A False Narrative-Ignorance Is Bliss

I saw a video the other day on climate change.  The person presenting it said he was a climate scientist.  He was trying to define a difference between weather scientists and climate scientists.  Right in the beginning, he was setting up things in his favor. I do not fault him for that.  Any good debater would do the same. But, for the unaware and uninformed listener, this is a false narrative.  The presenter now controls what terms and words mean. He, or she, can now direct the narrative in whatever direction they choose.

Today’s society is filled with uninformed and ignorant people.  I do not mean to belittle anyone with that description, it is just the truth.  The education system has been set up to produce uninformed and uneducated people.


There was a time in the history of the US that one could not pass the 10th grade without passing Civics.  Civics was the course in which one learned how our system of government-operated on the national level. You would learn how the Federal Government was set up.  One had to know the branches of the government and what their responsibilities were. You also had to know what was not their responsibility.

We learned how laws were made and who saw that they were implemented and who decided if they are constitutional.

If you did not pass civics, you could not move on to the 11th grade.  It is truly amazing that we have people serving in Congress today who could not pass Civics.  They do not understand how our government works and they are running the government. It is a sad and pitiful situation.

Civics was also the course where we learned about our Constitution.  We learned about the framers of the Constitution and their reasonings behind the framework.  The Bill of Rights was emphasized because of its impact on the common person. We learned how amendments were added and the reasoning behind them.

Civics set the groundwork for learning more about our great country.

American History-The false narrative continues

The next step came two years later in the senior year of high school.  American History was a course that every student had to pass. If one did not pass American History they could not graduate high school.

The fact that American History was a course taken just before graduation was very wise.  At that time high school graduation signified one’s beginning to function in society as an adult.  

Some entered the workforce.  Others went to technical school to learn a trade.  Still, others went on to college or other institutions of learning.  But all were supposed to be equipped with an understanding of how our nation worked.  After all, it was the first modern nation to operate with such a system as our Constitution mandated.

However, there was an undercurrent moving even when I was growing up.  That undercurrent is manifested today in what is labelled the Progressive movement.  The term sounds good. But those who promote it are masters of illusion. Progress is good if it is in a good thing.  But, progress in a bad thing can never deliver good.

Those who are promoting the progressive movement in America are not good people.

Education system – tool of the progressives

Public education controlled by progressives

It was the progressives who in the early 20th century began to promote federal control of education.  They attained their goal when the federal government began to give aid to state and local education. With the money came controls, or rules.

It was not long before localities had little input as to the curriculum of their schools.  The textbooks and information in them was determined by a federal bureau. Sure, they allowed the facade of local input, but the final determination came from the Federal Government.

From the beginning of the 20th century there was a subtle movement within the Federal Government.  There began to form an elite citizenry of politicians who set themselves above the common people. Most of these came from politically or financially influential families.  If one who was not of such made it into the group, they were soon indoctrinated.

It was determined early on that the education system would be the avenue by which control would be gained.  It was in the 1960s that the deciding victory came. When the Supreme Court ruled that religion, in particular Christianity, could not be influential in public schools.  With the Supreme Court now securely in the Progressive corner things moved quickly. It was easy to place revisionist histories in the text books of the public schools.

The results of a false narrative

So it is today, we have a generation who has no idea of what the foundation of the United States is.  This generation does not know why our nation was founded. They do not know the truths that our founding fathers were willing to die for.  They are being fed the lies of the progressives. Those lies are based in a materialistic worldview. It is a worldview that denies the proven truths of the Bible.  With no sure foundation of truth, this generation falls for the lies and myths of a humanistic worldview.

In the public school system, students are no longer taught to be analytical.  They are taught to accept what they are told as truth. (Let me say, we should show respect to those in authority. But showing respect does not mean you must believe everything they say.)  A good learning atmosphere will encourage questions. There is nothing wrong with asking for proof of a given thesis. Weighing both sides of an issue is a healthy thing. 

Are questions allowed?


However, progressives do not allow disagreement.  Rather than present facts and proof, they malign the questioner.  If a proposition cannot stand up to questions, it may not be a viable thing.

This has become the atmosphere of modern-day education.  The progressives have taken over most higher education and rewritten history and science.  This is the situation that I cited at the top of this article. The presenter used his “authority” (he is a scientist) to let you know that he was right.  He was the one who was right and you did not believe him, you are wrong.

Don’t get me wrong.  He was not rude or even pompous.  But the atmosphere he presented already determined you were wrong if you questioned him.

To an average college student, this is a little intimidating.  After all, this is the professor who is going to teach you all the things you need to know.  But, what if what he teaches you is wrong? Just because a person calls himself a scientist or professor does not make him or her right.  What if what they were taught was wrong? Does teaching it to you make it right?

Big Bang

The Big Bang fairy tale

One of the most prominent of the false narratives is the Big Bang.  Ever since I was in school the Big Bang has been taught as truth.  Did you know that no one has ever seen the Big Bang? In addition, did you know that many aspects of the Big Bang can be falsified?  When a theory is falsified it is supposed to be put in the garbage and then look for a better one. 

Many aspects of the Big Bang cannot be falsified.  When a theory cannot be falsified it becomes unscientific.  Were you taught that in you physics or biology class? Maybe you were taught wrong.  Should you be teaching others, then?


How about evolution?  Have you heard that evolution has been falsified?  According to the laws of science, evolution is an impossible scenario.  Modern scientific study has proven the impossibility of life emerging from nonliving material.  Have you been taught that? “Which laws?” you ask. The first and second laws of thermodynamics is a good beginner.  Then you can move on to the laws of probabilities. No logical thinking scientist would believe in evolution if he or she studies real science.

Back to climate scientist

Let us return to our climate scientist.  He begins by impressing upon you that you do not know the difference between weather and climate.  Then he tells you that he does. Does he stop to ask if you know the difference? No! He did not. Right there he is telling you that you do not know anything about the subject.  Is that scientific? Did he ask to see if you know the difference?

He then goes on to tell you what the difference is.  He has already set the boundaries by which he will tell you truth.  If you go outside his boundaries you are wrong. Why? Because he says so.  

This is how modern science is carried on.  The elite set the agenda. If you disagree with the agenda, you are wrong.  Because you are wrong, you do not get to publish your findings. Nor do you get the grants to continue your research or program.  Remember the elitist politician. They have now been joined by the elitist scientist. If your science promotes the politicians’ agenda you get to keep getting grants and money and fame.  If it does not support his agenda, you may be looking for another job.  

Is this true education?

Dumbing down

What is the purpose of all this “dumbing down” of the population?  It is quite obvious that it is the perfect way to gain control of the people.  

First, convince them that only a chosen few have the answers to life’s problems.  Then through the education (or non-education) system feed them the “facts” that you want them to believe.  Once you have fed this to two generations you can control the populace. Because of ignorance, they will believe anything you tell them.  They will not question you because science is on your side.

My hope

I hope that you are not one of these sheep who have been led astray by wolves in sheep’s clothing.  Why not question things? Even great truths should be questioned. If a thing is true, it can stand the questioning.  In fact, truth invites questioning.

The next time you ask a question of authority, study their retort.  Do they answer your question? Or, do they belittle you for asking such a question? Do they invite questions at all?  Can they answer your questions? If not, are they respectful in seeking to find an answer?



If you are like I was and was brought up believing some falsehoods about science and history, there’s hope.  More and more people are waking up to the deception that the progressives hoisted on us. We are looking for and finding truth.

To find truth you must go to the source.  Truth is not a thing that changes from generation to generation.  It does not change from one situation to another. Truth is truth, no matter the generation or the location.  

So, where do you find truth?  It is found at its source. That source is the God of the Bible. Did you know that the Bible has never been proven wrong in any of its claims?  Whether scientific or historical, the Bible has proven true. With a track record like that, one can take what it says and know it is true.  And that it will be true tomorrow and forever.

Are you tired of living in the blissfulness of ignorance?  You are not really living, you are being manipulated like a puppet.  

Your Creator did not create you to be a puppet.  He created you in His image, after His likeness. His desire for you is to be the unique individual He has made you.  He is ready to help you realize your full potential. How will He do that? He wants to come and live in you and with you.  Life in abundance is His gift to you. It is not just for this existence, but for eternity. 

If you want real bliss, invite Jesus into your life.  Then you will know the “Truth”, and the “Truth” shall make you free.


God bless you!

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