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In today’s economic atmosphere with the internet becoming more and more accessible it is becoming evident to people of ingenuity that building a business online is the way to go. Once established, one can more or less set his or her own schedule as when to work and when not to work. There are numberless avenues by which one can build a thriving business. Herein lies one of the hardest decisions when one begins to look at developing and on line presence. One of the most important questions that should be asked is “What is the best way to make extra money online?” Once that is determined, it will be easier for you to develop a business that will last and will build over time. We shall look at two or three of the most used and that many have built into thriving enterprises. Then you decide which one fits you best.


Of course when people first begin to think of making money online most think of Ebay. Ebay is probably the largest online market place next to Amazon. But anybody can get on Ebay and sell anything that is legal to sell. All such sites as eBay work on a percentage basis that is taken from each sale. If you use the free version you do not have to pay any money up front. The fees are taken at the point of sale. It is likely that if you sell through them you will have a Papal account. That is the most convenient way to get paid and to pay. The cost of each transaction will be about 13% of the selling price. You need to know that when deciding what to charge for the items you list. If you plan to make very much money on Ebay you will probably need to purchase one of their “buy ups” in which you pay a set fee per month and are able to list more items per month. You can also purchase advertisement for your products.

If you choose Ebay, or a similar online sales front, be ready to invest a lot of time. Each product that you list has to have all the information entered into the form that Ebay provides. They have simplified it lately, but it still takes a good amount of time if you have a lot of items to list.

A lot of people have made good money by selling on Ebay. There are several other alternatives to Ebay and each has its on pluses and minuses. I’ll list a few and you can check them out to see which you might prefer. Most tend to be a little less expensive than Ebay, but they are not as well-known as Ebay. Here’s the list.

Bonanza. Practically a clone of Ebay but not quite as sophisticated. Fees are a little less. It is second only to Ebay.

Ealtbay. As it says it is an alternative to Ebay. Its standards are a little more relaxed and their fees are lower.

eBid. Very similar to Ealtbay with free listing and lower fees and several methods of payment for products.

Etsy. If you are into vintage products and sales, this is your site. Cost is $.20 per listed item, but only 3.5% fee for each sale.

eCrater. They allow you to set up your own store with one of their templates. You can have your own logo. Setting up your store is free and you only pay 2.9% in fees for each sale.

These five are the best that are in the Ebay genre. You can make money but be ready to put in some time.

Online Stores

The next avenue of setting up an online business I’ll look at is the online store. There are many providers out there and all of them have their pluses and minuses just like the Ebay scenario.

Volusion. One of the best store setups is Volusion. Their cost ranges from $15 a month to $135 a month. They offer varied templates on which to build your store. They do offer free templates, but they do offer some that are paid for templates. They will work with you to help you choose the best for your purposes. It is set up so that you can scale up as your business grows. Their support is alright and they offer SEO services, too. Check them out.

Big Commerce. Big Commerce is very akin to Volusion but is more like its big brother. Everything about Big Commerce is bigger, beginning with the price. Monthly service begins at $29.95 and goes to $249.95 for up to $400,000 sales per year. All their services are comparable to Volusion and just a little ahead. Great support for payment avenues and for SEO support.

Rather than commenting on all the good platforms let it suffice to say that these that are listed are all of good quality and set the standards for online store fronts. Here are five more which fit the same mold as the above.



3D Cart


The advantage of having your own store is that you make all the profit. But it costs to promote and draw traffic so be ready to invest in your store. Invest money and time.


When we mention Amazon we are talking about a site which is set up to draw people to Amazon. It is usually an independent website but it promotes only products that are found on Amazon. These can be profitable it they are set up correctly and promoted and maintained well. There are many promoters out there that push this type of business. It is usually presented as a very simple set up. They offer to build the site and furnish it for a price and say that they will give support to help you build your Amazon Affiliate business. Understand that Amazon’s Affiliate program is one of the best that there is and they offer very fair fees for any traffic you direct their way.

What most promoters fail to inform you about is that it will take weeks and months and possibly a year or so before you will see any income if you see any at all. If you do not know anything about building a website or maintaining a website it would be best to stay away from this product. I know, I fell for it twice, though the second gave me more than the first. My advice, stay away.

What I Recommend

All the above scenarios will require some knowledge of how to maintain a website. If you are like me, an average knowledge person who does not mind working but has very little hands-on knowledge of building and maintaining a website, then you need help in getting knowledge. Most of us think that you have to have a college degree to work an online business, but that is not so. There is a group online which has the goal of helping all who really want to build an online business by teaching them how to do just that.

As I said above, to build an online business you need knowledge of how to build and maintain a website. This program is laid out in layman’s terms and can be understood by anyone who has an average grasp of the English language. There are no “over the top” promises made about making quick money but a realistic picture and presentation of the tools and time that it will take to build your business. You will have to study and practice, but it is set up in such a way that you can go at your own pace. If you follow the course faithfully it will b probably take about six months to begin to see income from your business. But once it starts, it will grow and grow and grow. Consistency and perseverance is necessary.


Wealthy Affiliates

The program I am presenting is called Wealthy Affiliates. It is a program started 16 years ago by two young men who have developed this program and refined it to the point that anyone who will apply the principles taught will succeed. They begin by giving you a totally free membership which includes 10 free lessons in which you will begin and build your own website. They will give you two free websites and you will build them and put them online. If after the ten lessons you would like to grow more, you can join Wealthy Affiliates as a Premium member. You might think that “OK, here comes the pitch.” Well, remember some of the fees you were going to pay for the store fronts mentioned above, you would pay less for this membership per month than for the store front and with this membership you will receive another 70 lessons on developing you online business and 24 hour support. If you decide not to join a Premium Membership for $49 a month, you may continue a free membership and keep your two free websites and do whatever you wish with them. If you join, though, you will have access to 25 free websites through Wealthy Affiliates and they will host 25 of your own websites for free.

To see if this is the best way to make extra money online for you click on the BUTTON below.

I am confident that you can make money with this program because it is founded on good business principles.

Do It!


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