If you have studied science a little bit, you are aware that if you could accelerate to the speed of light that time would cease to progress for you.

Lately I have read that, supposedly, the galaxies that are many light years removed from us are speeding away from us at speeds approaching the speed of light. I do not believe that the “scientists” which have found this realize the ramifications of what they are finding.

If Einstein’s theory is correct, then these galaxies, though they appear to be millions or billions of light years away, may only be a few thousand years old. Receding at almost the speed of light would make time, for them, be in extreme slow motion compared to us who observe them.

You must understand that what seems slow motion to them is normal motion. There can be no comparison for them to us. To them, their time is normal. To us, it seems as if the are moving away at near the speed of light.

One amazing fact of the whole matter is that we are located in what appears to be the center of the universe. Everything in relation to Earth is moving away from us. Pseudo-science does not wish to acknowledge this. If they did, the Earth would appear to be unique and exceptional. It would scientifically appear that the Bible, and the Creator of the Bible, would be correct in Their history of the created universe.

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