Can You Trust an Evolutionist?

One of the most influential concepts of the past couple of centuries is evolution. Evolution has caused unimaginable carnage and death everywhere that it has taken a stronghold. Three of the most notable characters who espoused its viability were Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse Tong. Among them they accounted for over 100,000,000 deaths. In light of this the question arises, “Can you trust an evolutionist?”

The foundation of evolution

Most of us are familiar with Charles Darwin and his publication, On the Origin of Species. It was first published in 1859. Darwin was not the first to promote evolution. But he presented it in such a way that it seemed viable to the average person.

There was another movement occurring in that same time called Secular Humanism. Secular humanism was a philosophy that was grounded in atheism. The premise of humanism was that “there is no god, therefore human beings are their own god.” Does that sound like something that you may have read in the first book of the Bible? It is a philosophy that has been around since the Garden of Eden.

Secular Humanists ceased on Darwin’s “Origin” as a great tool to disprove any creation theory, especially the Biblical account. In the 1860s and following there was little knowledge of life structure at the cellular level. So, by defining evolution as “change”, it became very easy to promote the concept.

Change was something that was easily perceived at the macro level. So over the next century humanists through subterfuge and lies implanted evolution into science. By the mid twentieth century evolution was the reigning paradigm in biological science.

By working their way into places of influence and education evolutionists had hijacked science. But something was about to happen that would begin the downfall of evolution.

Knowledge based on science

The basic definition of science is “knowledge”. It is knowledge based on empirical observation. The process followed is not complicated. You propose a hypothesis. Then you come up with an experiment that tests that hypothesis. If you get the result you expected then you have scientific proof of your hypothesis. If after many such experiments they all agree with the hypotheses, you will have a “law”.

There are many established laws in science. There are the laws of thermodynamics. Then the law of abiogenesis. How about the law of cause and effect. There are many such laws. To qualify as a “law” of science it must fit certain criteria.

Some of the criteria it must fit are as follows.

  • It is true and repeatable and has never been contradicted by observation
  • Its application is universal. The application is true no matter where it occurs
  • Must be simple in application. Can be stated in a mathematical formula
  • It is absolute. No outside force affects its outcome
  • Stability is evident. Its results do not vary from experiment to experiment
  • Everything in the universe complies with it

These are some of the qualities of laws of science. Can you trust and evolutionist if his theory does not measure up to good science?

Real science is based on laws

We have just seen above that science is based on laws. If a concept goes against these laws it is not considered real science. So how does evolution fit with real science?  If evolution does not fit good science, “Can you trust and evolutionist?”

Law of abiogenesis

Life comes from life

The first law of science that relates to evolution is the law of bio genesis.

This law simply states that life only comes from life. Remember, this is a scientific law. It has never been observed that a living thing came from a non-living entity.

Evolution, in its original definition stated that life originated in a “warm pool of water”. Somehow, all the right elements came together in just the right balance to create life. Does that scenario line up with the scientific law? No, it does not. That should be enough to disqualify evolution as anything scientific.  I ask again, “If his theory does not line up with the laws of science, can you trust an evolutionist?”

Second law of thermodynamics

Order decreases, information is lost

The second law of thermodynamics states that in a system entropy always increases. Another way of saying that is, things always become less organized. That did not mean a lot until 1953. That was the year that James Watson and Francis Crick discovered DNA. This is the molecule that contains all the information of the living cell in which it resides. The information it contains is voluminous.

You may wonder how that affected our knowledge of in relation to the second law and evolution. As studies of information in the DNA molecule grew they found that the second law applied to DNA as well. In any living entity the information in the DNA does not increase but over the lifespan it diminishes.

Evolutionists had hoped that they would find proof for evolution in the DNA. Their hero was supposed to be mutations. Even though DNA has machines to repair mutations, they do not correct all of them. It was found out through years of research that mutations subtract information from the DNA. There has never been a case where information was added. The hero of evolution has become the villain.

So the truth of the matter is that evolution does not add complexity to any living thing. For over fifty years science has known this fact but evolutionists still promote their agenda. With that in mind there are a couple of important questions we need to address.

Are evolutionists honest?

In normal areas of science evolutionists are typically good scientists and are honest in their appraisal. But when it comes to how this world and the things we see came about, they hedge and are not totally honest in their presentation. They often let spokespersons cover for them in their presentations. They use weasel words and non-specifics when dealing with anything related to how certain traits arise in living things.

When it comes to things related to evolution or creation, they are totally dishonest. The use authority or consensus to bully since they do not have scientific proof. They make up stories of how things evolved because evolution is not scientific. It is merely assumed because they cannot use science to prove it.

Are evolutionists truthful?

When speaking on evolution they have no idea of what truth is. If you read papers presented on evolution you will find a lot of words which are not scientific at all. Such as: could have, may, maybe, perhaps, assume, consensus, etc. It does not take a lot of words to speak truth. But lies and fairy tales can fill volumes. If truth is not important to him, “Can you trust an evolutionist?”

If evolutionists were honest and true they would be open to criticism and other possible hypothesis. Evolutionists are not. If what they had was the truth they would present their facts and listen to questions. They would be honest in their assessment of their theory and not just accept it because a professor said it was true. Instead they do not allow any opposition to their theory.

If someone speaks against their theory they do not weigh the facts. Rather they impune the person presenting the facts. To refute a statement one must have facts. Evolutionists do not have the facts on their side so they must attack the messenger.


The truth is that evolutionists are neither honest nor truthful. The laws of science tells us that evolution is a lie and a myth. Evolution is a false science that is used to prop up a false religion. That religion is secular humanism. Its goal is to convince people that there is no Creator God.

To achieve that end they will tell lies and teach the myth of evolution as science. The facts prove that evolution is false.

There is only one approach that presents a framework that lines up with real science. That approach is the Biblical worldview that presents the Genesis version of creation. It begins with the supernatural. It boldly presents at the beginning a Creator that is outside of the natural creation. This Creator is omnipotent(infinitely powerful), omniscient(infinite in knowledge), and omnipresent(not limited by time).

When you have this platform all that appears in the universe takes on a meaningful existence. The design that we find in the universe is not just an accident. Everything works purposefully, not accidentally.


Under this world view, life comes from the “Living” Creator. Genesis 2 says that the Creator “breathed the breath of life” into the man that He created. In the book of John, chapter 1, it says “all things were made by Him”.

Life is more than chemicals and biology. If it were not, we should be able to take any dead animal and revive it. All the chemicals are still there in the right proportions, but life is more than that. Life only comes from life.

Can you trust an evolutionist?

My answer is, “No!” To trust a person who trusts in lies is stupid at best and demonic at worst. Take time to learn the facts and the truth. If you leave out the Bible, you will truly be walking in darkness, no matter how much knowledge you gain. Begin with the Bible and you will begin to grow in understanding in all things.

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