Best Online Money Makers – Which Is Best for You

For people who are looking for ways to make money online there is a multitude of venues to choose from. But which are the best online money makers is hard for the average seeker to determine. Then to determine which is best for you becomes an even harder quest. I hope that this blog will be of assistance to you if you are looking to venture into the realm of making money online.

Popular ways to make money online

When one begins to consider alternatives for making money online one of the first to come to mind is Ebay. For many people this is a great opportunity to begin the adventure of building a business online. We shall consider it.

Another avenue is an online store. We shall consider the pluses and minuses of this, too.

Still, another is affiliate marketing. This is popular and we shall look to see why.

A fourth that is popular is blogging. You may not know what this is, but we shall find out.

We shall look at these four today, since they are the most common. From these you may find the right platform for your particular talents.

Ebay logo


As mentioned above, this is one of the most popular for beginning to venture into online sales. You can begin a free account by going to this LINK HERE.

Once you have established your free account you can begin to buy and sell on Ebay. Most people begin by listing and selling things which they have and no longer use or need but which might be useful to someone else. Ebay is nice enough to provide tools for creating postage and mailing information. They will also help you and direct you in how to set up a Paypal account. Click HERE to create a Paypal account.

With the free account you are allowed a limited number of listings. For the beginner this is more than ample. It may take a month or two to gain enough understanding before considering an upgrade.

As you grow your Ebay business you will no doubt graduate from selling your own products to selling products which you acquire from what is called “drop shippers”. A drop shipper is a supplier who has a line of products and makes them available to sellers who market them through avenues like Ebay. You do not have to have or warehouse the product. You sign up with the drop shipper and he allows you to market his or her product through your online business, in this case Ebay. You pick out the product and add your mark up and take the information given to you by the drop shipper and list it on Ebay.

Ebay provides a well laid out form to help you list the products you wish to sell. The good thing about the drop shipping system is that it costs you nothing until you make a sale. When you make a sale Ebay and Paypal will take approximately 13% from the total to cover their listing and advertising costs and money transfer. Of course, you have already figured these costs into your marked up price. Once the sale is made and you receive your payment from the buyer, you then pay the drop shipper from that money and give him the information as to where to ship the product. Then you follow the shipment to confirm when it is delivered. You take care of customer relations.

If there are draw backs to Ebay and drop shipping it is in finding reliable drop shippers and quality products. The time involved in running an Ebay business can be large or small. It will depend on the volume that you wish to promote. The profit will depend on the competition and the products you sell. If you want to make big money plan on spending a lot of time. For people who like to stay busy this will be a good fit. The profit margin will be determined by the product, the mark up and the demand for the product.

There is definitely an opportunity to make money on Ebay. But it is not for the faint of heart or those who do not have plenty of time to devote to it.

Online Store

Online Store

The online store is another avenue of making money online. Typically an online store is a “niche” type of approach to sales. The idea of the online store is to market to a targeted group. The online store is similar to drop shipping except it is a narrowed field of products. If you are knowledgeable in a certain field and understand products related to that field, this may be a good fit for you.

There are several ecommerce site builders which can help you in setting up an online store. Among these are Shopify, Volusion, BigCommerce, Wix, and Woocommerce. All of these offer a free trial period to let you “get your feet wet” before spending any money blindly. You might check them out to see which fits you best.

The products you can market are limitless. It all depends on what you are familiar with and have some knowledge of. You can choose from many providers and set up your accounts with them. The system of receiving payment and paying for products and shipping is the same as drop shipping mentioned in the Ebay section. You choose and list the products that you wish to sell through your store and then keep tabs on how many are available through your supplier.

By having your own store you get to keep all the profits. Of course, if you use Paypal you must pay their fee. And if there are credit card fees you must pay them. But that is small compared to Ebay.

What you do not get is advertisement. You must promote and attract your own customers. However you choose to do that and the cost must be considered. You will also need to pay the monthly cost of the maintenance with whomever you build your store.

There will be time involvement and the amount of that time will be determined by how big you want your business to be.

Affiliate marketing

Let me begin by saying that affiliate marketing is a fine tool for commerce. It is an honest and viable way to make money online. It presents the potential to make good and even great income for the one who is willing to work and develop it.

But the affiliate marketing that I will address here are promotions that try to sell you an online website that is affiliated with such businesses as Amazon and Walmart. They present their product as a self maintained money making machine that you just have to pay for and then sit back and wait for the money to come in. The cost for such a business may range from $199 to $5000. They will take you for as much as they can. How do I know? I was one of their victims more than once.

These “scams” will tell you that they will set your site up and link it with Amazon or Walmart or whatever and all you have to do is sit back and count the money. Once they have your money they will tag you along until you are past the dispute time and then they will disappear and so will your website.

Any product that pushes to get your money and makes promises of easy money, beware of. Once they get one payment they will push for an upgrade. There is nothing necessarily wrong with upgrades but that is just another way of taking more of your money. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE PEOPLE!


My Recommendation

As you see above there are some good and viable ways of making money online. There are also schemers who are looking to take your money and leave you with nothing when it is all said and done. I would like to present to you what I have found to be a viable and honest way to make money online. It does not come with hyper promises of making great amounts of money, though the potential is there. It does not say that you will not have to work to develop it, but does tell you that it will grow proportional to the work that you invest in it. To allow you to develop your business and build it at the rate you choose, they will provide the tools that are necessary to do that. They promise not to leave you hanging by yourself but will provide a network of support and help which is accessible 24 hours a day.

The reason I can recommend these people is that I have tried the other avenues and have achieved some success in all except the “scammers” mentioned in the above section. I am now a member of the group that I am promoting and have in two months learned more about making money on line than I had learned in 8 months prior.

If you are truly interested in building a business, small or large, online I encourage you to look into this product. Check the link below to find more information.

God bless you in your search.





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