Bad Reviews of Wealthy Affiliates – Really?

Lately I have done some search for bad reviews of Wealthy Affiliates. Really, I have. This is an analysis of what I have discovered.

Yes, there are critics of Wealthy Affiliates



Yes, there are numerous critics of Wealthy Affiliates and their program. Most of those who found a problem with Wealthy Affiliates were those who have very little knowledge of online business. I must confess that at one point in my attaining knowledge of online business I might have agreed with them. Among these were those who were looking to get online and make money fast and live life in the easy lane with minimum input to a business.

Many of these were thinking that Wealthy Affiliate was one of the “fly-by-night” set-ups that gives you a website and you just sit back and start counting your money. For those expecting that situation, they had every right to criticize Wealthy Affiliates because if you use Wealthy Affiliates correctly, you will work. The big advantage with Wealthy Affiliate is that you get to set your hours.

You need to be ready to put in the time to learn and to practice what you learn. All the tools you need to succeed are there and much more. You will have encouragement and praise as you grow in your business. If you are not willing to work and do not wish to be self motivating, then you will join these critics in maligning Wealthy Affiliates.

But, if you are self motivating and enjoy being creative and expressing your ideas, then consider Wealthy Affiliates.

Cost too much.

This criticism caught me off guard. Several critics thought that the $49 a month membership was outrageous. Apparently the people have not made the acquaintance of the other 99% of affiliate marketing peddlers out there. Most of the other promoters of affiliate sales programs entice with advertisements of one time payments of “$97” and that is all. But once you are in the program you find that if you are going to succeed “big time” you will need this add on and later that add on. Before you know it you are in for thousands, yes I said thousands of dollars.

How do I know? I was one of those who fell for the pitch. Those people wanted all their money up front. When I tried to get a dispute on my payment, the credit card company sided with the promoter.

I can understand why these particular folks would not like Wealthy Affiliates. They are more than happy to set you up on a monthly payment basis. If for some reason you decide to quit, then you quit paying the monthly fee. You get to keep all the knowledge that you gained and if you bought any domains and websites, they are yours. I did some figuring of the amount of money that was “stolen” from me by these “critics of Wealthy Affiliates” and I came up with a figure that said that I could have paid for over twenty years of membership on the monthly plan with Wealthy Affiliates. And I would not have had to put it all out at one payment.

You can see why these people would be critics of Wealthy Affiliates.

Sellers of Website services.

Sour Puss

I really admire people who can build websites and service them with relative ease. My son is one of the best. But I was amazed to find that there are some of these web service people that criticized Wealthy Affiliates. You may think that they would do it because they are losing business because of the Wealthy Affiliates program. If my son is any representation of their industry, that is not a valid argument. My son has to turn down business because he is swamped. He has to send people to other services. So, that is not an excuse to criticize Wealthy Affiliates for seeking to equip people in one area of internet service.

From what I can gather and understand, the critics from this view are probably lacking in their own knowledge and ability and rather than address that fact they would rather put the blame somewhere else. Their arguments against Wealthy Affiliates was totally lacking in substance. They tried to insinuate that there were to Wealthy Affiliates indexed and rated by Google. I know for a fact that that is not true. I have only been with Wealthy Affiliates a couple of months and I have been indexed several times and though I am way down the list I am listed on Google pages. So, their research is lacking or they may be distorting the truth.

These are probably the people who will something wrong with anything that is not their idea.

Maybe there is a problem

Finally, there are a rare few who had a bad experience with Wealthy Affiliates. Let me emphasize, they are rare. Being human beings we all have some experiences that leave us with less than good feelings. Depending on one’s personality I can see how almost any good situation might leave some with a “bad taste in their mouth”.

It might have been a lacking of knowledge in a particular situation or a personality conflict with someone else. Nevertheless, there are a few that had a problem with Wealthy Affiliates and voiced their complaint. I do believe that if these folks had voice that criticism on the WA blog site that it would have been addressed and something would have been worked out.


In the final analysis, there will always be critics. Did you know that The One Man Who was declared perfect by God Himself had critics. So, just because Wealthy Affiliates has some critics does not mean that they are correct. Unlike The One Man, we do not claim perfection. But the greater percentage of shortcomings leveled against Wealthy Affiliates are lacking in substance and have no merit.

What about you?

This is sooo good!

Are you interested in building an online business? Do you want to make extra money to add to your income or retirement? Do you want to be a full time entrepreneur with your own business online?

If you are willing to work and learn and be patient and persistent, then you can do just that. One of the best tools at your disposal today is Wealthy Affiliates. If you wish to try it for free, yes really free, click on the BUTTON to find out more information on how you can.

May God bless you and prosper you in your endeavors.



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