CashFinderSystem Is It a Scam or Legit

CashFinderSystem Is It a Scam or Legit

Just lately I received a letter in the mail that declared that a company was looking for “Finders” in my particular city.  I was not sure what they meant by finders, so I read a little farther.

There was the typical promo statements and then a site on the web to go and get all the facts.  So, I went to the web.

Once I got to the site I found a video which would give me all the information that I would need.  When I clicked the run arrow the count-down clock started at twenty minutes.  I guess the idea was to impress me that time was running out and that the sooner I get in on the deal, the better.  I tricked them, though, and listened to the whole thing.  As the end drew near the pressure began to mount.  As usual, the product was touted as being worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but the seller was going to give me a great price of not $999 and not $599 and not even $399.  But I could get this product for $199 on a special deal by purchasing it today.

As I lingered a little longer and was getting ready to leave the page, another offer was made giving it to me for only $99.  If that had been me two years ago, I would have bought the product right then and there.  But, I knew that I was not going to buy it so I clicked to leave the page and you will never guess what happened.  Another offer came on the screen and was offering the whole program for only $79.  Maybe we should all learn a little from such sites as this.  If the cost of the program can plummet from being worth thousands of dollars to just $79 in twenty minutes, maybe it is not worth even that.  Past experience has taught me that the only one who makes any real profit on programs such as CashFinderSystem are the ones who are pushing them.

Further study into the program confirmed what I had suspected from the beginning.  Though it is not an out and out scam it is without a doubt misleading in its presentation.

The premises of the program is that CashFindersystem will teach you through twelve online lessons how to find real estate properties and negotiate sales between people who wish to sell their properties and people who are looking for properties in your areas.  If that sounds like being a realtor, you are on the right track.  However, the way it is done falls within the realms of being legal.  What they do not tell you that it is not as simple as looking it up online and posting it for someone else to find.  This is a practice that professional realtors carry on every day.  The chances are that they are far better at it than you or I would be.

There are several other facets of the system that would take years to be proficient in.  So, it is not the simple process that the promoter of CashFinderSystem tells you that it is.  I will not categorically state that it is a scam, but I will say that it is not the product that it is made out to be.  Given time and a lot of money you may make money doing it.  But it will take a lot of time and a lot of money to get there and you may never make the kind of money that the program says you will.

What I Recommend

There is a program by which you can build an online business and you can build it while staying home and working at your computer.  It is a program that requires some time invested and some money invested.  But both are of a reasonable portion.

If you are working fulltime now, but wish to begin to build an online business that could someday work into a fulltime business and income, you may consider this.  By spending an hour or so each day or four or five hours a week, you can begin to lay the foundation for growing a business that can become your fulltime job in probably less time that you might think.

The cost is realistic and you will get a lot more for your money than any program you can find on the internet.

The Program

The program that I am speaking of is called Wealthy Affiliates.  You may have heard of affiliate marketers.  These marketers affiliate themselves with companies and products which they advertise on their site.  Through their blogs and advertisements they direct people to the products. When they purchase a product of that company they receive a percentage of that sale as a commission.  Wealthy Affiliates is the best program to help people become successful affiliate marketers.  With the training that you receive at Wealthy Affiliate you can go any direction you may wish in online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is so confident that their program can help you that they will let you try it for free.  In this case “free” means “free”.  You will not have to register a credit card.  There will not be a limited amount of time.  You will not have unlimited access to their lessons and tools but you will have access to ten initial lessons by which you will be able to build and launch your own website.  Since I mentioned website, you will receive two free websites, which you can name, and WA will host for you free of charge.  In the ten free lessons you will learn how to work with WordPress which is the leading format for building internet sites.  As I stated, there is no time limit set for how long you can exercise this free membership.

If you choose not to upgrade to a Premium membership, that is OK.  Keep your free membership and your two websites.  Build them and make money.

However, if you are serious about building an online business, consider the Premium Membership.  It costs $49 a month(or you can save on that by paying yearly), but provides a plethora of lessons which seem to never end, plus 24 hour support and help.  The tools which are provided would cost between $400 and $600 a month if they were purchased separately.  But they come included with the Premium membership.

With the Premium membership you will also receive 25 free domains and free hosting for 25 additional domains which you may own or will purchase.

You are not committed to lifetime membership.  You can stay with the program as long as you wish.  You can cease your membership anytime you wish.

What they promise

Wealthy Affiliates will not promise you that you will make money at affiliate marketing.  But they will promise you that they will be with you every step of the way and will provide the tools necessary for you to succeed.  If you are consistent and patient and diligent in applying the knowledge and principles which you will learn at Wealthy Affiliate you will succeed.  It will take time. That is why you need patience.  Any good business needs a good foundation.  The first six months is foundation time and it will pay off in the long run.

Wealthy Affiliates and its members will be here to encourage you and answer your questions and help you as you build your business.


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May you prosper. And God bless you.

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