How to Succeed at Affiliate Marketing

You are reading this because you are truly interested in making money on the internet. You may have spent enough time searching by now to know that affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways of making money online.

How to do business online

You must first have a website to establish your presence on the internet. The website may take one of several forms. It may be a simple store front type situation where you present products and sell them for a given price. Another might be a drop shipping business in which you have an account with a producer of certain products in which you advertise and sell their products without actually maintaining an inventory of their products. You simply advertise and sell their product for a marked up price and then from payment received you buy it from the company and they ship the product to your customer. The difference between what you are paid and what you pay for the product is your profit.

Sometimes you are merely selling a service which you provide.

The most utilized and without a doubt the most successful is online affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing

To be an affiliate marketer you must “affiliate” yourself with a product or company that you would like to promote. To “affiliate” with a company means that you agree to certain terms about how to advertise and promote their products and in return they will compensate you for the buying customers that you send their way. The way they compensate you is by giving you an agreed upon percentage of the sale price. Depending on the product that percentage may range from 3% to 70%.

How will you promote the product

Most affiliate marketers will set up a website that is called a blog. The best I can determine about the derivation of this term is that it stands for “weblog”. This website will usually focus on a subject that is very defined. For instance: it may be about cars; but better yet, red cars; still more defined, small red cars; still more, small red cars for sale. I think you get the idea.

But, just as important, and maybe more so, it should be something that the blogger is passionate about. If you own a 1954 red Volkswagen Beetle and want to know if there are other people interested in the same, you can blog about that. As you develop your blog you might ally yourself with a parts’ dealer who can supply parts’ for cars. By affiliating yourself with the parts’ dealer you can direct customers to him by placing advertisements, which he provides, on your website. When people read your blog and click on the advertisement they will be taken to the parts’ dealers site. If they make a purchase, the parts’ dealer will pay you a percentage of that sale as a commission.

This same approach can be used in an almost infinite number of cases. If you can find a product, you can probably affiliate with that company and become an affiliate marketer for them.

So far, so good

So far it does not sound that complicated. As you continue to search about affiliate marketing you will find that there are numerous opportunities out there to start building an affiliate marketing site. This is the point where you must begin to use wisdom.

There are probably hundreds of promotions that will promise to set you up an affiliate site that will begin to bring in a passive income. That term, “passive income”, means you do not have to do anything to bring it in. Let me be straight forward, that is a lie. What they will do is to set you up a website and install links to products, usually to Amazon. It is a real site and is connected to real products at Amazon. But, what they won’t tell you is how you are going to get people to your site so that they can click through to Amazon and buy the products.

They will not tell you, either, how to add products or take out products from your site. They do not tell you how to operate the dashboard for your website to add plugins or links to other sites of interest. You are usually tied to Amazon and no other business opportunities. So you are very limited and your hands or figuratively tied as far as developing your website any further.

Most, and by that I mean 95%, of these promotions and programs are what I have just described. They will take your money and communicate with you for a couple of months and then the phone or email will go silent. It is best that if you buy into any program like this that you pay with a credit card or PayPal. If after a couple of months you see some of the above symptoms develop you can dispute the payment and get your money back. One note of caution: Do not sign any legal type documents online. If the company or product is not confident enough that they can trust that you will like their product, then you probably will not. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING THAT APPEARS TO BE A LEGAL DOCUMENT.

What to look for in an affiliate marketing program

As you search for the right program for yourself, there are a few things which you should expect in the program if you are to succeed.

  • They should not want a lot of money upfront.
  • They should not promise that you will make big money fast.
  • They should not constantly promote additional products for a price to guarantee your success.
  • They should offer a free trial. Usually 30 or 60 day trial. Usually this is with registration of a credit card. At the end of the trial period the card will be automatically charged unless you rescind the card.
  • They should have a comprehensive library of training tools to cover every area of affiliate marketing
  • They should have programs that teach you how to build your website and how to maintain it and grow your followers.
  • They should have a support system that can be prompt and knowledgeable and available 24 hours a day.
  • The price should be reasonable and you should know what it is going to cost upfront.

There could be other things that could be included in the list, but if you can check these off you will more than likely be standing on safe ground.

My Recommendation

My recommendation comes from a background of having experienced some of the unscrupulous affiliate marketing scams that are out there. Because of those experiences, I do now want anybody else to go through them. It would cost you money and heartaches that you should not have to go through.

Because I wanted to succeed I continued searching until I found a program that meets all the needs of someone who is willing to work at building an online affiliate marketing site. It provides all the tools and lessons and support that even the novice will need to begin and build an online marketing business. Though I am emphasizing affiliate marketing, it will work for any approach for building an online business or service or ministry.

It is upfront with its costs ($49 a month, $499 a year). If you are like I was, you might think that that is a lot of money. But consider this. Some programs want $4000 to $5000 up front and the more as you progress through the program. With this program you know from the beginning what you will be paying and can adjust your budget accordingly. For that price you will get all the tools necessary for building your website and the knowledge and training to maintain it and grow it to whatever size you choose.

One of the best things about this program is that you can try it for FREE! Totally FREE! No credit card to register. With the FREE membership you will have access to 10 of the hundreds of training courses that are in the program and available to all the PREMIUM members. With the FREE membership you will receive 2 free websites hosted by their hosting service.

With this program as a PREMIUM member you will have access to all the tools and knowledge contained in the program. There is not a higher level.

The name of this program is Wealthy Affiliates. It has been established for going on 14 years and is still growing in membership. Let me encourage you to try the FREE membership. That is how I started and I have not looked back since. You will grow in knowledge and by patience and persistence you will succeed as an affiliate marketer.

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Is Neurogym a Scam – A Review

One of the latest motivational attraction is one that is called Neurogym. As you might surmise from the name, it has to do with the brain. But not just the brain, but the thoughts and attitudes that go along with the brain and all that is contained within the neuropaths of the brain. The founder and principal promoter of Neurogym is a man named John Assaraf.

John Assaraf

John Assaraf is an attractive and very intelligent person. From his biography we learn that he did not have an idealic childhood but was very often the brunt of bullies. Because of this and other bad circumstances in his life he was more of a troublemaker as a teenager than an inspiration. According to him, at the age of nineteen he made a decision to turn his life around and so became a success. He built several multi million dollar companies and was a very successful business man.

In part of his autobiography he tells how he made a motivational picture board and on that board one of the pictures of the ideal house that he wanted to live in. It was only a matter of four years before he had achieved that dream. This and other achievements brought him to the idea of sharing how he was able to do this with other people. Out of this came Neurogym.

Neurogym is not just a method to make money but it is used to lose weight, improve relationships, improve physical and mental health and gain confidence and raise self-esteem. All in all it sounds like a fairly good thing.

What is the cost?

Typically, such programs as Neurogym will not give a price of the whole program. I will admit that it took me quite a while to find what the price of the program, or programs, were. I did not get it from the Neurogym web pages, though. I got it from an article written by one of the users of the program. Apparently, he had had good success and was promoting the program on his own website.

There are seven phases to the program. They are as follows with their cost:

  1. Money- The Art and Science of Financial Success ($2500)
  2. The Success Manifestors Genius Program ($497)
  3. In Depth Personality, Strengths and Success Profile Assessment ($500)
  4. Having It All ($197)
  5. Values Based Living ($197)
  6. How to Get More Done in Less Time ($197)
  7. The Four Pillars of Financial and Wealth Success ($1497)

If you go to the site you will see offers, which they claim are worth over $16,000 which they will sell to you for only $995. If you can not shell out $995 right now, you can make four easy payments of $395.

On their page you will also find testimonies of several people who have used the program and achieved success. All this sounds good and it may be. But allow me a little skepticism.

What the employers of Neurogym have to say

If you were to go to and read some testimonies of people who have worked for Neurogym, you may get another picture than the one presented by the company. Here are just a few of the comments left by people who said they liked the motivation of the company, but there were many things lacking.

  • The company is not transparent with a prospective new hire about the company’s condition leading them to believe the opportunity is much better than it really is.
    By the time you figure out what’s really going on any other opportunities you might be considering will be gone.
    The public perception is that everything is perfect and the company exist to change the world. Everything is far from perfect.
  • Boss is micro-manager from hell. Turnover understandably high. Feast or famine – lots of feel good kumbaya moments (are we having fun?) and many more “oh crap” moments due to poor organization and wacky direction. Run away.
  • The public perception is that everything is perfect and the company exist to change the world. Everything is far from perfect. …
  • Products are predatory
    Top leader is all about the money
  • High stress environment marked by a high degree of incompetence
    Company doesn’t pay their vendors or partners and contrary to what they want the public to think they are on the verge of failure
    Most employees have been owed bonuses for months that the company can’t afford to pay
  • NeuroGym is a company that makes money by selling very expensive, false-hope to desperate or naive people around the world. Blatantly unethical business practices are conveniently ignored by most of the team, including the leadership.
    Working here will take a toll on your conscience. I don’t expect this company to still be operating in 2020.
  • Owner is a fraud and preys on weak and vulnerable clientele by selling false hopes and lies. You feel grimy for taking their money.

Of the reviews at GlassDoor, 3 were positive(but one of those pointed out some weaknesses) and 7 were negative.

My conclusion about Neurogym

I was very impressed by the first things I read about Neurogym and its goal of helping people improve their own esteem and succeed in this world. But as I dug more and more into the mechanics of the program it became more and more evident that there were some areas that would need to be addressed. I am sure that there are some who have actually followed the program and have succeeded. But I would wager that those people could take almost any type of program that is halfway feasible and succeed.

Neurogym is like so many other programs of this type which present the rosy picture of success of those who have used the program and have done well with it. But, how many more have done the program and the only result was that they ended up thousands of dollars in debt. The $5000 to $6000 price tag we noted above is probably not the final cost to someone who buys into the program. They “Wow” you with the offer that saves you over $16,000. The truth is, the product is not worth the $995 dollars they are baiting you with. Once in the door, you will find that it is going to take more and more money to achieve the success they envision for you.

As I said, I am sure that there are some who have used this program and succeeded. But because the program is basically a way for the owners and promoters to make lots of money at the unknowing man’s expense, it is a scam.

I could not in good conscience recommend it to anybody.

What do I recommend?

If you do wish to work and build a business online that can make you money and help you achieve some of your goals, then let me recommend the program that I have found. Remember the $6000 I noted above that it would cost you to join the Neurogym program, well the program I recommend will charge you a monthly fee of only $49. Of course, you could reduce that cost by buying the service yearly(under $500). You will be buying 12 years of building success with the $6000 you would spend in a short period with Neurogym.

You can, if you so desire, and many do, begin with the FREE membership. Yes, it is totally free. What you will receive in this FREE membership is 10 lessons on how to build a website by which to promote your business. To learn this, you will be given 2 free websites and their hosting by this program. You will learn how to build your website and begin promoting your business. If after exercising the FREE membership program feel that you could continue to learn and grow in the online business world, then you can move up to the Premium membership for $49 a month.

The program I recommend is Wealthy Affiliates. It is a program that has gone on for almost 14 years and is still helping people succeed in building online businesses. There are no promises that you will get-rich-quick, but if you are consistent and persistent and patient, you will succeed in building an online business. The level to which it will grow will depend totally on you. The tools, lessons and support are too numerous to list. The knowledge base is beyond imagination. You will be part of a community of growing entrepreneurs who will encourage you and help you at every turn.


I could go on and on about Wealthy Affiliates, but don’t take my word for it. Click the banner below and get your own Free membership and check it out for yourself.

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Free Online Money Making Opportunities-Are There Any

When beginning a search for opportunities for making money online, most of us will look for a way to try out something for free to see if we really want to pursue an online money making career. This is a little introduction to your beginning your search and hopefully it will save you some time and heartache and maybe some money, too.

Free online money making opportunities

There are numerous money making opportunities on the internet any of which have the potential to make the owner money to one degree or another. As in any business opportunity the investment in the enterprise will determine the return that one will receive.

Since we are talking about “Free” money making opportunities we are assuming that the investment that you are looking at is an investment of time. Not that time is a free commodity, but it is a commodity that you can invest where ever you may decide and that time can be converted into a currency which is a negotiable commodity. The “Free” we shall address is the “Free” that refers to the money aspect of the investment in building an online business.

Which type of online business

Before we get to making any suggestions as to which direction to go and what framework to build on, we must decide what type of online business we wish to build.


There are storefront set-ups in which you decide on a product or types of products you wish to sell. You then build a website on which to display and promote these products on the internet. The problem with this model for the person wishing to build a “Free” online business is that there is usually a financial investment that is necessary to begin this type. There are some few possibilities and we shall mention one later in this blog.

Auction sales

Then there is the auction and sales business which is based and built on a platform which incorporates Ebay and Bonanza and such auction platforms. In these setups you may sell items which you have or sell items for other people or sell items using the “drop shipping” setup, which we shall discuss later in this article. It is simple to set up a “Free” account with Ebay or any of the auction sites. (You can find many simply by doing a google search for “auction sites”. You may choose one or more auction sites through which to sell your products. The free memberships are usually limited in the number of items you may sell. But when getting started you probably will not need to have to many products available.

Drop shipping

This type of business is usually paired with an ebay or storefront business. The usual beginning cost is the cost of purchasing of a domain and a hosting service for your online site. Though these costs are minimal($30 to $100) it is a necessary thing if you are to build an online business. Drop shipping is a structure in which you promote and advertise products on your site and sell them to people who wish to buy them. The advantage is that you do not have to stock any of the items that you advertise and sell.

To do this you ally yourself with one or more businesses that do drop shipping business(google “drop shippers”). Sign up with companies whose products you would like to promote. They will help you set up a “free” account and give you help in promoting their products on your website.

The process by which you make money is when someone makes a purchase on your site(usually through Paypal which is the simplest and a free way to receive payments, since we want “Free”), you then take the money which they have paid you and turn and order the product through the drop shipping company that supplies the product and you pay them the wholesale price. They will then handle the rest of the process and ship the product to the purchasing customer. You keep the difference between the purchase price and the wholesale price. In this way you have spent none of your money and have made a profit by providing a service to the purchaser and the drop shipper.

One must be diligent in choosing the products and the drop shippers that one works with. Not all products and not all drop shippers are equal. You must be willing to put in more time as your business grows. A lot of people have made good money using this platform. But to do that will take time and as you grow it will take more and more time. If you love to work and have the time this will be a good platform for you.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is probably the most utilized form of online entrepreneurial enterprise. You must be willing to invest some of your time in the beginning and as your business grows you will invest some more time. But it is not the exponential growth of time involvement as in auctioning or drop shipping or even storefront.

In the beginning there must be a consistent and steady investment of your time. By this I mean from five to ten hours a week. You will know how much you can invest. Over time(6 months to a year) your business will begin to grow, gradually at first, but then as it grows its rate of growth will increase faster and faster. After a couple of years it will almost be self-sustaining growth. Of course you will continue to build your business, but the time factor will be greatly reduced.

How does it work? In affiliate marketing you will set up a website, usually a blog(you will learn what that is as you go) in which you promote certain products or lifestyles or interests. As you grow an audience you will offer them products to help them accomplish their goals. The products that you will offer will be done by referring them to companies that sell those products.

You do this by “affiliating” your online business with the companies that provide the products or services that they may wish to purchase. The company will provide links for you to insert in your website so that when one of your readers clicks on that “banner” or link they will be taken to the company’s website where they may purchase the products you have advertised. Any purchase made from a “click” through your website will be credited to you and you will be given a commission of an agreed upon amount(ranging from 4% to 70% depending on the product and company). You do not have to participate in the sale process at all. The company will pay you your commissions at agreed upon times and amounts.

This program has made many people rich beyond their highest hopes.


Any of these platforms can make the owner money. There are means by which you can begin any of these for “Free”, but there will come a time that you will need to return some of your profit to continue to feed the growth.

Almost any online promoter of these types of business will offer you a free trial. But that free trial expires within 30 to 90 days and you must purchase the full price of their product or you lose your time investment in building your site.

However, there is one platform that is totally “Free” and you are not tied to a time limit in which you must make a decision. The normal person, which I consider myself and many others, can not get enough knowledge in 30 to 90 days to know whether they can use a given platform to build their online business. You may end up as I did a time or two and feel pressured to join a program and after three or four months realize you could not work it, either because of lack of support or lack of knowledge base or the program was not what it said it was.

The program that I recommend gives you a totally “FREE” opportunity to set up your own website and gives you 10 free lessons to give you the tools to set up your own website to promote you own interests or products. They will also give you 2 “FREE” websites and host them for “FREE” so you can build your presence on the internet. Of course, you will not have access to the thousands of tools which are available to the “PREMIUM” membership. But you can use and learn with the two “FREE” websites for as long as you wish. You are never pressured to join the “PREMIUM” membership if you do not wish. You will be given opportunity to join if you wish, but never pressured.

The name of the program is Wealthy Affiliates. Wealthy Affiliates never makes outlandish promises about success but will give you realistic appraisal and direction in building your online business. If you decide by using the totally “FREE” program that Wealthy Affiliates is viable instrument for building a growing internet business, then you can join the “PREMIUM” program and gain access to thousands(yes I said thousands) of tools and teachings on how to build a successful online business.

The cost for these priceless tools is only $49 a month. You can purchase a yearly membership and save up to 40% off of the membership cost. Now, remember, you can take as long as you wish with the “FREE” program before you make a decision whether to join the “PREMIUM” or not. You may choose not to join. That is OK. Keep the “FREE” as a gift. You may decide later to join the “PREMIUM”. You can do that at any time you may wish.

At Wealthy Affiliates you will find many people who are just like you and are building their own online business. You will also find a wealth of knowledge and information which you will find no where else in one location. The support is phenomenal and is online 24 hours a day. You will get answers to your questions and problems within minutes(usually), not hours or days or never.

I hope you will take advantage of one of the best internet marketing programs available today by signing up for your “FREE” program membership.

Check out this chart below to compare the Free Program to the Premium Program.


I wish you success in your online business ventures. May God bless you and prosper you.


I hope that you have received inspiration and insight from the articles of my blog.  I hope, too, that you will share what you have found with your friends. If you would like to promote the continued building of this site would you consider clicking on one or more of the banners of companies that I have chosen to support by being an affiliate with them.  If you click on their banner and go to their company site and make a purchase from them, they will compensate me a small percentage of your purchase. You will be getting something that you want, or need, and will at the same time be helping to support our sharing of wisdom and health and opportunities of growing your wealth.  God bless you. And thank you.


Best Online Marketing Business-When You Are Serious About Online Business Building

When you finally get serious about building an online business, the last thing you need is to be wasting your time searching through pages and pages of possibilities on google. I am writing this blog in hopes of helping you avoid some of the online business scams that are out there and point you in the direction that will help you accomplish what you desire.

So many to choose from

You have probably googled “online marketing business” or “how to build an online business” or even “things to avoid in beginning an online business”. If you have, that is good. It shows a serious approach to beginning what can be a long and profitable experience in an online business. But the time must come when you must narrow it down to what you believe to be the best online marketing business platform for you.

You will decide that depending on what kind of business you plan to build. If you like direct sales, you may build an online storefront and sell directly to people who are looking for the products that you wish to promote.

Or you may not wish to deal with the direct sell and all the tools necessary to carry out such a business. In that case you may prefer a business in which you advertise products on your site but do not inventory them yourself. Instead, you work with a drop shipper who stocks the product. You make the sale and collect the payment for the product and then pay the drop shipper for the product and he then handles the rest of the process in preparing and shipping the product to the customer.

Then there is the affiliate marketer. The affiliate marketer is one who does not house a product or even receives payment for a product and does not pay a dealer for the product. The affiliate marketer is one who signs up as an “affiliate” with a company that markets certain products or many products. The affiliate then promotes the product through his or her website which is usually a blog site sharing information related to the product or areas in which the product may be used. A link is provided by the product maker to the “affiliate” to place on his site. When a visitor to the affiliates site clicks on the banner or advertisement for the product he is directed to the products main site. The link contains information which tells the product company which affiliate directed the customer to their site. If the customer makes a purchase, the product company will pay a percentage of that sell to the “affiliate”. That percentage may range from as little as 5% to as much as 70% depending on the product. Almost all companies of any size have an affiliate program.

The Best approach for building an online business

As in types of online businesses there are many, so also is the methods by which you approach the building of the business. Let me state up front, that just as in a brick and mortar business it takes time to build and establish a reputation and clientele, the same is true in an online business, too. It would be wise to avoid any promotion that promises you anything that is quick and easy. No amount of money upfront will get you quick success in an online business

Just a few things you should regard as red flags in your search for the right online business platform:

  • Avoid get-rich-quick schemes.
  • Check for bad reviews of any program you consider
  • Do not pay with anything but a credit card. With a credit card you can refute the payment if it is not what it is described to be. Do not pay with a debit card.
  • Do not try a program that will not give you a free trial or a free trial period.
  • Avoid programs that begin with a small payment and then promote upsells to make your program work better.
  • Do not get into a program that does not have good support and 24 hour support for your business

Your choice

The ultimate choice is going to be yours and yours only. But if you are armed with knowledge  you will be able to determine which is the best avenue for you and what is the best internet marketing training program for you.

What I would like to do is share a little of the knowledge that I have gained as I went about to begin my own online business and where I found  the best online marketing courses.

I was not as wise as you are(you are reading this at the beginning of your search, I hope) because I did not do much research as to how I wanted to build my business online. I jumped in with both feet and signed up for a “get-rich-quick” product that promised to begin making me income within a week or so. Because I had not researched the types of programs available I believed everything they said. It costs me more money than I care to tell and in the end I had nothing to show for it except credit card debt.

It took me a couple of more adventures and losses before I finally got serious about online business and did some heavy research. What I found in several days and weeks of research was the program that I am now a part of.  Not only am I convinced that it is the best internet marketing training program, also has the best online marketing courses available.  No one even comes close.

Wealthy Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliate Program
Best Online Business Program

The program that I am talking about is Wealthy Affiliates. This is a program which has been established and working for over 13 years and was established and still maintained by the two men who began it. Though the name may make you think that it is just geared to developing affiliates, it is really much more. It is a program that will teach you how to do everything that is necessary to build and maintain and grow your own online internet business. It is not just geared to affiliate marketing but to any kind of online business that you may choose to pursue.

Wealthy Affiliates is supported by hundreds of structured lessons dealing with almost every conceivable problem you might encounter in your online business. For the rare occasion that you may not find a lesson to answer your question, you can go to 24 hour support and receive an answer in minutes instead of hours or days. The library of support is continually being enhanced and updated. There is no other program that comes anywhere close to Wealthy Affiliates

What do you get?

Earlier in this article I mentioned about a free trial of any program you may consider. Most reputable online programs will give you a 30-day free trial but you must register a credit card. If you do not cancel before the end of the trial period you will automatically be charged for the full membership.

Wealthy Affiliate is not like that. Their FREE TRIAL is just that, FREE! You do not register a credit card. In fact, if you choose not to join the Wealthy Affiliate PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, you do not have to do a thing. Even if you do not choose to join Wealthy Affiliates you can keep and utilize what you get with the FREE TRIAL. What you get is 10 free lessons on how to set up a site for your online business or blog which promotes your business. To practice what you learn you will receive two free websites for you to build and develop as you see fit. They will be hosted for free by Wealthy Affiliate hosting.

If, however, you like what you see and would like to join the PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP you can do that. There will never be any pressure put on you to join, though there will be opportunities presented which may save you money.

You may be wondering, “How much does this cost?” That is a fair question. The monthly fee is $49. When you consider all that you receive and have access to for that $49 you will see that it is a real bargain. If you were to pay a separate fee for all the tools and access that you have in Wealthy Affiliates you would be paying hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars a month. But through the Wealthy Affiliate access it is only $49 a month. If you choose to join on a yearly membership it is even cheaper.

What to expect

First let me tell you what not to expect. Do not expect to get-rich-quick. The Wealthy Affiliate program is built on the foundation that every successful business is built on. You can expect to get out of your business in proportion to what you put into your business. If you put in little time, then do not expect big returns. But, if through patience and perseverance you build your online business, in time you will begin to reap the crops of your work.

An advantage of Affiliate Marketing is that a promotion or blog you publish today may not begin bringing in money for a couple of months or more but when it does begin to bring in money it will grow and continue to grow without added input. This is where your patience will profit you greatly. A good affiliate site will bring you income for many years. It will take time to get established but you will find all the help and encouragement you will need at Wealthy Affiliates.

You are never locked in. If you for some reason can not continue your membership, you can exit the program but continue the free membership and can re-enter at any time you may choose.

If you are patient and persevere you will succeed. The degree to which you succeed will be determined by you and no one else.

Check out the chart that I am inserting below. Try the FREE MEMBERSHIP and see if Wealthy Affiliate is the right program for you. I wish you well and may God bless you.

If you are serious about online business, then click the “Create Your Account Today! button above.  You will be glad you did!




Start Your Own Internet Business and Avoid Marketing Scams

If you are like most people who decide to start their own internet business, you are enthusiastic and excited about the prospects of making good money with a nominal amount of time invested in your business. However, it would be a wise thing to temper your excitement and enthusiasm with a lot of patience and wisdom. The question of course is, “Where to find a source of wisdom and how do you temper enthusiasm and excitement.

You have begun wisely by reading about how to start your own internet business. The more you read and research, the better. There should come a time that all the study and seeking should be put into practice. Otherwise there will be no business and no success. But be encouraged, you have begun wisely.

Avoid marketing scams

To tell you to avoid marketing scams is to preclude that you will search out many opportunities by which to build your online business. There are scams a plenty out there and they are just waiting to take your money. How are you going to know what is a scam and what is not? Because you are reading this article tells you that you have taken a step in the right direction.

Building a store

There are many legitimate online business opportunities out there and you will no doubt spend an inordinate amount of time checking out many of them. Those online businesses that are legitimate will sooner or later make you money depending on the time and investment you put into them. If you have plenty of cash to invest in your online business you may wish to set up an online business store. It is not the stocking of the inventory that will cost. Rather it is the building of the store site and promotion of the online store that will take money as well as time. If done properly, it will in time bring a profit.

There are several platforms for building online storefronts any of which have been effective in bringing excellent income for the owners. However, you must be ready to invest a fair amount of money into developing a good website and then spending a good amount in having an SEO specialist or some other advertising specialist to get you on the first page of major search engines.

Don’t have much money?

This is where most of us who start an online business are. Making ends meet but not having much, if any, left over. So, there is little if any cash to be able to invest in an own line business that costs very much. There are many in this state that turn to avenues such as Ebay and Bonanza. Typically, these types are auctions in which people go online and bid on products that have been listed for auction.

More and more these sites are becoming items for sale by people who run their business by selling their products on the auction site for a set price. Sites such as these are more and more encouraging members to set up their own store of products within the framework of the site. As this has developed more and more have entered into the field of “dropship marketing”. Depending on the amount of time that you have to put in, this can be a profitable enterprise.

Dropshipping is the practice by which an online business entity sets up an account with a product provider in which the online business entity advertises the product and makes the sale for a given price. He then takes the money which has been paid to him and purchases the product at a wholesale price from the drop shipper. The drop shipper then ships the product straight to the person who purchased it from the online seller. The seller never touches the product. He only receives the payment and then out of that amount pays the drop shipper who handles the rest of the transaction. The difference between what the seller is paid and what he pays the drop shipper is the sellers profit. Many have made a lot of money in this business. Though there are some shortcomings to this type of online business, the biggest may be the amount of time that must continually be invested. For some, this is ideal because they like to stay busy. For others, who like occasional respites, it may not be the best.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular of online business forms. You may ask, “What is affiliate marketing?”. Affiliate marketing is a practice which almost every company of any size engages in.

The way it works is that people who have a website or blog and wish to promote certain products through their blog will “affiliate” themselves with a company that sells products related to their blog or site. By “affiliating” themselves with the company, the company provides them with links to their company site and products by which visitors to the blog can click on to go to that product on the companies site. There is information in the link that identifies the site or blog through which the customer clicked to get to the company’s site.

If the “clicker” ends up making a purchase of a product from the seller, the seller will give an agreed upon percentage of the sale to the “affiliate”. Individual sales may not seem like a lot of money, but as the traffic builds it can amount to thousands and thousands of dollars. It usually takes many months and sometimes a year or two to build that kind of affiliate linking. But thousands have done it and thousands more are doing it every day.

Once an affiliate’s site begins to draw traffic and direct clicks to the site it will be an ongoing and growing business. It becomes almost a passive income, with minimal upkeep to keep the money flowing.

Contrasted to an online store which takes lots of time to build and establish and then lots of time to maintain and keep growing, affiliate marketing does take time to establish and get built up and some amount of money investment(not very much though), but once established the time investment is greatly reduced. Then if you wish you can build another affiliate marketing site.

Scams to avoid

As I said earlier in the article, there are plenty of scams awaiting to get your attention. Let me list a few things for you to avoid and save you the heartache of being scammed.

  • If they promise you that you will get rich fast, avoid them. Do not even consider them.
  • If they want a large amount of money up front, for any reason, don’t do it.
  • If they show you a website that makes thousands of dollars a month but they do not tell you how long it took to get to that point or how much money it has cost to get to that point, don’t do it.
  • If they say you can start with as little as $17, watch out. That is just the beginning of siphoning money from your pocket. The first payment will set you up, but you won’t have any products or knowledge on how to go any further. That will cost you more, and more, and more, etc. Don’t do it!
  • If they promise a website built just for you but they provide no knowledge of how to maintain or grow your site, then don’t do it.
  • If they want you to sign a lot of online legal documents, don’t do it.
  • If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Don’t do it!

Let me give you my opinion

I have had some experience in trying to start my own internet business. I really messed up once or twice. But, Praise God, He is merciful and I have found a great platform by which I have started my own home internet business. It is taking time and patience. But any business worthwhile will take as much.

The platform that I recommend is Wealthy Affiliates. This is not just one person or one company that promotes this product or improves it continually. It is a community of thousands of members who all have a part in building the product as they utilize it in their own online businesses. They are so confident about the viability of the product that you can actually use it for free for as long as you wish. Of course, the Free Version does not include all the tools that the Premium Version does. But it has enough of the tools that you can get the knowledge and the tools to build your own website to establish your own affiliate marketing site.

Now, when I say “Free”, I mean “Free”. You do not register a credit card. You do register your email address, though. Ten free lessons and two free websites are included. Study the lessons. Build your website. Then if you think this is the product for you, join the Premium Version for only $49 a month(cheaper than that by the year) and get all the knowledge, support and tools that you could ever want or need. The knowledge bank of Wealthy Affiliates is ever being increased. You will never run out of knowledge to be gained.

I could go on and on, but I’ll just give you a chart below to compare the Free Version to the Premium Version. You know what is best for your own situation. But I hope that this has helped you to know how to start your own internet business.

God bless you and prosper you!





How Can I Avoid Online Marketing Scams?

That is the question!

If you have been interested in building an online business and have begun to look around the internet to see what is out there, this should be one of your most important questions. When I began to look for a way to make some money online, I did not even consider that there might be more scams than real business opportunities. I learned the hard way that there are not just a few scams awaiting the naive entrepreneur, but that there are far more scams than there are opportunities for the honest business builder.

If you will begin your search with first of all a good dose of skepticism and then study several people who have succeeded online. Then look for a platform and system that can be built upon which emphasizes knowledge, work input, patience and continued learning, then you may be looking at a system that will give you a business that will not just make you money but will be a business that can make you rich and help a lot of people.

How to avoid scams – What to lookout for

Before we get to the things to look for in a good business building platform, let’s look at some things that you will come across that will try to take your money and sooner or later leave you without a business or money or an online presence.

Fast money

One of the first things that should catch your attention and make you think “scam”, is the pitch that you can make big money fast. There are many online platforms that can make a lot of money in the long run, but there are none that can make big money “overnight”. There was one that promised that if you purchased their product, that within two weeks you could increase your investment tenfold. Along with the presentation were three or four video testimonials of individuals who claimed to have done just that. But what was not told was that those testimonies were purchased on “fiver”. For you who do not know what “fiver” is, it is a site where you can go and pay one of the members to make a video endorsing your product and telling how they got rich. The cost of such promos begin at $5, hence the name “fiver”. You can understand how that is a scam.

Your own website

Then there are those will for a price set you up your own website to sell products for Amazon. These can range from a cost of several thousand dollars to a couple of hundred dollars. The claim is that they will build your site for you and stock it with products from Amazon. Then you just sit back and get rich. Once they convince you that you can make money fast and get rich with just a few minutes a day they pitch the price and get you to buy their deal. What they do not tell you is how to maintain and grow your website or how to get people to your website so that they can buy the Amazon products. To get these learning products will cost you more money. And as you continue in the program there will be more and more learning and tools that you will need and will cost you more and more money. In the end, you have not learned any more about online business than when you began. You have just been scammed.

The façade

How about those that begin with the promise that you will make enough money from the very beginning so you can be able to pay for the program as you go. They then sell you into thousands of dollars of debt on a couple of interest free credit cards which are available to anybody with fair credit. They get you to sign “legal” documents by which they will get to keep your money if you decided to dispute any charges they make. (And they get away with it, too.) They will then begin to have people call you to give you directions in where to look for training and share a list of things for you to look up and study. This will go on for several weeks. (The things they share are readily available on the internet and can be found with a quick search on google or bing or any other search engine). But, you have paid hundreds of dollars for this “free” information. They will then try to upgrade you with another credit card and get more money from you. When it is all said and done, the only thing you have more of is the knowledge of whom not to trust. The thing you have less of is your hard-earned money.

The funnel

One of the sneakiest of home business scams is the one that hooks you with a cheap introductory price. It may be $37, or maybe $27, and some have gone as low as $17. What they are trying to do is get you committed by giving your credit card number and spending a little money. Many even say you can start to make money right away. What they do not tell you is that to make the kind of money you really want to make you will need to upgrade with ad-on features to your site or store. These ad-ons keep multiplying until once again you will find yourself into the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The only ones that these types of online businesses are good for are the people who are selling them. For them it is a great business. For the people they take advantage of, it is very discouraging and sometimes financially crippling.

What you need to know

Things that you should know in searching home based business opportunities are some of the following.

  • Never make a decision in a hurry. If the seller can not wait, then there are plenty who can. You do not need to be in a hurry to spend your hard-earned money. You need to have some clear idea of what you will be purchasing.
  • Never purchase without knowing how much the end product will cost, at least within a given amount.
  • You need to know specifically what you will receive for your money.
  • What kind of support is available for the product you are buying.
  • Can you cancel or withdraw from the program.
  • Is there a money back guarantee.
  • Do you have individuals that you can contact and ask their opinion of the program.
  • How many people are using the program, are they making money?
  • How long does it take to start making money with the program?

Feel free to add other questions to this list.

My recommendation

I personally have tried five different types of online business opportunities. I have had limited success in a few and a total catastrophe in one. But I finally found one that from the beginning was forthright and honest in its presentation. I was amazed beyond belief to find such support and a library of lessons which deals with any and every phase of online business opportunities. It makes no grand promises but it does provide lessons, podcasts, webinars and 24 hour support like no other online entity. In less that six months I had learned more than over three years of learning I had done on my own. I have likened this program to getting a college degree in online business opportunities.

It begins with foundational things that must be in place before any business on the internet can realistically succeed. There are no “make money fast” schemes, but real business practice fundamentals applied on a daily and consistent basis. You can attain the tools by which you can succeed and be profitable in any business model that you might choose on the internet. If you apply the lessons and principles taught you will succeed. The level of success will be totally up to you.

The program that I recommend is Wealthy Affiliates. I mentioned above how it has a wealth of learning materials and support. They also provide free websites and free website hosting up to 50 domains. The cost for all of these tools and lessons and support is set at $49 a month. I’ll not go into all the tools and lessons and support they provide, but suffice it to say that to get the same things apart from Wealthy Affiliates would cost you hundreds of dollars a month, not to mention over the years.

You might think that means I pay almost $600 a year. How much would it cost you to pay a hosting service for 25 domains? Between $250 and $500. You have almost made your money back. How about a good keyword search engine? It’s free with Wealthy Affiliate. How about lessons on building your websites and promoting your business through many different avenues and social media? Thousands of dollars. They are all yours for the monthly price of $49. Pay it yearly and save almost $200 off of that.

But, even better, do a trial run for “FREE”. Yes, “FREE”. You do not need to register a credit card. Just register your email. Then get access to ten free lessons on building your online business. Get two free websites, which you name, and build them with the knowledge you gain from your lessons. Even access the support and interaction of the whole family of Wealthy Affiliates for seven days. If you like what you see then you can sign up for the Premium Membership in which you get access to all the tools and support at Wealthy Affiliate. If for some reason you do not wish to join the Premium Membership that’s OK. Just remain a “FREE MEMBER” and continue to use and build your two free websites. They are yours for as long as you want them.

I hope this has been helpful to you in making your decision about starting an online business. I have shared with you what I think is the best online business opportunity. I hope that you will try the FREE MEMBERSHIP to see if it is the best tool for you.

May God bless you and prosper you in your online business.

Would you like to try the Wealthy Affiliate Free membership?  Check out the chart below to see what is included and then click the button to sign up.  I wish you well!


Start Your Own Home Online Business-Best Opportunities

So, you want to start your own home online business. That’s great! The internet gives a level starting plain for anyone who has enough gumption to cast off and try their metal. If you have the drive along with patience and perseverance you can build a business online. You must be willing to add to those two qualities knowledge and endurance to be able to accomplish the goals that you desire.

We shall discuss a few things for you to consider and present a couple of the best opportunities for you to succeed in your own online business.

What do you need to start your online business?

You have made a good start because you are reading this article. You must have some knowledge of what is necessary to build your business. Without an underpinning of knowledge you find yourself open to be misled in your quest. From experience, I can tell you that there are plenty of scammers out there who will gladly take advantage of any lack of knowledge that you may have and will take your hard-earned money and in the end leave you with little or nothing. Because I experienced a couple of these, I do not want you to have the same experience. So correct knowledge is a must have when looking to start your online business.

One of the areas of knowledge that you must acquire is what types of programs or pitches to avoid. You can read my article on Online scams to Avoid, HERE.

Things you need and already have

There are some things that you must have to start your business online which you already have. First, you must have some type of computer: desktop, laptop, note pad, smartphone. To a computer device you must add access to the internet. Most laptops and smart devices have built in internet connecting devices. Even desktops have them these days.

Now that you have the computer that has the means to connect to the internet, you must acquire the service by which you connect to the internet. The best way to do that is by purchasing internet service through a cable or satellite service which are readily available. You choose the best for you. It is best, if at all possible, to avoid public WiFi’s for your online business. This will lessen the possibilities of your business being hacked.

Build your knowledge

Now that you have the basics, where can you find the knowledge? Of course, the internet is the best place to go. That is why you are here. You have probably typed “online business opportunities” or “how to start an online business” into Google or Bing and are beginning to learn what is necessary to build your business. You may or may not have considered what type of business you would like to build.

May I encourage you to choose a business type that will include things that you are passionate about. Why? You ask. There are going to be times and phases in your building of your online business that will become repetitive and even boring. If you do not have a real interest, and yes, passion, for the product or service it will become very easy to become discouraged. Therefore, choose something that you love to do or a product that is special to you.

If you choose something you really enjoy you will already have some knowledge, or maybe even great knowledge. Continue to add to that knowledge of your product or service.

Business building knowledge

If you are like I was, you may need additional knowledge in how to build a successful online business. I had been in the residential home building business for 30 years. There came a time to shut the business down and retire. After I retired from the hammer and nail business I found that I was really bored and needed something that was creative and would also bring in a little income. So, like you, I began to look online for business opportunities. The first knowledge I gained was the knowledge that I had very little understanding of how to build an online business. Because of that I got taken advantage of a couple of times. They were costly lessons. But I learned from them and I hope I can share my knowledge with you so that you do not get taken advantage of as I was.

To succeed in an online business you must understand how the business is built. If I were to try to lay out the knowledge that you would need to be successful, this site would be a continuing process. Fortunately, for you and for me, there is a site and a program which has already done and continues to do just that.

This program contains all the knowledge and more that you will need to build and succeed in an online business. It is not built upon ungrounded promises or quick success stories but is built on a bank of knowledge and tools and support that are made available to you through the program.

The best of its kind

The program that I present to you is the best of its kind. You will find a bank of knowledge that is seemingly inexhaustible. Many have been using the system for years to build successful online businesses and are still gaining knowledge through the tools provided through the program. It is a program and system that you cannot outgrow. Since knowledge and tools of the internet are always growing, so are the knowledge and lessons through this program.

Through the support and community of this program you can 24 hour access to answers to your questions or problems that you may encounter in building your online business. There are no guaranteed success scenarios but there is guaranteed support and tools that can help you achieve success if you are willing to apply them.

What is this product?

The product, or program, that I am speaking of is called Wealthy Affiliates. It is a program that was instituted 18 years ago by two friends who are still active in the program. They found the tools necessary to build their own businesses and decided to share those tools with as many people as they could. Today, there are thousands and thousands of people who are taking advantage of all that these friends have learned and shared.

The program is not without cost. Anything of value is worth paying for. This program is really priceless. But they have set a price on a monthly basis for only $49. That is $49 a month. But, just in case you are a little wary, and that is OK, you can try a “FREE” version that is actually free. You do not have to register a credit card. You do need an email address. Try the “FREE” version as long as you wish. You will get 10 free lessons on how to begin to build your online business. You will also receive 2 free websites hosted for free by Wealthy Affiliates. If you decide after the test run you decide to join the Premium Membership, you can then purchase a membership and gain access to limitless learning and possibilities. If you choose not to join the Premium Membership, that’s OK. But, keep your two free websites and do with them as you wish.

If you have read this far you are probably very interested. Let me leave you a chart and a link by which you can compare the Free Membership to the Premium Membership.


I wish you success as you begin to build your own online business.

God bless you and prosper you.

Best Money Maker Online

I am quite often asked, “What is the best money maker online?” If you ask five people that answer you will probably get five different answers. So, I shall give my “two cents” worth.

Your savings
Make Money Online

Some of the best online money makers

Probably the most popular and easiest ways to begin making money online is to get on Ebay. Ebay is a simple post and sell format. You do have to set up an account with Ebay and with Paypal. The Paypal account is to facilitate payment for items that you may sell or purchase. They will usually ask you to verify your Paypal account by connecting it to your bank account or a credit card. These are safe and well protected by the best tools on the internet.

There are competitors with Ebay, such as Etsy and Bonanza. These formats work on a percentage basis. A percentage of whatever you sell your product for goes to Ebay and Paypal for advertising and listing your product and facilitating the payment for the product.


After the auction type of businesses like Ebay and Bonanza there is the type which is called “Dropshipping”. Many online entrepreneurs use this method to sell on Ebay and other auction sites. Many build their own online storefronts and sell through them.

The structure for a dropshipping business is either to use Ebay, or some other auction, as a storefront and advertise products for sale. You do not store or maintain an inventory but you ally yourself with a company that produces and ships the product. The typical structure goes like this: you sign up an account with a given product distributor; you advertise his product on your site; when you make a sale through your site, you receive the payment, then you order the product through the distributor and pay with the money which you have received from your buyer. The product distributor then receives your payment and ships the product to the address and person which you give him. You get to keep the difference between what you were paid and what you pay the distributor for the product. You never physically handle the product. There have been many successful online businesses built on this model. The one drawback would be the time involvement as your business grows. If you are a “workaholic” this would be a great fit for you.


This model is very much like having a standard “brick and mortar” store on main street. You find a producer and distributor of a line of goods that you are interested in and sign up with them. Many of these will even set up your storefront for you and stock it with their products. Of course, this comes with a cost. But, anything that makes you money will come at some cost to you, either through your time or your money invested.

There are many platforms through which this can be set up. Shopify and Volusion are two of the most common. But there are many others.

Affiliate Marketing

Probably the most popular and best online money maker is the one which is called Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is sometimes called a passive online money making business. Though it is not by any means totally passive, if set up right it will continue to make you money even when you are not actively working it.

How is that possible?

Just a little background. This form of online business is not an “in your face” type of business. You begin by promoting and “idea”, not a product. This is done through what is called a “blog”. A blog is a website in which you post articles about things and subjects that you are passionate about. It will take a while, but after you build a following you begin to recommend products which go along with your passion.

You affiliate yourself with companies which provide these products and offer a link from your site to the product company’s site. If one of your readers clicks the link on your site it will take them to the company site of the product. When the reader makes a purchase from the company site, the company will pay you a percentage of the sale amount. They handle everything.

As your audience grows, so will the sales that will be made through your site. As the sales grow, so will your income. It usually takes from 6 months to a year to begin realizing real income from a blog site, but once it begins it will grow and grow with just a regular input from you.

The investment in this type of business is usually time and some money. At first, it is more time. The amount of money may vary depending on whom you choose to set up your business site through. There are several out there that do a good job of helping you set up your site and business. However, there are many who will take advantage of you if you are not informed.


If you are interested in affiliate marketing and its potential for making money online, be wary of who you choose to set up your business. There are some good ones, but there are many bad ones.

Do not go with someone who wants a lot of money upfront. Do not choose one that asks for a small amount to begin and then keeps adding more and more to the pot until you have spent thousands of dollars and still have nothing to show.(I know, I have been there). There are some who start out with good information but soon the information stops and you are left to yourself.

If possible choose one that allows you to have a free trial period. I recommend 90 days. They will ask for a credit card, but if it does not work within the 90 days you can dispute or ask for your money back.

My recommendation

There is only one platform that I can with clear conscience recommend and that is Wealthy Affiliates. Wealthy Affiliates provides the best tools and endless lessons on how to build your own online business site and how to develop it into a money making enterprise. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme but is a business structure built on sound business practices.

Another good thing about Wealthy Affiliates is that you can try it absolutely “Free”. Yes, “Free”. No credit card registration. With the “Free Membership” you get 10 free lessons and learn how to build your own website. Of course, to build your own website you will need a website. For this they will give you two free websites which they will host for “Free”. If at anytime you decide that Wealthy Affiliates is not for you, just do nothing. But you get to keep the two free websites.

If, however, you decide that Wealthy Affiliate is the place for you, you can upgrade to a Premium Membership and the thousands of tools made available to you through your membership. Check the chart below to see some of the benefits you will receive.

I encourage you to check out Wealthy Affiliate and build your own online business.

Enjoy the adventure!


Read my other blogs on this subject Here and Here and Here!

I would love to hear what you think about what I have shared.  Please leave a comment below.  You will get a response.


Start My Own Internet Business

About a year ago I decided I wanted to start my own internet business. I had all kinds of questions. Can I start my own internet business? What types of internet businesses are there? What is the cost of starting an online business? If you are reading this article, you probably have some of the same questions I had. I don’t say that I have all the answers, but maybe I can answer some of the questions that may have crossed your mind

Starting a business
Start your own internet business

Can I start my own internet business?

The simple and straight forward answer is “Yes, you can.” The determining factor will be whether you have the desire and drive, perseverance and patience necessary to actually lay the foundation and build the content necessary for an online business.

Some online internet businesses are not much more than a store front to sell products. There are many successful entrepreneurs who have built their internet store front and have become very successful. These are the types of online businesses that take almost as much of your time to run as if you had a brick and mortar store. There comes a point when it consumes all your time and you have to bring in more help. If this is what you want, great, go for it. Amazon did it and is still doing it.

But, if you wish to start an online business that does not consume all your waking hours you might look to the area of building a website which is based on blogging. Blogging in its’ simplest definition is writing about things that you are passionate about and have good knowledge of or you are growing in knowledge of. You develop a website focused on your subject and write and post articles to your site on a regular bases. By following a structured program you grow your blog content until you gain a following of like-minded people who begin to spread the knowledge of your site.

As you grow in popularity and content you gain ranking on the search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Duckgo, etc. As you rank higher and higher with these search engines you get more and more traffic. Now, you ally yourself with products that are associated with your passion. If you are a sports fanatic, you ally with sporting goods sellers. If you are a health nut, you find the best vitamin producers or weight loss groups. If you are a musician you find the best instrument providers. Whatever your interest you can find a product and a company who will be glad to let you advertise their product on your blog.


When you ally yourself with a product and the company of that product, you serve as what is called an affiliate. It does not cost you anything to join as an affiliate. What you do is, sign up with the company as an affiliate and they give you advertisements and links for the products they sell. You post these links or banners on your site or in your blog. When one of your readers clicks on the link it will take them to the website and product of the company with whom you are affiliated. From there, the product company will handle the rest. For providing the customer through your website, the product company will pay you a percentage of all sales made to that person.

As traffic to your site increases, so will the people who will click on the products that you advertise. You will make a percentage of all sales that come through your site to go to the product’s company.

Ad for Amazon

The time necessary to build an affiliate marketing business usually takes from 6 months to a year to begin to realize steady income. But from then on it grows exponentially. Patience will bring success.

What do you need?

If you have a computer(which you must have, or you would not be reading this), and have access to the internet, you have what you need to begin your very own business.

What about building my website?

Very few of us have enough knowledge to build a website to launch an online business from scratch. But, fortunately for us there is a source of knowledge and tools available for us that will enable us to be able to build and maintain a working website. And it will not consume every waking hour of our day.

If you have a fairly good grasp of the English language(for those of us who speak English), it will be a matter of learning while on the job. We used to call it “on the job training”. As in “on the job training” there are some qualifying abilities, but we have already stated those.

Any business that anyone begins will take time and consistent work to bring the success desired. But with this business you can succeed to whatever level you desire.

There will be an investment of your time. If you have an hour or so a day, or maybe four or five hours a week, you can build an online business that will sustain you for years to come with minimal time involvement. Of course, the more time you invest, the greater the return. You get to make the choice and you are your own boss.

Are you ready?

Walking and the heart
Are you ready?

Are you ready to start your own internet business? Even better! What if you could start your own online business for free? Would you do it? Well, you can. Here’s how.

Wealthy Affiliates

There is a program called Wealthy Affiliates. Its main focus is helping people begin building an online business by building websites that the owner affiliates with different kinds of companies and products. They provide all the tools and instructions and all the support that one could ever need. To begin this program they will let you begin as a “Free Member”. When I say “Free”, I mean “Free”. No need to give a credit card number. They will ask for an email address. In return they will give you 10 free lessons on how to begin and build a website by which you can build a blog on whatever passion drives you. They will provide two “free” websites which they will host, free of charge.

If after doing the ten lessons and building your website and beginning your blog, you decide this is for you, you can join by becoming a Premium Member. As a Premium Member, all the learning tools and support available through Wealthy Affiliate become yours. I shall not try to list all of these available tools, but suffice it to say that there are more than you will ever be able to utilize.

But, what if this program is not for you? If that is the case, do nothing. But you get to keep a Free Membership and the two “free” websites which are provided for you. You may decide to join later.

Check this chart out

Click the “Create Your Account Today” button and begin your free membership today.

I look forward to seeing you succeed as you start your own internet business. The sky is the limit.

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Best Home Business Ideas – Legitimate Work at Home Business


Many people today are looking into work at home business ideas. They like the idea of being able to set their own work schedule and be able to change that schedule without suffering loss of income or standing. They do not want just any job but one that is a legitimate work at home business that can grow and provide a viable and steady income. With that in mind you might ask, “What are the best home business ideas out there?” “What are the top home business ideas?”

These are some of the questions that we shall address in this article. Read on to see if you might come to a better understanding of what is available to you in the way of legitimate work at home business opportunities.


For starters, let’s begin by assessing your situation. First of all, do you have a computer of some type? It may be desktop, laptop, or notebook type computers. Some people have even built online businesses with a smart phone. Those people are few and far between, though. Second, do you have internet access? Preferably in your home or apartment, but some other way might suffice.  It should be secure, though.

With the first two things set, next we address the internet. Do you know how to search the internet? In other words, can you go to google or bing or some other search engine and search for a given object or subject on the internet? If you can do this minimal amount of online activity you have the potential to build a home business of your own.

Important desireAttain your goal

One important element which is necessary if you are going to start a home business online is a desire to learn. Knowing how to build a successful online business is a relatively new industry. There have been many successful entrepreneurs who have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. Yet, there have been many more that have failed. Only about 1 in 5 who try to build an online business succeed.  What was the one thing that sets those who succeed apart from those who do not succeed? It is the overpowering desire to overcome all the obstacles and keep driving until success is attained.

If you have the opportunity to talk with one who has been successful in an online business, just ask them if there was ever a time that they wanted to “throw in the towel” and just give up. Except for rare instances, they will all say that they almost quit at some point. But because they did not quit, they finally attained their goal of a successful online business.

Is there more?

With desire in place, add a good work ethic to go with it. By work ethic, I mean that you must be willing to put time into your business. In the beginning, an online business may take only a few hours a week. Like any business your online business will have to begin with seeds planted and cultivated and nurtured and then one day you must reap the crop.

An online business that grows to become an income producer that is constant and growing will take time to come to that point. Just as in any garden, when you plant the seeds you do not see the crop or reap the crop in just a few days or even a few months. But, if you are patient you will see the growth of the business and you will see the crops and you will reap the benefits of the business.

Once established, you will need to continue to plant and harvest or at least maintain the business. I believe that once you get the taste of that success you will forever be moving upward.

But, remember, if you give into the thought of giving up when you go through the early trying times, you will not attain the joy of continued success later. I heard one successful entrepreneur say that he had never met a person who succeeded that ever gave up. That might be just as well stated that I never met a man who failed that did not give up. What I am saying is, “If you don’t quit, you will succeed!”

Best home business ideas

There are many good home business programs on the internet. There are many that different folks have become totally successful in. You, as an individual, will determine which will fit your personality best. What I would like to do is introduce you to a program, that by learning and practicing the principles learned in it, you will be able to utilize any of the platforms to build an online business that will be tailored to your personality and your goals.

It is a program and a learning experience that will be tailored to your goals and your interests. It is a program that will lay a good foundation of knowledge by which you will build and promote your business so that it reflects your goals and your desires. It will do this by teaching you how to establish and maintain a work at home business and equip you with the knowledge and tools to keep it growing and bringing in money for as long as you desire.

Let me introduce you to Wealthy Affiliates

The program I am talking about is called Wealthy Affiliates. You may be wondering where the name comes from. I believe the first word is obvious. Being honest, their are some who do give up, and they do not become wealthy. Then there are some that only want to make enough money to pay the house note or rent. Some want to make enough to take a nice vacation each year with the family. But, then there are those who have determined to succeed and become wealthy. These are those who no longer work for other people, because they are their own boss. They come from all walks of life and backgrounds. The one thing they have in common is that they did not quit.

Maybe, this program is not for you. But, maybe it is.

Would you like to try it for free?

That’s right! You can try it for free. Unlike so many other programs that offer you a 30 or 60 day trial, with a registered credit card, Wealthy Affiliates will test drive the program absolutely free. No credit card registration needed. You can sign up for the free program and have access to the first 10 lessons on how to begin building an online business. To facilitate you in beginning that business they will provide two free (yes, I said free) websites for you to build to promote your business. They will host these sites for you free of charge. These sites will be yours from now on.  Even if you do not join the Premium Membership you can continue to work the two free websites free of charge forever.

In this free membership you will be exposed to some of the tools that are available to those members who have a Premium Membership. You will get to do the hands on part of laying the foundation and building the site by which you will promote your business. You may remain a Free membership as long as you want and work your sites as long as you wish. But, if you are like most of us, you will see the great potential that is possible when exposed to all the tools and knowledge which is available to those who have a Premium Membership that you, too, will want to have those tools.

If you had to pay for all the tools and lessons and information that is available through Wealthy Affiliates it would cost you between $400 and $800 a month. For only $49 a month you will have all these tools plus 24 hour support from hundreds of fellow members and specialists. You could spend thousands of dollars for a program and not have nearly the tools that you will have at Wealthy Affiliates. However, if you decide to stop your Premium Membership you always have that option. But if you give yourself a half a chance, that will never happen.

Check the comparison of the Free and Premium Memberships.

Think about it! Start your own home business online. This could be the moment to change the direction of your life.

I wish you the best, and may God bless you!