Trump Economy vs Obama Economy

The economy is always a good subject to get people involved. Especially today, people are talking more and more about how the economy is improving. Many are saying that it is a result of the policies of the new administration. Others are saying that it is because of what the previous administration put in place. I thought it might be worth our while to take a look at how the Trump economy vs the Obama economy would play out.


To be fair to Mr. Obama, he inherited a bad economy. So, he was going to have to set in play a program that would begin to rebuild a once growing economy.

To understand why the economy came to be what it was in 2008 we need to look at the factors and the people involved. Many have concluded that the reason for the collapse was due to policies instituted by Congress which made it possible for lending institutions to make loans for mortgages to people who really did not have the means to repay these loans. This was instituted by laws passed by Congress and signed by the President which were poorly defined and easily abused. Instead of addressing the situation, Congress ignored it because there were a lot of congress men and women who were making money off of the situation. Even after being alerted and warned by the Bush administration (47 times) of a possible and coming collapse of the economy, Congress(controlled by the Democrats) refused to do anything about correcting the law.

The collapse came just before the Presidential election in 2008. It was used as a tool to show that the Republican approach to the economy was the wrong approach. It was easy to promote this lie to a populace who were ignorant of how economies work.

The Democrats won with an agenda to change how the United States economy would go forth. Because of the scare and misinformation they promoted, people were ready to try anything. And they did. Congress OK’d trillions of dollars in spending which the nation did not have. They thought that throwing money at the problem would solve it.

Over the next 8 years, President Obama would oversee doubling the debt of our nation. We went from 9 trillion dollars in debt to over 18 trillion dollars in debt under his administration. Logic informs us that that is not an economy which is sustainable.

Congress has proven itself to be inept at governing. The laws it produced were ineffective or unproductive. President Obama almost “ruled” by edict. He had regulations put in place that stifled production in many areas that were mainstays of the American economy. Many interpreted this as a way of making the American economy more dependent on the Federal Government. The GDP never grew more than 3% during Mr. Obama’s administration. People who thought he would bring hope for those less fortunate actually saw the less fortunate grow in number.

2016 and forward

When the 2016 Presidential elections came around, things were not much better. On the scene came someone who promoted a different approach to solving the economic problems of the US. This was a businessman named Donald Trump.

Donald Trump was not a politician by training as have been almost all the past presidents. Because of this, he did not have great favor with the political establishment. You may not be aware of it, but politicians do not live in reality. They actually think that this nation is here for them to use or abuse as they see fit. They do not work to produce any goods or services to bring about the betterment of the society. Their goal in life is to gain power. Instead of being servants of the people, they want to be rulers of the people.

Donald Trump has been in a business where he had to produce a product or service by which people were improved or he would not survive as a businessman. He learned how to serve and meet the needs of the people, not just his own. As he developed his businesses he gained some power, but it was a power to serve more people.

Because he had an attitude of service, rather than an attitude of ruling, the politicians did not like him. But that is the reason why “the people” came out in numbers and elected him as President.


One of the first things he did as President was to begin to do away with regulations which had been put on businesses by presidential directives and unelected commissions. These were put on because of misinformed heads of commissions who lacked any real knowledge of how an economy works. They had an agenda to promote and that was their motivation. Regulations by any government should bring about good for the nation. So many of the regulations of the Obama administration were driven by socialistic agendas which were an attempt to take power from the people and put it in the hands of the government.

There has never been a government which has regulated the economy of a country where that country prospered as the US has prospered.


The proof of the pudding is in the eating. That is an old saying that in essence says that you can pontificate all you want, but the proof is found in what is produced. The agenda that President Trump has promoted has done something that the establishment politicians said would never happen in the United States again. His cutting of regulations and lowering taxes have not only turned the economy around but has caused companies who had moved offshore to come back to the mainland and not only come back but to build bigger and bigger businesses.

In the process, they have added literally millions of jobs in just a couple of years. The established politicians said that this would never happen again.

The outlook for a great majority of US citizens is now positive and optimistic. For the eight years prior to President Trump’s election it was decidedly pessimistic. Not that I believe Wall Street is a good barometer for true prosperity, but even investors in stocks are once again looking up. Many of those folks were wrong in their estimations, so don’t put too much stock in their opinion.(pun intended)

One of the silliest boasts to come out of this whole situation is one proferred by the Democratic Party. They say that this prosperity is because of programs that were instigated under the Obama administration. They should be laughed out of town. They were the ones(Obama himself) who predicted that this type of prosperity would never be seen again in the United States. Under their leadership, we were to become just another nation in the world, nothing special. They should be thankful that they were wrong and admit that their programs were not what this nation needed.


When we compare the Trump economy vs the Obama economy we can see that the two are totally opposite. The Obama approach would have eventually broken the nation and we would have descended into a third world state. From what the Democratic Party has shown, even lately, that is exactly what the goal of the Obama economy was.

The Trump economy has as its goal to give every individual the opportunity to be the most that they can be. If it is to be an entrepreneur that goes on to make millions of dollars or a handyman that can solve necessary problems or just a mother who rears her children to be good citizens, with this approach every person can by diligence and perseverance achieve whatever goal they may aspire to. The economy under the Trump approach calls individuals to be the best at what they do and to know that that makes them special.

The Democratic Party approach tells you that you are not special and that you can not succeed without the government’s help. That is totally contrary to the principles that the United States was founded on.

You are special. Every individual is unique. Your aspirations are special to you and only you can make them come into being.

It is not that Trump or Obama is any more special than you. They just happen to represent the opposing views of how to succeed. The view espoused by Mr. Trump tells you that you are special and that you can succeed. The view espoused by Mr. Obama says that you are not really anything special and you need the government’s help if you are going to make anything of yourself. The unfortunate part of their view is that they want to tell you what you are and where they want you to fit in. You have very little to say.

Your choice

In the US today, the choice is still yours. But more and more every day we are seeing bureaucrats who wish to take that choice away from you. Politicians want to put a cap on how much money you can make. They want to tell lazy people that they will be guaranteed a certain level of income. They want to give everybody a free education. What they do not tell you is that they will feed you only the knowledge that they want you to have. (We are already seeing this in many areas of our education system).

Unless you choose correctly today, you may find that you will not have a choice tomorrow. Mr. Trump and Mr. Obama are only representatives of the ways you might choose. Mr. Trump stands for freedom to be all that your Creator means for you to be. Mr. Obama stands for the exact opposite.

The choice is yours.

Choose wisely!