Building an Online Business-Learn What to Avoid

If you are like most people who decide to start their own internet business, you are enthusiastic and excited about the prospects of making good money with a nominal amount of time invested in your business. However, it would be a wise thing to temper your excitement and enthusiasm with a lot of patience and wisdom. The question of course is, “Where to find a source of wisdom and how do you temper enthusiasm and excitement.

You have begun wisely by reading about how to start your own internet business. The more you read and research, the better. There should come a time that all the study and seeking should be put into practice. Otherwise there will be no business and no success. But be encouraged, you have begun wisely.

Avoid marketing scams


To tell you to avoid marketing scams is to preclude that you will search out many opportunities by which to build your online business. There are scams a plenty out there and they are just waiting to take your money. How are you going to know what is a scam and what is not? Because you are reading this article tells you that you have taken a step in the right direction.

Building a store

There are many legitimate online business opportunities out there and you will no doubt spend an inordinate amount of time checking out many of them. Those online businesses that are legitimate will sooner or later make you money depending on the time and investment you put into them. If you have plenty of cash to invest in your online business you may wish to set up an online business store. It is not the stocking of the inventory that will cost. Rather it is the building of the store site and promotion of the online store that will take money as well as time. If done properly, it will in time bring a profit.

There are several platforms for building online storefronts any of which have been effective in bringing excellent income for the owners. However, you must be ready to invest a fair amount of money into developing a good website and then spending a good amount in having an SEO specialist or some other advertising specialist to get you on the first page of major search engines.

Don’t have much money?


This is where most of us who start an online business are. Making ends meet but not having much, if any, left over. So, there is little if any cash to be able to invest in an own line business that costs very much. There are many in this state that turn to avenues such as Ebay and Bonanza. Typically, these types are auctions in which people go online and bid on products that have been listed for auction.

More and more these sites are becoming items for sale by people who run their business by selling their products on the auction site for a set price. Sites such as these are more and more encouraging members to set up their own store of products within the framework of the site. As this has developed more and more have entered into the field of “dropship marketing”. Depending on the amount of time that you have to put in, this can be a profitable enterprise.

Dropshipping is the practice by which an online business entity sets up an account with a product provider in which the online business entity advertises the product and makes the sale for a given price. He then takes the money which has been paid to him and purchases the product at a wholesale price from the drop shipper. The drop shipper then ships the product straight to the person who purchased it from the online seller. The seller never touches the product. He only receives the payment and then out of that amount pays the drop shipper who handles the rest of the transaction. The difference between what the seller is paid and what he pays the drop shipper is the sellers profit. Many have made a lot of money in this business. Though there are some shortcomings to this type of online business, the biggest may be the amount of time that must continually be invested. For some, this is ideal because they like to stay busy. For others, who like occasional respites, it may not be the best.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular of online business forms. You may ask, “What is affiliate marketing?”. Affiliate marketing is a practice which almost every company of any size engages in.

The way it works is that people who have a website or blog and wish to promote certain products through their blog will “affiliate” themselves with a company that sells products related to their blog or site. By “affiliating” themselves with the company, the company provides them with links to their company site and products by which visitors to the blog can click on to go to that product on the companies site. There is information in the link that identifies the site or blog through which the customer clicked to get to the company’s site.

If the “clicker” ends up making a purchase of a product from the seller, the seller will give an agreed upon percentage of the sale to the “affiliate”. Individual sales may not seem like a lot of money, but as the traffic builds it can amount to thousands and thousands of dollars. It usually takes many months and sometimes a year or two to build that kind of affiliate linking. But thousands have done it and thousands more are doing it every day.

Once an affiliate’s site begins to draw traffic and direct clicks to the site it will be an ongoing and growing business. It becomes almost a passive income, with minimal upkeep to keep the money flowing.

Contrasted to an online store which takes lots of time to build and establish and then lots of time to maintain and keep growing, affiliate marketing does take time to establish and get built up and some amount of money investment(not very much though), but once established the time investment is greatly reduced. Then if you wish you can build another affiliate marketing site.

Scams to avoid

If it’s too good to be true, it is!

As I said earlier in the article, there are plenty of scams awaiting to get your attention. Let me list a few things for you to avoid and save you the heartache of being scammed.

  • If they promise you that you will get rich fast, avoid them. Do not even consider them.
  • If they want a large amount of money up front, for any reason, don’t do it.
  • If they show you a website that makes thousands of dollars a month but they do not tell you how long it took to get to that point or how much money it has cost to get to that point, don’t do it.
  • If they say you can start with as little as $17, watch out. That is just the beginning of siphoning money from your pocket. The first payment will set you up, but you won’t have any products or knowledge on how to go any further. That will cost you more, and more, and more, etc. Don’t do it!
  • If they promise a website built just for you but they provide no knowledge of how to maintain or grow your site, then don’t do it.
  • If they want you to sign a lot of online legal documents, don’t do it.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Don’t do it!

Let me give you my opinion

I have had some experience in trying to start my own internet business. I really messed up once or twice. But, Praise God, He is merciful and I have found a great platform by which I have started my own home internet business. It is taking time and patience. But any business worthwhile will take as much.

Best Online Building Program

The platform that I recommend is Wealthy Affiliates. This is not just one person or one company that promotes this product or improves it continually. It is a community of thousands of members who all have a part in building the product as they utilize it in their own online businesses. They are so confident about the viability of the product that you can actually use it for free for as long as you wish. Of course, the Free Version does not include all the tools that the Premium Version does. But it has enough of the tools that you can get the knowledge and the tools to build your own website to establish your own affiliate marketing site.

Now, when I say “Free”, I mean “Free”. You do not register a credit card. You do register your email address, though. Ten free lessons and two free websites are included. Study the lessons. Build your website. Then if you think this is the product for you, join the Premium Version for only $49 a month(cheaper than that by the year) and get all the knowledge, support and tools that you could ever want or need. The knowledge bank of Wealthy Affiliates is ever being increased. You will never run out of knowledge to be gained.

I could go on and on, but by clicking the banner below you can access the Free version for you to try out and see if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you.  You know what is best for your own situation. But I hope that this has helped you to know how to start your own internet business.

God bless you and prosper you!

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