Benefits of Jumping Rope Everyday

What are the benefits jumping rope every day can bring to those who do it? Let us take a look and see.


The Physical Benefits

From the very beginning we can see that rope jumping is going to bring great physical benefits. We start with the involvement of the legs and feet and buttox. These are the largest muscles in the body. From the calorie burning aspect alone we are off to a great start. Not only are we “off and running” in the calorie burning aspect but these muscles being the largest and strongest in the body aid the heart in pumping the blood which is providing the nutrients needed to provide the energy to work the muscle. By aiding in this they allow the heart to do a sustained workout without overtaxing it.

Jumping rope also raises the rate of inhalation and exhalation. By raising these rates the body rids itself of carbon dioxide which is the by product of oxygen combining with carbon in the muscle brought about by the nucleotide ATP(adenine-tri-phosphate). ATP produces the energy which the muscle uses for motion. Through the increase of the process the body is cleansed of more impurities and hence becoming more efficient in the processes it must carry out. The ridding of these impurities is evident in the perspiration of the body. (A note: the body rids itself of more toxin through perspiration than by any other means. If you do not perspire regularly there will be a greater build up of toxin in your body than if you do not.) Jumping rope is a great benefit in this area.

By raising the heart beat rate and sustaining it for an extended controlled period one strengthens the muscles of the heart. Strengthening the heart muscle will lessen the stress on it brought about by normal everyday events. People who do not have a strong heart muscle may find themselves overtaxed by unexpected circumstances or startling events, and may suffer traumatic events related to heart conditions. It should be noted that if one has a condition that is heart related, that one should consult his or her physician before undertaking any rigorous physical exercise. When we do exercises that benefit the heart, then we benefit the whole body.



In the previous section we talked about the rate that the body burns the calories that we take in. This rate is called the metabolic rate. This rate changes on a regular basis throughout our day. At night the metabolic rate is not as high as if we are walking up a flight of stairs in the morning. The metabolic rate fluctuates in regard to the body’s need for energy to operate. Walking up stairs is going to raise your bodies metabolic rate much higher than if you are sitting in your recliner in front of the TV.

Studies have shown that by exercising and raising the heart rate, and thereby the metabolic rate, for twenty minutes, will cause the metabolic rate to be sustained at a higher rate for up to eight hours. So, the benefits of an exercise are not just when one is doing the exercise but is carried over for up to eight hours. This means that your body will continue to burn calories at a higher rate than it normally would had you not done any exercise.

Rope jumping falls into the category of walking but is more strenuous and has higher impact factors. If you cannot begin with jumping rope, begin by walking and as possible, graduate to the higher calorie burning of jumping rope.





Mental and Psychological

We have seen some of the physical benefits of jumping rope, but there is more. As with any strenuous exercise we see benefits other than just physical. Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly have a more positive outlook on life. They tend to be more productive in the work they do. They get along better with others. They are encouragers. Researchers have found that strenuous physical exertion releases endorphins in the brain which brings about a sense of well-being. This allows for a more balanced approach to given circumstances that occur in daily life.



Some may question this aspect. But as a believer in the God of The Bible, I know that it does. If you disagree, that is OK. You have that right. But hear me out.

The Bible says that God created human beings and “breathed into him the breath of life”. Now, if God created humans and gave them a body, then He would expect them to be a good steward of that body. To the Christian the scripture says to “present your body a living sacrifice.” A sacrifice in the Biblical sense was to be unblemished(that means to be in great shape, healthy). It also says that your body “is the temple of the Holy Spirit”. So, as a Christian I am obligated to keep this body in the best shape that I can.

We all know that since our forefather, Adam, chose to rebel against God that death and turmoil has entered the world. It is manifested in the second law of thermodynamics. Disorder continually increases. And since our understanding of DNA has increased we see more evidence of this law. But, because of what Jesus did on the cross, we can be free from the final effects of this law. This is first manifested in our spirit, who is the real you, and will finally be manifested in the flesh in the resurrection. (Please note: Only those who receive the life of Jesus into their lives will enter into joy at the resurrection. Jesus is the One who paid the price for your and my sin, but if you reject Him you cannot enter into His joy. I hope you have received Him, and if you have not I encourage you to receive Him.)

Back to the point. It is your responsibility to maintain this body and use it to bring about good wherever you go and whatever you do. On this blog we shall be presenting different ways you can do that. The benefits jumping rope every day brings to you are many and varied. But you will definitely be the winner.

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