Health Benefits of Optimism – It’s All Good

The world we live in is full of pessimism. It is so easy to point out what is wrong with everything around us. But, is there any reason to be optimistic in a world that is forever trying to point out where everybody else is wrong and where they are right. How do such attitudes bear on the overall health of our society? Are there any health benefits of optimism?

Our health

Does an attitude of optimism have any effect the general health of individuals and societies? I am convinced that it does. Not just because of all the studies that have been done showing that it does, but also because I have lived for over seventy years and have seen times of pessimism and optimism and some that were neither optimistic nor pessimistic, but more like catatonic. Because of that I know that optimism is the preferred approach to any project that is undertaken. Whether it is an individual project or a small group or a large collective endeavor, optimism always brings a better final results.

I have known people who have had life threatening diseases and had the choice of becoming disheartened or approaching the treatment of the disease with a positive and conquering attitude. The one’s that I am most familiar with came out on top every time. But there were others who took a negative attitude and were always pointing out the bad things about the disease. Too many of those lost their battle in the end.

Attitude and health

More and more I am persuaded that attitude, a good attitude, is as good or better than the medicines which we used to help us attain good health. I have many friends who take vitamins and supplements by the handful every day, and yet they are constantly battling allergies and symptoms of all kinds. Their answer is to “throw” more vitamins and supplements at the symptoms. In the end, they have spent a lot of money on medicines and vitamins and supplements and still have the same problems, but less money.

Then there are others who when facing a symptom will take a positive attitude first and may or may not take a medicine or a vitamin or a supplement. They continue on their life with very little interruption and have far fewer problems from the effect no matter what is was. Most positive folks have come through the symptoms in a very short time, sometimes hours, sometimes a little longer, but no matter have ended up accomplishing far more than if they had taken a negative attitude and succumbed to the effects of the symptoms

Does optimism affect your health

Without a doubt optimism has a positive effect your health. Pick out some people that you know that are optimistic in the approach toward life and some who are pessimistic toward life. Study them to see which ones are the healthiest and who are more energetic. See which accomplish the most in their work and which can not seem to get as much done. I think that you will find that the optimistic person will get the most done.

This same principle applies in our health. You will find that optimistic people approach their health the same way. They are proactive. Though they want to eat healthy food, they do not feel the need to hyper diet to eat healthy. Though they desire to be healthy they do not have the need to always train for a marathon.

Optimism puts a spring in your step and even your daily walking about produces a gait that can not help but produce a higher level of health.

Does pessimism affect your health

I think you know the answer to that question. Check around you and find out what kind of health is produced by pessimistic people. By nature pessimists can not see the best of any situation but only the worst. Quite often the “worst” that they perceive is actually worse than the reality that is. Because of their attitude they begin to see and think things that are not necessarily so. So they begin to give in to the worst of any given situation. They lose heart and give up and the pessimism grows worse.

With such an attitude it is easy to see how the defense mechanisms of the body becomes weakened. The brain is the center where all the defenses of the mind and body are carried on and when it becomes overloaded with worry and fretting it will without a doubt suffer in the area of health defense and offense.

How to change your attitude

There are many people who have every right to have a bad attitude toward life. But, believe it or not, your attitude, as well as theirs, is a choice that you make.

I have known of people who have had terrible things happen to them along life’s way, yet they are positive and optimistic toward life. How can that be?

Then there are some who have practically everything they have ever wanted but have a pessimistic attitude toward life. How can that be?

As I said above, your attitude is a choice that you make.

I have a dear friend who is a multimillionaire. You might think that he is positive because he is a millionaire. He is positive, but not because he is a millionaire. Ask him about the seven times that he “went under” and had to declare bankruptcy. What was his attitude then. His attitude was, “So I failed. What can I learn from this failure?” He took optimistic attitude and never gave up on that attitude. It caused him to know that if he did not quit that he would succeed. He did and he still is succeeding.

I know of a man who was declared dead of leukemia by the lab blood tests, but he was optimistic that he would overcome the disease. To everyone’s surprise, but his, he is a healthy and thriving man. What if he had been a pessimist? He would have been just what the lab tests declared. But he was optimistic and positive and he got those results.

How can you become an optimist

Optimism can only be a force in your life if you know that your life is more than what you can see. You see, you are not just a body or just a body and a brain. You are a three-fold being. You are a body, a brain and a mind(spirit). Why do I say that? You see, you have a Creator, and the handbook, The Bible, declares that you are created in His image. Now, He says that He is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; three-fold.

Your Creator is by His own being optimistic. When He created everything, He declared it “very good”. What He says is always positive and optimistic. Now when Adam, the first man, rebelled against the Creator, he introduced pessimism into creation. That pessimism came because of “sin”. The only way to do away with pessimism is to overcome sin in your life. The only way to overcome sin in your life is to give up your life and accept the life which God wants you to have. He wants you to have an abundant and fully optimistic life both now and eternally.

Now, when He gives you that optimism, which is the Holy Spirit, your whole direction and attitude toward life will change. You can make the choice to let Him come into your life and begin right now to live a joyful and optimistic life beginning right now and continuing for eternity.

God bless you!

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Evolution Creation and Logic

Logic is not a tool of the evolutionist. If he were to use logic in his study of living things he would never even consider invoking the term of evolution. Evolution and creation are the two choices that one has when addressing the variety that is found in living things. Why would some choose evolution if it is not logical? What about creation makes it logical?


Over the past century and a half evolutionists have waged a propaganda campaign to convince the western world that evolution is the correct way to address the variety which we find in living things today. Originally it began by stating that somehow certain chemicals and elements came together at just the right time in just the right amount in just the right conditions to spark the first living thing.

That living thing somehow managed to survive a hostile environment and reproduced itself and then its offspring reproduced and its offspring reproduced etc. Through thousands of generations this little living cell underwent minute changes as it adapted to its environment. These little changes were then passed on to the next generation and the next generation would make more changes as each adapted to each situation. This continued for millions and billions of years until we see what we see today.

In the mid 19th century they were able to spread their “fairy tale” of evolution because little was known of what was necessary for a living cell to be living. As knowledge of living cells increased the evolutionists found themselves having to divorce themselves from the beginning of life spark. When knowledge increased and it was found that the simplest living cell must contain over 400 proteins to carry on all the processes necessary for life, they realized that an accident of that proportion was incomprehensible. So, some evolutionists “kicked the can down the road” and allowed that “maybe aliens seeded earth with life.”

Illogic of spontaneous generation of life

The reason for abandoning the beginning spark of life by evolutionists was because even their own lack of logic could not expand to take in the impossibilities that it presented.

The science of probability was too overwhelming to refute. The standards of probability affects logic. The standard set for a thing that will never happen is set at a point when for something that reaches a point where it is 1 chance in 10>40(that is 10 followed by 40 zeros) it is logical to state that it will never happen.

What is the possibility of one protein to form by chance? (Remember it takes over 40 proteins for a cell to be alive by definition). The possibility is 1 chance in 10>108(that is 10 followed by 108 zeros). That is a big number. But let’s see if we can understand it even better. There are 10>80(that is 10 followed by 80 zeros) atoms in the whole universe.

Using your God given logical brain and mind, do you think that it is logical that even the simplest living thing could somehow spontaneously appear? It would take a “miracle”! But, you see, miracles are not allowed by the evolutionist, unless it can fit into evolution. If you can describe the miracle as evolution, it is OK. But it must be evolution, not a miracle.


Since evolutionists could not use logic they used propaganda. You see, as was stated before, evolutionists base their “religion” on change. Originally, the change they preached was change that caused a living thing to grow a little more complex from one generation to another. As this change continued generation after generation they assumed that after a long time a new life form would develop. As this would go on for millions of years there would be brought about the diversity which we see in our world.

Of course there were many examples presented which showed small changes in given species. These small changes were then presented as proof that over millions of years major changes could occur. Of course, no one could live that long to really find out if that were true or not. So the propaganda worked.

To prove the millions and billions of years new ways of determining the age of the earth had to be proposed. There are several and most are based on the decay of radioactive substances in the crust of the earth. For instance, uranium 238 has a half-life of approximately 4.5 billion years. So, they found some rocks which had half uranium 238 and half lead 206. From this they deduce that the earth is 4.5 billion years old. To arbitrarily state that is not logical or truthful. Why? Because no one knows how much uranium 238 or how much lead 206 was present in the rock when it was formed. In fact there have been many instances when a certain lay down of rock was formed that the radioactive calculation was massively wrong. That should be enough to bring into question every estimate which ever used radioactive dating. But, evolutionists are not logical.

What about creation

How does the creation approach stack up to logic. From the theory of relativity we understand that time, space and matter(energy) are the ingredients of the universe we live in. However, almost 4000 years ago there was recorded this amazing statement; In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. In this statement we see time(beginning), heavens(space) and earth(matter). The creation picture fits what we see in our universe. At one time evolutionists admitted that there was a beginning of our universe, but that seemed to be acquiescing to the creation narrative so they invented multi-verses, another “fairy tale”. They dare not let a “Divine foot in the door”. Once again the evolutionists venture into the land of illogic.

The creation narrative presents all things designed to accomplish the things for which they are designed. Birds fly, fish swim, people walk, humming birds hoover, woodpeckers peck, hands grasp, eyes see, ears hear, noses smell and on and on the designs go. Each created thing was perfect in the beginning.

What happened?

But perfection is not what we see now. Why? Evolution says that imperfection is weeded out by natural selection. Therefore, it is necessary for the evolving of each species. That is not logical. If imperfection and death is the tool of evolution how did life ever start? That is not logical.

Creation posits that “sin”(imperfection) entered the creation because of mankind’s rebellion against his Creator. Because of that, death came. We know that the scripture in Genesis that the Creator warned about eating of the forbidden tree that “in dieing you will die” we find in all creation the degrading of the DNA which carries the information of life to every cell in our body. It is a scientific fact that every seven years the cells in our bodies are replaced. It is also noted that the connectors of the genes of our DNA is just a little shorter than the ones they replace in the new cell. As we continue to grow older, the connectors(telomeres) get shorter and shorter until one day they are no longer able to connect the information in our DNA. That is when our physical bodies die. “In dying, you shall die”. It follows logically.

The creations agree with the first and second laws of thermodynamics. It agree with the law of cause and effect. It allows that miracles happen because the cause is always greater than the effect. An all knowing, all powerful, omnipresent Being is not limited by what He has created. He established the laws of creation and sustains them so that they can be studied and know that once found it will be consistent. Evolution makes no such assertion.


Logic dictates that creation is the only viable choice for the existence of the universe. You can use your mind and brain that God has given you and study the Bible and science and critically evaluate what you find and then weigh the logic of your findings.

The Bible teaches that the beginning of wisdom is the fear(respect) of the Lord. The choice is yours. You can honor and respect God’s word or you can do as Adam and Eve did, you can revolt and declare yourself as god. You are created to have a choice. But be aware, there are consequences for the decisions you make. You can choose glorious life everlasting with your Creator or everlasting torment with the devil and his angels in hell.

I trust, that because you have read this article, you have enough wisdom to at least consider the logic set forth here.

May God bless you as you decide.

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Why Do Birds Fly – Accident or Design

Every morning as my son and I take our walk and enjoy the beautiful plants and trees and the little animals that are present in our bayou neighborhood, one of the most impressive things that we get to see is a variety of winged creatures. In particular, I am talking about birds. Most people are not aware that there are over 9000 species of birds in the world. Not all of them can fly, but most of them can.

I am constantly amazed as we walk to watch the birds in flight. It is a marvel to see different species of birds, how they are constructed, and how they maintain flight. One question seldom heard is, “Why do birds fly?” A simple answer is “Because they are birds.” Let’s look at reasons why birds fly.

Why birds fly
Take off


Most people do not realize that if there were no atmosphere then birds could not fly. At least two reasons for atmosphere is:

(1) Birds need oxygen to metabolize food for energy and the atmosphere provides that oxygen.

(2) Birds must have a medium in which to navigate flight. Just as fish are designed to navigate and live in water, so are birds designed to navigate in an atmosphere. The atmosphere they navigate in happens to be made up mostly of nitrogen and oxygen with a trace of carbon dioxide and a few other trace elements.

Generated lift
Wing surface area

In addition to the above mentioned characteristics, the atmosphere is transparent. If the birds could not see anything or see where they were going, there would be no need for them to fly. It would only bring chaos.

More reasons

So, now we have a medium. Does that make birds fly? No, it does not.

Why birds can fly
Wings create displacement of medium

To be able to fly, anything that would fly must be able to generate enough lift force that is greater than the force of gravity being imposed on it. So, if the medium is the atmosphere, then the object, or bird, must somehow impose a lift force on the medium so that the mass, or weight, of its body can overcome the gravity imposed on it.

We know that the atmosphere has weight and that it can be displaced. So, how is this done? For the bird it is done most of the time by flapping its wings. Most birds wings are designed so that when spread to fly they will displace much greater volume of atmosphere than the body of the bird occupies.

Wings are not enough

We have brought up the subject of wings, now. But, wings are not enough.

One of the fundamental characteristics of birds is feathers. Feathers are a truly marvelous mechanism. You have heard the saying, “light as a feather”. Have you ever held a feather of any size in your hand? They are really very light for the volume that they fill. Feathers are special in that the fans of the feather can be separated when cleaning and then will automatically relock when spread to fly. This is handy when the bird preens its feathers. This enables the bird to clean dirt from the feathers so that there are not in flight anomalies occurring because of irregular flow of air across the wings.

How birds fly

To add to lightness, too, the quill of the feather is hollow. When in flight the feathers create more than 70% volume displacement of the body of the bird, therefore enabling greater lift.

Why birds fly
An intricate instrument


Have you ever considered the bones

A lot of pseudo-scientist like to tell the fairy tale that birds evolved from dinosaurs. I shall leave it at that. But the reason I mention this is that the bones of birds is unique. To contrast it to a dinosaur’s bone would be like contrasting Styrofoam to concrete. You see, a birds bones are very lightweight and hollow. Though they are light and hollow, their design enables them to withstand the stresses imposed upon them in flight. Being hollow makes them lighter. Therefore, less force needed to affect lift to be able to fly.

There is more

There is one more. Did you know that a bird does not breathe the same as mammals and humans? We breathe by inhaling and exhaling. The bird does not employ that method. Instead, it uses the flow-through method. It takes in air through one opening and it flows continually through and exits through another opening.

When in flight the bird’s metabolism is functioning at such a high rate that to have to stop the flow of oxygen to allow for exhale would make it impossible to maintain any consistent flight. By having a constant flow of air through the body the bird has enough oxygen supply to fuel the muscles necessary for flight.

Bringing it all together

We have mentioned only a few of the things that are necessary for birds to be able to fly. There are more that are necessary, but we shall not get into too many technicalities. Probably one of the most important parts of the whole system is that part which coordinates all the signals which need to be received and be responded to in hundredths or thousandths of a second.

When in flight a bird must constantly be aware of wind direction, flight direction, altitude, objects in its path, when to speed up, when to slow down, when to climb and when to descend. The bird must be aware of other birds and of possible predators. When landing the bird must make hundreds of calculations so as not to land to hard and break a leg or other bone, or land to soft and fall off the branch. Whoever came up with the phrase “bird brain” did not know very much about birds’ brains.


I hope that this simple presentation of what a complex and impressive thing it is for a bird to fly has made you aware of all the miraculous things that are going on around you.

But, the most miraculous thing around you is you. In the Bible in Psalm 139:14, the psalmist says this: I will praise You(God) for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are Your works. And that my soul knows very well.

The flight of a bird can not even come close to the marvel that the human person is. Not only is your body a marvel, but you have a mind and a spirit, too. You are created to have fellowship with your Creator and until you find that fellowship you can not know who you are and just how precious you are in your Creator’s eyes.

May you look with awe at all the surrounding creation, and as you look acknowledge your Creator.