Aren’t All Religions Basically the Same

I recently had a comment on one of my articles in which the commenter stated that their belief was that all religions were basically the same and that all who were sincere in their belief and tried to do good would end up in a good place. But is such a belief logical in light of what we know about human nature? And who will determine if one person qualifies and if another does not qualify? Whose standard are we going to use? Will we use one standard for one group and another standard for another group?

Aren’t all religions basically the same? Let’s take a look and see.

Eastern mysticism

The religions grounded in eastern mysticism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Confucianism, Taoism, etc., tend to caste people by groups. Some can never get out of their group and when they die that is either the end of everything for them or the may come back to life on earth in a different life form or in a higher or lower caste. From what I can tell there is no rhyme or reason as to how you may return, if you return.

In most eastern mysticism the ultimate goal is to be absorbed into the oblivion of the universe. It is not understood whether this is good or not good or blissful and enjoyable or not. It is not clear whether one is aware of one’s self or not aware of self at all. It does away with the individual and favors a collective. The importance of the individual is done away with in favor of a nebulous greater force. Sounds a little “Star Wars” “ish” to me.

This is totally in contradiction to what is logical in human beings. Yet, there are millions upon millions who believe in this religion.

Warring religion

Though there have been others the main warring religion of today is Islam. They spread their religion not by spreading a hope for a better life or for a better life after here, but by war. If you do not surrender to their religious belief, you die. Islam is spread by forced submission to their religion.

What is their belief? Islam is a religion for men, not women. Men rule the Islamic society. Women a merely tools for men to use or abuse. The goal of Islam to spread the religion by conquering other societies and making them conform to the rules set forth in their holy book, the Koran. If you become even a little familiar with the Koran you will find inconsistency after inconsistency within it.

The end goal of Islam is to attain a “heaven like” place which is a heaven for men only. The highest goal is to arrive at a place where a man has 21 virgins awaiting him just for his own pleasure to be fulfilled.


You probably did not realize that atheism is a religion. But it is. By Supreme Court ruling atheism is a religion. As much as atheists would like to tell you that they are not a religion, according to the court any group established on beliefs which can not be established on facts must be considered a religion. Atheists can not scientifically or logically disprove that there is a God, so their belief is just that, a belief. It is a statement of their “faith”, not of “fact”.

So, what is the end result of atheism? According to atheists it is “nothing”. You have every right to believe such a thing if you so choose. But if you so choose, just know that you have thrown logic and reason out the window you have surrendered your mind to lunacy and ignorance. That is the end product of the religion of atheism.


We have looked at religions some of which lead to oblivion, some to “heavenly brothels” for the warrior men, and some to nothingness. If that were all that we looked at we could already conclude that all religions are not the same.

The one religion which sets itself apart from all the others is Christianity. It is set apart in that it claims to be the one and only true religion that will lead people to their Creator. It is the only religion that traces its roots from the beginning of creation to the present. It is the only religion whose founder claims to have died and then rose from the dead and is alive today. Now, if all these claims were unsubstantiated Christianity would be no better than atheism with its unprovable beliefs, but such is not the case.

Secular history clearly records the existence of a man who was Jesus of Nazareth who was crucified by Roman authorities for the supposed crime of insurrection. He was buried and arose on the third day and walked on the earth for forty days before ascending into heaven where He is even until now. How do we know? There were upward of 500 people who saw Him after He rose from the dead. They saw Him They touched Him. They talked with Him. They walked with Him. Clear and observable evidence that He arose from the dead.

This God-man is the One Who claimed that He was the only way by which anyone could come to the Creator of all things. There is no other way to God. The sacrifice which Jesus made when He died on the cross is the only payment that could restore human beings to “right standing” with their Creator. So, to get right with God and live with Him for eternity you must come through Jesus. He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.


It is evident that all religions are not equal and they are definitely not the same. Why are there so many religions, then? It all goes back to the beginning. When our forefather, Adam, heeded the serpent and rebelled against our Creator, he was declaring that he did not need God to live his life. He got that idea from the serpent who at one time was the anointed Cherub and was in charge of praise and worship of the Creator. But he decided that he “would be like the Most High”. In other words he would be “God”. He was unsuccessful in his insurrection and was thrown out of Heaven. He sought his revenge by deceiving God’s highest creation and getting Adam to join in rebellion. Because of that rebellion Adam and Eve were caste out of the Garden of Eden and lost access to the Tree of Life.

To return to that place where mankind can partake of life in its abundance as God intended has been the quest of mankind since that day. But there is only one way to return and partake of the Tree of Life and that way is through shed blood of Jesus. He alone could satisfy the payment for Adam’s rebellion.

Men and women will keep on trying to measure up to what God requires. What they fail to see is, that to be fair to all the standard must be total perfection. That is Who God is. Only Jesus could measure up because He was God and man.

What to do

Because we could not measure up, God, in Jesus, measured up by coming and living a life that was perfect toward God in every respect. He then turned and in love received the payment which we as rebellious creatures deserved. God then turns to us as says, “If you will simply believe that I have loved you and have paid the price for your sin through Jesus, I will count you as “My Son”, and perfect as He is.” Of course you will have to admit that you could never measure up to God’s standard. You will have to do away with all pride or any good that you think you have done. But when you do, God will give you the very life of Himself to dwell in you. He will give you life and give it in abundance for eternity.

Are all religions the same

No! All religions are not the same. There is only one way for you to get right with your Creator. That way is the man Jesus of Nazareth.

I encourage to call on Him today. Jesus said, “He that comes to me, I will in no way caste away.” God loves you dearly. Receive that love today.


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