Best Affiliate Programs High Commission

The Best Affiliate Programs High Commission

In today’s highly competitive affiliate programs it is hard to determine what the best affiliate programs with high commission are. In this blog we shall take a look at some of the angles to consider.

What are affiliate programs?

For those who are not familiar with affiliate programs, they are a means by which a company that produces a product will pay a portion of the sale price of that product to someone who through whatever means advertises and points a buyer to that product. The affiliate uses a blog or a campaign or social media to advertise the product and then gives a link by which the customer can go to the company site that is selling the product. Upon the purchase of the product the affiliate is awarded and agreed upon percentage of the sale price.

How to determine high commission

Should high commission be determined by percentage alone? One must weigh a couple of factors to see if percentage should be the determining factor. Suppose a product sells for $10.00 with a 75% commission. That would be $7.50 commission on each sale. But what if sales of that product are rare. The high commission would not mean very much. Suppose there are lots of sales but there are lots of affiliates pitching the product. Individual affiliate sales may be scarce and thereby the high commission does not mean as much income.

Let’s suppose another product sells for $1200.00 and pays only 20% commission. One would have to get commissions on the sale of 32 of the first item to equal the commission of one sale of the second. In this case the lower percentage is the higher commission.

You might say that that is not a fair comparison. You might argue that a lot more people can afford the $10.00 product. But there in is the crux of the matter. Because more people can afford it there are more affiliates pushing it. On the other hand there are fewer customers who can afford the higher priced product. In like manner there will probably be fewer affiliates marketing the product. The answer may lie in whether you want to make money competing with many affiliates on a high percentage lower priced product or whether you wish to make money competing with fewer affiliates for fewer customers with same amount of profit.

Not percentage alone

So, when considering an affiliate program, percentage should never be the only factor. Yes, consider percentage, but look at the demand for any particular product. Is there a niche that will produce great demand for the product? If you determine that there is such a niche, then no matter if the commission is high or low it should be a good product to promote. If you determine that there is a demand but that there are an abundance of affiliates promoting it, you may decide that your time could be put to better use in another area. Nevertheless, if you think that you can bring in some cash flow, though minimal, then something is better than nothing if it does not take up more time than it is worth.

If you can find a product that pays more than just a onetime payment, that is, it continues to pay on a monthly or yearly basis, then even a low percentage commission becomes a better paying onetime high commission. There are many such programs out there and it is worth the time to search them out and then decide which niches fit you best.

If you plan to be established as an affiliate marketer and make a steady and even sometimes lavish income, know for certain that you need to lay a good foundation of work and consistency of production. With this established you not have to be concerned with best affiliate programs high commission ratings. Your income will be consistent and growing and it will keep on growing as long as you wish to put in the effort.

A Personal Note

I was like so many people who set out to make money on the internet. I probably fell for more scams than the average seeker would. And it cost me dearly. It may not have been as bad as some. I have heard and talked to some who spent tens of thousands of dollars hoping to make it big on the internet with minimal effort. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Several times I found that out the hard way.

But, “Praise God”, I have found a way that is founded on the principle of whatever you get out is directly proportional to what you put in. The optimum word here is “proportional”. In other words this is stating that the results you receive will be a multiple of the work you put in. It is built on the Biblical principle of planting and harvesting. If you plant no seeds, you get no crop. The more seeds you plant, the bigger the crop.

Begin to plant your crop and plan for a harvest

The particular program I am talking about is called Wealthy Affiliates. I think that it is so appropriate that they begin on a Biblical basis by “speaking those things which are not as though they were.” That quotation is from the Bible and it is a description of our Creator. So when you become a part of this program you begin your journey by declaring yourself a “Wealthy Affiliate”. But that is only the beginning. If you choose to continue you will find that these folks really want you to succeed. They have a program well laid out that will take us average folks a couple to three months to complete. And then continuing education is part of the program.

There are no “get rich quick” schemes. There is just steady growth in knowledge and practice. It is a community of thousands who have and are participating in the program continually encouraging and adding information to the group.

Wealthy Affiliates

These people are so not pushy. They want you to succeed so much that they will allow you to have a free membership. Yes, it is limited but not the way you might imagine. In most programs they allow you a certain number of days to use it free and then you must make a decision to purchase the product and all the add-ons. At Wealthy Affiliates you can stay on the free program as long as you like. You will have limited access to certain parts of the program. But how many programs allow you to have two free websites and give you ten free lessons on developing a website and beginning to blog. I do not know of any. I was planning to just use the free part when I started, but was so impressed by the content and knowledge that I gained that I decided to join the monthly pay membership. You might think that $49 a month is a lot(it is not). But consider this: you have access to all the training programs; you have free listing of 25 site.rubix websites and hosting of 25 other domain sites. That is in addition to many other amenities.

How about: Free keyword searches and ratings; templates to help you in getting the best results for your postings; how to build websites; technical support; feedback from fellow affiliates; webinars and updates; help in determining keywords and niches; live chat: and technical support that actually supports you.

Now, in the past I contracted with some folks that implied that they would do the things that I stated above. The price that they wanted for their service was upwards of $10,000. It would take many years of $49 a month to equal that amount. As I look at $49 a month I think, “What a great deal!”

Another advantage is that if you decide not to continue at anytime, just stop paying the $49 a month. You still keep the knowledge that you have gained. But you do lose access to a lot of good tools. Any way you go, you will be a much better online entrepreneur.

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