Best Way for Retirees to Make Money in 2018

I AM READY More and more retirees are finding that retirement is not necessarily for them. For one reason or another they would like to make some extra money or just have a purpose and direction for each day. Those who would like to make more money are wondering what would be the best way for retirees to make money. I am going to present a few avenues by which a retired person can make some extra money.

Ways to Make Money

Former associates and friends

If you really want to get out of the house and work, why not check with the people you have worked for. Sometimes they would much rather hire a person for a part time position who has experience and would not have to be trained. They would also be knowledgeable in how the particular business is run. If your former employer does not need help he or she may know of someone who does.

If your former employer does not need help then check with your friends and neighbors. These are people who can give you a great recommendation to whoever they may know needs help. Your friends or neighbors work for businesses that may need to hire more people.

Employment services

Employment services have become big operators in the business of finding jobs for people. The quickest way to find an employment service is to go to google and just type in “employment agencies”. You will find more than enough choices to sign up with. Pick out two or three that you think will provide the type of employment you may be looking for. I would recommend that you type up a resume to include the specifics about you (address, phone, type of work, etc.), education, training, experience, former employers, etc.) Type it in a word document and that way you can upload it to the services that you apply with and will not have to type it in for each individual services.

Make Money in 2018

Your own local business

Some of you may have developed hobbies or certain craft abilities and would like to develop them into a business. I knew of a man who like to craft wooden toys as a hobby. When he retired he was constantly being asked to build toys for friends and relatives. So he began to build toys as a business. As word spread his business grew and grew. It almost got bigger than he wanted. This model will work for almost anything.

Another friend of mine was retired military and enjoyed lawn service. He started by just helping out some of his friends who were not able to do their own lawn work but could not afford to pay the cost of normal lawn services. Word got around and before long he was so busy he had to hire help.

If you have interests and abilities that may be of service to others consider looking into the possibilities of developing them into a business.

Money Sign


Online business

Suppose you do not have a hobby or interest that is capable of being developed into a business? Let me direct you toward looking at an online business. You might think that you could never do that, even if you did have an interest in it. Consider a few things.

First, there are over 3 billion people who consult the internet every day. I don’t know if you have considered the number, 3 billion, before. Did you know that you would have lived 32 years before you have lived 1 billion seconds. That is a lot. Now, there are three times that amount of people who access the internet every single day. That means 21 billion each week. That is an average of 90 billion each month. That is quite a market place.

You might think that you do not know enough about the internet or even computers to be able to make any use of this opportunity. Well, I am here to tell you that you can learn and that you are able to develop the skills and knowledge that will enable you to build an online business no matter what your interests or abilities are. If you can type, or learn to type, and if you were able to pass the eighth grade you can build your online business.

There are many types of online businesses that you might do, but I am going to suggest the one that I have found to be the most flexible as to what you might promote. The particular form of online business I am recommending is called Affiliate Marketing. A lot of promos for this type of business go by a lot of names. I have tried several of them and after failing at them have finally found one that truly works. Those that failed me, (yes, they failed me, I did not fail) were high pressure high promises and “big money makers” in their promotions. I advise you to stay away from them. These are the people who want all their money up front. Once they have your money the help goes away. Do not pay everything up front.

The online business that I recommend does not ask for any money up front. It starts out free, and if that is all you want, it will stay free.


Wealthy Affiliate

The online business opportunity that I recommend is called Wealthy Affiliate. It is not the business, per se. But it is the avenue through which you build your business. It is an online community of like-minded business people, many of whom are retirees, who learn and help and encourage one another 24 hours a day. This program was begun 16 years ago by two fellows who still have a hands-on participation in the teaching and improving of the program daily.

The cost is very simple. Let me show you with a chart.

Best Way to Make Extra Money Online

Under “Starter” you see that the fee is “0”. For the first 7 days you actually interact with a real persons to get questions answered. You really do get two free websites through their domain. In all there are 12 services that you get and they are free. You do not have to give a credit card.

If you decide to later join a premium membership you will get all the services that are listed there. That premium membership will cost $49 a month. The services that you get for that $49 a month if gotten individually or from other providers would cost you over $300 a month. With Wealthy Affiliates you get them all for one monthly fee. (I had tried several other services before I found Wealthy Affiliates, and I figured that if I had come to Wealthy Affiliate first I could have paid for over 20 years of service with what I had spent on the others.)

We will not tell you that you will get-rich-quick by using Wealthy Affiliate, but we will promise you that if you apply the skills that you will be taught, that eventually you will build a business that will provide a regular and a consistently growing avenue of income. It may take you six months to a year to begin to realize this, but it will come if you persevere.


Are you ready to try The Best Way for Retirees to Make Money in 2018.



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