Science Proves Evolution Wrong-Human Evolution Is False

Theory of human evolution

One of the most controlling influences of modern time has been the philosophy of the evolution of all life. It permeates every nook and crany of our lives today. Just about any area of study tries to find its connection to and its place in the picture of evolution. Charles Darwin

Though all that is observed in the universe is supposedly connected to evolution, the one that is promoted the most is that of biological evolution. The story goes that somehow some molecules of some elements accidentally came together at just the right time, at just the right balance, in just the right conditions, with just the right input of energy to bring about something that was living and was able to reproduce itself before it disappeared. This supposedly continued to happen for millions of generations of continued perfectly balanced conditions in that the “now living thing” began to “evolve” and become more complex. How it was able to do this is beyond the realm of scientific explanation of today’s scientists.

“Scientists” are continually concocting new and more elaborate scenarios by which these complicated living things “could have evolved”. It seems today that logic in science is not a viable tool. Occam’s razor used to be a good and logical explanation to the resolution of any given problem. (Occam’s Razor says that in a case where there are two explanations for a given occurrence that the one that requires the least explanation is usually the better).

Instead, today, to spread the falsehood of evolution, elaborate fairy tales of how something came to be is the preferred approach. It one “fairy tale” is proved wrong, then another is created. These “fairy tales” are not based on observable science or on scientific laws. They are made up because there is no sound scientific evidence to support their belief of how a thing came into being.

Reasons why evolution false

You may wonder that evolution is false why is it so prevalent in our society. It was Hitler(Do you know who Hitler was?) who made the phrase, “If you repeat a lie enough, people will begin to believe it is the truth.” Well, he was not the one that first employed that technique. When Darwin published his “On the Origin of Species” in 1859 there began a campaign to convince the common folks that evolution was a fact. There were a few things that had to be “fine-tuned” if the “lie” was to be accepted.

The first thing they had to do was to begin with something simple that the average person could easily grasp and that could be easily manipulated by the ruling class. This simple tool was to change the definition of what was meant by evolution.

Instead of emphasizing the enormous complexity of changing a living thing from one type to another type, they defined evolution as “merely” change. By emphasizing small changes that could easily be quantified, they then extrapolated those small changes to species evolving changes. Unless one were somewhat knowledgeable of biology it would be easy to be fooled by such a ploy.

Evolution began on a false foundation and continues to be built on unprovable “fairy tales” of what may have happened. When one “fairy tale” is proved wrong it is merely replaced by another until it is proved wrong.

Facts that prove evolution wrong

Let’s look at few scientific facts that prove evolution wrong. Almost all evolutionists believe(yes, it is a belief system) that what we observe as our universe began as nothing. Of course, they refute this by saying that it was actually a “singularity” about the size of a period on this page. In so stating they merely move the situation back one step. They must still account for all the matter that is observed in the universe.

Because of the Theory of Relativity we know that matter and energy and time are interrelated. Matter and energy are different expressions of the same thing. Matter can be changed to energy and energy can be changed to matter but neither can be created or destroyed. The First Law of Thermodynamics clearly states this fact. Evolutionists with their “Big Bang” scenario can not logically explain the existence of our universe.

The second law of thermodynamics states that in a given system entropy increases continually. Entropy is the condition of continual increase of disorder. Stated simply, any system will wind down until it is no longer functional of lacks usable energy. Evolutionists offer many “explanations” but can not in the end prove their point and overcome the second law of thermodynamics. To bad for the evolutionists, every system we know is constantly increasing in disorder which is contradictory of Darwinian evolution.thermodynamics

The law of cause and effect say that the cause is always greater than the effect. Even if the “Big Bang” were viable, the agent of cause would be much greater. Apart from the “Big Bang”, the amount of energy contained within the universe would have to be less than the cause which imparted the energy. Evolution claims that a lesser entity brings about a greater entity which is opposite of the law of cause and effect.

The laws of probability have determined that the possibility of one protein essential to life, of which over 400 are necessary for the “simplest” living form, would occur one time in 10>104. The law of probability says that anything which occurs in one in 10>40 or greater is never going to happen. It is therefore logic to know that life happening by chance, or evolution, or spontaneous generation, will never happen.

Science proves evolution wrong

Yes, the science that evolutionists say they promote actually disproves what they say it proves. So, if they are not teaching real science when they teach evolution, what are they teaching.

The answer to the above question is that they are teaching a belief, in essence a religion. Evolutionists are basically atheists. More correctly stated, they are anti-theists. They are against the fact of creation by an omnipotent being who is in control of His creation. For them to acknowledge such a being would necessitate their subjection to that being. That they do not wish to do.

Religion or science

Because evolutionists do not wish to honor a creator being they have chosen the field of science to be their avenue of evangelizing. Since the sixteenth century the field of science has grown continually in its imminence. Because godly scientists followed the Bible and its precepts they developed things such as the scientific method. By studying the Bible and then proposing hypothesis they could test their hypothesis to see if their reasoning was right. This proved to be enlightening and the science became a trusted field of study.

Evolutionists realized the influence that science had and began to make inroads in the field. This began well before Darwin but reached a tipping point in Darwin’s “On the Origin of Species”. With the help of some atheist promoters it gained traction and grew in influence in the field of science. It has continued to do so and has now even entered into the government control whereby government supported school systems can only teach evolutionary biology.


If only one of the facts we have presented proves evolution false, then it is false. The laws of thermodynamics have shown that evolution is impossible. The laws of logic say that evolution is false. That should settle it. But look for more articles in the future which I shall show that DNA proves evolution false.


Let me encourage you to use an inquiring mind when approaching anything that scientists or anyone says. Yes, even what I may say. Please do your own research and know for certain what you know and what you can believe.

Just because someone may claim authority does not mean that they are authority. There is only one final authority and that is found in the One Who is the Creator of all that we comprehend. It is well worth your while to get acquainted with your Creator and what His thoughts are. One of the amazing things about our Creator is that He loves us so very much.

I would like to link you to some other articles that can explain how much He loves you and cares for you. No matter what your situation is He desires to bless you and have you dwell in His presence.

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How to Build an Online Business-Get Started in Online Business

One of the most popular ways to start a business today is to build an online business. But what most people do not know is how to build an online business. Let me share with you a few points that will hopefully get you going in the right direction.

What not to do

I have written several blogs on things you should not do and certain schemes and programs you should avoid. Rather than writing about them again I shall just link you to those articles for you to read at your leisure. You may click HERE, HERE. and HERE to read those articles.

Suffice it to say that there are many out there who will gladly take your hard-earned money and in return will give you nothing of any worth. It was my sad fortune to have experienced a couple of these programs. Please be wary of all the programs that you may consider, even the ones that I recommend. I will not recommend anything that would take advantage of you, but it is just a good frame of mind for you to exercise when searching for a way to get started in online business.

My Choice for creating a successful online business

My choice for building an online business that will make you money is what is known as Wealthy Affiliates. You may have heard of affiliate programs such as those associated with Amazon and Walmart. These are excellent programs with which you may wish to be aligned after you establish your own business. There are many types of businesses which you can build online but an affiliate business is one that, though it takes a while to establish, it will in the long run provide continuing and growing income without adding more of your time to bring that growth.

Wealthy Affiliate is a program that provides the knowledge and tools that are necessary to build and grow and maintain an affiliate business. There are other programs which promote affiliate businesses and even provide a website for you. But, they do not provide the knowledge or teaching or the necessary tools to help you in building a growing business. These types of programs give you the product and then set you adrift without your having any of the necessary knowledge or available tools to grow your company. The end result is that you have spent your good money and after six months or a year you have neither your money nor your business.

Wealthy Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliates are so confident that they can help you build and establish a successful online business that they will give you a free membership. They give you 10 free lessons on how affiliate marketing works and two free websites on which you can build your own online business website. They even host those for free, too. Just from the ten free lessons you will begin to understand some of the knowledge that you will need to continue to build your online business. It will become evident to you that you have embarked on a program that is well grounded in good business principles. If you think that you can get-rich-quick by doing business online, you may need to rethink where you are going. Wealthy Affiliates will help you focus on the right things by which you can build your business so that it will in time produce whatever income you may desire.

Ready to begin online business

If after trying the Free Membership of Wealthy Affiliates you believe that you are ready to begin online business, then you will want to become a Premium Member. With the Premium Membership you will have access to all the tools that every member of Wealthy Affiliates has. You will have access to tools, lessons, knowledge and support worth thousands of dollars. When I say thousand of dollars, I mean that it is worth thousands of dollars a month. If you were to purchase the lessons and support and tools through any other program other than Wealthy Affiliates, you would actually pay hundreds to thousands of dollars any given month.

At Wealthy Affiliate you can access all these features twenty-four hours a day. There are thousands of members of Wealthy Affiliates, many of whom have utilized the lessons and tools available and almost all members are glad to help you if you have any questions. Of course, there are professionals that can answer any question that you may have and help you through any problem that you may encounter.

Along with all the learning tools, Wealthy Affiliates gives you 25 free websites for you to build as many businesses that you wish to build. After you get the hang of how to build an online business you will probably go on to build more and more. It may take several years to do, but it can be done. All these sites are hosted at no additional cost.

Wealthy Affiliates will also host 25 additional domains that you may have at no additional cost above your membership.

Now, you have probably noticed the phrase, “no additional cost”. Yes, there is a cost. If you have tried the Free Membership and have decided that Wealthy Affiliates is the platform from which you wish to learn to build an online business, then you can join as a Premium Membership. The cost for this membership is $49 a month. When you consider all that you get with a Premium Membership, you might wonder how that is possible. But that is all that it costs. You can buy the membership yearly and save even on that amount.


Wealthy Affiliates will not guarantee you success in your online business. Only you can do that. But it has been proven over the 18 years that Wealthy Affiliates have been helping build online business entrepreneurs that with work and persistence and patience creating a successful online business is well within the grasp of any person.

If you think that you have the ability to put in five to ten hours a week produce content in area that you are passionate about, then look into the Free Membership of Wealthy Affiliates. You do not have to register a credit card and it is truly FREE. Try it for a few weeks. Build a site on one or both of the free sites that they give you in the Free Membership. Then, if this program fits you, go ahead and join as a Premium Member.

I am going to give you a chart below to show you what is available for you if you decide to join the Premium Membership after trying the Free Membership.

Enjoy the adventure of starting an online business. God bless you and prosper you.





How to Start an Online Business and Make Money

As the economy is beginning to look up and people are more optimistic about their future, more and more people are considering online business opportunities. More and more I hear the question of how to start an online business and make money. The first part of the question has myriad answers. The second part is a little more defined in its answers. In other words, there are many avenues by which one can start an online business but number of those avenues that make the money are not as numerous. Let us look at some of the steps to set up an online business.

First steps to starting an online business

To begin an online business you will need some type of computer. Typically, a desktop or a laptop is the most convenient. If you are quite mobile in lifestyle the laptop will probably be your choice. Along with the computer you will need access to the internet. That you can purchase on a subscription basis from a local provider. Or you can “hang out” in businesses which provide free wifi.(Be cautious about free wifi’s. They may not be protected. Best to have your own private provider).

Once the connection to the internet is set you need to set up or have an email address and a Paypal account set up if you do not already have one.

Next step

With the first steps completed you can now begin the search for the type of online business that you would like to embark on. You can go to one of your favorite search engines: Bing, Google, Yahoo, Duckgo, etc.: and type in “how to start an online business”. What you will then be faced with is deciding which of thousands of opportunities you must choose from. Hopefully, because you are here you have clicked on this site.

There are literally thousands of opportunities for starting a business online. The reason I am writing this blog is to alert you to those sites which only make money for those who sell you their product. There are many legitimate programs which will help you make money in an online business. However, there are many more that will take your money and in the end will leave you with nothing to show for your investment. How do I know? I was a victim of several of these so-called opportunities.

Some things to avoid

There are some red flags that you should be aware of when deciding on a platform for an online business. If you are going to learn how to start an online business and make money you must ally yourself with a program that will give you the knowledge and training that will enable you to accomplish that goal. Most beginners, as I was, have very little understanding of how the internet works. We probably know less of how an online business is grown to a point of making money. So, what ever program you choose, make sure you have an under girding of knowledge and support.

Another red flag is being required to put up a large sum of money. Yes, it will take some investment to build any type of business, even an online business. But, the good thing about an online business is that it does not take a large amount of money to set your business up and get it running. Any program that wants thousands of dollars to set your business up should be questioned.

In contrast to the above mentioned thousands of dollars is the one that begins with a bargain deal to get you set up. Once they have you in the “loop” they begin to add products which “you will need” if your business is really going to succeed. If you continue with them you will end up spending thousands of dollars and have very little to show in the end. So, when they begin to push the “upsell”, you should begin to consider the “exit”. You will spend much of your hard-earned money and time and in the end have nothing to show for it.

One other flag. If the program you choose has one name but your payments are to a different named company, beware. That is a good sign that you will be taken advantage of. Beware!

In contrast to what to avoid in an online business program, one thing you should look for is how long has the program been in service and what are its reviews. If you cannot verify that the program has been around for a reasonable amount of time, then consider other alternatives.

How to start an online business and make money

Now, to the point. The main reason you start a business is to make money. So, can anybody guarantee you that you will make money online? The truth is nobody can guarantee you that you can make a certain amount of money or when you will make a certain amount. You are the one that will determine the answers to those questions. If someone guarantees you a timeline or amount, go somewhere else.

The best way to start an online business and make money is to ally yourself with a program that gives you the tools that you need as well as the support that is necessary as your business grows. There are several such programs out there and you may wish to do further research as to which one you think will work best for you.

My recommendation

I could give you a list of viable online business programs but let me rather give you my recommendation as to what I think the best program is for how to get started in online business and make money. The program that I recommend is called Wealthy Affiliates. It is a program that has been around going on 18 years. The original two founders are still active in the continued refining and adding courses and supporting tools to the program. They have been around for almost 18 years and from all indications will be around for years to come.

As for guarantees, there are no for sure promises. But they do provide a library of tools that no other program can provide. The tools are continually being added too. There is a 24-hour support system, so no matter where you are in the world you can find help with any problem you might have with your business.

Considering the tools made available to you, the cost is minimal. For only $49 a month you have access to tools and programs that if purchased separately would cost into the hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month. But, if you are still not sure, take a test drive of Wealthy Affiliates for free. I mean FREE. Most free offers come with the tag of registering a credit card or a 30 or 90 day free trial with a money back guarantee. But, with Wealthy Affiliates it is FREE. No credit card. No need to cancel. No time limit. With FREE you get 10 free lessons on how to set up your online business. To do that you will receive 2 free websites on which to build your business site. Wealthy Affiliates will host those sites for Free. If after trying the FREE version you decide that Wealthy Affiliate is not for you, then do nothing. There is no charge and you get to keep the two free websites and continue to build them or do nothing. The choice is yours.

Let me leave you with a chart that shows what Wealthy Affiliates can do for you. Check it out below.


I hope this article has helped you in deciding how to start an online business and make money.

May God bless you and prosper you in your endeavors.





What Determines When You Are Old

The average age of the population of the United States is getting older every day. I sometimes wonder just what determines when you are old. Of course, every person is an individual and each has his or her own approach to every situation. But sometimes I wonder if our society does not hasten the idea that we are getting older. Let me share a few reasons why I think this. Then you tell me your thoughts.


I do not know if you have noticed but retirement is “pushed” almost from the time that one is in high school and definitely in college if one goes to college. Before you even get a career you are being aimed in the direction of retirement. You are told you should get certain degrees so that you can get a job in a certain field because they have good retirement benefits.

I am convinced that this idea of planning for retirement from the beginning of one’s chosen area of work is a contributor of hastening the onset of old age. One of the reasons for this is that it never allows you to enjoy the present. How many people do you know that are having a good time right now, no matter what they are doing? I know of very few.

Health benefits

Another area which ages people fast is the area of health benefits. I know of people who take a job that they literally hate just so they can have great health benefits. They do not take into account the fact that the turmoil and stress that they will experience will cause them to have to exercise the health benefit not because they have good health but because their health will suffer from all the stress that they will have to endure because they hate the job.

Because you have great health benefits does not guarantee you good health. In the long run it would be better to take a job that you really enjoy, even though the health benefits may not be so great, than to take one you hate doing that has better health benefits. The aim should be to remain healthy so that you never have to use those health benefits. But seldom do I hear people take that approach.

Bad health issues can bring on old age at an early time in one’s life. Health benefits are not good health. They are the results of bad health. It is better to never have health benefits and have great health than to have all the health benefits and never be healthy.

Higher standard of living

Pursuing a higher standard of living seems to be the American dream. It is a pursuit that very few people ever consider the price of. I have known people in my life who were so consumed with achieving a higher standard of living that nothing else really mattered. Family became secondary, even though they claimed that the family was the reason they were pursuing a higher standard.

In my own experience, in my first marriage, my wife’s father was a man driven to succeed. He only had a fourth grade education and was a self-taught man. He was a hard worker and built a successful building business. But he was so consumed with building that business that he never got to know his daughter or son the way that a father should. Sure he gave them every material thing they needed and much more. But he never gave himself in spending time with them. He worked seven days a week for many years.

The only problem was that by the time he was fifty years old he was an old man. His body was worn out. He developed liver disease and died at the age of 52. He had made enough money so that he had great health benefits but those benefits did not keep him from dying. Too late, he found out the fallacy of great health benefits. They can make you old faster than you think.

Thinking old

Probably the thing that makes people old is this one thing. They think old. I have a brother and some cousins and friends who have been old all their life. They began their adult life looking forward to retirement. It was if life would begin for them after they retired from whatever they were going to do for work.

You can see this mentality in advertisements for people growing their 401Ks or investing in this portfolio or that commodity. As mentioned above, the focus is not on the present but always on the future. An important point to remember is that the future never arrives. Human beings have to live in the present.

If you can not enjoy where you are now, you will never enjoy your life. That does not mean that you should not have goals and aspirations, but you must not miss out on the good that is in the present. There is very little reason for a person in the United States to not be able to stop and be thankful for something every day they are alive.

You might say that people on poverty do not have something to be thankful for, but you would be wrong. People in poverty in the United States would be considered rich in some third world countries. A thankful person in the present has great potential for the future. Focusing on working in the present brings great blessings in the future which will become the present.

Results of getting old

If your goal is to retire and have benefits, then you will probably be very disappointed. If you have an old mentality then you hasten that disappointment. You see, because we are human beings, when we get old we do not have the faculties to really enjoy this physical life. The results of getting old is that you get closer to the day that you will die.

To die, means that “the real you” will be separated from this old body. You can not escape that reality.

Now, if you have done everything that they say you must do and have made a lot of money and a great name for yourself, that will not keep you alive in the final analysis.

Are you ready for this?

When you come to this time, will you be ready? You see, you will no longer be retired. Contrary to what you may have been told, your life does not end when this body ceases to function. Every person who has ever lived or will live will continue to live on into eternity. Evolutionists would try to convince you that you cease to exist and all becomes nothingness. I would not want you to enter eternity thinking that. If you do, you will be terrified at what you find.

You see, you are “fearfully and wonderfully made” by your Creator. The God of all creation created you and loved you so much that He stamped His image in you. We all begin our lives on this earth with that image marred because of what our ancestor Adam did when he rebelled against our Creator. But, because He is a loving Creator, He paid the price for that rebellion by sending His “only-begotten Son, Jesus” to pay the price for our rebellion.

To receive that eternal life will cost you your life. I do not know about you, but when I saw my life in relation to the life that Jesus would give me in exchange, I could not turn Him down. There is no comparison with the life I gave up to the life that He gave me. Because of that life I will live eternally with my Creator in heavenly bliss beyond my highest dream.

You too can have this gift just by giving up your struggling existence and receiving His gift of eternal life with Him. He will not force it on you. It is yours to freely receive or to reject.


I must tell you that there are consequences if you reject His offer of life eternal. It is not oblivion. It is an eternity of pain and agony which never ends. Have you ever considered “eternity”? Do not think that God will send you there. He wants you to spend eternity with Him. But our rebellious sinful life would not and could not endure the glory of His eternal presence, so there is only one other place to go. That place was prepared for the devil and his demons, not for human beings. But it is the only other place there will be.

The Bible says that “today is the day of salvation”. Let this be your day that you cease to grow old and enter into the Kingdom of God and live for eternity with Him.

God bless you!





CashFinderSystem Is It a Scam or Legit

CashFinderSystem Is It a Scam or Legit

Just lately I received a letter in the mail that declared that a company was looking for “Finders” in my particular city.  I was not sure what they meant by finders, so I read a little farther.

There was the typical promo statements and then a site on the web to go and get all the facts.  So, I went to the web.

Once I got to the site I found a video which would give me all the information that I would need.  When I clicked the run arrow the count-down clock started at twenty minutes.  I guess the idea was to impress me that time was running out and that the sooner I get in on the deal, the better.  I tricked them, though, and listened to the whole thing.  As the end drew near the pressure began to mount.  As usual, the product was touted as being worth hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but the seller was going to give me a great price of not $999 and not $599 and not even $399.  But I could get this product for $199 on a special deal by purchasing it today.

As I lingered a little longer and was getting ready to leave the page, another offer was made giving it to me for only $99.  If that had been me two years ago, I would have bought the product right then and there.  But, I knew that I was not going to buy it so I clicked to leave the page and you will never guess what happened.  Another offer came on the screen and was offering the whole program for only $79.  Maybe we should all learn a little from such sites as this.  If the cost of the program can plummet from being worth thousands of dollars to just $79 in twenty minutes, maybe it is not worth even that.  Past experience has taught me that the only one who makes any real profit on programs such as CashFinderSystem are the ones who are pushing them.

Further study into the program confirmed what I had suspected from the beginning.  Though it is not an out and out scam it is without a doubt misleading in its presentation.

The premises of the program is that CashFindersystem will teach you through twelve online lessons how to find real estate properties and negotiate sales between people who wish to sell their properties and people who are looking for properties in your areas.  If that sounds like being a realtor, you are on the right track.  However, the way it is done falls within the realms of being legal.  What they do not tell you that it is not as simple as looking it up online and posting it for someone else to find.  This is a practice that professional realtors carry on every day.  The chances are that they are far better at it than you or I would be.

There are several other facets of the system that would take years to be proficient in.  So, it is not the simple process that the promoter of CashFinderSystem tells you that it is.  I will not categorically state that it is a scam, but I will say that it is not the product that it is made out to be.  Given time and a lot of money you may make money doing it.  But it will take a lot of time and a lot of money to get there and you may never make the kind of money that the program says you will.

What I Recommend

There is a program by which you can build an online business and you can build it while staying home and working at your computer.  It is a program that requires some time invested and some money invested.  But both are of a reasonable portion.

If you are working fulltime now, but wish to begin to build an online business that could someday work into a fulltime business and income, you may consider this.  By spending an hour or so each day or four or five hours a week, you can begin to lay the foundation for growing a business that can become your fulltime job in probably less time that you might think.

The cost is realistic and you will get a lot more for your money than any program you can find on the internet.

The Program

The program that I am speaking of is called Wealthy Affiliates.  You may have heard of affiliate marketers.  These marketers affiliate themselves with companies and products which they advertise on their site.  Through their blogs and advertisements they direct people to the products. When they purchase a product of that company they receive a percentage of that sale as a commission.  Wealthy Affiliates is the best program to help people become successful affiliate marketers.  With the training that you receive at Wealthy Affiliate you can go any direction you may wish in online business.

Wealthy Affiliate is so confident that their program can help you that they will let you try it for free.  In this case “free” means “free”.  You will not have to register a credit card.  There will not be a limited amount of time.  You will not have unlimited access to their lessons and tools but you will have access to ten initial lessons by which you will be able to build and launch your own website.  Since I mentioned website, you will receive two free websites, which you can name, and WA will host for you free of charge.  In the ten free lessons you will learn how to work with WordPress which is the leading format for building internet sites.  As I stated, there is no time limit set for how long you can exercise this free membership.

If you choose not to upgrade to a Premium membership, that is OK.  Keep your free membership and your two websites.  Build them and make money.

However, if you are serious about building an online business, consider the Premium Membership.  It costs $49 a month(or you can save on that by paying yearly), but provides a plethora of lessons which seem to never end, plus 24 hour support and help.  The tools which are provided would cost between $400 and $600 a month if they were purchased separately.  But they come included with the Premium membership.

With the Premium membership you will also receive 25 free domains and free hosting for 25 additional domains which you may own or will purchase.

You are not committed to lifetime membership.  You can stay with the program as long as you wish.  You can cease your membership anytime you wish.

What they promise

Wealthy Affiliates will not promise you that you will make money at affiliate marketing.  But they will promise you that they will be with you every step of the way and will provide the tools necessary for you to succeed.  If you are consistent and patient and diligent in applying the knowledge and principles which you will learn at Wealthy Affiliate you will succeed.  It will take time. That is why you need patience.  Any good business needs a good foundation.  The first six months is foundation time and it will pay off in the long run.

Wealthy Affiliates and its members will be here to encourage you and answer your questions and help you as you build your business.


Check this chart

You can click the “Create Your Account” button to begin your free trial.
May you prosper. And God bless you.

How To Build My Own Business Website for Free

Have you wanted to have your own business? Would you like to be your own boss? Have you ever thought that “If I knew how to build my own business website for free, I could be building my business now?” Well, there is good news for you.

The bad news first

Before we get to the “good” news, let me tell you what is not the “good” news. It seems that everybody that makes an offer for a free website always has one hand behind their back with their fingers crossed. For 99% of those offers that would probably be right. They begin with a thirty-day free trial offer in which you register your credit card with them. It is not really free, because they charge your card, and give you a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied in thirty days. Somehow down the line they forget to tell you when your thirty-day free trial is up and hit you with a “whopping” doosy of an initial payment which should cover the cost of several websites. (One of my experiences cost me $6000 and left me with nothing to show for it. I could not get a refund because they had me sign online documents that said I received a product which I did not. DO NOT SIGN ANY ONLINE DOCUMENTS!)

Others will tease you with a reasonable payment of under a $100 dollars as if that is the total cost of the product. But once they have your money and your card number you find out that you really can not make the kind of money that you want to make unless you have an additional product of theirs. Having already taken the bait, you feel the need to go ahead and add the additional product so you can really make big money. This may continue for two or three more levels. Before you are finished you will have found yourself having spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars more that you had expected.

The good news

The good news is that there is a program that actually is free. Let me clearly define what “free” is. It is “FREE”. No money. No credit card registered. Nada. Nothing. You will have to choose a ID name and register a password but nothing resembling money will be exchanged. “How can that be,” you may ask. It can be because the founders of this program feel that their product is so good and can be of benefit to so many who really want to build an online business but just do not have the finances to start out as a big company.

They will give you the tools to lay the foundation of an online business by teaching you how to build a website to promote your business and the beginning tools to make that website a viable instrument for your business. Now, here is something that you will seldom find. They will give you “free of charge” two web sites for you to develop for your business and will host those web sites free of charge. They will give you ten free lessons on how to build your web sites and launch them on the internet. So far, you have spent non of your money. You have not registered a credit card with them. You have learned how to build a website and built one or two web sites and have launched them.

If by this time you think that this is a viable and worthwhile product then you can consider getting the paid version, called the Premium version as opposed to the Free version.

What if you do not like it?

Good question. If you do not like it, then don’t buy the Premium version. But, here’s the good part, keep the free version. Keep the knowledge you learned from the ten free lessons.(By the way, that is more knowledge than you will get from a whole program of the other guys.) On top of that, keep the free websites. They are free and they are yours. I’ll show you a chart in just a little so you can compare the Free version to the Premium version. Thus far you have spent non of your money. You have learned how to build your own business website for free. If that is where you want to stay, then, may you prosper and be in good health.

But, if you really are serious about how to build your own business online, then, please consider the Premium version.

What is the name of this product

The product I am speaking of is called Wealthy Affiliates. If you are even a little knowledgeable of internet businesses, you are aware that affiliate marketing is one of the largest business groups on the internet. Though the main thrust of Wealthy Affiliates is affiliate marketing through building businesses around web sites that emphasize blogs, the platform taught is viable for any approach to business online.

If you decide to go the Premium version route you will be charged a monthly fee. It is very reasonable and gives you state-of-the-art products and support at no extra charge. If you are convinced of the value of working through Wealthy Affiliates, you can pay for it a year at the time and save even more money. You are never locked in. If in six months you decide that you have learned enough, then opt out and cancel your credit card(there it is, you knew it was coming), but that is for you to decide. For the value received one would be lacking in wisdom to give up such service. For the many services that you get for your monthly fee, you would have to pay that much for any one of them as a single service. If you are serious about building your own business online, you should go with Wealthy Affiliate.


If you are expecting to get-rich-quick online, you should look elsewhere. The only people getting rich quick online are those who are taking advantage of people who want to get-rich-quick online. Be wise. Check out Wealthy Affiliates. Do it now. Then go ahead and compare it to other programs. Get the free program and test drive it. Kick the tires. Take it for a spin.

This is “really” a free opportunity for you to find out if you want to build and online business. And you can do it for “FREE”!




When Morals Are Not Moral


I recently read a news article in which a former president of the United States, who calls himself a “born again Christian”, said that he believed that God was OK with same sex marriages. This is a stance that this same man would have had nothing to do with thirty years ago. Why has he changed his view on this subject? Was the “same sex marriages” not moral thirty years ago, but they are now? How does he determine when morals are not moral and when they become not moral?

Let me present some answers to all of these questions.

What are morals?

A simple explanation of what morals are would be that they are accepted standards by which any given society expects its’ citizens to live by. Most civilized societies would deem the act of one person taking the life of another in a premeditated act as “murder”. In many cases the punishment would be that the murderer would be put to death or put in prison for the rest of his or her life as payment for the crime.

Now, murder is an extreme example of morals that any society might install. But every civilization has its’ morals on which it will stand or fall. There are some morals that have been present in the beginning of every great civilization ever recorded in history. Among those morals are respect for individual persons, the foundation of the family unit, individual property rights, respect for those in authority and usually some type of religious authority recognized and reverenced.

The nature of morals

What determines if something can be defined as moral. Let us list a few things that a moral entity does.

  • The end result produces good for all involved.
  • It promotes the safety of all members of the society.
  • It limits evil actions.
  • It brings discipline for abusers of others
  • It honors those who honor it.
  • It brings harmony to the society.
  • It gives direction
  • It warns of evil.
True morality will prolong a society and bring good to those who participate in that moral society.

Are morals fluid?

Are morals moral?
Morals are fluid

The answer to this question can be “Yes” and it can be “No”. How can that be? Let me take for example how a former president of the United States once said about the Constitution of the United States. He said that the Constitution was a “living document”. By that, he meant that it was fluid. What it meant to one group or time may not be what it means to another group or time. It might mean one thing to this generation and another thing to the next generation. He believes that morals are fluid.

Now, contrast that to an orthodox Jew who believes the Torah. The Jews have not changed what the Torah says for over three thousand years. What it said when Moses received it and wrote it down, it still says today. The morals of an orthodox Jewish community is the same today as they were three thousand years ago.

By comparing the two methods of determining morals, which method brings about the most good? The first, that of being fluid or changing with whatever is convenient, was the way morals were applied in all the great civilizations of recorded history. They all began with a rigid set of moral standards(whether we would call them moral or not, to them they were) by which their society would be governed. As time passed and success brought lax in the standards by which they governed, so came the demise of all the great civilizations; the Egyptian, the Assyrian, the Babylonian, the Persian, the Greeks and the Romans. Though each was in the end defeated, the real defeat came first with the decay of their morals.

Contrast those societies or civilizations with the group of peoples called the Jews. They have maintained the same moral standard for three thousand years. Of course, they have had those who have tried to change those morals, but they have not been able to do it. Why? It is because the Jews believe that those morals come from their God and He does not change. They are still and entity and a society in this world and all the so called great civilizations have disappeared.

Real Morality

We have looked at two approaches to morality for a society. One has a failing record every time it is used. That is the fluid approach to morality. It is the approach that the two presidents I have cited above are espousing. On the surface it appears harmless, but in the end it becomes part of what is described today as “a slippery slope” of degradation. Their morality is merely a convenient tool to manipulate people for their own purpose. People who have fluid morality are not interested in the good of anyone except themselves. They become mere pawns in the hands of forces which they themselves are probably not ever aware. If they are aware they have become diabolical in their intent. That means they really want to destroy you and your society. History proves that they can do it. It may take a couple of generations but it does happen.

When morals become fluid, they are no longer of value to a society. That is when morals are not moral. They have then become the tool by which a society is destroyed.

When morals are not moral
His Word Never Changes

The answer

What is the answer, then? The moral standard must be anchored to something that does not change, but is proven to produce that list of good things that we mentioned above.

See this.

Psalm 119:89 (KJV)

For ever, O LORD, thy word is settled in heaven.

This a scripture from the Holy Bible. This verse was penned over 2500 years ago. It still carries its’ same force.

Psalm 119:160 (KJV)

Thy word is true from the beginning: and every one

of thy righteous judgments endureth for ever.

God’s word does not change.

The hope

The hope for any nation or people or society is not found in its’ ability to shift its’ morals to accommodate for sins of its’ people, but its’ hope is in its’ willingness to humble themselves before the Creator of all things and receive His wisdom and then to walk in that obedience.

We as individuals and a society must be willing to stand against such people who will speak against our Creator, even if at one time they were president of the United States. If they stand against the God of creation, they have come against the ultimate power.

Proverbs 3:5 (KJV)

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

This verse in Proverbs is followed with promises of blessing. If we wish for our nation and society to continue with the great blessings that we enjoy, then we must adopt true morality. That morality is found only in the Word of God.