How Is Morality Determined-Where Does Morality Originate

We live in a time when morality is a subject that no one seems to want to talk about. It used to be that people would not talk of politics and religion in public. Now we do not talk about morals unless it is our enemy or opponent who is being immoral. Of course, if our friend does the same thing, he or she is not being immoral. So, the question, “How is morality determined?” Better yet, exactly where doe morality originate?

Determining morality

In today’s society morality seems to be a personal thing. Many think that it is up to the individual to determine what is moral for them. They want to be the arbiter as to what is alright for them to engage in or not to engage in. This was a trend that has always been around, but in America it became very popular in the mid-twentieth century. The world had just come through the second war “to end all wars”, and were now ready to enjoy life. Part of that enjoyment took on the form of throwing of the bonds of moral authority which had been in place for centuries.

It became trendy to use vulgar language and to indulge in abusive use of alcohol and certain drugs. As time continued sexual promiscuity became more and more prevalent first through printed material and then in popular forms of entertainment.

As people prospered they wanted to make sure that their children could realize the American dream and so the bands that held the family together were loosened. They have loosened so much that today you will seldom see a family doing anything together. Parents want to do their thing and they want the kids to do the same. As the trend has continued we find that the parents are seldom the ones teaching their children the mores of our situation, but they are leaving that to the government run school system which is inherently secularist humanism.

Parents are lax in morality and the have abdicated their authority to teach their children and have given them over to a system that promotes materialistic humanism as the guiding moral authority.

Materialistic humanism

What is materialistic humanism? What are its basic tenets? Their first tenet is that this material world and universe that we see is all that there is. It all came from nothing and that is where it will end up. They used to think that it was eternal and would go on forever. Then they came up against science and science told them they were wrong. So, they changed their story.

It all started with a “Big Bang” and what we see today came from that. And since science tells them it is winding down they have to admit that it will end in nothing someday. So, since everything has to be explained by natural causes they promote evolution as the means by which all living things came to be. They actually fudge a little, (really a whole lot) because they say that the beginning of life does not fall under evolution.

Charles Darwin did not believe that, but since Louis Pasteur, through experimental science, proved the scientific law of “abio genesis”, which says that life only comes from life, they had to conveniently omit the beginning of life from their curriculum. If you are not aware of the law of “abio genesis” they will not bother to tell you about it and let you continue to believe that life came from non-life. (My standard of morality says that lying, whether by commission or omission, is immoral.)

Humanism believes in what is called “situation ethics”. They do not call it morality. For the humanist the situation will determine if a particular action is ethical (moral) or not. They may use an extreme and misguiding scenario such as someone attacking you with a knife. You, in defending yourself killed the attacker. That is not murder because of the situation. Of course that situation had nothing to do with murder, but they misdirect your thought by using the wrong term.

From an extreme situation they will shift to one that is all too common today. If two people, a man and a woman, really love each other, it is alright to have sex outside of marriage. They continue. If you are hungry and have no money to buy food, it is alright to steal food to satisfy your hunger. They will lead you down a path of situations until they have brought you to a point considering terrible things that you would never have even entertained before. But that is where our society is today.

OK! How do we determine morality?

We have seen how the secularists want to determine what is moral. But, is that the best way to determine morality? If we use their way, you might find yourself traveling to a country that supports a different approach to morality than you do. In so doing you might, for no rational reason that you can see, lose your life or possessions because you went against what they decided was moral. An instant might be a woman going to a country where women are deemed second class citizens and if a man sexually assaulted her it would not be a crime because she is a lower class than the male.

So, how should morality be determined? Most nations have laws which are usually written down in the form of a constitution or some type of manifesto. In it are the laws that address many situations. The moral standards of that country are usually embodied in the work. They then draft the laws in line with those moral standards so that the people can see and determine just how the morality of their society will be perpetuated.

Because these constitutions and documents are articulated by human beings they will at times need to be better defined. Sometimes in the defining and refining process, those who are doing it will inject their own reasoning. If that person, or judge, or legislator is a humanist, they will, by nature endeavor to make it fit a humanistic agenda. So begins the slide that destroys morality in any civilization.

Every civilization that has not had a permanent set of unchanging morality has not stood the test of time. Lack of morality that gives equal value to every person will in end cause the demise of any civilization.

Biblical morality

Standards of morality based on Biblical teachings is the only morality that has not changed since its beginning. The morality that the Bible sets forth is one that is based on the principle of loving your neighbor as yourself. Whatever you would wish for others to do to you is what you should do for them. This, of course, assumes that you are someone who adheres to Biblical teaching.

The Author of the Bible, Who is the Creator of all things, has established the rules and laws by which nations can prosper and grow if they follow these laws. These laws cannot be mixed with humanism. Humanism is a poison to every civilization that employs it.

Biblical morality causes a nation to prosper in all areas. The most important area is the spiritual area because it is the heart of every nations strength. If a nation is weak in spiritual things then it will not last long, no matter how much military strength it may boast.


The Bible says this about our Creator. God is a spirit, and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.

We, as a nation, cannot afford to allow self-centered humanists to drag our nation down from the morals that it was based on when our founders established this country on the structure of morality that is set forth in the Bible. We have allowed humanistic legislators, judges, and presidents to exalt themselves above Creator of all morality and impose a sliding scale of morality that is herding millions of people to an everlasting torment called hell.

Because morality matters, it is time to return to the standard that is set in the Holy Bible. there is no other source from which to draw a structure for a moral society. Without that structure of morality we can never expect to be a great nation and a great blessing to this world.

It is time to stand for true morality! Do you have what it takes?