How to Start an Online Business and Make Money

As the economy is beginning to look up and people are more optimistic about their future, more and more people are considering online business opportunities. More and more I hear the question of how to start an online business and make money. The first part of the question has myriad answers. The second part is a little more defined in its answers. In other words, there are many avenues by which one can start an online business but number of those avenues that make the money are not as numerous. Let us look at some of the steps to set up an online business.

First steps to starting an online business

To begin an online business you will need some type of computer. Typically, a desktop or a laptop is the most convenient. If you are quite mobile in lifestyle the laptop will probably be your choice. Along with the computer you will need access to the internet. That you can purchase on a subscription basis from a local provider. Or you can “hang out” in businesses which provide free wifi.(Be cautious about free wifi’s. They may not be protected. Best to have your own private provider).

Once the connection to the internet is set you need to set up or have an email address and a Paypal account set up if you do not already have one.

Next step

With the first steps completed you can now begin the search for the type of online business that you would like to embark on. You can go to one of your favorite search engines: Bing, Google, Yahoo, Duckgo, etc.: and type in “how to start an online business”. What you will then be faced with is deciding which of thousands of opportunities you must choose from. Hopefully, because you are here you have clicked on this site.

There are literally thousands of opportunities for starting a business online. The reason I am writing this blog is to alert you to those sites which only make money for those who sell you their product. There are many legitimate programs which will help you make money in an online business. However, there are many more that will take your money and in the end will leave you with nothing to show for your investment. How do I know? I was a victim of several of these so-called opportunities.

Some things to avoid

There are some red flags that you should be aware of when deciding on a platform for an online business. If you are going to learn how to start an online business and make money you must ally yourself with a program that will give you the knowledge and training that will enable you to accomplish that goal. Most beginners, as I was, have very little understanding of how the internet works. We probably know less of how an online business is grown to a point of making money. So, what ever program you choose, make sure you have an under girding of knowledge and support.

Another red flag is being required to put up a large sum of money. Yes, it will take some investment to build any type of business, even an online business. But, the good thing about an online business is that it does not take a large amount of money to set your business up and get it running. Any program that wants thousands of dollars to set your business up should be questioned.

In contrast to the above mentioned thousands of dollars is the one that begins with a bargain deal to get you set up. Once they have you in the “loop” they begin to add products which “you will need” if your business is really going to succeed. If you continue with them you will end up spending thousands of dollars and have very little to show in the end. So, when they begin to push the “upsell”, you should begin to consider the “exit”. You will spend much of your hard-earned money and time and in the end have nothing to show for it.

One other flag. If the program you choose has one name but your payments are to a different named company, beware. That is a good sign that you will be taken advantage of. Beware!

In contrast to what to avoid in an online business program, one thing you should look for is how long has the program been in service and what are its reviews. If you cannot verify that the program has been around for a reasonable amount of time, then consider other alternatives.

How to start an online business and make money

Now, to the point. The main reason you start a business is to make money. So, can anybody guarantee you that you will make money online? The truth is nobody can guarantee you that you can make a certain amount of money or when you will make a certain amount. You are the one that will determine the answers to those questions. If someone guarantees you a timeline or amount, go somewhere else.

The best way to start an online business and make money is to ally yourself with a program that gives you the tools that you need as well as the support that is necessary as your business grows. There are several such programs out there and you may wish to do further research as to which one you think will work best for you.

My recommendation

I could give you a list of viable online business programs but let me rather give you my recommendation as to what I think the best program is for how to get started in online business and make money. The program that I recommend is called Wealthy Affiliates. It is a program that has been around going on 18 years. The original two founders are still active in the continued refining and adding courses and supporting tools to the program. They have been around for almost 18 years and from all indications will be around for years to come.

As for guarantees, there are no for sure promises. But they do provide a library of tools that no other program can provide. The tools are continually being added too. There is a 24-hour support system, so no matter where you are in the world you can find help with any problem you might have with your business.

Considering the tools made available to you, the cost is minimal. For only $49 a month you have access to tools and programs that if purchased separately would cost into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month. But, if you are still not sure, take a test drive of Wealthy Affiliates for free. I mean FREE. Most free offers come with the tag of registering a credit card or a 30 or 90 day free trial with a money back guarantee. But, with Wealthy Affiliates it is FREE. No credit card. No need to cancel. No time limit. With FREE you get 10 free lessons on how to set up your online business. To do that you will receive 2 free websites on which to build your business site. Wealthy Affiliates will host those sites for Free. If after trying the FREE version you decide that Wealthy Affiliate is not for you, then do nothing. There is no charge and you get to keep the two free websites and continue to build them or do nothing. The choice is yours.

Let me leave you with a chart that shows what Wealthy Affiliates can do for you. Check it out below.


I hope this article has helped you in deciding how to start an online business and make money.

May God bless you and prosper you in your endeavors.





What Is Faith Based On-What Is Real Faith

It is common place in today’s society to insert the term “faith” into our dialog, especially in political races when a politician is seeking to get a certain religious block vote. But have you ever considered what the term “faith” means? What is real faith? And what is faith based on? Very few people have any idea of what Biblical faith really is. Hopefully, we can begin you down the road of understanding what the Christian concept of faith really is.

The typical concept of faith

The common concept of faith is that it is some type of nebulous belief in some spiritual concept of why we human beings are here. In America the most prominent of these spiritual concepts is that of Christianity. But even among the Christian faith believers there are varying concepts of what faith really means.

To some, faith is a set of rules by which their particular group is governed or a set of guidelines by which they direct their personal and group lives. Most of these guidelines are good and should be highly encouraged for all society. But are these rules and guidelines really what faith is?

What faith really is

Moving on from what society thinks faith is, let us look at what the book that defines faith says that it is. In Hebrews 11:1 it says that “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” So, rather than the nebulous undefined product that society thinks it is, faith is a real thing based on evidence.

Contrast that to what materialistic humanistic science says. Humanism says faith is not based on evidence but on so-called beliefs. They define belief as unfounded concepts. Many religions are just that. But Christianity is not. The faith of Christianity is based on evidence.

Humanistic faith

Humanists like to chide Christians because of their beliefs. Humanists exalt the personal experience and natural observations as the pinnacle of human evolution. They preach that all things came into exist out of nothing. Now, would you say that that is a statement of faith? How can you test it or try to falsify it? You can not. According to the definition of science it would be outside the realm of science and in the realm of a “belief”.

But they stand firmly behind their statement of faith. Should they not remove themselves from the category of scientific and be considered a religion since their beliefs are not founded on scientific principles and laws. Nor do said laws support their standing. To be realistic, the humanistic materialist view of the universe is more religious than the Christian world view of creation.

What is real faith based on

Real faith, as defined in the Bible, is based on evidence. Many people look down on the apostle Thomas calling him “Doubting Thomas”. They say that because of his first response to hearing that Jesus had risen from the dead. He said, “Except I shall see in his hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails and thrust my hand in his side, I will not believe.” Thomas was not saying that he was doubting the resurrection, but that he wanted some proof. And that is a fair request. Sure enough though, eight days later Jesus appeared to Thomas. Thomas knew for a fact that Jesus was risen from the dead. Jesus did not demean Thomas for his request but rather He granted Thomas his request. Real faith is based on evidence.

Christian faith is based on real physical and scientific evidence. It is based on the fact that a real man, Jesus, lived on the earth about 2000 years ago. He claimed to be God and man embodied in a human being. He established this by many works which were naturally impossible. Because He was truly God and man He could do these miraculous things.

  • His mother conceived Him when she was a virgin
  • He turned water into wine
  • He walked on water as if it were dry land
  • He fed five thousand men plus women and children with only five rolls and a few fish
  • He healed lame people
  • He gave sight to the blind
  • He raised a man from the dead who had been in the grave four days
  • He made deaf people hear
  • He gave the ability to speak to the mute
  • He cast out demons
  • But the greatest of all His miracles is that He arose from death itself and proclaimed victory over sin and death

According to the Bible there were upwards of five hundred people who gladly attested to the resurrection of Jesus from the dead. He not only rose from and conquered death but He ascended into heaven where He sits at the right hand of God the Father and He makes intercession for all who believe in Him.


You may question all of this. And you have every right to do so. But I will tell you this. If you would be honest and take a little time to study the facts as they are laid out in the history book called the Bible, and test them against real science and real scientific findings you will soon come to the conclusion of the reality of Jesus. By studying the evidence and not just what other people tell you, you will discover that the Christian faith is not an ethereal illusion but is a fact based belief system founded not only on Biblical principles but also on well-founded scientific principles.

You will discover that secular humanists(evolutionists, etc) found their beliefs on things which have consistently been falsified by sound scientific laws. They preach that all things came from nothing, thereby pitting themselves against the first law of thermodynamics. They claim that somehow the explosion of the “Big Bang” ordered itself into the galaxies and star systems which make up our universe and thereby pit themselves against the second law of thermodynamics.

By saying that a singularity caused “The Big Bang” they deny the law of cause and effect.

By preaching that evolution has brought about all living things that we see by one first living cell which somehow grew in complexity and then spawn more cells that grew into more complex cells until humans finally arrived after billions of years, they thereby deny the facts that science has shown how from one generation to the next in every living cell mutations occur. These mutations subtract information from the DNA, no matter what the living thing is.

Now, would you call something that is contrary to every sound scientific principle and has continually been falsified a science or a belief? Hence, a religion. It takes blind faith to believe the religion of evolution and all the trappings that go with it.

Real faith

If you are interested in a “Real Faith”, then I encourage you to get a copy of the Bible and read it from cover to cover several times. By reading the Bible the Creator and Author of the Bible guarantees you that He will give you faith(evidence based faith) by which you can receive His promised gift of eternal life with Him.

The choice is yours. May God grant you grace and wisdom as you choose.


Read the Bible Here!


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Is God’s Word True-Did God Mean What He Said

The United States claims to have a Christian heritage, but that heritage seems to be questionable today.  Part of the reason for that may rest in the realm of whether those who call themselves Christians really believe the Word of God.  Three of the prominent questions among Christians lie in the realm of God’s trustworthiness.  Is God’s word true?  Did God mean what He said?  Does God do what He says?

Is God’s Word True?

The typical answer that you will receive from the nominal American Christian is, “Sure, God’s word is true.”  But if you press into the subject just a little bit, you may find that there is some question as to whether His word is fully true.  Take for instance the narrative regarding the beginning of all things, the creation.  

God’s word, the Bible, clearly states that all that we see in physical creation was brought about in 6 twenty-four hour days around 6000 years ago.  Many, if not most Bible reading Christians believe this account as it is written in the Bible.  However, there are many Christians who do not believe it happened just that way.  They, rather, believe what scientists, so-called, tell them as to how this universe came to be.  They believe that it came from nothing in a “big bang” about 13.5 billion years ago.  Do they have any scientific proof?  Not really.  Why would a Christian believe them?  

The answer. They are scientists, so they must be right. What the Christian fails to see is that he, the Christian, is substituting the “authority” of the scientist in place of the “Authority” of the Creator.  In essence, we are exalting the thoughts of fallible men over the Word of the Living God.  Of course they are quick to say that they are only trying to make the Bible narrative conform to the scientific findings.  In so doing, they are exalting the word of the scientist over the Word of God.  Further defined, they do not believe God’s Word, concerning creation, to be true.

From that point it becomes easy to disprove any of what God has said in His word.  The scientist says that all things must have a materialistic foundation.  The scientist says that anything outside the physical realm is religion and therefore cannot be inserted into the conversation of science.  By such processes as these, many have been convinced that the Word of God is not always true.  With that foot in the door, it is very easy to assert which things are true and which are not depending on what one wants to prove.

When you let an outside source determine the definitions of truth, you have surrendered any opportunity of deciding if a matter is true or not.  So, there must be a choice from the very beginning as to whether God determines the truth of His Word, or if men decide the truth of God’s word.  If you decide men will define truth, then you will never know real truth about anything.  Men’s truths are ever changing.  Their truth will change to meet their needs.  Their foundation is sand, not rock.

Foundations of truth

How can we know real truth?  One characteristic of real truth is that it never changes.  Real truth is “real” for every person, not for just some persons.  Real truth does not change with the situation or circumstances.  Real truth is “real” whether you are rich or you are poor.  It is “real” if you are powerful or you are weak.  It is “real” whether you believe it or not.  Real truth does not rely on whether people think it is true or not true. Real truth will be true tomorrow and a thousand years from tomorrow. Real truth stands true no matter what.

The search for truth

Scientists say that they search for truth.  That is a nice statement.  But, is it true?  Do they search for truth or do they search for things that support their worldview.  For instance, did you know that the idea that the universe is 13.5 billion years old came from the need of those scientists, who do not wish to acknowledge a Creator, to allow for enough time for processes that might bring about the coalescing of stars and galaxies and solar systems and thereby life and its evolutionary process.  It did not come about by studying first and then drawing logical conclusions, but began with a conclusion, based soley on a “belief”, and then finding the processes needed to bring about the conclusion.

To make a statement and say that it is truth without any supporting evidence is not science, it is dogma.  So, after over a century of scientific study that consistently disproves the statement, it is clear that such a statement is not truth.

Real Truth

Real truth begins with an axiom.  That axiom can be found in the Word of God, The Bible.  In Psalm 119:160 it says this: The entirety of Your word is truth, and everyone of Your righteous judgements endures forever.  In the New Testament Jesus confirms this axiom in John 17:17; Sanctify them by your truth. Your Word is truth.

Here we find that real truth comes from the Creator of all things.  The axiom of the materialist humanist is that everything we find in the universe came from nothing.  Their axiom has to continually change and adapt to the continuing growth of knowledge about the creation.  The axiom of the believer of the Word of God has not changed and is continually confirmed by the increasing knowledge of the created universe.


Because so many Christians have fallen for the lies of so-called scientists and have thereby watered down the authority of the Word of God, they have in like fashion watered down all other aspects of God’s Word.  Once you start down the path of not believing what God has said in His word, you will forever make excuses why God does not do what He clearly states in His word that He will do.  

God’s word clearly states that He forgives ALL your iniquities.  We gladly receive this.  But then we proclaim ourselves as “sinners”. You can not be a “sinner” and be forgiven.  You are one or the other.  I hope you receive this wonderful truth and believe it.

God’s word clearly states that He heals ALL our diseases.  If His word is true about our sins, is it also true about our sickness and disease?

God’s word clearly states that He gives His angels charge over us to guard us in all our ways.

God’s word clearly states that He will do for us exceeding abundantly above all that we could ever ask or even imagine.

God’s word clearly states that He will conform us to the very image of Christ.

God’s word clearly states that we will lay hands on the sick and they will recover.

God’s word clearly states that He redeems our life from distruction.

There are many more promises that God has made in His word.  That is why He gave us The Bible, His Word.  He has given us all the information necessary to live a full and meaningful life, even in a fallen world.  Jesus said it this way, “In this world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world.”  Because we are in Christ Jesus, we have overcome the world, too.


If you have fallen into the trap of the secular humanist and have not believed the truth of God’s Word, I encourage you to read the Bible, God’s Word to you, and find out what “real truth” is.  Check out those truths.  Find out that they are real.  As you do that, let the love which God has for you fill your heart and mind.  Begin to walk in the light of truth instead of the darkness of men who have rebelled against their Creator.

God loves you so much and has made a way for you to come into His very presence through the shed blood of His Son, Jesus, Who paid the price for our sins when He died on the cross.  But, praise God, He arose on the third day and conquered the final enemy, death.  He has prepared a place for you to spend eternity with Him.  By grace, receive that gift and really begin to live.

God bless you!

For more reading go HERE.




Morality and the United States Constitution

John Adams once said, “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious People. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other”. In light of what our nation is facing today this statement looms as a judgment against the direction that our government and elected officials are taking us.

Because our nation is a constitutional republic it is not necessarily our leaders that are misdirecting us, but it is “we the people” who have allowed ourselves to be “dooped” into believing certain things that are not true. I shall endeavor to address some of this misdirection in this blog.

Founding Father

The statement quoted at the head of this article was one made by one of the “founding fathers” of this great nation. He was a man of integrity and a God-fearing leader. It would behoove us all to read more about him and learn from his example. He believed in the Bible and the God of the Bible. He was convinced, and so stated, that without the application of Biblical principles in the establishment and building of this nation that it could not and would not be done.

If John Adams were the only founding father to believe such then that would be of little consequence. But, the truth be known, he was one among many who believed so. Even the few that were not as firm in that belief gave acknowledgment of the fact.


Morality Law
God’s Moral Law

When addressing morality one must consider the foundation from which and on which the moral standards are built. Since the middle of the 19th century and the introduction of Darwinian evolution, the foundations of western civilization morality have been very fluid. Humanistic materialism has sought to do away with the God of the Bible and the moral standards that are set forth in the Bible, and replace them with a fluid ever changing set of morals which change with the situation and the person and his or her views regarding what they believe.

Though this did not begin with Darwin, it was promoted and escalated by him and those who believed his teachings. Those who follow the humanistic doctrine have elevated the individual to the status of being a “god” to one’s self. Therefore, whatever is best for one’s self in any given situation is what is “right” or moral. Ethics are then become situational. What is right for you in this situation may not be right for me.

With the advent of situational ethics came the demise of set moral standards by which all would be measured. John Adams must have had a foresight of such a situation when made the statement about our country and “a moral and religious people”. Furthermore, it should be understood that he was not referring to just “any religion”, but was referring to the Christian religion which had its foundation in the teachings of the Holy Bible. We understand this because of the volumes of his writings in which he constantly referred to the principles taught in the Bible. To infer any other thing one must twist the facts.

The Constitution

The document known as The Constitution of the United States of America is itself based on the teachings of the Bible. We shall at some point write another blog showing all the structures of the Constitution which directly relate to the laws established in the laws of the Bible. In the meantime I invite you to check out WallBuilders at

Situational ethics

True morality
What God Says

Since the middle of the 19th century and the promotion of situational ethics there has been a concerted effort to undermine any connection of our Constitution and Biblical Christianity. Rather than a straight forward reading and understanding of the Constitution we see judges who insert their personal “interpretation” of what the Constitution says. This was done in an effort to divorce the Constitution from its moorings to Biblical principles.

A prime example of this is by the use of phrases which are not in the Constitution. For instance, the phrase, “separation of church and state”. Most people are not aware that such a phrase is not in the Constitution. But when those who oppose the Biblical foundations of our Constitutions use the phrase they imply, without clearly defining it, that this is stated in the Constitution. They do not wish for you to know the truth of the matter.

When using the phrase they are usually referring to instances where one religious group may have with public encouragement and almost unanimous consent have carried on a tradition which may have been founded in the practice of their religion or worship. More often than not,(about 99% of the time) this is a Christian tradition such as Christmas or Easter or the Cross or a manger scene at Christmas. The accusers, such as the ACLU, often claim that religious groups cannot use public situations to further their religion, therefore they are breaking the law “because of the separation of church and state clause” of the Constitution. As stated above, they are putting up a smoke screen. The very law that they cite does not forbid such an action on the religions part, but what it does is to forbid the government from interfering with the practice of their religion.

(A note: Because we have seen an influx of so many religions into the United States, and that some of these religions advocate violence and even overthrow of the government, that this is why the founding principles of the Christian religion are those that were used in the founding of this country. Christian principles teach to be subject to those in authority. It teaches to address the wrongs done in society with patience and understanding. When all else is exhausted, doing what is right according to the Bible, must be done.)

Because the Biblical principles promote brotherhood and peace, it was the guiding work of the foundation of this nation.


As you consider the atmosphere being propagated by some leaders of our nation, it is imperative that you know the foundation on which they stand. There are many who promote “resistance and confrontation”. You will find that those who promote such are not interested in the Biblical foundation of our nation.

For instance, most of those who promote rebellion believe in abortion. People in congress who believe in abortion wish to aid in that under the guise of “women’s health rights”. If you mention abortion to them, they smear you as if you do not wish for women to have good health care. But, have they considered the health of the unborn baby girl that will be killed in the process of aborting it and ripping it from the womb in which it is housed?

You ask, “How could they not see these facts?” The reason is that they do not claim the Bible as the foundation of their morality. Their morality is based on their own situation or their own convenience. It does not matter what it means to anyone else. Without a Biblical foundation of morality, it becomes very easy to morally justify almost anything. Ask Hitler. Ask Stalin. Ask Mao.


God's Word
Holy Bible

What is the answer? If we are to be the United States that the founding fathers had in mind, then we must re-establish the foundation on which they said it must be founded. Even if one is not a practicing Christian, one can logically see and understand that only Biblical principles, because they do not change, can be the principles on which a country can be founded and thrive.

Do we as a nation wish to be a glorious example of what great things can be done for mankind by establishing and practicing Biblical principles or will we choose to follow the humanistic doctrine of self-centered declining morality.

God has given us this great opportunity. May we embrace it and give Him all the glory.





The Difference Between Mind and Brain


For many years as I was growing up I always thought of the mind and the brain as the same thing. Now if you are of the materialist humanistic doctrine you must think of them as the same. Their belief says that all things that we see are come about because of naturalistic forces. Because of that philosophy everything must have a natural source.

The concept of mind

For the humanist the thoughts that you may have are merely the connecting of neurons and circuits in your brain. There can not be a source that gives inspiration from outside of the brain. Though they believe this they have yet to set forth any empirical proof of such. What is beauty? Where did such a concept come from? What is logic? Can circuits in the brain connect so as to prove logic?

Is the mind limited by the physical constraints of the brain? Do people who have brain damage still have a mind and the thoughts and concepts that are associated with mind? Do circuits in the brain determine such concepts as love, compassion, sympathy, empathy, hate, sorrow, etc.

Learned or inborn

Is the concept of mind a learned thing or is it inborn? Many studies have shown that babies are born with certain understandings which are not attained by a learning process. How can that be? The naturalist will counter that it is an inborn thing which has come about because of millions of years of evolution. But it is evident on the face of the argument that it is vacuous and there is not one scientific fact to back up such a claim. Because of their prior commitment to naturalistic processes only in science they must believe it without questioning whether it is logical or scientific.

True science tells us that there is more to the mind than just circuits firing in the brain.

What are the plains of human existence

When we look at a human being, we can see three different presentations. The first being the physical. This is the part which we comprehend with our senses. We see a body which has form and shape which we can touch and feel and hear and smell. If you were to “lick” them with your tongue, you could even taste them, though I do not recommend such.

The second presentation is the mental. This is the part which deals with the brain. Though the brain is in charge of almost all the functions of the body, one of its most important roles is to think. Without doubt, most thought is related to words which we learn as we grow and are exposed to our environment. Through education, we develop the mental process and expand its possibilities. There are many processes which the brain carries on which we are not always cognizant of nor is it necessary that we should be. It appears that the brain has been preprogrammed for these functions and does its best work without conscious interference. The brain and its mental possibilities has been described as the single most complex and marvelous instrument in the universe.

The third presentation of our existence is the mind, or some would say, the spirit. Though the humanist will reluctantly acknowledge some phenomenon which they can not explain, they will never aquiess to admitting that humans have a spirit. This goes along with the old adage of “not allowing a Divine foot in the door”. To admit that there is a spiritual level would necessarily allow for a higher spiritual plane. This would by all means allow for the God of the Bible which humanists know that they can not allow. To do so would collapse their already tottering scaffold of materialistic naturalism.

The spirit of man

Since humanists can not allow for humans having a spirit, they must address everything from a materialistic view point. Now those who view humans from a Biblical base, believing that human beings are threefold beings, have a more comprehensive approach to the problems facing human civilization.

The naturalist humanist can only deal with the physical body and the natural brain and its chemical imbalances. Because of their “beliefs” that is all that they can address. Because of this they can only address 2/3s of any given problem. It is good to check the physical status of the human body and it is good to check the status of the mental human brain. But to stop at these two is to leave a third of the person without any understanding or direction of recovery or even hope.

To address only two of the three parts of a person is as if one in preparing his car for a trip buys a new set of tires and has the engine checked out but then puts no gas in the tank. How far would that person get on a cross-country trip? Or you might change it around and say that he checked the engine and filled the tank but has no wheels on the car. The trip will not succeed.

So, to deny the mind, or spirit, is to deny the wholeness of what a human being is meant to be. The treatments of a humanistic approach to healing will never bring about a whole person.


So it is a wise approach in the mind vs brain difference, or spirit vs brain, that we address the spiritual part from a spiritual plane rather than trying to make everything fit a naturalistic resolution. If we are to be truly compassionate and understanding to those we seek to help, then we must not just allow but address the spiritual aspect of any situation or problem.

As I mention above, if we address or solve only 2/3s of the problem, we still have a problem. It would be far better to begin with the foundational problem and work toward the physical. By addressing all three aspects of the problem we can remedy the whole problem and not just some of it and cover the remaining symptoms with drugs and therapies.

Where to find healing

It is good to check with your doctor on a regular basis, whether yearly or bi-yearly or a regular schedule suited to your situation. But it is best if that doctor uses a complete approach of not only the physical body but also of the mental and spiritual condition of you as a whole person. But, even more important than seeing your physical doctor you need to have a spiritual check up on a regular basis. The best way to do this is by reading the handbook which was given to us by our Creator. It is called The Bible.

The Bible contains everything that is necessary for life and health in every area of our lives. It addresses the physical, the mental and the mind(spiritual). By studying and applying the principles set forth in it you can be whole in every area of your being; body, mental, and spirit.

So, here is to your good health. I shall give you some links below where you can download a copy of the Bible or you can order a hard copy if you prefer.

May God bless you and prosper you as you continue this adventure called living.





Moringa Oleifera-A Tree of Life


A Real Tree of Life

Scientists are constantly being surprised by what they discover in the plants that are found on this wonderful planet. One of the most astounding plants is one which has the scientific name of Moringa Oleifera. Its everyday name is the “drumstick tree”. It is not impressive in its appearance, but it is impressive in what it has for human beings.

In a recent study done by Carrie Waterman, who is a natural product chemist at the University of California at Davis, she found in her estimation, moringa to be among the top 10 super foods that could greatly improve world health. She found that all parts of the tree are edible from the leaves to the bark down to the roots. In addition to those findings the plant is packed with protein and contains all the amino acids. It contains by weight more protein than the legumes which are most used to provide proteins in the diet of most peoples.

Did I Mention

Did I mention that even the seeds are edible, too. The seeds can be eaten like sunflower seeds and have a slightly bitter taste. But when added to a soup or salad, they add a nice little “twang” to the flavor.

The leaves are comparable to broccoli, kale and cabbage and add a little peppery taste to salads or seasoning for meats. They carry the same nutritional value, as well.

The flowers of the moringa tree are quite often used to make tea.

Here is a list of some things that can be derived from what some call the moringa drumstick tree.

  • The crushed seeds are used to remove bacteria from water, up to 99.9%
  • The seed powder removes cloudiness from water
  • It is fast growing and drought resistant
  • Yields lamp oil
  • Yields cooking oil
  • All parts of the tree are nutritious(pods, seeds, leaves, flowers, roots)
  • Is fodder for stock animals
  • An extract of the plant fights parasitic worm infections
  • Can be farmed as an agricultural product to produce income for farmers

Waterman made this statement in regard to the moringa oleifera:

There’s nothing super-looking about moringa. It’s skinny and sparse in foliage. Its fragile branches sprout puny white flowers and droop with long twisted pods knobby with seeds. But if plants were superheroes, then moringa would be Iron Man.

Let’s summarize some benefits of the moringa drumstick tree:

  • It is very nutritious. Per volume it contains high amounts of protein, vitamin B6, vitamin C, iron, riboflavin (B2), vitamin A, and magnesium
  • It is rich in antioxidants
  • Helps to lower blood sugar levels
  • Reduced inflammation in some studies
  • Helps lower cholesterol
  • Helps protect against arsenic poisoning
  • Aids in the prevention of plaque formation
  • Helps reduce some diabetes symptoms
  • Supports brain health
  • Protects the liver against oxidation and toxicity which may cause damage
  • Helps fight infection in the blood and the urinary and digestive tracts

Here is a list of compounds and nutrients found in the moringa drumstick tree.

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B1
  • Vitamin B2(mentioned above)
  • B3, B6
  • Vitamin C as folate acid and ascorbic acid
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Iron
  • Magnesium
  • Phosphorus
  • Zinc

In addition to all these good nutrients it is low in fats and contains no harmful cholesterol.


There are many sources by which you can obtain the benefits of this “miracle tree”. The most common is by ingesting it in the form of a powder mixed in liquid or by taking it orally through capsules. The flowers may be obtained through suppliers for making tea. The leaves may also be purchased at “whole food” suppliers and stores to be used in salads or cooking as a portion of a meal.

Though there are some cautions associated with the using of moringa oleifera, they are not considered a great danger. It is best in any change of diet to consult your personal physician to make sure that your unique situation is not adversely affected by the use of moringa oleifera.

Good health

In today’s society, anything that can aid in producing and maintaining good health is of great value. We carry on such busy life styles and more often than not our nutrition suffers. So, when a product comes along that produces so many good things and promotes good health for those who use it, it is worth considering its inclusion in our diet.

Moringa oleifera is a natural substance that has been shown to provide nutrients which may be lacking in our fast paced life today. I recommend that you consider incorporating it in your daily diet.

I shall provide a link by which you can order this nutrient through Amazon. May you use it in good health and may your health improve as you incorporate it in your diet.

Here is the Link!(Click on the banner)

Best Money Maker Online

I am quite often asked, “What is the best money maker online?” If you ask five people that answer you will probably get five different answers. So, I shall give my “two cents” worth.

Your savings
Make Money Online

Some of the best online money makers

Probably the most popular and easiest ways to begin making money online is to get on Ebay. Ebay is a simple post and sell format. You do have to set up an account with Ebay and with Paypal. The Paypal account is to facilitate payment for items that you may sell or purchase. They will usually ask you to verify your Paypal account by connecting it to your bank account or a credit card. These are safe and well protected by the best tools on the internet.

There are competitors with Ebay, such as Etsy and Bonanza. These formats work on a percentage basis. A percentage of whatever you sell your product for goes to Ebay and Paypal for advertising and listing your product and facilitating the payment for the product.


After the auction type of businesses like Ebay and Bonanza there is the type which is called “Dropshipping”. Many online entrepreneurs use this method to sell on Ebay and other auction sites. Many build their own online storefronts and sell through them.

The structure for a dropshipping business is either to use Ebay, or some other auction, as a storefront and advertise products for sale. You do not store or maintain an inventory but you ally yourself with a company that produces and ships the product. The typical structure goes like this: you sign up an account with a given product distributor; you advertise his product on your site; when you make a sale through your site, you receive the payment, then you order the product through the distributor and pay with the money which you have received from your buyer. The product distributor then receives your payment and ships the product to the address and person which you give him. You get to keep the difference between what you were paid and what you pay the distributor for the product. You never physically handle the product. There have been many successful online businesses built on this model. The one drawback would be the time involvement as your business grows. If you are a “workaholic” this would be a great fit for you.


This model is very much like having a standard “brick and mortar” store on main street. You find a producer and distributor of a line of goods that you are interested in and sign up with them. Many of these will even set up your storefront for you and stock it with their products. Of course, this comes with a cost. But, anything that makes you money will come at some cost to you, either through your time or your money invested.

There are many platforms through which this can be set up. Shopify and Volusion are two of the most common. But there are many others.

Affiliate Marketing

Probably the most popular and best online money maker is the one which is called Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is sometimes called a passive online money making business. Though it is not by any means totally passive, if set up right it will continue to make you money even when you are not actively working it.

How is that possible?

Just a little background. This form of online business is not an “in your face” type of business. You begin by promoting and “idea”, not a product. This is done through what is called a “blog”. A blog is a website in which you post articles about things and subjects that you are passionate about. It will take a while, but after you build a following you begin to recommend products which go along with your passion.

You affiliate yourself with companies which provide these products and offer a link from your site to the product company’s site. If one of your readers clicks the link on your site it will take them to the company site of the product. When the reader makes a purchase from the company site, the company will pay you a percentage of the sale amount. They handle everything.

As your audience grows, so will the sales that will be made through your site. As the sales grow, so will your income. It usually takes from 6 months to a year to begin realizing real income from a blog site, but once it begins it will grow and grow with just a regular input from you.

The investment in this type of business is usually time and some money. At first, it is more time. The amount of money may vary depending on whom you choose to set up your business site through. There are several out there that do a good job of helping you set up your site and business. However, there are many who will take advantage of you if you are not informed.


If you are interested in affiliate marketing and its potential for making money online, be wary of who you choose to set up your business. There are some good ones, but there are many bad ones.

Do not go with someone who wants a lot of money upfront. Do not choose one that asks for a small amount to begin and then keeps adding more and more to the pot until you have spent thousands of dollars and still have nothing to show.(I know, I have been there). There are some who start out with good information but soon the information stops and you are left to yourself.

If possible choose one that allows you to have a free trial period. I recommend 90 days. They will ask for a credit card, but if it does not work within the 90 days you can dispute or ask for your money back.

My recommendation

There is only one platform that I can with clear conscience recommend and that is Wealthy Affiliates. Wealthy Affiliates provides the best tools and endless lessons on how to build your own online business site and how to develop it into a money making enterprise. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme but is a business structure built on sound business practices.

Another good thing about Wealthy Affiliates is that you can try it absolutely “Free”. Yes, “Free”. No credit card registration. With the “Free Membership” you get 10 free lessons and learn how to build your own website. Of course, to build your own website you will need a website. For this they will give you two free websites which they will host for “Free”. If at anytime you decide that Wealthy Affiliates is not for you, just do nothing. But you get to keep the two free websites.

If, however, you decide that Wealthy Affiliate is the place for you, you can upgrade to a Premium Membership and the thousands of tools made available to you through your membership. Check the chart below to see some of the benefits you will receive.

I encourage you to check out Wealthy Affiliate and build your own online business.

Enjoy the adventure!


Read my other blogs on this subject Here and Here and Here!

I would love to hear what you think about what I have shared.  Please leave a comment below.  You will get a response.


Start My Own Internet Business

About a year ago I decided I wanted to start my own internet business. I had all kinds of questions. Can I start my own internet business? What types of internet businesses are there? What is the cost of starting an online business? If you are reading this article, you probably have some of the same questions I had. I don’t say that I have all the answers, but maybe I can answer some of the questions that may have crossed your mind

Starting a business
Start your own internet business

Can I start my own internet business?

The simple and straight forward answer is “Yes, you can.” The determining factor will be whether you have the desire and drive, perseverance and patience necessary to actually lay the foundation and build the content necessary for an online business.

Some online internet businesses are not much more than a store front to sell products. There are many successful entrepreneurs who have built their internet store front and have become very successful. These are the types of online businesses that take almost as much of your time to run as if you had a brick and mortar store. There comes a point when it consumes all your time and you have to bring in more help. If this is what you want, great, go for it. Amazon did it and is still doing it.

But, if you wish to start an online business that does not consume all your waking hours you might look to the area of building a website which is based on blogging. Blogging in its’ simplest definition is writing about things that you are passionate about and have good knowledge of or you are growing in knowledge of. You develop a website focused on your subject and write and post articles to your site on a regular bases. By following a structured program you grow your blog content until you gain a following of like-minded people who begin to spread the knowledge of your site.

As you grow in popularity and content you gain ranking on the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckgo, etc. As you rank higher and higher with these search engines you get more and more traffic. Now, you ally yourself with products that are associated with your passion. If you are a sports fanatic, you ally with sporting goods sellers. If you are a health nut, you find the best vitamin producers or weight loss groups. If you are a musician you find the best instrument providers. Whatever your interest you can find a product and a company who will be glad to let you advertise their product on your blog.


When you ally yourself with a product and the company of that product, you serve as what is called an affiliate. It does not cost you anything to join as an affiliate. What you do is, sign up with the company as an affiliate and they give you advertisements and links for the products they sell. You post these links or banners on your site or in your blog. When one of your readers clicks on the link it will take them to the website and product of the company with whom you are affiliated. From there, the product company will handle the rest. For providing the customer through your website, the product company will pay you a percentage of all sales made to that person.

As traffic to your site increases, so will the people who will click on the products that you advertise. You will make a percentage of all sales that come through your site to go to the product’s company.

Ad for Amazon

The time necessary to build an affiliate marketing business usually takes from 6 months to a year to begin to realize steady income. But from then on it grows exponentially. Patience will bring success.

What do you need?

If you have a computer(which you must have, or you would not be reading this), and have access to the internet, you have what you need to begin your very own business.

What about building my website?

Very few of us have enough knowledge to build a website to launch an online business from scratch. But, fortunately for us there is a source of knowledge and tools available for us that will enable us to be able to build and maintain a working website. And it will not consume every waking hour of our day.

If you have a fairly good grasp of the English language(for those of us who speak English), it will be a matter of learning while on the job. We used to call it “on the job training”. As in “on the job training” there are some qualifying abilities, but we have already stated those.

Any business that anyone begins will take time and consistent work to bring the success desired. But with this business you can succeed to whatever level you desire.

There will be an investment of your time. If you have an hour or so a day, or maybe four or five hours a week, you can build an online business that will sustain you for years to come with minimal time involvement. Of course, the more time you invest, the greater the return. You get to make the choice and you are your own boss.

Are you ready?

Walking and the heart
Are you ready?

Are you ready to start your own internet business? Even better! What if you could start your own online business for free? Would you do it? Well, you can. Here’s how.

Wealthy Affiliates

There is a program called Wealthy Affiliates. Its main focus is helping people begin building an online business by building websites that the owner affiliates with different kinds of companies and products. They provide all the tools and instructions and all the support that one could ever need. To begin this program they will let you begin as a “Free Member”. When I say “Free”, I mean “Free”. No need to give a credit card number. They will ask for an email address. In return they will give you 10 free lessons on how to begin and build a website by which you can build a blog on whatever passion drives you. They will provide two “free” websites which they will host, free of charge.

If after doing the ten lessons and building your website and beginning your blog, you decide this is for you, you can join by becoming a Premium Member. As a Premium Member, all the learning tools and support available through Wealthy Affiliate become yours. I shall not try to list all of these available tools, but suffice it to say that there are more than you will ever be able to utilize.

But, what if this program is not for you? If that is the case, do nothing. But you get to keep a Free Membership and the two “free” websites which are provided for you. You may decide to join later.

Check this chart out

Click the “Create Your Account Today” button and begin your free membership today.

I look forward to seeing you succeed as you start your own internet business. The sky is the limit.

Enjoy the adventure!





Why We Need Vitamins and Minerals

Western civilization is somewhat obsessed with health issues. If you spend any time at all watching TV, either for entertainment or information, you will be forced to hear or see numeral commercials dealing with some type of health situation. It is unfortunate that the maladies and diseases addressed are prevalent in our society and the need for treatment is in order. But many of these can be handled by having a good and balanced diet which brings with it the balance of vitamins and minerals necessary for a health life style.

It may help to understand why we need vitamins and minerals. That is what I would like to share in this article.

From the beginning

Let me state up front that I approach this from a Biblical standpoint. The reason for that approach is that it is the only one that can fit with the scientific proofs which science and medicine have brought to our understanding. Any other approach is based on what I call fairy tales and just-so stories and have no real scientific backing.

In Genesis chapter 2 we read that God created man by forming him from the dust of the earth. So we can see that man was made from and for the habitation of the earth, just as the earth was made for man.

Earth and man same minerals

So, it is no surprise that the vitamins and minerals which enable human beings to be alive biologically can be found in the very substances which make up the planet that they live on. Though the Bible is not written as a scientific text book, the things in it which relate to science have proved to be correct time and time again.

The presence of these substances bear witness to the fact of man being a created being rather than an evolved being. As a side thought, if those who are looking for life on other stellar objects are truly scientific, they must know that the “life” that they look for on those “planets” must contain or incorporate the elements which are contained in the “planet”. Otherwise, where would they obtain the necessary elements of their life.

Vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are the substances in our body which aid in the process of life, biologically speaking. Those who have studied how vitamins and minerals work in our body are constantly amazed at the work that they are involved in. There are many minerals which are what is called “trace” minerals, which the amount is so minute that one wonders if it is really needed. Yet, if that “trace” element is not in the precise balance in the body, the body will die. That goes for if it has too much or too little. The range may be in the area of .001 %. Yet, somehow the body maintains that balance, not taking too much nor too little.

In regard to vitamins, the human body uses two types, water soluable and fat soluable. Water soluable vitamins can not be stored in the body, so they must be constantly re-supplied by eating foods that contain them of taking a vitamin supplement. The fat soluable vitamins can be stored by the body and used as needed. These, also, can be gotten through food in a balanced diet or through taking a vitamin supplement.

Vitamins you need


GOOD FOR: Healthy eyes and general growth and development, including healthy teeth and skin.


GOOD FOR: Energy production, immune function and iron absorption.


GOOD FOR: Strengthening blood vessels and giving skin its elasticity, anti-oxidant function and iron absorption.


GOOD FOR: Strong healthy bones.


GOOD FOR: Blood circulation, and protection from free radicals.


GOOD FOR: Blood coagulation – that is, the process by which your blood clots.


GOOD FOR: Cell renewal and preventing birth defects in pregnancy.


GOOD FOR: Healthy teeth and bones.


GOOD FOR: Building muscles naturally and maintaining healthy blood.

10. ZINC

GOOD FOR: Immunity, growth and fertility.


GOOD FOR: Glucose function – making sure every cell in your body gets energy as and when needed.

This is a list of the most essential vitamins. We have not included any of the trace minerals but they are necessary, too.


How to know

How do you know if you are getting enough vitamins and how will you know which you are not getting enough. Generally speaking, not medically, if you have plenty of energy and appetite and are not grossly overweight or underweight, things are probably balanced as far as your vitamin and mineral balance. But the only way to know for sure is to have a general check up with your personal physician. You should do this at least once a year just as good practice. Normal laboratory blood tests will tell your physician if things are in balance or out of balance and which vitamins or minerals need to be addressed. If there is need of directed treatment, follow your physicians direction.

Everything is fine

If everything checks out fine, then it would wise to incorporate a good multivitamin in your regular diet. Depending on the type of work you do you may wish to use a little more potent application. If your work is strenuous and you burn a lot of calories you may wish to take a high potency vitamin supplement to help in metabolizing that food for the energy needed.

As you age you may wish to take advantage of multi-vitamin supplements which target vitamins needed in strengthening bones. Almost all makers of vitamin supplements have a multi-vitamin produced for that purpose.

Women may wish to take a multi-vitamin made for women and especially vitamins for women who are of child bearing age and who are pregnant. There is a difference in the needs of men and women in vitamin needs.

As for women, also for men. All vitamin manufacturers make multi-vitamins for men as they do for women. It is even differentiated as to age as well.


Because we all are made from the same elements which are contained in the earth, we will from time to time need to be re-supplied with these elements. This typically should be done through the diet that we eat. We all know that in today’s busy life style we fall short of what we should take in. So, it would be wise for everyone who wishes to maintain a healthy and vigorous life style to take a multivitamin at least once a day. Your body has a wonderful way or ridding itself of over supply of most vitamins, so in taking a normal multivitamin there will be no possibility of getting too much of any vitamin or mineral.


If you need a multi-vitamin check out this LINK and this LINK!




Best Home Business Ideas – Legitimate Work at Home Business


Many people today are looking into work at home business ideas. They like the idea of being able to set their own work schedule and be able to change that schedule without suffering loss of income or standing. They do not want just any job but one that is a legitimate work at home business that can grow and provide a viable and steady income. With that in mind you might ask, “What are the best home business ideas out there?” “What are the top home business ideas?”

These are some of the questions that we shall address in this article. Read on to see if you might come to a better understanding of what is available to you in the way of legitimate work at home business opportunities.


For starters, let’s begin by assessing your situation. First of all, do you have a computer of some type? It may be desktop, laptop, or notebook type computers. Some people have even built online businesses with a smart phone. Those people are few and far between, though. Second, do you have internet access? Preferably in your home or apartment, but some other way might suffice.  It should be secure, though.

With the first two things set, next we address the internet. Do you know how to search the internet? In other words, can you go to google or bing or some other search engine and search for a given object or subject on the internet? If you can do this minimal amount of online activity you have the potential to build a home business of your own.

Important desireAttain your goal

One important element which is necessary if you are going to start a home business online is a desire to learn. Knowing how to build a successful online business is a relatively new industry. There have been many successful entrepreneurs who have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Yet, there have been many more that have failed. Only about 1 in 5 who try to build an online business succeed.  What was the one thing that sets those who succeed apart from those who do not succeed? It is the overpowering desire to overcome all the obstacles and keep driving until success is attained.

If you have the opportunity to talk with one who has been successful in an online business, just ask them if there was ever a time that they wanted to “throw in the towel” and just give up. Except for rare instances, they will all say that they almost quit at some point. But because they did not quit, they finally attained their goal of a successful online business.

Is there more?

With desire in place, add a good work ethic to go with it. By work ethic, I mean that you must be willing to put time into your business. In the beginning, an online business may take only a few hours a week. Like any business your online business will have to begin with seeds planted and cultivated and nurtured and then one day you must reap the crop.

An online business that grows to become an income producer that is constant and growing will take time to come to that point. Just as in any garden, when you plant the seeds you do not see the crop or reap the crop in just a few days or even a few months. But, if you are patient you will see the growth of the business and you will see the crops and you will reap the benefits of the business.

Once established, you will need to continue to plant and harvest or at least maintain the business. I believe that once you get the taste of that success you will forever be moving upward.

But, remember, if you give into the thought of giving up when you go through the early trying times, you will not attain the joy of continued success later. I heard one successful entrepreneur say that he had never met a person who succeeded that ever gave up. That might be just as well stated that I never met a man who failed that did not give up. What I am saying is, “If you don’t quit, you will succeed!”

Best home business ideas

There are many good home business programs on the internet. There are many that different folks have become totally successful in. You, as an individual, will determine which will fit your personality best. What I would like to do is introduce you to a program, that by learning and practicing the principles learned in it, you will be able to utilize any of the platforms to build an online business that will be tailored to your personality and your goals.

It is a program and a learning experience that will be tailored to your goals and your interests. It is a program that will lay a good foundation of knowledge by which you will build and promote your business so that it reflects your goals and your desires. It will do this by teaching you how to establish and maintain a work at home business and equip you with the knowledge and tools to keep it growing and bringing in money for as long as you desire.

Let me introduce you to Wealthy Affiliates

The program I am talking about is called Wealthy Affiliates. You may be wondering where the name comes from. I believe the first word is obvious. Being honest, their are some who do give up, and they do not become wealthy. Then there are some that only want to make enough money to pay the house note or rent. Some want to make enough to take a nice vacation each year with the family. But, then there are those who have determined to succeed and become wealthy. These are those who no longer work for other people, because they are their own boss. They come from all walks of life and backgrounds. The one thing they have in common is that they did not quit.

Maybe, this program is not for you. But, maybe it is.

Would you like to try it for free?

That’s right! You can try it for free. Unlike so many other programs that offer you a 30 or 60 day trial, with a registered credit card, Wealthy Affiliates will test drive the program absolutely free. No credit card registration needed. You can sign up for the free program and have access to the first 10 lessons on how to begin building an online business. To facilitate you in beginning that business they will provide two free (yes, I said free) websites for you to build to promote your business. They will host these sites for you free of charge. These sites will be yours from now on.  Even if you do not join the Premium Membership you can continue to work the two free websites free of charge forever.

In this free membership you will be exposed to some of the tools that are available to those members who have a Premium Membership. You will get to do the hands on part of laying the foundation and building the site by which you will promote your business. You may remain a Free membership as long as you want and work your sites as long as you wish. But, if you are like most of us, you will see the great potential that is possible when exposed to all the tools and knowledge which is available to those who have a Premium Membership that you, too, will want to have those tools.

If you had to pay for all the tools and lessons and information that is available through Wealthy Affiliates it would cost you between $400 and $800 a month. For only $49 a month you will have all these tools plus 24 hour support from hundreds of fellow members and specialists. You could spend thousands of dollars for a program and not have nearly the tools that you will have at Wealthy Affiliates. However, if you decide to stop your Premium Membership you always have that option. But if you give yourself a half a chance, that will never happen.

Check the comparison of the Free and Premium Memberships.

Think about it! Start your own home business online. This could be the moment to change the direction of your life.

I wish you the best, and may God bless you!