A Review of Wealthy Affiliate 2020

I write this review for those who are seeking to make money on the internet. Though I have titled this “A Review of Wealthy Affiliate 2020” it is more a review of my experience. Having been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for over two years, I am well qualified to review it.  I have had enough experience in affiliate marketing to give an honest and balanced review of the program. So, here we go.

A Review of Wealthy Affiliate 2020


Affiliate Marketing

When one begins to look for opportunities to build an online business, affiliate marketing is usually the most popular.  You may ask, “Why?”.  

The most likely reason given to that answer is that of time involvement.  You will find piles of testimonies of people who “spend fifteen minutes a day” in their online business.  The rest of their time they use to spend all the money they make. May I say at the outset, there are some who are able to do that.  But, let me also say that these folks began when affiliate marketing was in its infancy. 

These were the “Bill Gates”(inventor of Microsoft) of affiliate marketing. Bill Gates was foundational to the explosion of computers in our lifestyle.  There have been many who have contributed to what he did. But none ever got as rich as he did. 

We are letting you know at the beginning that you can make money at affiliate marketing.  But, those who began in its infancy made much money and made it faster than those of today.  Is there still a lot of money to be made in affiliate marketing? Of course, there is. Can everybody get rich in affiliate marketing?  Probably not.

Just because we cannot all get rich does not mean we cannot make money at affiliate marketing.  If you had the time, you would find multitudes of people who make money as affiliate marketers. Most affiliate marketers are those who are part time.  It is a source of additional income and a way of creative expression. Those who succeed greatly do affiliate marketing as their sole source of income. Many make thousands of dollars a month.  Others make thousands of dollars a year. Some have been known to make millions.


Let’s start at the very beginning

Many people who promote affiliate marketing do so from the vantage of a finished product.  I would rather start at the very beginning.


Why do you want to be an affiliate marketer?

You should define your answer to this question before you get too far involved.  Do you think that you can get rich quick? If you do, stop and think, right now. If you studied all the rich people in the world, you would find this in common.  Nobody got rich overnight. Sure, some inherited wealth, but you and I are talking about working for wealth.

So, if someone tells you that you can get rich quick in affiliate marketing, get away from them.  That holds true for any pitch that tells you can “get rich quick”.

If you like to work and are creative, you can probably do well as an affiliate marketer. But with that creativity you will need to mix a good portion of patience.


How much are you willing to invest in your business?

There are many promotions of affiliate marketing that come with a range of financial investments.  To say that it will not cost you anything would be misleading if not a total lie. Anything that will return a profit will require and investment. In this, I am assuming that you are planning to make money in your business.

Some avenues of building an affiliate marketing business require thousands of dollars.  How do I know? I fell for a couple of those, that’s how. Many of us do not have thousands of dollars to spend.  But, be wary. There are some “snakes” who will find ways to weasal your money out of you.

Then there are some who begin with asking for a little money in the beginning.  But, if you really want to succeed, you will have to spend more and more money. In the end, you will spend thousands and have nothing, or very little to show for it.

It would be good if you could decide ahead of time how much money you are willing to spend. Then, hold yourself to that number. (I recommend no more than $100 a month or a thousand dollars a year. Some will be less than that.  You know your finances best.)


What not to do

There are a few things you should not do.  For instance. Do not put out several hundred dollars without knowing what your product is.  

Some affiliate market promoters will promise you a website and products to promote.  You pay one price, or so they say. You will get a website stocked with products from Amazon.  That sounds great! What they do not give you with that product are the customers who will buy them.  You see, in affiliate marketing, you only get a percentage of the purchases that your customers make from the seller.  The how of getting viewers to your site is left up to you. That is unless you would like to spend some more money.

And it goes on and on taking more of your money.  When will the cash flow begin?

Another “what not to do” is buying the “seemingly” cheap model of affiliate marketing.  You can bet your bottom dollar that you will need more and more things to make it work.


(A review of Wealthy Affiliate)How to begin affiliate marketing

What then is the best way to begin affiliate marketing?  The best way to begin affiliate marketing is to educate yourself.  By education, I mean to learn what the tools are of affiliate marketing.  None of the “get rich quick” promotions have very little if any education involved.  If you are going to build a business that will last, you will need a good foundation.  Without that, you will not succeed to the level you would wish to.


Where to get the education

There are several viable platforms on the web to get your education.  Since this is a review on Wealthy Affiliate, I shall concentrate on it.  After you see how it works, and its good and bad points, you can then compare it to others.

So, let’s look at some of the educational tools of Wealthy Affiliate.

As you come to the first page of the membership login you find the index. Just about every title deals with some aspect of education of affiliate marketing.

If you click on training you will go to a page where you will find categories of training.

In the big window, you will find the categories of training.

  • Online Entrepreneur Certification
  • Affiliate Bootcamp
  • My Training Activity
  • Training HQ
  • Classrooms

I cannot tell you exactly how many training lessons, tutorials, and videos there are in the archives.  The reason for that is, there are new ones added every day. Just as the internet is changing and growing every day, so are the lessons in the Wealthy Affiliate library.  You can find a lesson on any subject related to affiliate marketing in the lesson library.


What else does Wealthy Affiliate have?

You might think that this library of information would be all that you would need.  But, you might be wrong. If, perchance, you could not find the answer to your question or problem, you can ask the experts.  That comes under the “Help Center” of the main content list. At “Help Center” you can connect with a Premium Coach or a well qualified WA member.

You may go through Site Support or Live Chat or Ask a Question or Private Message.  You will usually get a reply within five or ten minutes, not 24 hours.


One of the most important things in affiliate marketing

The most important thing in affiliate marketing is your website.  In the content bar of the Wealthy Affiliate page you notice the term, “Websites”.  And it is plural. You may be wondering what that has to do with affiliate marketing.

Just a quick interpose.  The best affiliate marketers use the platform of a “blog” on the internet.  A blog is a website usually centered on a given subject matter. It may be sports, or clothing, or fingernail clippers.  The blogger writes articles of interest in regard to the subject of the blog. People read the blog and see and read about the products related to the subject.  They then go to the sellers’ site and in so doing make a purchase. Thus, the blogger makes a percentage of the sale.

Back to Affiliate marketing.  At Wealthy Affiliates, you have access to 25 FREE websites that Wealthy Affiliate will host for FREE.  You can also have 25 of your own domains which Wealthy Affiliate will host for FREE.


Back to education

Affiliate education

The first ten lessons in the Affiliate Bootcamp training is how to launch your own website.  These are step by step lessons which you will use from now on. Every time you launch a new site, you will follow these steps.

Your education in affiliate marketing will be continually ongoing.  There are always new things developed that help in marketing your knowledge and products.  So, Wealthy Affiliate is constantly renewing its content.

You will be learning from people who began the same way that you are beginning.  They made the same mistakes that you may make and can help you overcome them.


Let me address the cost of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate was not set up to make one or two people wealthy.  WA was set up by two men who learned it from the ground up. They were so blessed that they wanted to share this knowledge with as many people as they could.  So, the beginning cost is not what you might think, if compared to other programs.

The beginning cost is FREE.  Yes, it is FREE. You do not need to register a credit card.  All you need is a viable email address. The credit card will be addressed if you decide to join the PREMIUM membership. The people at Wealthy Affiliate refuse to take advantage of you monetarily.  So, they will give you a FREE trial of WA that will last as long as you want. The time will not be limited, but access to the main body of knowledge will be.

What do you get in the FREE Wealthy Affiliate?  You will get the first ten lessons of the Affiliate Bootcamp.  With these lessons, you will receive two free websites that will be hosted for FREE.  You can begin to build your blog site and promote products. Besides your website, you will learn how to choose a niche or theme for your blogging website.

You may take as long as you wish.  If you decide not to go with WA you can still keep the FREE membership and the two FREE websites.

If you decide to take advantage of this great tool, you can join as a PREMIUM member.  There is only one level of membership and that is the Premium level. With the PREMIUM membership, you will have access to all the tools in Wealthy Affiliate.  With this membership you will have every tool you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer.


PREMIUM vs FREE membership(A Review of Wealthy Affiliate)

In the FREE membership, you had two free websites with FREE hosting.  With the PREMIUM membership you will have 25 FREE websites with FREE hosting.  In addition, Wealthy Affiliate will host up to 25 more domains that you may have or purchase.  In my case, I had four domains that were hosted by another service. I had to pay a monthly fee for each domain site.  I switched them to Wealthy Affiliate and no longer pay a hosting fee. That alone saved enough to pay for my Wealthy Affiliate membership.

When you join the PREMIUM membership you have access to all the tools of Wealthy
Affiliate.  As I have mentioned, they are too numerous to list here.  But, I shall include a chart to compare FREE to PREMIUM membership.

“How much will this cost me?” you may ask.  We noted above that you must begin with the FREE membership.  So, to begin, it is FREE. If after trying Wealthy Affiliate for FREE you decide this is the platform for you, then purchase the PREMIUM.  Most joiners do this by paying the $49 a month membership. For this $49 a month you get access to all the tools and knowledge of Wealthy Affiliate.  The value of all the tools and knowledge you have access to would be worth hundreds of dollars a month. Some might say it is worth thousands of dollars a month.  I’ll let you determine that.

If after joining the PREMIUM membership you wish to save even more money, buy the yearly membership.  But, take your time and make sure this is for you.

What if I need to suspend my membership?

With Wealthy Affiliate, you can stop or suspend your membership at any time.  There have been members who faced family or medical situations that took priority.  During those times they had to focus on other things and had to suspend their membership.  When the emergency was handled and things returned to normal, they just picked up their membership and continued.


This meets the test of not spending too much money at the beginning of your affiliate marketing adventure.  Another advantage is that you can suspend your membership if circumstances arise unforeseen. Yes, you can purchase additional products, but they are not necessary to succeed. Everything you need to succeed as an affiliate marketer is in the PREMIUM membership.

There is not another product that can compare or compete with Wealthy Affiliate.  That includes the knowledge base, support, and cost.


What to gain from this review of Wealthy Affiliate 2020

What I hope you gain from this review of Wealthy Affiliate is whether affiliate marketing is for you.  

Not everyone should be an affiliate marketer.  If you become an affiliate marketer, you may get rich.  However, most likely, you will be like the average person.  You will definitely make some money. Every person who follows the Wealthy Affiliate plan will succeed to some level.  Almost all will make enough to make it worth their time involved. Some will make enough to do it full time, and quit their day job.  Others will succeed fabulously and become rich.

But, most will be like me.  I make enough to enjoy my affiliate marketing blog and pay my bills.  I manage to have some leftover for savings. But, I am providing a service to those who follow my blog as well.  And, to me, this is a great way of serving others.

So, if you are looking to be creative and provide service for others, affiliate marketing may be your tool.  And if so, Wealthy Affiliate would be the ideal platform to begin your service.


Join Wealthy Affiliate today!

Every journey begins with the first step.  Today, you can make the first step toward a bright future in affiliate marketing.  I am giving you links to make that step. 

I wish you well and may God bless you in your adventure of affiliate marketing.


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