Live Life Comfortably – Living or Dying

One furniture company advertises that you should “Live Life Comfortably”. It is a catchy phrase and it really appeals to the masses in the twenty-first century. But, have they stopped to consider just what they are saying.

Living or Dying
Live Life Comfortably

Consider the human body

Why is it that we desire to be comfortable? What is comfort? Can you give a specific definition of “comfort”? Comfort for one person may not be comfort for another person. If we were to say that “comfort is the state of a lack of exertion by the body”, that would give us a general starting point to begin to find out what comfort is.

The muscles and tendons of the body are designed, yes I said, designed, in such a way as to produce movement of the parts of the body. The muscles in the feet, legs, gluteus are there for locomotion of the body. They are designed to move the entire body from one location to another. If they do not do that, they become useless. Locomotion of the body is normally used in conjunction with other functions that the other parts of the body are involved in doing.

The hands and arms of the body are used to manipulate other articles or machines to accomplish tasks that may be necessary or are necessary to carry on the other functions of the body. One of those functions is eating. The normal way this happens is that the hand, a very complex conglomeration of bones, muscles, tendons and nerves. The arm, made up of the radius, ulna and humerus work in tandem to create a lever by which the hand can carry the object it has grasped to a particular location.

The core of the body is composed of (on the front) the abdominals and obliques. The backside muscles are lower back and gluteus. The purpose of these muscles is to hold the body erect, that is in a vertical position. Other muscles in the back help in keeping the body erect by governing side to side alignment. The muscles of the upper back help in holding the head erect and turning from side to side and nodding up and down. There are other muscles tied to the arms which aid in movement of the arms.

The muscles of the neck are tied to the clavicle and the acromion serve as anchors to hold the head erect and aid in movement of the head in turning or nodding or looking up.

There are many more muscles in the body that are utilized for specific purposes, but I believe that you can understand that they all serve a purpose.

Live Life Comfortably
Muscles of the body

Why all these machines?

All of these machines(when you break proteins down to their molecular levels, they are actually machines) were created to operate. Any machine that just sits for long periods of time and is not utilized for the purpose for which it was intended will after a while begin to atrophy. This is a term used to describe an unused muscle. It is true of all machines because of the second law of thermodynamics. Any machine that just sits unused for a great amount of time will lose its lubrication and upon trying to utilize the machine will actually cause it to malfunction.

The muscles in the human body were meant to be worked regularly. If a group of muscles, or muscle, is not used consistently it will tend toward atrophy. It will begin to shrink and lose ability to perform the task for which it is designed.

Ramifications of the comfortable life

So when we choose to live the comfortable life we begin to take away the need of why we have muscles. Consider for a minute people who sit in a car to drive to work, who sit at a desk to do their job, who then drive home sitting down to sit in a soft cushion chair with their feet and legs stretched out and their head resting on a soft pillow.

Sure, they worked through the day, but most of their muscles were in a more or less holding pattern with very little active involvement with the real purpose they were designed to do. Then to return home, and because of the mental stress of the day, to recline in a horizontal position to relieve stress on muscles which were not stressed at all, is allowing even more atrophy to occur. Atrophy does not promote living life.

Live life comfortably
Difference between active and sedentery

What to do

Since most people are shackled to the job they must do, it would be good to find ways of enjoying your job. Be positive in your approach to your work. But when your work is done for the day, leave your work at work. If you do not live in a single dwelling house, then get a membership in a health club and workout consistently working every part of your body. It is not necessary to over exert your muscles but do enough to let them know they have worked.

If you have a house and a yard, you have hit the jackpot. Yard work is one of the best things that you can do if you are a city dweller. Do not pay someone to do your yard work. Do it yourself. Even if you do not do it all at once, do a little every day as you can.

If you live where you have a yard of some size, set apart an area and plant a garden. It does not have to be big, but enough to be able to plant a row of corn or beans or some other vegetable. This way you get to use all the muscles in your body. You will be amazed when you begin to find out how many muscles will be complaining about having to work. You will be working muscles which you have not worked in a long time.

Live life comfortably
Garden for health

Begin to apply these couple of things or things which you can come up with and try to do outdoor things if you can. Being outdoors gives more room to stretch your body and move in ways that indoors does not afford.


If you think that you can live life comfortably, think again. Your body was not designed to be comforted. It was designed to work and accomplish things. Rest is a necessary component in life, but it is not the ultimate purpose. According to scripture, there should be six times as much work as rest, or comfort. So, if you are living life comfortably you are only living about one sixth of your potential, if that much.

Time to get out of that recliner and plant a garden. Real life began in a garden. It was named Eden. We may not realize Eden here, but the day is coming that it will be restored.

God bless you as you really live life.


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