Can Sleep Deprivation Affect Your Health

In this age of information explosion and high tech tools and toys and work being made easier along with unlimited entertainment an odd thing is occurring. People are sleeping less. You might think that would be a natural outcome of physical exertion being lessened because of all the tools and mechanisms made available to us in a digital society. Even so, the question must be addressed, “Can sleep deprivation affect your health?”


Why do we sleep? Sleep is a very important function for our life to be maintained. In fact, it is during sleep that most of the upkeep of our body is carried on. Of course there are always processes of upkeep being done at all times, but when we sleep many of the metabolizing muscles are at minimal levels of work. This allows more energy reserves to be used by the organs which must restore and repair the muscles, organs and processes that are necessary for daily living.

Without proper amounts of sleep and rest the body can not rebalance itself to function at its’ highest level. Something will have to give.

Risks of sleep deprivation

Though sleep deprivation may not be a direct cause of a disease, it can be linked to the onset of several. Studies at Harvard Medical School shown that sleep deprivation is associated with such conditions as obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease. New studies are beginning to reveal that getting proper sleep can be as beneficial as good nutrition and exercise. So addressing our sleep habits and the amount of sleep we get should have a priority in our consideration of a healthy life style.

Sleep deprivation effect on obesity

In a comparison study of people who slept eight hours and people who slept less than six hours, those who slept less than six hours tended to have more excess body weight than those who slept a full eight hours. Another study showed that babies who were short sleepers were more likely to become obese than those who were long sleepers.

Sleep deprivation and diabetes

In another study it was found that people who get less than five hours sleep per night stand a very high chance of developing type 2 diabetes. In subsequent studies it was discovered that by going to an eight-hour sleep regimen a positive influence can be made on sugar levels and reduction in type 2 diabetes effects.

Cardiovascular disease and hypertension

Suffice it to say that even a mild reduction in sleep has been associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease and hypertension. It appears that the lack of sleep and the vascular related diseases become somewhat cyclical as one exacerbates the other and the cycle repeats. Steps to increase sleep should be taken.

Immune system

Another cycle instigated by sleep deprivation is infection and response by the immune system. Those who get less sleep are more susceptible to infection than those who get at least eight hours. Once the infection begins it affects the amount of sleep that one gets and so the infection grows. In a related study it was found that those who got less than seven hours sleep were three times more likely to have cold symptoms develop than those who got at least eight hours sleep.

It was found that those who sleep less than five hours have a 15% increased mortality risk.

What to do

Because when we sleep is when our body carries on very important and necessary repairs and upkeep to our body and mind, it is well worth our while to be aware and invest our time and our resources into things related to our sleep. Things to consider are: the bed that we sleep on, soft, medium or firm; our pillow or not pillow, soft, firm of fluffy; the time, night, day or some of both; position, back, side, stomach; medicine, when, how much or not at all; aches and pain and what to take. There are many things to consider and at some point we shall address them all.

I would like to address the last of the things that I mentioned above. That is aches and pain. Depending on what your condition is you may be taking medicine prescribed by a doctor. If so, follow your doctor’s orders and take the medicine as recommended. However, if your pains and aches are like mine and are most often caused by over use or use of a normally not much used muscle then you may have some choices in the matter.

Let me introduce you

I would like to introduce you to a product that is helping many people to sooth the aches and pains that rob one of good restful sleep. By taking away the pain in a purely natural way it does not imbalance the working of the body as it works to repair itself. The product contains two things that are necessary for life itself. Those two ingredients are: magnesium(in an ultra absorbable form) and purified water). Without these two ingredients in the right perportion in your body you could not live.

The product I am introducing to you is called EASE. As I said above, there are only two ingredients. Both are already in your body. As we age we tend to deplete the levels of minerals and vitamins necessary to maintain a healthy body. Magnesium works in helping to release melatonin, aids in reducing nerve twitching and helps to suppress hormone and mood disorders. Studies have suggested that 80% of Americans are deficient in magnesium. Not having enough magnesium will have a negative effect on your sleeping.

EASE is a product that is sprayed on your skin and then rubbed in. The reason for this is that your skin has the means to absorb the mineral and introduce it into the blood stream. If you were to take the amount through your digestive track it might upset your system. By rubbing it in you get the maximum absorption.

Just to note. Magnesium also is necessary in fighting pain, stiffness, stress, and promoting chemical balance in your body.


If you fit any of the profiles I listed above or if you just want to get a good night’s sleep, I would like to give you the opportunity to try this product for FREE. Yes, I said, “FREE”.

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Get ready to break the cycle of sleep depravity and illness. You are going to sleep like a baby.




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