep that one gets and so the infection grows. In a related study it was found that those who got less than seven hours sleep were three times more likely to have cold symptoms develop than those who got at least eight hours sleep.

It was found that those who sleep less than five hours have a 15% increased mortality risk.

What to do

Because when we sleep is when our body carries on very important and necessary repairs and upkeep to our body and mind, it is well worth our while to be aware and invest our time and our resources into things related to our sleep. Things to consider are: the bed that we sleep on, soft, medium or firm; our pillow or not pillow, soft, firm of fluffy; the time, night, day or some of both; position, back, side, stomach; medicine, when, how much or not at all; aches and pain and what to take. There are many things to consider and at some point we shall address them all.

I would like to address the last of the things that I mentioned above. That is aches and pain. Depending on what your condition is you may be taking medicine prescribed by a doctor. If so, follow your doctor’s orders and take the medicine as recommended. However, if your pains and aches are like mine and are most often caused by over use or use of a normally not much used muscle then you may have some choices in the matter.

Let me introduce you

I would like to introduce you to a product that is helping many people to sooth the aches and pains that rob one of good restful sleep. By taking away the pain in a purely natural way it does not imbalance the working of the body as it works to repair itself. The product contains two things that are necessary for life itself. Those two ingredients are: magnesium(in an ultra absorbable form) and purified water). Without these two ingredients in the right perportion in your body you could not live.

The product I am introducing to you is called EASE. As I said above, there are only two ingredients. Both are already in your body. As we age we tend to deplete the levels of minerals and vitamins necessary to maintain a healthy body. Magnesium works in helping to release melatonin, aids in reducing nerve twitching and helps to suppress hormone and mood disorders. Studies have suggested that 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. Not having enough magnesium will have a negative effect on your sleeping.

EASE is a product that is sprayed on your skin and then rubbed in. The reason for this is that your skin has the means to absorb the mineral and introduce it into the blood stream. If you were to take the amount through your digestive track it might upset your system. By rubbing it in you get the maximum absorption.

Just to note. Magnesium also is necessary in fighting pain, stiffness, stress, and promoting chemical balance in your body.


If you fit any of the profiles I listed above or if you just want to get a good night’s sleep, I would like to give you the opportunity to try this product for FREE. Yes, I said, “FREE”.

I am going to give you a button to click below that will take you to and opportunity to get a sample of EASE for you to try for free. If you find that it works for you then you may avail yourself of more of their offers. I am confident that you will find this product of the highest quality.

Get ready to break the cycle of sleep depravity and illness. You are going to sleep like a baby.




Health and Evolution – Is There a Contradiction

In today’s biological sciences evolution is assumed to be a fact. But what are the facts in regard to health and evolution? Does the assumption of evolution aid in the pursuit of good health? Or is it a hindrance? We shall begin a journey with this article which will last for several more articles is not several months.

Evolution. What is it?

Beginning in the early twentieth century evolution was presented as the way that all living things came about. It was supposedly heralded by Charles Darwin in his publication of 1859 “On the Origin of Species”. His premises was that somehow, somewhere in a pool of scum some molecules came together in just the right way to form the first living cell and from that cell every living thing has descended. Even with what little knowledge was known about a living cell back then, it seemed incredulous that such a thing could happen. Logic said that such a process was impossible. But, since the purpose for proposing such a process was not necessarily science driven but religiously driven, logic did not play a big part in the process.

Charles Darwin, and those who championed him, were more interested in defeating the Biblical interpretation of creation and its’ God than they were of promoting science. Their goal was to prove that this world and all the life on it could come about by natural processes with no need of a God. So we can see from the beginning that it is not science that evolution preaches but it is the religion of atheism, or rather better stated as anti-theism.

Evolution. How it works.

Evolutionists define evolution very simply. Simply put, they say that “evolution is change”. By using a misleading definition they dupe those who are not informed to believing that evolution is true. Do you see change in living things? Of course you do. Does than mean that living things are evolving? If you accept their definition you must say “Yes”.

But, is that the true definition of what the evolutionist is promoting? If one were to take the time to look into what the evolutionist is really trying to say, one would then, question the whole premises. True evolutionists know that evolution, as they want it to be, is not only change, but change that increases in complexity. In other words, the first living cell was “very simple”. Somehow as it spawned offspring, or replicated itself, it got a little more complex. Then a few generations later as it replicated it got a little more complex. This supposedly was a continuing process. For this to happen, the evolutionists needed more time than was allowed for in the Biblical understanding of creation. So, the earth had to be millions of years old instead of thousands of years as the Bible said. The thing about pseudo-science is that it is not founded on facts, but on belief. As more and more facts(information) was learned about living cells it became evident that even the “simple” cells were more and more complex than Darwin could have imagined. If the simple were unimaginably complex, what of the supposedly more complex. For this reason it became necessary to tens of millions and hundreds of millions and finally billions of years to the process to bring about life on this earth.


The process

The process by which evolution works is through mutations. When DNA was discovered in living things it changed the whole picture of what living things were. DNA is the molecule which contains all the information which is necessary for a living entity to carry on its’ living process. Every cell in a living thing has a DNA strand in it which contains all the information of the living thing. The amount of information contained in the single strand of DNA is astronomical. Though not all is known about it some have likened it to a stack of encyclopedias which stretches to the moon and back. I would say that that is quite an accomplishment for a thing so small that it takes an electron microscope to see it.

Rather than being in awe of such a creation, evolutionists decided to try to work this to their advantage. It was discovered that the passing of the DNA information from one generation to the next produced what is called mutations. These are usually minor and have little if no effect on the offspring. Sometimes they are more pronounced. So the evolutionists ceased on this process as a means for evolution. These changes, mutations, were passed on from generation to generation and were added to until there arose a change in the species. So you can see the need of millions and billions of years.

This was the “story” that was presented as “science” for years. It is still taught in public schools in much of the western world. However, there is one little fact that the evolutionist leaves out. In all the years of research into mutations there has never been one mutation found that added any information to the DNA. It has been found that 99% of all mutations delete information in the DNA. The other 1% is neutral, no information added or deleted. According to the evolutionist information must be added if the entity is to evolve into a more complex being. So, the thing that they hoped to prove evolution actually falsified it. But you will not hear any evolutionist say that.


Bad medicine of evolution

One of the biggest “faux pas” of evolutionary thinking was the promotion of vestigial organs in the human body. Claiming that these organs were leftovers from human evolutionary past and that they were no longer necessary led doctors to without real medical reason to remove these from many persons for no other reason than they were not needed. But since true science has continued to progress almost all the “vestigial” organs that the evolutionists preached have been found to be necessary in the development in many facets of the growing body.

Among the “vestigial” organs are the thymus gland, the appendix, the pineal gland, tonsils and coccyx.


I think that it is quite evident that evolution has been a great hindrance in the promotion of health in the human race. To preach that something as harmful as mutations have been shown to be and then, promote it as a good thing that brings about advancement is to be totally blinded by a false religion. To date there has not been one scientific finding that showed that a mutation has brought about a good thing in a living cell or being. Yet, the evolutionist insists that it works. To date there has never been a finding that any mutation brought about an increase in information in the DNA of any living cell.

If one chooses to believe in evolution then, one is definitively siding with poor health. Evolutionists have shown over the years to forsake good health practices when it does not promote evolution. They have been shown to promote bad health and medical practices when it promotes evolution.

I am sure that this is not the last word to said on the subject but it clearly shows that good health and evolution are not partners in bringing about your well-being.

Stay tuned for more blogs on these subjects.





The Algorithm Diet

This is another one of those diets that have come out lately which are telling you how to lose your weight and keep it off. The Algorithm Diet takes a little different approach.

It’s not your fault

He starts you off by absolving you of all guilt in regard to your being over weight. You see, it’s not really your fault. Well, he does back track a little by admitting that is your brain’s fault. The premises of his diet is that you are continually over loading your brain’s decision process each day and then to have to decide what foods you can and can not eat adds even more load to the decision-making process. After you reach over load you just give up and eat what ever comes easiest.


To back this premises he quotes the former President of the United States, Barack Obama. Then he throws in Mark Zuckerberg the founder of Facebook. Each of these extol the necessity of doing somethings by habit instead of having to make decisions in that area. Mark Zukerberg wears the same shirt almost everyday. Barack Obama does not like to decide what he eats each day.


The founder of The Algorithm Diet, Kevin McMillian, gives his testimony of how he tried to lose weight and muscle up. He was successful at first in that he lost the weight and gain the muscle. But the time came when his decision process got fatigued and before to long he was gaining weight and was soon back to where he had started. A little while later he tried to lose weight again and it worked for three or four weeks and then he was off again. One more time he tried to lose the weight and it worked for a week.


Finally, Kevin gave up. Then he ‘stumbled” on to the system he now uses. This is The Algorithm Diet. It is not a list of rules that you have to follow, or a diet that you have to stick to. He says that he has stripped everything down to what he says, “delivered results the quickest..and threw out everything else”.

My thoughts

I am sure that what Mr. McMillian has experienced has worked for him. They will probably work for anyone who is able to apply the principles which he sets forth. One good thing about it is that it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee through Clickbank. One should know within 60 days if it is going to work.

The product is a digital download and comes with ten sections which speaks of quite a bit of input to the development of the program. From the contents it appears that the program should produce results though the results may vary from person to person.

At this time he is running a special in which he is taking off $30 of the original cost of $67. So, you can get the program for a cost of only $37. If you have tried everything else and have not been able to achieve the goals that you want in weight loss, then this might be what you need to consider. Mr. McMillian guarantees you will lose weight or you can get a total refund of your money.

If you have tried and failed at all the others, this provides you with a win-win choice.

You can check out The Algorithm Diet here.

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You Can’t Get Beans if You Don’t Plant

A while back I wrote an article on “Seeds to Make Money”. Most of us have grown up in a society that is instant. Breakfast is popped in the microwave and ready in a minute. Or you drive through and get your meal almost immediately. We have fast food, fast delivery and fast sleep. We have remote control everything so we never have to move to accomplish almost anything.

Lasting results

Is it any wonder that the things we strive for are not lasting realities but they, too, are instantly gotten and just as quickly lost. The idea that a thing worth having is worth the time and effort to bring it about. Anything of lasting value and worth will of necessity take time and effort to be brought about. Things that are built quickly tend to disappear quickly. Things of enduring value will no doubt be infused with time and knowledge. It will also be a continuing project maintenence and building. Things of real value never decrease, they increase.


The mindset of people who build quality are people of knowledge. They know that if you do not plant the seeds you do not get the crop. If you do not plant the seeds of knowledge and patience in your work you do not get quality. Sure, a McDonald’s hamburger is alright, but it cannot compare to a Del Monico’s New Your strip. Quality takes time and it must be mixed with knowledge and patience. When these come together you will find a product that is in demand and that will stand the test of changing times and fads.

The approach is that “I am here for the long haul. What ever it takes is what I will do.”

The challenge

Do you have what it takes to meet the challenge. Are you mature enough and willing enough to put in the time and exercise the patience that is needed to make a successful online business? Can you persevere when it looks as if nothing is happening and keep on doing what you know will bring success? Can you keep on planting seeds and cultivating when there are no “beans” yet?

If you think you have what it takes, let me point you in the right direction. There is a program that has been developed over the past 15 years that will make money online for anyone who is willing to learn and apply and persevere. Everyone who has joined the program and with patience has run the course has made money. Yes, there are some who have dropped out and did not succeed, but that was their choice. Those who have stayed in the program at least a year have all succeeded in making money. It is not get-rich-quick. It does not happen overnight. You have to plant the seed and then cultivate it and water it and endure patiently. Then comes the harvest. And it will come. It is a proven process.

Are you up to the challenge

Here is your challenge. I challenge you to try the free version(yes I said “free”) of Wealthy

Affiliate. With the free version you will get 10 free lessons on how to set up a website and an online business. You will receive 2 free websites and the lessons and tools needed to build your online business. You may use the free version and use the free web sites for as long as you wish. But if you realize the great opportunity presented you may wish to upgrade to the premium. There are no more upgrades after that. You also get 25 free web sites and 25 free domain hostings of your own. That alone is worth more than the monthly fee. You will get 50 more lessons in developing your website and business and the 70 more lessons in developing your business to its’ max. You have an almost unlimited library of training videos and training tools. There are thousands of WA members who are willing to help and to encourage. There are more advantages and tools than I can name in this short article.

How much will this cost? The cost is $49 a month. That comes out to just under $600 a year. I spent ten times that on one scheme that left me with nothing except a website that crashed. If for some reason you do not wish to continue after joining the program just quit paying the monthly fee and end your membership. But, listen to this. Keep your free membership and your two free sites and work them as long as you wish.

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How Is It Possible to Make Money Online with Affiliate Marketing

If you have had anything to do with the internet in the past few years you have probably heard the term Affiliate Marketing. In this article we shall seek to enlighten you as to what affiliate marketing is and seek to answer the question in the back of your mind, “How is it possible to make money online with affiliate marketing?” Or maybe, “Can you make money with affiliate marketing.”

What is an affiliate?

The dictionary definition of an affiliate goes something like this: “To be associated with a person or group as a member or partner.” In the online application of this you will join a particular business or group and will promote their products or service through your online presence whether through a social media or website or blog that you maintain on the world wide web. Typically as an affiliate you must provide your contact information, your set up on the web(website or social media outlet), any information necessary for you to receive payment for your service, and any information in regard to tax such as social security number or type of company set up you work under. You do not have to be a company, you can just be an individual.

There will usually be a short period(a day or so) in which the company will review your application and then you will be welcomed as an affiliate. They will assign you a special affiliate number or ID. They will see that it is embedded in all the material that you will download from them regarding their products so that you will get credit for all products that are purchased from them through your site or social media link.

What is required of you?

You have signed up and have been accepted as an affiliate. Now what? You must search through the products that they offer and decide which products will work well with your website or blog or Facebook store. If you are into email promotions you can just pick the products you wish to promote.

If you have a website you will probably want to choose products that are compatible with the subject of your website theme or go well with your blog articles. Depending on your blogs you may be able to promote a variety of products. If that be the case you may want to affiliate with several companies and products.

Once you have decided on the products you must decide how you want to present them. You may do a review on a product and then insert a button which will take the reader directly to the site of the product. From there the seller of the product will take over and deal with the customer. But since they came through your site, you will receive any commissions generated from any sale to that customer.

Each product and seller have the details of what they offer the affiliate for his service. Depending on the seller or the product it may be a set amount per sale or a percentage of the sale amount. You will know all of this before you promote the product.

A Blog

Suppose you are a blogger. You can decide to write a blog about a problem addressing modern society. Perhaps, something like obesity or how being over weight can affect one’s well-being. So you write your blog and as you present solutions you would also like to avail certain products to those who are having this problem. You may have several products that you would like to present but do not wish to fill your blog with too many advertisements. In this case you may wish to add a page to your website in which you can place banners which promote different products which address the areas that a person may be interested in. The person can then choose the area of interest and the product of choice and click on the banner and go directly to the products website and make any purchases that they wish. All purchases made through that link will be credited to you. And you will receive any commissions that are associated with that product.

Social Media

If you are working through a social media it will work similar to a blog. You will make your presentation on your store page or whatever media you have and will through a button or linked words you will direct the reader to the products home page where they may make their purchase. As in the above your ID is embedded in the link and all purchases brought about through that link will credited to you and you will receive the agreed upon commission.

This is Tom

How to begin

There are many ways to begin affiliate marketing. You could be like me and jump in with no knowledge and spend thousands(yes thousands) of dollars and all you will have is a lot of debt and very little knowledge(except that you have been taken advantage of). But I do not recommend that route. Having been that route I am not going to bore you with my failures and embarrassments. Instead, I hope to save you some headaches and heartaches by directing you to a product that is in my estimation the best and most comprehensive program of getting into affiliate marketing.

The program I am presenting is called Wealthy Affiliates. Unlike other programs Wealthy Affiliates makes no promises of getting rich fast or making money overnight. They do present a well laid out plan for learning how to develop a working website and the lessons that enable anyone to have a good understanding of what they are doing. In following their program it will take several months to begin to see income from your efforts, but it will come. The curriculum is well-thought-out and is presented through written and video presentations. And is available to be replayed as many times as you wish.

You will never feel like you are alone because there are thousands of fellow affiliates who are available to answer questions or give encouragement. The founders are actively involved and have been for over fifteen years.

You are probably wondering just how much this will cost you. I will tell that there is some cost involved, but no where near what you might think. The first scam I fell for cost me over $5000. If I had had some direction from someone like I am giving you I could have gotten a membership in Wealthy Affiliates for over 10 years. But it is even better. Wealthy Affiliates does not want you to spend your hard-earned money and then decide this is not for you. Instead, they will give you a free membership. It is not a time limit free membership. It is a free membership for as long as you wish. It will be limited in the amount of access to the program you have. But, the access you have will give you ten free lessons on developing a business on the web. To be able to do that they will give you two free websites on which you can apply what you learn in the free 10 lessons. Let me say this, I learned more from those 10 free lessons than I had learned from four different programs that cost me almost $10,000.

Now, if you decide that this program is for you, then you can sign up for a premium membership in which you will have access to all the lessons and all the tools that Wealthy Affiliates makes available to you. You will have available to you 25 free web sites through WA and free hosting for 25 domains of your own. That premium membership will only cost you $49 a month. For that monthly fee you get all the lessons, all the support, and all the tools that you will need to be a success on line as an affiliate marketer. You will have to work. But it will be knowledgeably directed work. It will take a few months but if you follow the lessons and apply your knowledge gained you will succeed and make money.

If for some reason you decide not to continue with Wealthy Affiliate, just stop paying your monthly fee and your premium membership will stop. Notice, I said “premium membership”. You can still keep the free membership and the two free web sites.

You will no longer have to wonder how it is possible to make money online with affiliate marketing.

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May God bless you and prosper you as you go forward.


Never Quit
Always Upward



Benefits of Children Playing Outdoors

With the urbanization of the population increasing day by day it becomes less and less availability of areas for children to play outdoors. That along with the smart phone and gaming apps that go with them, we are seeing a generation of children growing into adulthood and having less and less interaction with the outdoors. Studies are being conducted on the effects of this trend and some of the findings are alarming. The results of these studies are finding that the benefits of children playing outdoors are a necessary part of a balanced and well functioning society.

A learning experience

Many of us grew up being taught that work is good and we should not play too much. Work is good. But that does not mean that play is bad. Self directed play can teach organizing skills and with others involved it teaches working together and consideration for others. Playing also teaches creativity. That is an almost unknown quantity today with everything being digitized and imaged to look almost real. When children are allowed to be outdoors and make up their own play things they become inventive and come up with amazing ideas. Images are not fed to them, but they imagined and created.

Autumn Leaves

Autumn Leaves

Time involved

One study found that half the children in America spend an average of an hour or less outdoors each day. The study stated that this is less time than is allowed to prisoners in a maximum security prison. If we allow prisoners to have at least an hour a day for outdoor activities, should we not encourage our children to spend at least that more and a lot more. Let’s look at some of these benefits.

Fun in autumn
Good Play

Do you think these qualities are good?

Here are some of the qualities cultivated by outdoor play. How about creativity? Creative people are those who come up with the ideas that produce so much of the things that we use in our daily life. Without creativity a society will stagnate. Consider a communistic state where creativity is limited to what the state allows. And play is not a part of a communist state.

What about resiliency? The ability to fall and get up again and again and again. How many people have become a success not on the first try or on the second try or even sometimes on the 100th try, but they never quit until they succeeded. Without playtime outdoors this characteristic may very well never develop.

How about leadership? This is one of those qualities in which “the cream rises to the top”. Not all are leaders. Some are followers. And that is alright. When leaders succeed, so do followers. Outdoor play helps to define and refine leaders.

Resourcefulness comes naturally to outdoor playing. When you do not have the tool, you can find a stick that mimics the tool. When you do not have a house, you create it from a cardboard box. When you need to call someone a block of wood becomes your phone. Imagination will kick in to high gear.

Being outdoors will stimulate curiosity. Just observing plants and animals which are in their natural habitat will cause one’s interest to be peeked. How does a bird fly? How is that ant able to carry such a big load? How does that bee know which way is home? How does a cat climb a tree? Why doesn’t a squirrel fall when he comes down a tree? Only being outdoors can these questions come into mind.


The qualities delineated above do not come about through a structured environment. We are not talking about and unfettered atmosphere where there are no guidelines. There are guidelines for creativity as well. Such as. You may play outside in the yard but not in the street. You may play with your friends but not with strangers who your parents have not met. You may not be abusive or unkind to those with whom you play. None of these guidelines will restrict creativity or development of quality characteristics.

As often as possible a family should take adventures together outdoors. The parents can teach the children about certain plants or animals or geographies. Not only will these outdoor activities increase curiosity but will create a bonding together of the parents and children.

Fly Like a Bird


There are few, if any, downsides to outdoor playing. It is unfortunate that government and those who seek to make money from the necessity of having housing that they build housing which practically does away with room to get outside and play. If they do allow for such, it is minimal at most. Let us encourage our leaders to consider the need for outdoor activity not only for our children but for adults as well.

If you are a parent consider making time available each day for your child to play outdoors. If you have a yard, get outside with them or insist that they play outside instead of being sedentary in front of a TV or computer playing games. Plan projects in the yard to plant flowers or other plants to watch them grow.

Take into consideration that when our Creator created man He placed him outdoors in a garden. It does not say that He built a house for him, but a garden. So when considering the benefits of children playing outdoors, remember, we are created to be outdoors.

Feeding squirrel
Here Little Squirrel