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Athiest? That's the question
That’s the Question

The Question

Many people in our society today are not certain about the answer to a question which is often brought up in the debate about evolution or creation. That question is, “Are evolutionists atheists?” Let us address this question and see if we may shed a little light on the correct answer.

What is evolution?

Depending on whom you ask for a definition you may get different answers. Most evolutionists prefer to use the definition which says, “Change over time in an organism or living thing.” That is a simplistic definition and allows for anything involving change to be considered evolution. But that is not really what evolutionists consider to be evolution. They really believe that a living thing grows more complex and passes that complexity, or increase in information, on to the next generation. This continues for numerous generations until a new species of plant or animal comes about. So let’s be honest and use the correct definition. There must be an increase of information in the living cell and then that increase in information must be passed on to the next generation.

Of course, the only problem with this scenario is that it defies certain laws of science which are shown never to have been broken. The use of mutations to bring about increase in complexity has never been observed. In fact, not one mutation has ever added information to the genome, not one!

So, at the outset we can see that evolution is not even a scientific exercise. To believe it one must accept premises which can not be proved or even reproduced. There must be an axiom that “life began” from nothing and then began to “evolve” against all the laws of science. Evolution has no scientific foundation and is not built on science.

What is an atheist?

An atheist is someone who says “There is no god.” This is in itself a “self refuting statement”. For someone to be able to make such a statement would mean that he or she would have to have all knowledge of everything to be able to know for certain that there is no god. In a sense, he or she has set himself up as “god”. Therefore, the statement is false.

The correct word for a person who says that they are an “atheist”, is “anti-theist”. It means that they are against or opposed to God. Science can not prove one way or another that there is or that there is not a god. Each view begins with an “ad hoc” foundation. This “ad hoc” is a statement of “belief” as to the beginning of all things that we can perceive. From this beginning, or axiom, one then must proceed to make hypotheses and test these against their beliefs. If a hypothesis is falsified then the theory on which it was founded must either be discarded or redefined. If a theory has been falsified many times it is discarded as being unscientific.

It has been made abundantly clear over the past half century that the theory of evolution is not a scientific study. It has been falsified time and time again and has been shown to be at odds with numerous scientifically established laws. Therefore, since it can not stand up to the scrutiny of science it must be considered a belief. To believe in something which is lacking in any valid scientific backing is called a “religion”. Yet, evolutionist cling to their belief because they think it is scientific, but to acknowledge it as a “religion” would put them at a loss in the debate of the true nature of the creation which we observe.

They are “anti-theist” against the God of the Bible.

Here’s the Question

Are all evolutionists “anti-theists”?

There are two approaches to how the creation that we observe came into being. There is the Biblical approach, which is set forth in the first book of the Bible, in which God created the Earth and the universe in six days. The other approach is that it all came from nothing in “The Big Bang”. There are several versions of this “Big Bang”, non of which have any scientific foundation.

The Biblical version was given by One Who was an eyewitness to the six days of creation. It was given to a man named Moses who wrote it down and it has been passed down from generation to generation through the nation of Israel and its’ people, known as Jews. It was then included in the Holy Bible on which Christianity is founded.

The second, “The Big Bang”, is a fabrication which has been in the making for about 150 years, beginning with Darwin and his “fairy tale of evolution”. To keep the evolutionist’s view alive it has been necessary to introduce many, what are called, fudge factors to keep it anywhere near being considered a scientific theory, much less a scientific law.

Evolution does not even qualify as a theory. Why do I say that? A scientific theory must be falsifiable. That is, there should be something that it predicts which if it does not do, then it will be false. Though there have been many predictions made by evolutionists which have been proven false, the “theory” still lives on. But it really is not a theory. It is a belief.

The choice

The Biblical view is clear in its’ presentation of how the earth and the universe were created. There are some who paint themselves as Theistic evolutionists. In casting themselves as such these people are actually declaring that they know more than the God of the Bible. They may call themselves Christians. But how can a Christian, one who claims to worship the God of the Bible, read what God said about how He created the Earth and all creation and then say that that is not what He said. In essence, God lied.

I have heard many of these, so called, scientists who say they are theistic evolutionists and have heard their explanations of what God “really” said. It is impossible for a created being to tell the supernatural Creator what He “really” said. It is more logical to think that the supernatural Creator would communicate it in such a way that there would be no misunderstanding.

With that logical underpinning it is safe to say that even the theistic evolutionist is anti-theistic. When anyone who is lesser exalts himself above the greater, he is making himself above and thereby declaring himself as god. That is anti-theistic.

The Answer

The answer

Are evolutionists atheists? Not really, because they are not God. They do not know all knowledge and therefore can not make a final conclusion on anything. However, they are all anti-theists. They stand opposed to the Creator of the universe Who is all knowing, ever present, and omnipotent. He is the only One qualified to establish the beginning of time and all things in it.

The Real Answer to all your Questions

What is your response?

How will you respond to your Creator? Will you arrogantly declare yourself as god of your life. Or will you in humility recognize your need of His loving kindness and by faith receive His wonderful gift of grace purchased by His only-begotten Son, Jesus, when He died for you on the cross.

I hope that you will receive Jesus and find out what “life” really is. God bless you.

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