A Theory That Predicts Eveything Is Not Science-Climate Change Is a Hoax

In the scientific method when used properly, a hypothesis is proposed and the experiments and research is carried out to see if the hypothesis is true or false. If a scenario by which a hypothesis can be proved false is non-existent, then the hypothesis then can not be considered a scientific proposition. There must be some type of thing that if it is proven true would falsify the hypothesis.

An example might be the hypothesis that at sea level on the earth pure water will boil at 212 degrees F. If someone were to perform this experiment at sea level and the pure water did not boil at 212 degrees F, then the hypothesis would be proven wrong.

Climate change

How does that relate to the myth of climate change. Well, if you may recall that only twenty or so years ago it was not known as “climate change”, but was called “global warming”. As more and more scientists began to look into the matter and study the facts of the science it became obvious that the science of the situation did not prove or support “global warming”. Compare the so-called science of global warming to the so-called science of thirty years earlier which was predicting a cooling of the climate which might issue in an ice age. Now, bear in mind that all these predictions were made by so-called men of science.

Can we really put any trust in a group of people who fifty years ago prophesied a coming ice age and then within thirty years of that time were then warning of global warming and then when the predicted phenomenon leveled out and was no longer presenting the promised threat to our environment, they conveniently substituted “climate change” for “global warming”. All of their terms seem to be quite fluid as to how they are interpreted.


The main tool for measuring the climate is temperature. Temperature is a fluctuating matter. Depending on the location of the measurement temperature can vary greatly. Locations farther from the equator will no doubt have a lower average temperature than those closer to the equator. Those near large bodies of water will tend to have less fluctuation in temperature than those located in arid areas.

Temperature files have only been recorded and kept for only a couple of hundred years on a regular business, and that has not been on all parts of the globe. We are aware of times when certain areas of the globe were much cooler than they are now. That was according to what was defined as an “ice age”. The only real proof we have of this is the recorded history that has been passed down. Some scientists believe that we can take core samples of ice sheets and determine what temperatures were hundreds or thousands of years ago. Many other scientists question such findings.

The only way that “temperature” could be used to determine if an ice age or global warming were really taking place would be to have several thousand years of records that would show patterns of temperature fluctuation. Then we could determine if the fluctuations we are seeing over the past century or so are actually anything out of the norm.

Weather predictions and ramifications

If you have lived for any length of time you are aware that weathermen are notorious for missing their predictions. Even with all the sophisticated computers and computer programs and weather models they still miss it by miles in their predictions sometimes. There have been several instances in just the past few years when this was made evident.

I am glad to say that they fare pretty well when the weather satellites can follow the weather almost instantaneously. But even then, two or three days farther along they are often surprised by what happens.

Are climate change scientist really concerned about you

You might think that these climate change scientists are really concerned for you and your family. There are probably a few that are. But, if you really delve into the reasons why they push their particular agenda, you will find that it is not because they are concerned for you and your family.

The driving force behind “climate change”, or “global warming”, is a matter of being able to control you and your family and your country, no matter which country it is. Consider that some climate change supporters actually promote the idea that we should do away with 90% of the human population. Does that show concern for human life? I think not.

Actual variation in temperatures have been less than + or – 2 degrees centigrade over the passed 200 years. That means that it has gone down 2 degrees and gone up 2 degrees. The world has not ended during any of these fluctuations.

Is it science

It seems that no matter what happens the believers(yes, believers) of climate change use any situation to claim proof of “climate change”. On the east coast of the United States there were floods. Climate change was the reason given for these. On the west coast there are thousands and thousands of acres burned by wild fires. Climate change was the reason for these. The Arctic ice cap is supposedly shrinking. This is because of climate change. Yet, they fail to mention that the Antarctic ice sheet is growing. When everything that occurs, even opposing factors, is used as evidence for climate change, then the proposition is non-scientific. It is a religion. As is true in most religions, they want to dominate you.

Have you noticed that those who promote the hoax of climate change are the ones that abuse the climate the most. They fly expensive jet planes for personal use while they want you to fly coach or not fly at all. They hold expensive conferences which cost millions of dollars to set up. All the while they want you to foot the bill. They have managed to brainwash a generation who will believe every word that they speak, even though there may not be one shred of science to back it.

Weather cannot lie

Have you seen the weather channel’s new motto? “Weather can not lie.” Weather cannot lie because it is inanimate and cannot speak. But weathermen and weather women can lie, and they do. Maybe not intentionally. But when they read the prompter they repeat the lie that has come to be known as “climate change”. Most of them have no idea what they are saying. They, too, have been duped.


So, what is the answer to “climate change”? The answer is to look at it from the Creator of this world’s viewpoint. Oh, you may say, now you are talking religion. No, I am not. The “climate changers” speak for a worldview which is humanistic materialism. That is their “religion”. I speak from a Biblical worldview. You can correctly say that both are religions. The Supreme Court has said so.

The Creator created this world to be perfect. He declared it so at the end of the sixth day of creation when He called everything that He had made “very good”.

Yes, we see terrible things that happen because of weather, but do not blame that on the Creator. The reason we see bad things occurring in weather and in world events is because of what mankind has done. It began with Adam, our forefather, when he rebelled against our Creator. He brought sin into the perfect creation. And it has continued to affect every area of creation, even weather. In a sense, climate change(global warming) and all bad weather is caused by man. But it is not because we are humans, but because we have sinned and not acknowledged our need of our Creator and His salvation through His Son, Jesus.

We continue in our pride and think we can correct our sins. But, we can not. We must confess our sins and repent. We must receive the salvation which only our Creator can provide. That salvation was accomplished through His only-begotten Son, Jesus, when He died on a cross for the sins of all mankind.

The coming day

The day is coming soon when the Creator shall restore all things to the original perfect creation. There will be no need for weathermen or weather women. However, there will be a wonderful need for all to be scientists as we continue to discover how God’s creation is constructed and how it works. It will take eternity. What a glorious eternity it will be.


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