Can I Lose Weight Eating Nuts

Since George Washington Carver discovered the goodness and many uses of peanuts, nuts of all kinds have become a favorite snack and food of many cultures. But many who are watching their waste line have questioned “Can I lose weight eating nuts?” Let’s look at some nuts in general and see how and if they can be incorporated into a diet when one is seeking to lose some extra pounds.

Nut background

Most nuts grow on trees, but not all. Nuts are usually separated into tree nuts and non tree nuts. The tree nuts include almonds, Brazil nuts, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios and walnuts.

There are some nuts that do not grow on trees. There is the peanut which is a legume and actually grows in the root system of the peanut plant. Though they are called tree nuts, the hazelnut actually grows on a bush. Sunflower seeds are sometimes referred to as nuts and they come from a flower which is not a tree.

The nuts that we shall be considering in this blog are almost all tree nuts. As mentioned above, the hazelnut grows on a bush, which could be considered a little tree, and the peanut is a legume.

Our list of nuts include peanuts, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, cashews, walnuts, pistachios and almonds. The presentation of information about each nut is based on 1 oz portions.

Nut qualities or characteristics

Nuts are known for their fiber and their fatty acids. You might think that the fatty acids would disqualify them as a good health food, but it does not. The fatty acids in almost all nuts are the healthy fatty acids. These aid in building a healthy cardio system. So there are two important characteristics of nuts in their favor as health foods.

Almost all nuts are tasty and flavorful. Typically there is a nice balance of carbs and protein, too. Nuts also contain the mineral magnesium which is a trace mineral but a necessary component mineral in any living system. Of course all nuts have a good measure of calories, though not excessive, per serving. Therefore, servings should be measured to some degree.

In the listing below we shall list some characteristics and the amounts contained in each nut and then a note or two of other things notable of the nut.


This is the “nut” that is technically not a nut. But it has many of the same characteristics and qualities of a nut. 

One oz serving:

  • Calories per oz. 176
  • Fat: 17 grams
  • Protein: 4 grams
  • Carbs: 5 grams
  • Fiber: 3 grams
  • Vitamin E: 21% RDI
  • Magnesium: 11% RDI

One study showed that higher peanut intake was associated with lower death rates. That means that people lived longer.

Studies have shown that higher intake may lower risks of heart disease.

One study found that women who ate peanut butter more than five times a week had lower rates of type 2 diabetes.

Among mothers who ate peanuts once or twice a week when pregnant, their children had lower rates of asthma and allergies.

The only possible drawback is that many peanut products have high salt presence.

Overall, peanuts are a potent arsenal in a health building routine.


Like the peanut, the hazelnut is not technically a “tree nut”. It does grow on a bush which is very much like a tree.

1 oz serving

  • Calories: 176
  • Fat: 9 grams
  • Proteins: 6 grams
  • Carbs: 6 grams
  • Fiber: 3.5 grams
  • Vitamin E: 37% RDI
  • Magnesium: 20% RDI

As in the peanut, hazelnuts are beneficial in combating heart disease risk factors.

One study found that a good diet of hazelnuts reduced overall cholesterol as well as the “bad” LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. It also improved blood vessel function.

Other studies have shown that hazelnut diets can increase the amount of vitamin E in the blood.

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are mostly found in the Amazon region of Brazil. They are a rich source of selenium.

One oz serving:

  • Calories: 182
  • Fat: 18 grams
  • Protein: 4 grams
  • Carbs: 3 grams
  • Fiber: 2 grams
  • Vitamin E: 8% RDI
  • Magnesium: 26% RDI

Selenium is an antioxidant which is a necessary element in several body functions. A one oz. serving of Brazil nuts will provide 100% of the selenium needed per day.

Brazil nuts reduce cholesterol levels. They also reduce inflammation in the body.

Macadamia nuts

Though macadamia nuts contain a wide range of nutrients they are most known to be a great source of monounsaturated fat.

One oz serving:

  • Calories: 200
  • Fat: 21 grams
  • Protein: 2 grams
  • Carbs: 4 grams
  • Fiber: 2.5 grams
  • Vitamin E: 1% RDI
  • Magnesium: 9% RDI

Macadamia nuts are well-known for their relationship with good heart health. This is probably because of their high content of monounsaturated fats.

In studies with people who had high cholesterol, macadamia nuts have helped to lower the overall cholesterol and especially the “bad” LDL cholesterol.

A macadamia rich diet was shown to produce the effects recommended by the heart-healthy diet of the American Heart Association.

Overall, macadamia nuts rich diets help to reduce risk of heart disease.


Pecans are mostly known for their good taste. But there are other good things about them.

One oz serving.

  • Calories: 193
  • Fat: 20 grams
  • Protein: 3 grams
  • Carbs: 4 grams
  • Fiber: 2.5 grams
  • Vitamin E: 2% RDI
  • Magnesium: 8% RDI

The main tool of the pecan is that it contains polyphenols which act as antioxidants. In some studies these have been shown to help lower “bad” cholesterol levels.


Cashews are part of the tree nut family. In my estimation, they are the best.

One oz serving:

  • Calories: 155
  • Fat: 12 grams
  • Protein: 5 grams
  • Carbs: 9 grams
  • Fiber: 1 gram
  • Vitamin E: 1% RDI
  • Magnesium: 20% RDI

One study has shown that a diet in which cashews provide 20% of calories improves blood pressure in people with metabolic syndrome.

Another study showed that cashews increase antioxidant potential.

Other studies have shown that diets high in cashews have increased blood sugar in people with metabolic syndrome.

Another study showed that a diet rich in cashews reduced blood pressure while increasing levels of “good” HDL cholesterol, without increasing sugar levels.


Walnuts are one of the most popular of nuts. They are a great source of the omega 3 fatty acid alphlinolenic acid(ALA)

One oz serving:

  • Calories: 182
  • Fat: 18 grams
  • Protein: 4 grams
  • Carbs: 4 grams
  • Fiber: 2 grams
  • Vitamin E: 1% RDI
  • Magnesium: 11% RDI

Walnuts decrease the possibility of developing heart disease, most likely due to the high content of ALA.

Several studies have shown that a regular diet of walnuts reduces the “bad” LDL cholesterol while increasing the “good” HDL cholesterol.

They also aid in improving blood pressure and blood flow through the cardio vascular system.

One study found the eating walnuts improved the measure of cognition called “inferential reasoning”. This implies that walnuts may be beneficial to brain health.


Pistachio nuts are noted for their being high in fiber.

One oz serving:

  • Calories: 156
  • Fat: 12.5 grams
  • Protein: 6 grams
  • Carbs: 8 grams
  • Fiber: 3 grams
  • Vitamin E: 3% RDI
  • Magnesium: 8% RDI
Some studies have found that pistachios may improve blood pressure.

Pistachios have also been found to improve other heart related risk factors such as weight and oxidative status.

They have also helped to reduce blood sugar after a meal.

Pistachios are most effective when more than one oz a day is consumed.


Next to peanuts, almonds are the most liked and consumed of the nuts.

One oz serving:

  • Calories: 161
  • Fat: 14 grams
  • Protein: 6 grams
  • Carbs: 6 grams
  • Fiber: 3.5 grams
  • Vitamin E: 37% RDI
  • Magnesium: 19% RDI

Several studies have suggested that almonds aid the reducing of “bad” LDL cholesterol.

They have also been found to aid in loosing weight when incorporated with a weight loss program.

In diabetes studies almonds when eaten with a meal help to lower sugar levels in the blood after the meal.

For people with type 2 diabetes almonds help to reduce inflammation.

Almonds have also been shown to have a beneficial effect in supporting growth of gut bacteria.


Though there are many other nuts which people have incorporated in their diets, these that I have listed are only a few, but they seem to be the most popular. Though they are tasty and flavorful, they are also healthful and should, to some degree, be incorporated in everyone’s diet. By including nuts in our regular diet and then adding some type of exercise regimen to your lifestyle, you can live a more energetic and productive life in whatever field you are in.

I shall leave a link below where you may go and check out several avenues of which nuts you would like to incorporate in your diet.

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below.

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How to Live Longer – Eat Right Live Longer

As modern science makes more and more advances we are seeing many people who live to be older and older. There are many contributing factors to this phenomenon. Our aim in this article is to look at one area that is enabling men and women to live longer and longer.

Live longer, feel better

Living longer is not that good if you do not feel good. I have been familiar with some folks who have lived to be in their nineties and even hundreds who for the last ten or twenty years of their life were bedridden and were constantly under medication just to stay alive. I am by all means in favor of sustaining human life by all moral means necessary. But just because life is sustained does not mean that it is meaningful.

The goal of living longer should not be just to extend the years that one spends on this earth, but that the years should be productive and creative. That is what the goal of all science that seeks to extend our life on earth should be. I believe that most scientific studies in life extension do have that in their goals.

One of the areas that affects all of us is the area dealing with nutrition and what we eat.

Fast food, shorter lifeFast Food

In this era of McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s and Sonic, it is hard to get nutrition that will aid in helping to live longer and feel better. The only thing that feels better is our appetite. But unfortunately, the only areas of our appetite that gets fed most is the areas of sweets and fats. Yes, we need sugars and fats in a well-balanced diet. But the fast foods of our day give us far too many of each of these.

As we learn more about the makeup of our human DNA we are seeing that bad diets will affect the very DNA that carries the information necessary for a long and healthy life. Studies are showing that the very things in our DNA that determine the life of the DNA molecules of our body are affected positively or negatively by the foods we ingest.

The code of life
DNA The code of life


Telomeres, what are they? Telomeres are the connectors of the genes in our DNA. If you have a nominal understanding of biology you know that every seven years every cell in your body is replaced. When this mitosis occurs the existing cell reproduces itself with a new cell exactly like itself. When the DNA is replicated in the new cell the telomeres, connectors, are shortened ever so slightly. So that after ten or twelve replications the telomeres have almost disappeared. When they are gone the cell dies. When the cells of the body dies, the body dies.

Is there a way to extend the life of the telomeres and in so doing extend the life and quality of the cell and the body in which they are part of? Several studies have shown that there is nothing that is medicinal that can cause telomeres to lengthen or stop them from shrinking. The same studies have shown that there are two ways, though, that can slow the process of the telomeres getting shorter.

The two ways of slowing the deterioration of telomeres

The two ways that contribute to the slowing of telomere deterioration are a good diet and exercise. These are two areas which have long been known to add to quality and length of life.Running for exercise

Studies which focused on exercise and telomere shrinkage found that people who exercised regularly and strenuously were able to slow the shrinkage of the telomere more than those who did not exercise regularly.

The studies which dealt with diet found that the groups which ate a diet which emphasized more vegetables and fruits with less meat were able to slow the process of deterioration more than those who tended to eat more meat and less vegetables. A Mediterranean diet focusing on more vegetables with more healthy fatty acids was far better than a diet of meat and fast foods and sweets.

All the studies showed that when the telomeres became short that the tendency to become ill was greatly increased.


If you are really interested in how to live longer, then you should consider these to things. You should consider finding a good exercise regimen which you can factor into your lifestyle and begin to fit into your schedule as soon as possible. If you never begin you will never reap the benefits of exercising this body which is yours. Some of you will need to consult your physician before beginning an exercise program. Your doctor can counsel you on the best approach for you and how far you can go with the program.

If you are relatively young and physically fit you might begin by starting a walking program or jogging. Begin with walking a mile a day and build it to three or four miles a day. If you really get into it you might , then add jogging or running occasionally. Give up TV or computer games for one hour a day and walk or do the treadmill or go to the gym.

Any exercise you do will be better than no exercise. It will lengthen you life span and will improve the quality of your life.

In the diet area, eat as little fast food as possible. It’s OK to occasionally eat a hamburger or some french fries. Just don’t make it a regular thing. Lay of the desserts. Sure, treat yourself once a week with a frosty or a blizzard, but not too often. There is no dessert or candy worth a heart attack or stroke. These are results brought about by shortened telomeres in your DNA.


Below here I am going to give you a link that will take you to a page where you will find products which I believe will help you if you are serious about living a longer and better life on this earth. These are products that will aid you in living a healthier and better quality of life beginning right where you are.

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How to Make Money Online As a ……..

One of the most asked questions these days by all ages of people is “How to make money online as a (fill in the blank). We hear retired people ask “How to make money online as a retiree? College students want to know “How to make money online as a college student”. It goes on and on. People from every age and every stratum of the population are asking this question.

What are the necessary tools?

First of all, one needs a computer of some type. The easiest to work with are the desktop and laptop computers. Some have been able to use a notebook or even a smartphone. But there are some limitations with that scenario.

We shall proceed with the understanding that we shall use one of the two main tools. Along with your computer you will need access to the internet. If you have a service that brings an internet connection to your home you will be almost ready to start. You must have a modem which can feed to your computer. You can do the feed by cable from the modem to your computer or you can rout it from the modem to a WiFi router. The router will be handy if you have a laptop and wish to be able to move around in your house or apartment when working online.

Once this is set up you will need to determine which internet browser you will be using. There are several to choose from: Firefox, Google Chrome, Edge, Yahoo, Bing, etc. Choose your browser and set up an account and get your email set up.

These tools are foundational tools which every online business needs to have to carry on and be able to communicate with all parties concerned in your business.

What kind of business should you build?

When I started to build a business online I did not know that there were different platforms on which to build an online business. You may be like me. So, here are a few platforms on which to build an online business.

The first one I tried was the Ebay platform. Just for getting your “feet wet” in online business this is a good start. Basically it is a rummage sale at first. You begin by selling things that you have around your house or apartment and learn how to use the tools of setting up a Paypal account and accepting payments. Then you learn how to purchase shipping labels and ship the products you sell. Hopefully, you learn how to mark up the object for sale enough so that you make a profit. You have to factor in at least 13% above the price just to break even. That 13% is to allow for the fee that Ebay and Paypal take out for their services. It is worth every penny when you consider they do all the advertising and money handling for you.

If you stay at Ebay very long you will get into another type of business called “dropshipping”. Most of the products you see for sale on Ebay are not products that the seller keeps in his inventory. The seller has allied himself with a supplier of a product and the seller advertises on Ebay for a price that allows him to make a profit after buying the product from the dropshipper. The seller takes the money paid to him by buyer and pays the dropshipper what his price is and the dropshipper ships the product directly to the original buying customer. The seller never sees the product nor does he have it in inventory.

These platforms have made a lot of people a lot of money. But please note, it will take a lot of time. For a student this may not be an ideal platform to build a part time business. Build it small and gradual and by the time you finish school it may be ready to build into a full time online business.

Other avenues

Some entrepreneurs like to build online storefronts. Typically, these will be stores that emphasize niche products. For instance, there are stores built around supplies for cell phones. Everything they sell is related to cell phones.

These types of enterprises usually ally themselves with a given supplier. The supplier will even help them build their online store and provide software to help give it a good presentation on the web. They will monitor the inventory so that the seller always knows what is available. After investing some time and money in the setting up of this type of business it will do a good job of running itself with minimal time needed from the owner. The opportunity for making big money is somewhat limited depending on the type of product and the volume of sales. If you get this built before college, it could bring you spending money all the way through.

The most used and most popular

There are still many other types of approaches to making money online as a student or a retired person or someone who just wants to build their own business.

The most popular method is called affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is that platform by which a person who owns a domain and has a website affiliates himself or herself with a business or product and offers to advertise the products or business on their website. In return the product maker or business will pay the affiliate a percentage of all the sales generated through his site.

How does the affiliate get people to his site? The main way that this happens is through “blogging”. Blogging is simply writing and printing articles centered on a given subject. Typically it is called a “niche”. A niche is a finely defined area of any given subject that you might think of. For example: There are; cars, little cars, little red cars, American made little red cars, etc. Each of those descriptions defines a niche. But the one with the most description brings the finest definition of the niche.

The blogger, through already gained knowledge, or through knowledge that he continually gains will write and post blogs of interest to internet views. Search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others will seek out what is called keywords that people look for on the web and will rank that blog as it considers its weight and authority on the web. There are a lot of things involved but most of them depend on continually adding content to the website of the blog.

There is more money made through this method by high school students, college students, housewives, retired persons and “you name it” kinds of persons than any other method. If you are looking to build a good and steady online business you should consider affiliate marketing.

My recommendation

I will not “beat around the bush”. There is only one tool that is the penultimate program for building a business in the area of affiliate marketing. Though its methods can be applied to all the above platforms, it shines the most in the affiliate marketing arena.

The name of the program is Wealthy Affiliates. It is not a fast money making business. But it is a foundation building process by which you establish your business. Then when it begins to produce it will grow and grow and grow. The time that it takes for this kind of growth is usually between 6 months and a year.

The cost of the program is very reasonable when you consider the returns that will come for many many years. It is like any well run business. It is founded on sound principles and will stand the test of time.

You can begin the program for free. Really, Free. If you like what you see, then you can join the Premium program for a reasonable fee of $49 a month. When you see all the tools that are made available to you for this price, you will wonder how they can do this. But they do it. If you paid for all the tools separately it would cost you hundreds of dollars a month. But you get them for this reasonable price.

With the free program you get 10 free lessons which will teach you how to build a website and launch it. You will be given two free websites, hosted free of charge, on which you can begin to build your online business. If you never join the Premium program you get to keep the two free websites and the knowledge you have learned in the free lessons. You will not have to join the Premium program unless you request it.

I am going to place a chart below for you to compare the Free plan to the Premium plan.

I believe that if you really want to know how to make money online as a student or housewife or college grad that you have been introduced to one of the greatest opportunities to do that.

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What Determines When You Are Old

The average age of the population of the United States is getting older every day. I sometimes wonder just what determines when you are old. Of course, every person is an individual and each has his or her own approach to every situation. But sometimes I wonder if our society does not hasten the idea that we are getting older. Let me share a few reasons why I think this. Then you tell me your thoughts.


I do not know if you have noticed but retirement is “pushed” almost from the time that one is in high school and definitely in college if one goes to college. Before you even get a career you are being aimed in the direction of retirement. You are told you should get certain degrees so that you can get a job in a certain field because they have good retirement benefits.

I am convinced that this idea of planning for retirement from the beginning of one’s chosen area of work is a contributor of hastening the onset of old age. One of the reasons for this is that it never allows you to enjoy the present. How many people do you know that are having a good time right now, no matter what they are doing? I know of very few.

Health benefits

Another area which ages people fast is the area of health benefits. I know of people who take a job that they literally hate just so they can have great health benefits. They do not take into account the fact that the turmoil and stress that they will experience will cause them to have to exercise the health benefit not because they have good health but because their health will suffer from all the stress that they will have to endure because they hate the job.

Because you have great health benefits does not guarantee you good health. In the long run it would be better to take a job that you really enjoy, even though the health benefits may not be so great, than to take one you hate doing that has better health benefits. The aim should be to remain healthy so that you never have to use those health benefits. But seldom do I hear people take that approach.

Bad health issues can bring on old age at an early time in one’s life. Health benefits are not good health. They are the results of bad health. It is better to never have health benefits and have great health than to have all the health benefits and never be healthy.

Higher standard of living

Pursuing a higher standard of living seems to be the American dream. It is a pursuit that very few people ever consider the price of. I have known people in my life who were so consumed with achieving a higher standard of living that nothing else really mattered. Family became secondary, even though they claimed that the family was the reason they were pursuing a higher standard.

In my own experience, in my first marriage, my wife’s father was a man driven to succeed. He only had a fourth grade education and was a self-taught man. He was a hard worker and built a successful building business. But he was so consumed with building that business that he never got to know his daughter or son the way that a father should. Sure he gave them every material thing they needed and much more. But he never gave himself in spending time with them. He worked seven days a week for many years.

The only problem was that by the time he was fifty years old he was an old man. His body was worn out. He developed liver disease and died at the age of 52. He had made enough money so that he had great health benefits but those benefits did not keep him from dying. Too late, he found out the fallacy of great health benefits. They can make you old faster than you think.

Thinking old

Probably the thing that makes people old is this one thing. They think old. I have a brother and some cousins and friends who have been old all their life. They began their adult life looking forward to retirement. It was if life would begin for them after they retired from whatever they were going to do for work.

You can see this mentality in advertisements for people growing their 401Ks or investing in this portfolio or that commodity. As mentioned above, the focus is not on the present but always on the future. An important point to remember is that the future never arrives. Human beings have to live in the present.

If you can not enjoy where you are now, you will never enjoy your life. That does not mean that you should not have goals and aspirations, but you must not miss out on the good that is in the present. There is very little reason for a person in the United States to not be able to stop and be thankful for something every day they are alive.

You might say that people on poverty do not have something to be thankful for, but you would be wrong. People in poverty in the United States would be considered rich in some third world countries. A thankful person in the present has great potential for the future. Focusing on working in the present brings great blessings in the future which will become the present.

Results of getting old

If your goal is to retire and have benefits, then you will probably be very disappointed. If you have an old mentality then you hasten that disappointment. You see, because we are human beings, when we get old we do not have the faculties to really enjoy this physical life. The results of getting old is that you get closer to the day that you will die.

To die, means that “the real you” will be separated from this old body. You can not escape that reality.

Now, if you have done everything that they say you must do and have made a lot of money and a great name for yourself, that will not keep you alive in the final analysis.

Are you ready for this?

When you come to this time, will you be ready? You see, you will no longer be retired. Contrary to what you may have been told, your life does not end when this body ceases to function. Every person who has ever lived or will live will continue to live on into eternity. Evolutionists would try to convince you that you cease to exist and all becomes nothingness. I would not want you to enter eternity thinking that. If you do, you will be terrified at what you find.

You see, you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” by your Creator. The God of all creation created you and loved you so much that He stamped His image in you. We all begin our lives on this earth with that image marred because of what our ancestor Adam did when he rebelled against our Creator. But, because He is a loving Creator, He paid the price for that rebellion by sending His “only-begotten Son, Jesus” to pay the price for our rebellion.

To receive that eternal life will cost you your life. I do not know about you, but when I saw my life in relation to the life that Jesus would give me in exchange, I could not turn Him down. There is no comparison with the life I gave up to the life that He gave me. Because of that life I will live eternally with my Creator in heavenly bliss beyond my highest dream.

You too can have this gift just by giving up your struggling existence and receiving His gift of eternal life with Him. He will not force it on you. It is yours to freely receive or to reject.


I must tell you that there are consequences if you reject His offer of life eternal. It is not oblivion. It is an eternity of pain and agony which never ends. Have you ever considered “eternity”? Do not think that God will send you there. He wants you to spend eternity with Him. But our rebellious sinful life would not and could not endure the glory of His eternal presence, so there is only one other place to go. That place was prepared for the devil and his demons, not for human beings. But it is the only other place there will be.

The Bible says that “today is the day of salvation”. Let this be your day that you cease to grow old and enter into the Kingdom of God and live for eternity with Him.

God bless you!





CashFinderSystem Is It a Scam or Legit

CashFinderSystem Is It a Scam or Legit

Just lately I received a letter in the mail that declared that a company was looking for “Finders” in my particular city.  I was not sure what they meant by finders, so I read a little farther.

There was the typical promo statements and then a site on the web to go and get all the facts.  So, I went to the web.

Once I got to the site I found a video which would give me all the information that I would need.  When I clicked the run arrow the count-down clock started at twenty minutes.  I guess the idea was to impress me that time was running out and that the sooner I get in on the deal, the better.  I tricked them, though, and listened to the whole thing.  As the end drew near the pressure began to mount.  As usual, the product was touted as being worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but the seller was going to give me a great price of not $999 and not $599 and not even $399.  But I could get this product for $199 on a special deal by purchasing it today.

As I lingered a little longer and was getting ready to leave the page, another offer was made giving it to me for only $99.  If that had been me two years ago, I would have bought the product right then and there.  But, I knew that I was not going to buy it so I clicked to leave the page and you will never guess what happened.  Another offer came on the screen and was offering the whole program for only $79.  Maybe we should all learn a little from such sites as this.  If the cost of the program can plummet from being worth thousands of dollars to just $79 in twenty minutes, maybe it is not worth even that.  Past experience has taught me that the only one who makes any real profit on programs such as CashFinderSystem are the ones who are pushing them.

Further study into the program confirmed what I had suspected from the beginning.  Though it is not an out and out scam it is without a doubt misleading in its presentation.

The premises of the program is that CashFindersystem will teach you through twelve online lessons how to find real estate properties and negotiate sales between people who wish to sell their properties and people who are looking for properties in your areas.  If that sounds like being a realtor, you are on the right track.  However, the way it is done falls within the realms of being legal.  What they do not tell you that it is not as simple as looking it up online and posting it for someone else to find.  This is a practice that professional realtors carry on every day.  The chances are that they are far better at it than you or I would be.

There are several other facets of the system that would take years to be proficient in.  So, it is not the simple process that the promoter of CashFinderSystem tells you that it is.  I will not categorically state that it is a scam, but I will say that it is not the product that it is made out to be.  Given time and a lot of money you may make money doing it.  But it will take a lot of time and a lot of money to get there and you may never make the kind of money that the program says you will.

What I Recommend

There is a program by which you can build an online business and you can build it while staying home and working at your computer.  It is a program that requires some time invested and some money invested.  But both are of a reasonable portion.

If you are working fulltime now, but wish to begin to build an online business that could someday work into a fulltime business and income, you may consider this.  By spending an hour or so each day or four or five hours a week, you can begin to lay the foundation for growing a business that can become your fulltime job in probably less time that you might think.

The cost is realistic and you will get a lot more for your money than any program you can find on the internet.

The Program

The program that I am speaking of is called Wealthy Affiliates.  You may have heard of affiliate marketers.  These marketers affiliate themselves with companies and products which they advertise on their site.  Through their blogs and advertisements they direct people to the products. When they purchase a product of that company they receive a percentage of that sale as a commission.  Wealthy Affiliates is the best program to help people become successful affiliate marketers.  With the training that you receive at Wealthy Affiliate you can go any direction you may wish in online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is so confident that their program can help you that they will let you try it for free.  In this case “free” means “free”.  You will not have to register a credit card.  There will not be a limited amount of time.  You will not have unlimited access to their lessons and tools but you will have access to ten initial lessons by which you will be able to build and launch your own website.  Since I mentioned website, you will receive two free websites, which you can name, and WA will host for you free of charge.  In the ten free lessons you will learn how to work with WordPress which is the leading format for building internet sites.  As I stated, there is no time limit set for how long you can exercise this free membership.

If you choose not to upgrade to a Premium membership, that is OK.  Keep your free membership and your two websites.  Build them and make money.

However, if you are serious about building an online business, consider the Premium Membership.  It costs $49 a month(or you can save on that by paying yearly), but provides a plethora of lessons which seem to never end, plus 24 hour support and help.  The tools which are provided would cost between $400 and $600 a month if they were purchased separately.  But they come included with the Premium membership.

With the Premium membership you will also receive 25 free domains and free hosting for 25 additional domains which you may own or will purchase.

You are not committed to lifetime membership.  You can stay with the program as long as you wish.  You can cease your membership anytime you wish.

What they promise

Wealthy Affiliates will not promise you that you will make money at affiliate marketing.  But they will promise you that they will be with you every step of the way and will provide the tools necessary for you to succeed.  If you are consistent and patient and diligent in applying the knowledge and principles which you will learn at Wealthy Affiliate you will succeed.  It will take time. That is why you need patience.  Any good business needs a good foundation.  The first six months is foundation time and it will pay off in the long run.

Wealthy Affiliates and its members will be here to encourage you and answer your questions and help you as you build your business.


Check this chart

You can click the “Create Your Account” button to begin your free trial.
May you prosper. And God bless you.

Innocent vs Not Guilty-Is There a Difference Between Innocence and Not Guilty

Depending on when you are reading this blog these terms may not be at the forefront of your thoughts. But as I write this blog, most people in the United States of America are focusing on these terms more than normal. Unfortunately, most Americans do not have a conception of what the definition of these terms are. Is there a difference between innocent and not guilty? Innocent vs not guilty, is it not the same?

Hall of the Supreme Court
Supreme Court



How is guilt defined? Merriam Webster defines it as: the fact of having committed a breach of conduct especially violating law and involving a penalty.

How is innocent defined? There are several competing definitions, so we shall list a couple for our purpose.
  • Free from guilt or sin especially through lack of knowledge of evil
  • Harmless in effect or intention
  • Free from legal guilt or fault

In the definition that we used for guilt we see that a “fact” is involved. A fact being something which can be clearly defined and agreed upon by all parties. In our definitions of “innocent”, the one that would apply in regard to guilt would be the third which involves determining “fault”. There must be a specific fact which is beyond doubt for which a fault can be determined.

Presumed innocent

If we were to use the first two definitions of innocent which we stated above, there would be no one which we could define as such except maybe a new born baby. That being said, should we even use the term innocent in regard to matters in trials regarding incidents which occur and are in direct opposition to the stated laws of the land?

Many like to state that our Constitution says that one is presumed innocent until proven guilty. But the truth is that it does not make that clear statement. That understanding is derived from the fact that the burden of proof is on the accuser to prove that the accused is guilty of the crime. The accused does not have to prove that he did not commit the crime. Nowhere is the term “innocent” put forward. However, no where does it say that the accused must first prove that he did not commit the crime.

The statement might be better penned that “one is presumed ‘not guilty’ until proven ‘guilty’.”

Supreme Court Justices
Judges of Supreme Court

The Constitution

The Constitution does not address innocence. So to try to build a defense upon innocence makes no sense. The term and the definitions are too many and too varied to stake a presumption on. So the process must go forward in the understanding that one is not guilty of a crime until enough facts that are irrefutable have been accumulated to establish “guilt”, not the absence of “innocence”.

Proof of crime

Proof of a crime must be factual. What is a fact? According to Meriam Webster again, a fact is “something that has actual existence”, or “and actual occurrence.” To qualify as a “fact”, it must be corroborated by more than one person. This is not a constitutional derivative but comes from the foundation on which our Constitution was built, The Holy Bible. In the law spelled out in the Bible it states that “in the mouth of two or three witnesses shall a thing be established.” So, a fact or an incident can not be considered factual with only one witness. That is not to say that a thing did not occur, but as far as the law is concerned, it can not be adjudicated.

With the development of forensic science we know that there are different witnesses which science has been able to produce through the use of scientific laws and principles which are consistent and can be used to study past events. These, however, can never replace the veracity of an eye witness.

What we see today

What we are seeing today are people who have already determined what they wish to find. They have determined “guilt” by way of totally ignoring what the founding document of the land says is the procedure by which “guilt” should be determined.

Instead of the accuser bringing and presenting evidence that will prove the crime, they have set aside “due process” by which the accused has the right to face his accuser and hear the “facts” by which the accuser brings his accusation. According to the Constitution guilt should never be assumed prior to the presentation and adjudication of the facts.

If “facts” can not be corroborated, then they are not considered facts and can not be admitted as facts. This corroboration is where the two or three witnesses comes into play. If there is only one witness, the item can not be presented as fact.

The problem

The problem we face today is that because of ignorance which has been brought about by design, we have a group of people who are determined to undermine our system of government. One of the reasons for this is the fact that this nation was founded on the principles found in the Bible.

The spirit behind those who are driving this agenda is not the Spirit which inspired the Bible. In fact, it is the spirit which the Bible calls “anti-Christ”. You may say that these people quote the Bible sometimes to back up their agenda. So did the spirit that motivates them. Recall when the devil tempted Jesus in the wilderness.

What to do

What to do when you see things like this going on? If you are a Child of God, rejoice! Because you know that the time of redemption is near at hand.

If you are not a Child of God, get into the Bible and find out more about your Creator and what He has planned for you. As you grow in knowledge of Him you will be able to put these days in the proper perspective.

Those who are twisting the law and perverting the justice system are on the loosing side. It may not seem so at times, but be assured, they are.

What you need to do is to make sure that you are on the winning side. So when the final judgment comes you will be found to be on the side that is not condemned as guilty before the Judge of the universe.

He is the King
Jesus Is Lord

When that day comes and you are of the family of God, He will not just declare you “not guilty”, but He will declare you “innocent”, pure and free from sin.

What about the others

To the others the Creator will say, “Depart from Me into everlasting torment in hell, because you rejected my gift of innocence by the blood of My Son, Jesus.”

How should you treat the lost

Share the “Good News” with them. Tell them how much God loves them. Encourage them to receive Jesus as their Lord. Pray for them.

As you do this, always look up, for the return of the Lord is near!

King and Lord
Jesus! The Lion of Judah! King of Kings


Build an Online Business – From Scratch

Have you ever wished you had the ability and the tools to be able to build and online business of your own? Well, let me give you some good news. If you have been able to get to this site and read this article, you have the ability. As far as the tools go, you have come to a place where you can avail yourself of all the tools that you will need to build that business.

Be your own boss
Build your own business

How do I know

You are either using a computer, desktop or laptop, or some type of smart phone or similar device. The desktop or laptop computer would be the most proficient tool, but some have built an online business with just a smart phone. But, if you can, do it from a desktop or laptop.

Literally millions of people have built a business online using the tools that we are presenting to you. These businesses range from those that bring in a little extra spending money each month to those that bring in thousands of dollars a day. Most will fit into those that have been able to make their owners their own boss and bring in plenty to live a comfortable lifestyle.

What are your goals

Maybe you are a student in high school and would like to make some spending money of your own. You may wish to begin saving for college. Or you may wish to begin to lay the foundation for a lifelong business and be your own boss.

Maybe you are in college and need extra money for things other than just books and school related paraphernalia. Your time and money is limited and you need good tools to be able to build a business online.

You may be a single parent and would like to be able to be at home more rather than working at two jobs. By spending an hour a day you could begin to build that business which would help you accomplish that goal and much more.

Work at home online business
Work from Home

Maybe you just do not like the job that you have and would prefer to be your own boss. You can build your own business without having to quit your job. But when you have grown your business to where it produces the income you would like, then you can say “Good bye” to working for someone else.

Then there are those, who like me, who are retired. You may have plenty of income or you may not. But sitting around is not for you. You need to be accomplishing something. This is a great opportunity to exercise your creativity and build an online business that can bring in whatever amount of income you may desire. If you know how to work with a computer, you can be up and running in just a few days. If you have little knowledge of computers it may take a little longer.

As in growing anything it will take time and cultivation to build your online business. But it will grow, and probably faster than you might think. Never-the-less, with patience you will accomplish your goal.

How are you going to do this

The means by which you are going to accomplish this goal of building your own online business is through a program which has been available online for seventeen years. It is called Wealthy Affiliates. It was begun by two young men some seventeen years ago and they have continued to build and refine the program as new things are being developed.

Wealthy Affiliates is not a get-rich-quick approach. Tools necessary for the building of your online business are made available to you. You are taught through videos and written tutorials how to utilize the tools so you can become adept at not only building your business but also maintaining and growing your business. The tools that are made available to you will never be exhausted. You will continue to grow in knowledge how to use them.

There is always 24 hour support. There are thousands of members who are glad to share their knowledge and experience to help you grow your business. You will always find someone who can help you. And it will not take days to do.


Create your own business
Build your business with a laptop

The cost

Of course the cost to you is always a good question. There are many programs out there that will be glad to take your money. Some want it all up front. Some want several hundred to build your website and leave you hanging. Others begin with a small amount to get you in and then insist that you need to get additional things to enhance your business. Those will keep adding until you stop them.

Some of these enterprises may be legit, but many are not. The bottom line is that they will at some point leave you hanging without the tools that you really need. By that time, many people have spent thousands of dollars and have very little if anything to show for it.

Why Wealthy Affiliate

Anything that can help you achieve your goal is worth paying for. But, you must be able to know that it will help you achieve your goal before you have spent all your money. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the ability to find out if they will help you.

How do they do that? Wealthy Affiliate offers you the opportunity to test drive their program “Free of Charge”. Did you notice that I did not say for how long you can test drive? Most programs set a 30 or 90 day free trial, but you must register a credit card with them. If you do not wish to continue after the trial period you must request the cancellation of their program. If you do not request cancellation they continue to charge your card.

When Wealthy Affiliate says “Free of Charge”, they mean it. You do not register a credit card. Now, to be realistic, they do not offer you full access to their program, but they do offer you access to lessons and tools by which you can set the foundation for your new business. This “Free” membership includes ten lessons which will teach you how to build your website and launch it on the internet. You will learn the fundamentals of building your website and how to grow it.

You will be able to do this because with the “Free” program you also get two free websites domains. These are free and hosted by Wealthy Affiliates.

Suppose, that after two or three weeks or a month you decide you do not wish to join Wealthy Affiliates as a paying Premium member, what then. That is no problem. You do not have to do anything else. But, you get to keep the knowledge that you have learned and you get to keep the two free websites. You can continue to build on them or just forget about them. You can always come back to Wealthy Affiliates if you change your mind again down the road.

You decide your future
It is your decision

But, if like 95% of all people, who want to build an online business and they check out Wealthy Affiliates, you decide to join the Premium program, all you have to do is request and sign up for the Premium Membership. You can pay it monthly or yearly, which ever is best for you. With that membership you will get full access to the Wealthy Affiliate program. Rather than write all this out I shall place a graph below showing you all that you get with Wealthy Affiliates.

Your decision

This is a great chance for you to test the waters of building your own online business. It will not cost you a cent. But it may be just the door that will open up an opportunity for you to be your own boss and determine how much you will prosper.

May God bless you and prosper you, no matter what you decide.

Here is the graph I promised.

Click the “Create Your Account Today” button to begin your own online business adventure!


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Does DNA Prove Evolution – Could DNA Happen by Accident

One of my favorite subjects is evolution. It is not because I believe it is a true concept of how everything living we see came to be, but in spite of all the proofs that it could not happen, how many learned people think it really happened. Simply stated: In spite of the fact that it could not happen, people still believe it happened.

Does DNA Prove Evolution?

Back in the middle of the twentieth century when the DNA molecule was discovered, those who believe in evolution were rejoicing. They were confident that by studying the DNA of life forms they would be able to show the advancement of life from simple to more complex.

Theory of evolution

Their hope was that by studying mutations they would be able to show how information was added to the DNA molecule little by little until a new life form came about. Of course this was coupled with natural selection. This would proceed little by little and would hardly be noticeable. 


But, as research continued and knowledge of DNA increased it became apparent that what evolutionists thought were simple life was not really so simple according to the DNA. There were some “simple” life forms whose DNA contained as much information as some “complex” life forms. How could this be?

More DNA does not prove more complexity

Did you know that an onion has more genes in its DNA than the DNA in a human being? But it does. According to evolution the onion came before the human. In the evolution scenario the onion should be simpler and have smaller genetic information in its DNA. If they are trying to prove evolution by DNA they have been falsified. But they will not accept the facts of science. Why is that? Could it be that evolution is not a science but a belief, a religion.


When the evolutionists began to realize that the size of the genome was not going to prove their point they put up a “straw man”. They began to push the idea that most of the genome of DNA was merely “junk” left over from evolution. This seemed feasible to them because at that time very little was known about 98% of the human genome. It appeared that only a very small part was used in coding and building the proteins necessary to carry on living cells.

So by labeling most of DNA as “junk” they thought to show how evolution has discarded that which it did not need. Unfortunately for evolutionists, research did not stop just because they called it “junk”. As scientists continue to study DNA they are finding that more and more is necessary for carrying on the process of life. Instead of only 2% being used it has grown to almost 40% of the genome as being necessary functional. The percentage is continually growing.

As we learn more and more the day may very well come that we realize that all the DNA is necessary and functional in carrying out the life of the life form, no matter how simple or complex.

What about mutations in DNA?

One can not fault evolutionists for being persistent. As they are realizing that they are losing the battle on the “junk” front they have retrenched at the old fort of mutations. Having practically lost the battle with “junk” DNA they must now try again to prove evolution by mutations. Their definition of mutations is “a change in the information of the DNA to increase the information in the DNA”, thereby bringing about a more complex life form, even if only by minute changes.


Mutations, whether caused by disease or radiation of some sort or another seldom if ever produce anything good for the host. Evolutionists will site studies which show how certain species of bacteria can ingest some nutrients which beforehand they had not been able to ingest as a whole in a population but certain groups within the populace now can.

They will also site such things as “cycle cell anemia” in certain persons enable them to not be infected with malaria. Certain plants have mutated in such ways as to not be affected by certain insects and bacteria. These and others they claim are evolution in action.

But they do not present the whole truth. For evolution, as they define it, must be increasing the information in the genome. The mutations that they present in every one of their situations is a decrease in the information in the genome. There may have been a temporary improvement in the situation but the long term situation is a decrease in the information of the genome. In other words, there is no evolution to a more complex form, but a de-evolution toward extinction.


So it seems that even DNA is not at all a good tool for the evolutionist to use in proof of their belief. DNA follows the laws of science just as all creation does. The second law of thermodynamics says that in any system, entropy increases. Entropy is a term which denotes disorder. So, rather than getting more orderly and complex, DNA becomes less orderly. So the outcome is that information decreases and order decreases and the life form is becoming less complex. The very premises of evolution is falsified.

So, why does evolution persist?

Human beings are the only creation that exhibits what is called “pride”. Pride is a thing that centers on one’s self. We may personify other beings and try to say they exhibit pride, but such is not the case. Because of pride humans do not wish to admit that they are not self-sufficient and in control of their circumstances. Because of this pride they will not admit the need of a “Higher Being”, a God, Who is the Creator. If they did, then they might have to be subject to Him and His laws.

The way to avoid this subjection to a god is to declare that all the things we see in this universe came about by “natural” processes with no need for a higher being. By taking this position they become their own god. They have to answer to no on except themselves. Of course, you know this as the humanist materialist world view.

In spite of everything that science and DNA tell us about life, they will still insist that life evolved without any help from a Creator. All logic and every scientific principle point to the fact that life and all the information contained in it down to the tiniest cell, point to a Being of vast and infinite knowledge and information.


Who is this Being?

The law of cause and effect says that the cause is always greater than the effect. True science tells us that the information contained in the DNA of living things is so vast that it is humanly impossible to grasp. A being that is able to produce such information would have to be infinite in knowledge.

There is only One Being in human history that has ever laid claim to be that One. He is the God of the Bible, the God of all creation. For someone to refute that, he or she would have to have all knowledge. You do not have to believe it, but you can not refute it.

A real scientist will study the creation and see if the findings of science refute the God of the Bible and Creation, or if they confirm the God of the Bible. To refuse to confirm or deny tells us that they are not true scientists and refuse to be truthful or logical in their study. Such people are not to be trusted. Truth is an ever changing commodity to them.

The God of Creation is consistent. His laws are set and unchanging. But most of all, He is a God of love and mercy and grace. He as said that He is not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. That “repentance” means to see things the way that He does. If one does not wish to see things the way The Creator does, means that that person is in rebellion against his Creator. There are consequences that must be paid for such rebellion.

Remember, The Creator has said that it is not His will that any should perish. In fact, He paid the price for that rebellion for every person who has ever lived or ever will live. He paid that price by sending His only-begotten Son, Jesus, to die on a cross for all men. By accepting that gift of His payment He gives you His Holy Spirit to give you life beginning right now and continuing for eternity.


Your Creator Loves You

Your Creator Loves You!

Receive life now!

I encourage you to receive life now. By receiving Jesus you will begin to experience something like you have never known before. What you experience before Him is mere existence. What you experience in Him is life, real Life.

May God bless you, now and always.





Is Convenience Good for Health

It seems that the goal of today’s society is to make everything convenient. From microwave meals to cars that stop automatically to doorbells that take pictures of robbers, we hardly have to lift a finger. I would like to look at all this convenience from the perspective of “Is convenience good for health?”

Why convenience?

Have you ever stopped to consider why we want everything to be convenient? Take just a minute and think about that question. Modern people do not have a coherent answer for that question. The answer may be something like this.

Well, I have to work all day and then commute home.  So I want to get things done so I can eat and get relaxed so I can get my rest and sleep so I can get up and commute to work so I can work so I can have the things I need to be able to go home from work so I can rest and get nourished so I can……..

We go in a vicious cycle with occasional vacations to escape the reality that we are going nowhere.

Is convenience good for your health

In modern society most people do not utilize their whole body in the work that they do. Some occupations do make use of all their body parts. I recall when I was working as a carpenter and building a house for a cardio-vascular surgeon, that he commented that carpentry work was one of the best occupations a person could do to bring health to every part of his or her body. So, there are a few occupations that do aid in good body health.

But, with so many jobs these days that require a person to sit at a desk or stand in a single location or do repetitive actions using only limited parts of their body we are not exercising all the parts of the body. Even in specialized industries and intellectual industries we see an almost lack of muscular exertion on behalf of the worker.

So, if we are not making use of our body and its parts, is this good for quality health. Can lack of use in one area produce an imbalance in the body and its functions in regard to overall health? If the body is considered a unit, can we totally neglect some areas and expect the rest of the body to function at its optimum capacity? The answer should be obvious.

Necessary conveniences

There are some conveniences which are nice and in a modern society are necessary. For instance. Running water and waste disposal are necessary when a society develops to the point of an urban situation. This generation probably does not recognize these things as conveniences. But they are. There are still societies in this world which do not have these conveniences. We consider them as backward or third world, but they still carry on their society.

Electricity is a nice convenience and necessary in an urban or suburban society. Electricity makes it possible to carry on commerce not only during daylight hours but into the night as well. Many will say that it is necessary because of all the things that we have that require electricity. But that would not necessarily be true. A lot of the “things” that we need electricity for are not really necessary. But today, electricity is necessary to carry on our society.

Because of urban development the provision of food markets is a necessary convenience. With populations becoming more and more dense, there must be markets where foods can be acquired. It is a convenience, but it is necessary.

Housing is a very necessary convenience. You might argue that housing is not a convenience but a necessity. In this society, you would be correct. But realistically speaking, there are still millions in this world who do not live in what we call housing in modern society. But in our society housing is a necessary convenience.

Modern highways and systems are a necessary convenience, too. Once again you might argue that they are a necessity. But, once again, they become necessities because of other conveniences. Depending on one’s point of view, it might be argued that they are not convenient at all, considering rush our traffic.

We could go on and on about necessary conveniences, but all necessary conveniences are predicated on previous conveniences.

The original question

Let us return to the original question. Is convenience good for health? If we look at history, which so many people have no concept of what real history is, we can see that the advancement of civilizations are predicated on adding conveniences. Originally, people lived on the land. They worked the land and planted crops which gave them food by which they nourished themselves. They used the products of nature to construct dwellings in which to dwell which protected them from extremes of the weather. As populations grew they began to spread out and the need of communicating with one another brought about the need of connecting roadways.

As societies grew, the need for more food brought about the convenience of using animal power to aid in the planting and harvesting and transporting of more food. With the transportation of foods came the need or convenience of storing of foods. To provide this convenience it was necessary for buildings to be built for storage. Hence, jobs were created for people who could build storage facilities.

As these populations grew there was a need for places to market the goods that were grown, harvested, transported, and stored. So, all of these were conveniences that became necessary. The people who are still in many of these industries still exert much physical energy and stress on the muscles of their body. But even these stages have more and more opted for a convenient and mechanical approach to their solutions.



I would think that many of those involved in bringing about our convenience are doing things that keep them in good health. Of course, there are always exceptions. But those, such as carpentry, that still give good exercise to all parts of the body, or at least the majority of the body, are staying healthy. Unfortunately, more and more jobs are becoming more and more automated and causing those who do them to use less and less of the muscles of their body.

I surmise that the more conveniences that you take advantage of, the more you will lack in good health. So, for those who fall into that category it might be wise to consult your physician or a good exercise consultant and see what you might begin to insert into your daily routine that will utilize the muscles of your body the way that they are intended to be exercised.

By doing this you may reverse what convenience has been robbing from your health.





Online Marketing Programs to Avoid

There are many ways to begin a business on line these days. Not all of them are legitimate and because of this, those that are legit have to bear the brunt of that charge also. So, if you are planning to look into building an online business, it will be worth your while to check into several avenues and opportunities available. Part of that investigation will be which marketing programs to avoid. There are plenty of good ones out there, but there are more that are not good.

Be aware

There is no program for building an online business that will tell you that they are there just to take your money.

Your savings
Your Money

But know this, there are many that are there just for that purpose. They will smooth talk you into to selling your savings or your retirement down the river with a promise that you can be rich in just a few months. How do I know? Unfortunately, I bought into a couple of the smaller guys that push that type of online business. Fortunately, it did not take all my savings, but it took a sizable portion of it.

My goal

So, I am on a crusade to make as many people aware of the bad online marketing programs that I am aware of. Hopefully, they will not make the mistakes that I did. We shall all stumble along the way, but, with the right knowledge in hand it will be only that, and we can keep moving forward.

Programs to avoid

Scam Alert

What are some characteristics of a program that you should avoid?

1. First off, if they promise that you will make big money in a short time period, a red flag should go up in your mind. If you were to take a survey of all the people who tried that program(you won’t be able to do that because they will not give you a list of all the people who have tried their scheme) you would find none who made quick money. Most programs that provide so-called testimonies have paid people to record those testimonies for a price. I checked one that had advertised on for testimonies. A real business does not happen overnight. It takes time to lay a foundation and then to build on it. Avoid programs that promise overnight success and big money

2. Another type of online business builder to avoid is the one that wants all his money upfront. The particular one I am thinking about wanted $4000 upfront. They will promise you avenues of making money that you have never heard of. They will promise you a website and products galore to sell on that website. What is amazing about the thing is that you would think that that would be all that you would have to pay. But, no! In a few days they want you to set up a legal business and are glad to do it for you for a fee. A fee that is five times what it would cost you to have LegalZoom do it for you. But you are probably not aware of that. Now that you are legal, you need an accountant to keep up with all your money and taxes. There goes another $300. These types will keep taking your money until you finally say “No More”. What will you have to show for it? More than likely, nothing. Avoid such programs as these, please.

3. The next one takes a little different approach. They ask for only a small amount upfront, a few hundred dollars. They assure you that you can make great money and put in very little of your time. They will build you a website and stock it with products. All you have to do set back and let the money roll in. Once you are in, they let you know that if you really what to make big money you need to buy into the next level of the company. You see, the first level tells you nothing at all about how your website works or how you can adjust or change your presentations or receive your money. If you want to know how these things work you need to buy up to the next level. This will probably be a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars. They will take you as far as you will go. These programs should be avoided.

4. Then there is the one that seems like there is no way you can lose. I have seen some of these that start at a cost of $37. Surely, you can’t go wrong here! Think again. This type of approach to selling online marketing business is called “funneling”. What they do is get you in the funnel with a cheap price. But similar to those above, once they have you committed, they begin to sell you on the idea that you will need this product and that product to be able to realize the kind of money that you want to make. And without those additional products you will not be able to make the kind of money you want to make. They follow the same scheme that the “few hundred dollars” promoter does. The more you buy in, the more they will say you need.


If you are just starting out on your search, please accept the advice of one who learned the hard way. There are two things that you should be aware of in dealing with these people. The first is, never sign any type of agreement with them. They will ask you to sign an online agreement document which is legally binding. If they want you to do that, leave immediately. That is their way of getting around the second advice I give you. Always pay with a credit card, not a debit card or a prepaid card.

Never pay with debit
Pay with credit card, not debit.

The reason is, with a credit card you can refute the payment within a certain period.

If possible, only deal with people who will give a money back guarantee within specified days. If you can not determine if the product is any good in 90 days or less then get your money back.

The best online program for building a business on the internet

I do not want to leave you hanging. There are several good programs out there that are fair and equitable. I have sampled several of them and have concluded what I consider to be the best. This is my opinion. But the good thing about this program is that you can test drive it for yourself. And you can do it absolutely free. Now, when I say “Free”, I mean”Free”. You do not have to register a credit card.

Let me give you a little background of the program. As I said, you can begin the program totally free of charge, without registering a credit card. I emphasize that because there are many that say you can try their program for 30 or 90 days free, but you have to register a credit card, and if you do not specifically cancel, they will start you on the paid program. That may be a lump sum program or a large monthly fee with additional add on facets. The program I am speaking of will not add you to a paid program unless you specifically request it. Amazingly, though, you can remain as a free member indefinitely.

What do you get with this free program. You will get 10 lessons on how to build an online business and how to build a website to promote it. In these 10 lessons you will learn more about online business building than all the other program types I mentioned above. To exercise what you are learning, you will have available 2 free websites. This program hosts the websites(which you name) on their own hosting service.

As I said, you will gain enough knowledge in the 10 free lessons to build and launch these websites. For all of this you will pay nothing.

From my own experience I can tell you that I learned more in the 10 free lessons about online business and marketing than I learned from four of the types that I mentioned previously.

If after trying the product you determine that it is not for you, fine. You do not need to do anything else. However, you can remain as a free member and the two websites are still yours. If you think you have enough knowledge to continue to work the websites, then they are yours to do so. It will cost you NOTHING!

If you decide to join the program it will cost you $49 a month. You can save on that even by purchasing it a year at the time.

Remember I warned you of programs that want all their money up front. The reason this is a monthly fee is because there are so many tools that are made available to you and there is a constant addition to the learning library as the internet continues to expand in its opportunities. The tools made available to you in this program would cost you hundreds of dollars each month if you acquired them separately.

I could go on and on about all that this program offers, but I shall insert a chart below that will make it a little easier to absorb.

The name of this program is Wealthy Affiliates. The founders began this program over 16 years ago and are still hands on workers as they are continually upgrading. I hope you will consider the Wealthy Affiliate program. Remember, it is FREE. Totally “FREE” for you to try.

You will be getting the best training on the internet, bar none!