What Is Wrong With Not Knowing-Science Today

I was watching a documentary on TV just lately and was a little taken back when I heard one of the “scientists” use a phrase which I had never heard equated with the study of science. He was a professor of anthropology and paleontology and was involved in the unveiling of a “new” lineage in the evolution of human being, that is homo sapiens. The statement with like this: “There is nothing wrong with not knowing in science.”


The very definition of science is “knowledge”. How can a person who is supposedly a PhD in any field of science turn the definition on its head. My question to him, or her, would be, that if the definition of science is knowledge, how can you say that lack of knowledge is not a shortcoming? Yes, I can agree that the search for knowledge implies that there is more knowledge to be gained, but that does not justify that lack of knowledge is good. Is not knowing something a scientific concept?

The search for knowledge is always good. However, we must be aware that everyone who is seeking knowledge must make some “a priori” assumptions. Those assumed foundations, or axioms, will determine to a great degree how one will interpret the facts that we find.

Why not knowing was alright with the paleontologist

The reason for this “scientist’s” statement was that the fossil and bones that they found had upset 150 years of what paleontologists and anthropologists had believed about the evolution of homo sapiens. Rather than admitting that they had been wrong for 150 years and had presented as truth in many thousands of school and college text books, they glossed their big lie over by saying that there is nothing wrong with not knowing.

Would it not have been truthful and more scientific in the first place to admit that they really did not know and then present several possibilities that might fit the findings? That would have been the scientific thing to do and then allow studious and knowledgeable people to pursue avenues of further study.

But, no, they plunged headlong into making up stories about fossils that they said were 2 million years old. They literally made up stories of what they imagined happened and presented it as if it were true. The fact was that the same scenario could have come about by any number of ways. But, when it is your story, you can make up anything you wish. A real scientist would present as many feasible possibilities and then apply Ocham’s Razor.(The least complicated explanation is usually the correct one).


How long are they right

The content of the documentary was collected several years ago. In the time since the discoveries were made and documented, the findings and conclusions that were drawn have been shown to be incorrect or false. So, once again we are having to adjust what the text books are saying. This is becoming a common occurrence in every field of science that relates to evolution.

Scientifically it is understood that DNA cannot last more than a few thousand years. This has been proven by many observable scientific empirical experiments. However, when DNA was discovered in supposedly 70 to 100 million year old pliable flesh, the evolutionists changed the fact that it could not last except for a few thousand years to more than a hundred million years. Did they do it through experimental and logical science? No, they did not. If they were to admit that DNA could not remain intact but for a few thousand years, they would necessarily have to abandon the whole theory of evolution.

Rather than letting the facts dictate the conclusion, they chose to let their prior assumption redefine the science.

Not knowing

So the story continues. What do they not know. They say they know that chimpanzees and homo sapiens came from a common ancestor. But they do not know who or what the common ancestor was but that that ancestor came from apes.

Now, I ask, how can you know for sure that an unknown species came from and ape and that that unknown species somehow evolved several more times until there were two more identifiable species of homo sapiens and chimpanzees? How can you know anything about them if you do not know who they are along the process? That, then becomes a “fairy tale” to rival Peter Pan and The Lion King. These scientists could be writers for Walt Disney.

What are we being taught?

It is a sad thing to admit, but this is so common in so many sciences today. There are more and more so-called sciences such as sociology and psychology which are being shown to be nothing akin to true science. Many of these sciences are merely inventions to prop up a political agenda which by itself would have been seen as the foolish thing it is. But by adding an air of scientific viability to it it takes on respectability.

It is important today that when you read about science and scientific findings that you be aware of the source of its promotion. A prime example is the so-called “climate change” being pushed by politicians the world over. What is their goal. It surely is not for the good of those they say they are serving. Some leaders and promoters of climate change advocate the annihilation of up to 90% of human population. You will not hear them say it out loud, but that is a part of their agenda.

Now, evolution’s goal is a little different. Its goal is to separate human beings from their Creator. Evolutionists want you to think that you are nothing more that “goo”. They are in league with the great deceiver who was the first to rebel against the Creator. He has blinded the eyes of those who do not wish to acknowledge the Creator so that he can lead them to rebel against Him so that they will spend eternity in hell apart from their Creator.

Final analysis

You can choose to believe “scientists” who when confronted with their lies choose to glory in what they do not know and thereby continue to present their lies and lead people astray from the truths of science and from the truths of life.

Or you can choose to seek the truth with an open and curious logical mind. Then when it is revealed, you can believe it and build upon the truth. The beginning of truth for all creation is found in the Bible. If you begin with the truth of the Bible and build upon that foundation you will discover truths that will not have to be adjusted or changed with every new discovery that is made.

May you use your God given logic and understanding as you seek the truth.

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How to Succeed at Affiliate Marketing

You are reading this because you are truly interested in making money on the internet. You may have spent enough time searching by now to know that affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways of making money online.

How to do business online

You must first have a website to establish your presence on the internet. The website may take one of several forms. It may be a simple store front type situation where you present products and sell them for a given price. Another might be a drop shipping business in which you have an account with a producer of certain products in which you advertise and sell their products without actually maintaining an inventory of their products. You simply advertise and sell their product for a marked up price and then from payment received you buy it from the company and they ship the product to your customer. The difference between what you are paid and what you pay for the product is your profit.

Sometimes you are merely selling a service which you provide.

The most utilized and without a doubt the most successful is online affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing

To be an affiliate marketer you must “affiliate” yourself with a product or company that you would like to promote. To “affiliate” with a company means that you agree to certain terms about how to advertise and promote their products and in return they will compensate you for the buying customers that you send their way. The way they compensate you is by giving you an agreed upon percentage of the sale price. Depending on the product that percentage may range from 3% to 70%.

How will you promote the product

Most affiliate marketers will set up a website that is called a blog. The best I can determine about the derivation of this term is that it stands for “weblog”. This website will usually focus on a subject that is very defined. For instance: it may be about cars; but better yet, red cars; still more defined, small red cars; still more, small red cars for sale. I think you get the idea.

But, just as important, and maybe more so, it should be something that the blogger is passionate about. If you own a 1954 red Volkswagen Beetle and want to know if there are other people interested in the same, you can blog about that. As you develop your blog you might ally yourself with a parts’ dealer who can supply parts’ for cars. By affiliating yourself with the parts’ dealer you can direct customers to him by placing advertisements, which he provides, on your website. When people read your blog and click on the advertisement they will be taken to the parts’ dealers site. If they make a purchase, the parts’ dealer will pay you a percentage of that sale as a commission.

This same approach can be used in an almost infinite number of cases. If you can find a product, you can probably affiliate with that company and become an affiliate marketer for them.

So far, so good

So far it does not sound that complicated. As you continue to search about affiliate marketing you will find that there are numerous opportunities out there to start building an affiliate marketing site. This is the point where you must begin to use wisdom.

There are probably hundreds of promotions that will promise to set you up an affiliate site that will begin to bring in a passive income. That term, “passive income”, means you do not have to do anything to bring it in. Let me be straight forward, that is a lie. What they will do is to set you up a website and install links to products, usually to Amazon. It is a real site and is connected to real products at Amazon. But, what they won’t tell you is how you are going to get people to your site so that they can click through to Amazon and buy the products.

They will not tell you, either, how to add products or take out products from your site. They do not tell you how to operate the dashboard for your website to add plugins or links to other sites of interest. You are usually tied to Amazon and no other business opportunities. So you are very limited and your hands or figuratively tied as far as developing your website any further.

Most, and by that I mean 95%, of these promotions and programs are what I have just described. They will take your money and communicate with you for a couple of months and then the phone or email will go silent. It is best that if you buy into any program like this that you pay with a credit card or PayPal. If after a couple of months you see some of the above symptoms develop you can dispute the payment and get your money back. One note of caution: Do not sign any legal type documents online. If the company or product is not confident enough that they can trust that you will like their product, then you probably will not. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING THAT APPEARS TO BE A LEGAL DOCUMENT.

What to look for in an affiliate marketing program

As you search for the right program for yourself, there are a few things which you should expect in the program if you are to succeed.

  • They should not want a lot of money upfront.
  • They should not promise that you will make big money fast.
  • They should not constantly promote additional products for a price to guarantee your success.
  • They should offer a free trial. Usually 30 or 60 day trial. Usually this is with registration of a credit card. At the end of the trial period the card will be automatically charged unless you rescind the card.
  • They should have a comprehensive library of training tools to cover every area of affiliate marketing
  • They should have programs that teach you how to build your website and how to maintain it and grow your followers.
  • They should have a support system that can be prompt and knowledgeable and available 24 hours a day.
  • The price should be reasonable and you should know what it is going to cost upfront.

There could be other things that could be included in the list, but if you can check these off you will more than likely be standing on safe ground.

My Recommendation

My recommendation comes from a background of having experienced some of the unscrupulous affiliate marketing scams that are out there. Because of those experiences, I do now want anybody else to go through them. It would cost you money and heartaches that you should not have to go through.

Because I wanted to succeed I continued searching until I found a program that meets all the needs of someone who is willing to work at building an online affiliate marketing site. It provides all the tools and lessons and support that even the novice will need to begin and build an online marketing business. Though I am emphasizing affiliate marketing, it will work for any approach for building an online business or service or ministry.

It is upfront with its costs ($49 a month, $499 a year). If you are like I was, you might think that that is a lot of money. But consider this. Some programs want $4000 to $5000 up front and the more as you progress through the program. With this program you know from the beginning what you will be paying and can adjust your budget accordingly. For that price you will get all the tools necessary for building your website and the knowledge and training to maintain it and grow it to whatever size you choose.

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With this program as a PREMIUM member you will have access to all the tools and knowledge contained in the program. There is not a higher level.

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Is Neurogym a Scam – A Review

One of the latest motivational attraction is one that is called Neurogym. As you might surmise from the name, it has to do with the brain. But not just the brain, but the thoughts and attitudes that go along with the brain and all that is contained within the neuropaths of the brain. The founder and principal promoter of Neurogym is a man named John Assaraf.

John Assaraf

John Assaraf is an attractive and very intelligent person. From his biography we learn that he did not have an idealic childhood but was very often the brunt of bullies. Because of this and other bad circumstances in his life he was more of a troublemaker as a teenager than an inspiration. According to him, at the age of nineteen he made a decision to turn his life around and so became a success. He built several multi million dollar companies and was a very successful business man.

In part of his autobiography he tells how he made a motivational picture board and on that board one of the pictures of the ideal house that he wanted to live in. It was only a matter of four years before he had achieved that dream. This and other achievements brought him to the idea of sharing how he was able to do this with other people. Out of this came Neurogym.

Neurogym is not just a method to make money but it is used to lose weight, improve relationships, improve physical and mental health and gain confidence and raise self-esteem. All in all it sounds like a fairly good thing.

What is the cost?

Typically, such programs as Neurogym will not give a price of the whole program. I will admit that it took me quite a while to find what the price of the program, or programs, were. I did not get it from the Neurogym web pages, though. I got it from an article written by one of the users of the program. Apparently, he had had good success and was promoting the program on his own website.

There are seven phases to the program. They are as follows with their cost:

  1. Money- The Art and Science of Financial Success ($2500)
  2. The Success Manifestors Genius Program ($497)
  3. In Depth Personality, Strengths and Success Profile Assessment ($500)
  4. Having It All ($197)
  5. Values Based Living ($197)
  6. How to Get More Done in Less Time ($197)
  7. The Four Pillars of Financial and Wealth Success ($1497)

If you go to the myneurogym.com site you will see offers, which they claim are worth over $16,000 which they will sell to you for only $995. If you can not shell out $995 right now, you can make four easy payments of $395.

On their page you will also find testimonies of several people who have used the program and achieved success. All this sounds good and it may be. But allow me a little skepticism.

What the employers of Neurogym have to say

If you were to go to glassdoor.com and read some testimonies of people who have worked for Neurogym, you may get another picture than the one presented by the company. Here are just a few of the comments left by people who said they liked the motivation of the company, but there were many things lacking.

  • The company is not transparent with a prospective new hire about the company’s condition leading them to believe the opportunity is much better than it really is.
    By the time you figure out what’s really going on any other opportunities you might be considering will be gone.
    The public perception is that everything is perfect and the company exist to change the world. Everything is far from perfect.
  • Boss is micro-manager from hell. Turnover understandably high. Feast or famine – lots of feel good kumbaya moments (are we having fun?) and many more “oh crap” moments due to poor organization and wacky direction. Run away.
  • The public perception is that everything is perfect and the company exist to change the world. Everything is far from perfect. …
  • Products are predatory
    Top leader is all about the money
  • High stress environment marked by a high degree of incompetence
    Company doesn’t pay their vendors or partners and contrary to what they want the public to think they are on the verge of failure
    Most employees have been owed bonuses for months that the company can’t afford to pay
  • NeuroGym is a company that makes money by selling very expensive, false-hope to desperate or naive people around the world. Blatantly unethical business practices are conveniently ignored by most of the team, including the leadership.
    Working here will take a toll on your conscience. I don’t expect this company to still be operating in 2020.
  • Owner is a fraud and preys on weak and vulnerable clientele by selling false hopes and lies. You feel grimy for taking their money.

Of the reviews at GlassDoor, 3 were positive(but one of those pointed out some weaknesses) and 7 were negative.

My conclusion about Neurogym

I was very impressed by the first things I read about Neurogym and its goal of helping people improve their own esteem and succeed in this world. But as I dug more and more into the mechanics of the program it became more and more evident that there were some areas that would need to be addressed. I am sure that there are some who have actually followed the program and have succeeded. But I would wager that those people could take almost any type of program that is halfway feasible and succeed.

Neurogym is like so many other programs of this type which present the rosy picture of success of those who have used the program and have done well with it. But, how many more have done the program and the only result was that they ended up thousands of dollars in debt. The $5000 to $6000 price tag we noted above is probably not the final cost to someone who buys into the program. They “Wow” you with the offer that saves you over $16,000. The truth is, the product is not worth the $995 dollars they are baiting you with. Once in the door, you will find that it is going to take more and more money to achieve the success they envision for you.

As I said, I am sure that there are some who have used this program and succeeded. But because the program is basically a way for the owners and promoters to make lots of money at the unknowing man’s expense, it is a scam.

I could not in good conscience recommend it to anybody.

What do I recommend?

If you do wish to work and build a business online that can make you money and help you achieve some of your goals, then let me recommend the program that I have found. Remember the $6000 I noted above that it would cost you to join the Neurogym program, well the program I recommend will charge you a monthly fee of only $49. Of course, you could reduce that cost by buying the service yearly(under $500). You will be buying 12 years of building success with the $6000 you would spend in a short period with Neurogym.

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Why Do People Believe Evolution-Can Christians Believe Evolution

Even though most Americans do not believe in evolution the scientific establishment is dumbfounded as to why people do not believe in evolution. It is a wonder that there are so many who do not believe the Darwinian evolutionary scheme that they have been fed from before beginning their public school careers.

I would like to approach it from the other direction.

Why do people believe evolution?

I believe the question stated above is far more a logical approach to the question of evolution. If you were to take a survey of American citizens who have grown up in the public school system a good many of them would say that they believe in evolution. Even many church going people believe in the concept of evolution. Why is that so? If you were to survey the scientific text books used to teach in our public schools you will find that there is only one paradigm for the presence of life on earth. And that is evolution, and all the trappings that go with it.

If you had grown up in a remote location where there was no interaction with any other society or peoples and you were taught that your village or town was all that there was and that there was no way to leave it or venture out from it. You were never allowed to read anything that suggested that there might be other locations and peoples apart from your location and society. If that is all that you were taught from birth until you were 20 years old, what is the likelihood that that is what you would teach your children?

That is what has happened in the public school systems of the United States. One would think that 90% of US citizens would believe in evolution. Most of our college graduates do believe in evolution, though they are so lacking communicative skills that they can not tell you why. Quite often their reason is that evolution was all that they were taught. It is as if they grew up in a remote location and were never taught anything else.

Why do you believe evolution(if you do)?

I must admit that even when I was growing up that evolution was the paradigm that was taught. Though it was not as overt then as it is now. Professors and teachers speak of evolution as if it is a scientific law. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you were to ask them why, there answer would probably be something like, “My biology professor said so,” or “We see it all around us”” or “evolution is change and we se e change in all life.” All of these, and many more, are good non-scientific answers.

If you were to ask your college professor to give you three scientifically sound examples of Darwinian evolution, how many do you think he or she might present. The keywords are “scientifically” and “Darwinian”. You see, Darwinian evolution says that a life form must increase in complexity if it is to evolve. Science says that you must produce empirical evidence to prove a hypothesis. That has never been done in the field of evolution.

So, if you believe in evolution it is not because you have been convinced by the evidence, because there is no evidence. If you believe in evolution it is simply because you have been brainwashed and have never even considered an alternative. Public schools and colleges and universities have programmed their students to accept what ever they are taught is to be believed and not questioned. A true education system would teach its students to have inquiring and questioning minds. They would want the things they are taught to be logical and reasonable and applicable in their lives and society.

Dare to question evolution. Look at alternatives and see if they are logical and are grounded on scientific laws and principals.

Can Christians believe evolution?

This is almost an oxymoron. There are some people who say they are Christians and that they believe in evolution. Let me tell you why I do not believe that a Christian can believe in evolution(Darwinian evolution).

For the Christian, the foundation of his or her faith is the Word of God, The Bible. The only way to find faith by which one can receive salvation and become a “Christian” is to believe the Word of God. We know from the Bible that “By grace we are saved through faith.” We also know that the “faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God”. If someone decides that they will pick and choose which words to believe and which are not to be believed, then they have decided right there that word is not the Word of God. If you will take the time to read and learn about the Bible you will know that the first temptation to the first man and woman was that what God said was not really the whole truth.

When you decide that God did not mean what He said or what He had written in relation to how He created all things, then you have fallen for the original sin. Now, we can repent of sin, turn from it and walk in fellowship and believing our Creator. But do not think that you can maintain fellowship with your Creator after calling Him a liar. Look what happened to Adam and Eve and all of their descendants, whose we are.

If you want to believe in evolution, you are free to do so. But, do not call yourself a believer in God and His only-begotten Son, Jesus.

The answer, “No, you can not be a Christian and believe in evolution.

How do we know evolution is not scientific

We can know with confidence that evolution is not scientific. “How?”, you ask. First of all, to believe in evolution you must cast aside several scientific laws and findings which have been established and stood the test of time.

Evolution stands against the laws of thermodynamics. If we are to believe evolution we must cast these laws aside.

Evolution stands against the law of bio-genesis. Life only comes from life. That has been established since Pasteur.

Evolution stands against the law of cause and effect. An effect can not be greater than its cause. In fact, the cause is ALWAYS greater than the effect.

Evolution stands against the laws of probability.

Evolution stands against every finding with regard to DNA research. There is never an increase in information in DNA from one generation to the next, no matter how many mutations there are.


There is no scientific evidence for evolution. We have sought to present a few reasons why people might believe in evolution. None of them pass the test of logic or reason. If you believe in evolution you have every right to believe it. But, do not call yourself an intellectual person. Intelligence will cause you to pursue logic and truth rather than blindly following what someone force feeds you.

Your Creator instilled in you a spirit that seeks out truth. Truth is always logical and reasonable. But if you have been blinded by your education and other people’s belief, you may be truly blind to what is true.

I pray that you will use your God given mind and intellect to seek your Creator and the wonderful things He has in store for you.





Evolution Time Is Up-Evolution Science Fiction vs Science Fact

It is time for us to once again address an ever-recurring plague known as evolution science. One would think that with the amount of scientific knowledge that has been accumulated that true science fiction would be acknowledged as such. But such a subject as evolution really would not fall into the area of “science” fiction but would better be described as “science fantasy”. To be factual, “Evolution, your time is up. From now on you are science fantasy not science fact.”

Why fantasy

“Why the term fantasy?”, you ask. Let us approach it from this angle. When you watch the little cartoons that your children watch on Saturday mornings, you see all kinds of things that you know are just fantasy creations of the producers of the cartoons. Those producers are not constrained by scientific facts as to what they can bring to life. After all, it is just a “fairy tale” made up to entertain little children. We hope that as our children grow up they will understand the difference between what is “real” and what is fantasy. Hopefully, they will understand what is fact and what is not fact.

Evolution is not even science

Evolution is not true science by any stretch of the imagination. The term was stolen from a good scientific word, “adaptation”. To adapt means to make adjustments to fit into one’s environment. What evolutionists fail to recognize, or even acknowledge, was that the ability and information needed to adapt (not evolve) to the circumstance had to of necessity already be contained within the creature or living cell. But if they were to acknowledge such a fact, they would undermine their own objective.

True science is based on facts. It is based on facts which can be observed through experiments which can be repeated time and time again which yield the same results. If the experiment does not yield the expected results then the premises is falsified. It is then considered not scientific.

Evolution has been falsified so many times that it is beyond reason to even consider it scientific. Not even science fiction.

Why does evolution persist

If evolution is not science, why does it continued to be treated as such? Consider this. When a thing or subject is accepted without proofs from a natural approach it is usually considered a religion. Religions are usually based on “faith”. That faith is quite often not founded on physical repeatable facts. It is a belief held by the person or groups because it can not be proved by the scientific method.

Evolution is founded on the principle of atheism. Atheism says that there is not “God”. Can they prove that? Is there some scientific experiment that can consistently prove that there is no “God”? Of course, you know the answer. There is no experiment that can prove the existence of a “God”.

Instead of evolutionists admitting their professed “beliefs”, and in so doing render them outside the area of facts and truths, they claim to be scientists and will allow “no divine foot in the door” in addressing science. In so doing they have broken one of the most important things about science in that to find truth in any matter you must look at all the facts, or in this case, none facts, or made up facts. So, by differentiating themselves from religion they try to present themselves as objective and scientific. The truth is that they are more religious than the so-called religious.

Because evolutionists insist that they are not religious but are scientific, they persist in the scientific field.

Time is up

But, time is up for the evolutionist. In the past century one scientific discovery after another has falsified evolutionary tales. Science says that a premise which can not be falsified, that is if there is not some scenario which it is supposed to bring about which in certain situations it does not bring about, then it is proven wrong and is falsified.

There are many scientific hypotheses which have been put to the test many times and have stood the test and have come to the status of being scientific laws. Evolution is not one of those.

Evolution states that living things evolve and grow more complex, thereby increasing the information in the DNA of any given species. But when confronted with cave fish which have “evolved” and no longer have functioning eyes (a loss of information in the DNA of the cave fish), they call this evolution. Is the increase in information in the DNA evolution or is the decrease in information in the DNA evolution. It can not be both or the premises (evolution) is falsified.

The evolutionist will not point out this inconsistency. However, it is rampant throughout the “science fiction” of evolution.

When DNA was discovered it was heralded by evolutionists to be the final nail in the coffin of creationism. It would prove evolution beyond a shadow of doubt. In the early studies of DNA it seemed that might be the case. It appeared at first that only about 2% of the DNA was actually functional and useful in the function of the living entity studied. Their conclusion was that the remainder of the DNA was junk and leftovers from evolutionary progression. To their disdain the evolutionists have been proven wrong again (their hypothesis was falsified). Everyday new studies are showing that more and more of the DNA is functional and necessary in the life of the entity involved.

As mentioned above, evolutionists believe that the information in DNA could be increased by mutations in the DNA and thereby create new information. Over millions of years this would bring about new species and kinds of living things. As experiments and studies of DNA have continued it has been established that mutations do not add information to the gene pool of the DNA. At best it remains neutral. At worst, it removes information from the gene pool. It has been scientifically proved that from one generation to the next in any species, that there is a decrease in information in the DNA. Once again, evolution has been falsified.

It only takes one falsification to debunk a theory. I have only stated two. But there are many more. I shall be sharing them in future articles.

Decision time

It is time that rational minds concede how we have been duped by false science and false scientists. They speak with “authority” but they are merely teaching fairy tales which they have been taught and without even considering the logic or reality of what they are preaching have passed it on to a following generation. And because they defined themselves as “scientists”, generation after generation have believed them and not learned how to apply logic and wisdom.

Most people believe the lie of evolution because they believe the scientist who told them that it was true. Did they think that there might be another approach? Were they even presented a competing alternative? If they were raised in the public school system of the United States, they were not.

It is true that the foundational scientific principles were established by men who approached science with an open yet critical (questioning and seeking) mind who even considered the possibility and probability of a Creator. These men and women passed on a true science which was logical and provable. But evolutionary scientists who are founded in humanistic materialism have no concept of a Creator and thereby have no foundation for logic. So they must continually adjust, redefine and be surprised by the findings so that they can persist in their belief of evolution.

Yes, it is a belief, not a science. Next time you hear “evolution”, just ask for some “scientific” proof. It is not enough that so-and-so said so or that professor so-and-so said so. As Wendy’s used to say, “Show me the beef”. Show me some proof. Produce some real science that proves evolution. THERE IS NONE!

Evolution. Your time is up.

Evolution is a failed philosophy. It is not science and has been falsified time and again. Time to wake up and stand for what is right and not be led down a fairy tale path by someone who has no mind of their own or wisdom for direction.

Read some more of our articles related to the lie of evolution and the ills that it promotes.

May God bless you and give you wisdom as you search.

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Benefits of Classical Singing-The Physical

Singing is an attribute found only in humans. As much as we would like to attribute the act of singing to birds, it is not quite the same. There are many benefits associated with singing. Depending on the style and genre these benefits may vary or in some cases, not be so. In this blog I shall address some physical benefits associated with singing. In particular, I shall focus on benefits of classical singing.

Styles of singing

In modern society we are exposed to many styles of singing. The popular catalog contains a hodgepodge of constructions which vary from “rap”, being a somewhat rhythmic recitative to heavy-metal which a supposedly controlled scream. In between these extremes we find what we commonly hear on AM and FM radio stations and in background music that we hear in our local shopping malls and stores and fast food establishments.

Styles within these range from what we call “hip-hop” to Jazz to Blues to Disco to Crooners to Easy-listening and on and on. As to the benefits, if there are any, of singing in these styles, I shall leave to others who are more knowledgeable of the particular genre. The focus of this blog is the benefits of Classical singing.

Classical singing as opposed to non-classical

What is classical singing? The term “classical” usually refers to things and styles that have stood the test of time and are still employed in what ever field is being addressed. The same definition may be applied to the art of singing. The title of “classical”, or “classic”, is now used, though not totally correctly, to styles that are only decades old. For instance, the term “Classic Rock and Roll”. Usually the reference is to what was practiced 60 or 70 years ago and is rarely followed in the music styles of the popular culture today. The term is an appeal to an older generation. The style is not truly “classical” in the sense that it is a common genre of the present.

True “Classical” anything is something that was practiced in the past and has continued to be practiced for many years and though being refined is still true to the initial foundational principles of the style. Classical singing is that style which is founded on the disciplined training of the vocal instrument which produces vocal music which is controlled and reproduceable in a consistent manner. It is built upon techniques which are developed and strengthened by consistent practice. It is singing built on sound practices which does not harm the vocal mechanism but which build it so that it continually improves the performance of the voice.

Many styles of singing actually tear down the instrument of the voice. Very few popular music singers can go more than a few years before they must address serious physical problems with their voice. This is because the techniques used in most popular music styles is not conducive to the strengthening of the total vocal instrument. Some, if not many, of the techniques actually damage the voice overtly.

Those are practices in the “so-called” singing are actually tearing at the very mechanisms creating the vocal sound. For this reason it is very common for popular singers to have to take rests from their singing and recording on a regular basis. They must continually be under supervision by a physician and receive medication regularly. For this reason some get addicted so drugs.

Vocal classical music

When we talk of classical music in the vocal genre, we are speaking of music which has stood the test of time. For me, and most who are of Western Civilization background, it is the music of Europe and the United States and some Latin American countries.

Much of the music has been viable for hundreds of years and is still just as inspiring and enjoyable as when they were first composed. Many have copied the style and form of those older and have refined and sometimes improved on the older. Though some are not as well-known, or popular, as others, they still fit the category of the “classical” vocal music.

In one sense Classical vocal music is a form as much as a style. Classical vocal music normally is well constructed and assumes a form and structure which helps to focus its’ goal. Vocal classical music will usually have a specific goal in its presentation. It is either to entertain or inspire or relax or invigorate. Or it may be calming or energetic. The composer of classical music will choose a form and then build the music around the form. There may be times the form is adjusted, but usually a return to structure is forth coming.

Classical vocal music adds the dimension of music to the spoken word. Spoken words are powerful, but when coupled with the appropriate music they become overcoming. It is the combination of word with powerful music that makes vocal music classical.

Benefits of Classical vocal singing

In contrast to popular music singing, classical vocal singing cannot be approached lightly. Just as athletes who excel in their given area must begin and develop their body and muscles toward a direction so that they may excel in their sport, so a classical singer must do with the muscles necessary to produce good classical singing. Just as all athletes do not become professional athletes, so also not all classical singers become professional singers. But just as amateur athletes benefit physically from the sport they participate in, so also will the amateur singer benefit from singing in the classical mode.

Some health benefits of singing in the classical mode

In the beginning of any good classical singing class one will more than likely have to address posture. In modern society “slouch” is the norm. Very seldom do you hear of anyone addressing posture. If you take any classical voice lessons one of the first things you will learn is that you must have correct posture. The human body is designed in such a way that it functions to its maximum capacity when in its correct posture for the given event.

In classical vocal singing the best posture is that which is similar to a soldier standing at attention, though a little less rigid. In this position the muscles used in inhalation and expiration are in the best situation to perform at maximum ability. Good posture is good for the whole body. So if you got no more benefit than this you will be better for health wise than if you had not. But that is not all.

The correct posture sets you up to take deep breaths to be able to sing long phrases. As you develop the ability to sing longer phrases, you are developing the practice of taking more air into your lungs and expelling more air from your lungs. As you develop this your body is able to appropriate more easily the oxygen needed for your body to help produce the energy needed for daily activities and expel the carbon dioxide byproduct which your body needs to get rid of. You grow more healthy with this increased function.

As you learn to sing and develop the support mechanisms that are necessary for vocal production you will learn and develop muscle coordination within your body which is necessary for good vocal production. As you get more advanced in your vocal learning you will find that it is not only the breathing and vocal mechanisms which profit from the practice, but you will find that your whole body is becoming involved in the process. Because of the attention to posture and proper use of the muscles necessary to correct singing you will find that your whole body from head to foot is becoming involved in the process of good classical vocal singing.

In conclusion

These are just some health benefits of classical vocal singing. But there are more benefits than just the health benefits. In coming blogs we shall address not only more of the health benefits but also the mental, psychological and the spiritual benefits of classical vocal singing, as well.

Now, go join a good choir or look up a good classical vocal teacher.

If you are serious about developing a classical singing voice then click HERE and it will take you to a page where you can choose from several opportunities I have listed.





A Theory That Predicts Eveything Is Not Science-Climate Change Is a Hoax

In the scientific method when used properly, a hypothesis is proposed and the experiments and research is carried out to see if the hypothesis is true or false. If a scenario by which a hypothesis can be proved false is non-existent, then the hypothesis then can not be considered a scientific proposition. There must be some type of thing that if it is proven true would falsify the hypothesis.

An example might be the hypothesis that at sea level on the earth pure water will boil at 212 degrees F. If someone were to perform this experiment at sea level and the pure water did not boil at 212 degrees F, then the hypothesis would be proven wrong.

Climate change

How does that relate to the myth of climate change. Well, if you may recall that only twenty or so years ago it was not known as “climate change”, but was called “global warming”. As more and more scientists began to look into the matter and study the facts of the science it became obvious that the science of the situation did not prove or support “global warming”. Compare the so-called science of global warming to the so-called science of thirty years earlier which was predicting a cooling of the climate which might issue in an ice age. Now, bear in mind that all these predictions were made by so-called men of science.

Can we really put any trust in a group of people who fifty years ago prophesied a coming ice age and then within thirty years of that time were then warning of global warming and then when the predicted phenomenon leveled out and was no longer presenting the promised threat to our environment, they conveniently substituted “climate change” for “global warming”. All of their terms seem to be quite fluid as to how they are interpreted.


The main tool for measuring the climate is temperature. Temperature is a fluctuating matter. Depending on the location of the measurement temperature can vary greatly. Locations farther from the equator will no doubt have a lower average temperature than those closer to the equator. Those near large bodies of water will tend to have less fluctuation in temperature than those located in arid areas.

Temperature files have only been recorded and kept for only a couple of hundred years on a regular business, and that has not been on all parts of the globe. We are aware of times when certain areas of the globe were much cooler than they are now. That was according to what was defined as an “ice age”. The only real proof we have of this is the recorded history that has been passed down. Some scientists believe that we can take core samples of ice sheets and determine what temperatures were hundreds or thousands of years ago. Many other scientists question such findings.

The only way that “temperature” could be used to determine if an ice age or global warming were really taking place would be to have several thousand years of records that would show patterns of temperature fluctuation. Then we could determine if the fluctuations we are seeing over the past century or so are actually anything out of the norm.

Weather predictions and ramifications

If you have lived for any length of time you are aware that weathermen are notorious for missing their predictions. Even with all the sophisticated computers and computer programs and weather models they still miss it by miles in their predictions sometimes. There have been several instances in just the past few years when this was made evident.

I am glad to say that they fare pretty well when the weather satellites can follow the weather almost instantaneously. But even then, two or three days farther along they are often surprised by what happens.

Are climate change scientist really concerned about you

You might think that these climate change scientists are really concerned for you and your family. There are probably a few that are. But, if you really delve into the reasons why they push their particular agenda, you will find that it is not because they are concerned for you and your family.

The driving force behind “climate change”, or “global warming”, is a matter of being able to control you and your family and your country, no matter which country it is. Consider that some climate change supporters actually promote the idea that we should do away with 90% of the human population. Does that show concern for human life? I think not.

Actual variation in temperatures have been less than + or – 2 degrees centigrade over the passed 200 years. That means that it has gone down 2 degrees and gone up 2 degrees. The world has not ended during any of these fluctuations.

Is it science

It seems that no matter what happens the believers(yes, believers) of climate change use any situation to claim proof of “climate change”. On the east coast of the United States there were floods. Climate change was the reason given for these. On the west coast there are thousands and thousands of acres burned by wild fires. Climate change was the reason for these. The Arctic ice cap is supposedly shrinking. This is because of climate change. Yet, they fail to mention that the Antarctic ice sheet is growing. When everything that occurs, even opposing factors, is used as evidence for climate change, then the proposition is non-scientific. It is a religion. As is true in most religions, they want to dominate you.

Have you noticed that those who promote the hoax of climate change are the ones that abuse the climate the most. They fly expensive jet planes for personal use while they want you to fly coach or not fly at all. They hold expensive conferences which cost millions of dollars to set up. All the while they want you to foot the bill. They have managed to brainwash a generation who will believe every word that they speak, even though there may not be one shred of science to back it.

Weather cannot lie

Have you seen the weather channel’s new motto? “Weather can not lie.” Weather cannot lie because it is inanimate and cannot speak. But weathermen and weather women can lie, and they do. Maybe not intentionally. But when they read the prompter they repeat the lie that has come to be known as “climate change”. Most of them have no idea what they are saying. They, too, have been duped.


So, what is the answer to “climate change”? The answer is to look at it from the Creator of this world’s viewpoint. Oh, you may say, now you are talking religion. No, I am not. The “climate changers” speak for a worldview which is humanistic materialism. That is their “religion”. I speak from a Biblical worldview. You can correctly say that both are religions. The Supreme Court has said so.

The Creator created this world to be perfect. He declared it so at the end of the sixth day of creation when He called everything that He had made “very good”.

Yes, we see terrible things that happen because of weather, but do not blame that on the Creator. The reason we see bad things occurring in weather and in world events is because of what mankind has done. It began with Adam, our forefather, when he rebelled against our Creator. He brought sin into the perfect creation. And it has continued to affect every area of creation, even weather. In a sense, climate change(global warming) and all bad weather is caused by man. But it is not because we are humans, but because we have sinned and not acknowledged our need of our Creator and His salvation through His Son, Jesus.

We continue in our pride and think we can correct our sins. But, we can not. We must confess our sins and repent. We must receive the salvation which only our Creator can provide. That salvation was accomplished through His only-begotten Son, Jesus, when He died on a cross for the sins of all mankind.

The coming day

The day is coming soon when the Creator shall restore all things to the original perfect creation. There will be no need for weathermen or weather women. However, there will be a wonderful need for all to be scientists as we continue to discover how God’s creation is constructed and how it works. It will take eternity. What a glorious eternity it will be.


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Free Online Money Making Opportunities-Are There Any

When beginning a search for opportunities for making money online, most of us will look for a way to try out something for free to see if we really want to pursue an online money making career. This is a little introduction to your beginning your search and hopefully it will save you some time and heartache and maybe some money, too.

Free online money making opportunities

There are numerous money making opportunities on the internet any of which have the potential to make the owner money to one degree or another. As in any business opportunity the investment in the enterprise will determine the return that one will receive.

Since we are talking about “Free” money making opportunities we are assuming that the investment that you are looking at is an investment of time. Not that time is a free commodity, but it is a commodity that you can invest where ever you may decide and that time can be converted into a currency which is a negotiable commodity. The “Free” we shall address is the “Free” that refers to the money aspect of the investment in building an online business.

Which type of online business

Before we get to making any suggestions as to which direction to go and what framework to build on, we must decide what type of online business we wish to build.


There are storefront set-ups in which you decide on a product or types of products you wish to sell. You then build a website on which to display and promote these products on the internet. The problem with this model for the person wishing to build a “Free” online business is that there is usually a financial investment that is necessary to begin this type. There are some few possibilities and we shall mention one later in this blog.

Auction sales

Then there is the auction and sales business which is based and built on a platform which incorporates Ebay and Bonanza and such auction platforms. In these setups you may sell items which you have or sell items for other people or sell items using the “drop shipping” setup, which we shall discuss later in this article. It is simple to set up a “Free” account with Ebay or any of the auction sites. (You can find many simply by doing a google search for “auction sites”. You may choose one or more auction sites through which to sell your products. The free memberships are usually limited in the number of items you may sell. But when getting started you probably will not need to have to many products available.

Drop shipping

This type of business is usually paired with an ebay or storefront business. The usual beginning cost is the cost of purchasing of a domain and a hosting service for your online site. Though these costs are minimal($30 to $100) it is a necessary thing if you are to build an online business. Drop shipping is a structure in which you promote and advertise products on your site and sell them to people who wish to buy them. The advantage is that you do not have to stock any of the items that you advertise and sell.

To do this you ally yourself with one or more businesses that do drop shipping business(google “drop shippers”). Sign up with companies whose products you would like to promote. They will help you set up a “free” account and give you help in promoting their products on your website.

The process by which you make money is when someone makes a purchase on your site(usually through Paypal which is the simplest and a free way to receive payments, since we want “Free”), you then take the money which they have paid you and turn and order the product through the drop shipping company that supplies the product and you pay them the wholesale price. They will then handle the rest of the process and ship the product to the purchasing customer. You keep the difference between the purchase price and the wholesale price. In this way you have spent none of your money and have made a profit by providing a service to the purchaser and the drop shipper.

One must be diligent in choosing the products and the drop shippers that one works with. Not all products and not all drop shippers are equal. You must be willing to put in more time as your business grows. A lot of people have made good money using this platform. But to do that will take time and as you grow it will take more and more time. If you love to work and have the time this will be a good platform for you.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is probably the most utilized form of online entrepreneurial enterprise. You must be willing to invest some of your time in the beginning and as your business grows you will invest some more time. But it is not the exponential growth of time involvement as in auctioning or drop shipping or even storefront.

In the beginning there must be a consistent and steady investment of your time. By this I mean from five to ten hours a week. You will know how much you can invest. Over time(6 months to a year) your business will begin to grow, gradually at first, but then as it grows its rate of growth will increase faster and faster. After a couple of years it will almost be self-sustaining growth. Of course you will continue to build your business, but the time factor will be greatly reduced.

How does it work? In affiliate marketing you will set up a website, usually a blog(you will learn what that is as you go) in which you promote certain products or lifestyles or interests. As you grow an audience you will offer them products to help them accomplish their goals. The products that you will offer will be done by referring them to companies that sell those products.

You do this by “affiliating” your online business with the companies that provide the products or services that they may wish to purchase. The company will provide links for you to insert in your website so that when one of your readers clicks on that “banner” or link they will be taken to the company’s website where they may purchase the products you have advertised. Any purchase made from a “click” through your website will be credited to you and you will be given a commission of an agreed upon amount(ranging from 4% to 70% depending on the product and company). You do not have to participate in the sale process at all. The company will pay you your commissions at agreed upon times and amounts.

This program has made many people rich beyond their highest hopes.


Any of these platforms can make the owner money. There are means by which you can begin any of these for “Free”, but there will come a time that you will need to return some of your profit to continue to feed the growth.

Almost any online promoter of these types of business will offer you a free trial. But that free trial expires within 30 to 90 days and you must purchase the full price of their product or you lose your time investment in building your site.

However, there is one platform that is totally “Free” and you are not tied to a time limit in which you must make a decision. The normal person, which I consider myself and many others, can not get enough knowledge in 30 to 90 days to know whether they can use a given platform to build their online business. You may end up as I did a time or two and feel pressured to join a program and after three or four months realize you could not work it, either because of lack of support or lack of knowledge base or the program was not what it said it was.

The program that I recommend gives you a totally “FREE” opportunity to set up your own website and gives you 10 free lessons to give you the tools to set up your own website to promote you own interests or products. They will also give you 2 “FREE” websites and host them for “FREE” so you can build your presence on the internet. Of course, you will not have access to the thousands of tools which are available to the “PREMIUM” membership. But you can use and learn with the two “FREE” websites for as long as you wish. You are never pressured to join the “PREMIUM” membership if you do not wish. You will be given opportunity to join if you wish, but never pressured.

The name of the program is Wealthy Affiliates. Wealthy Affiliates never makes outlandish promises about success but will give you realistic appraisal and direction in building your online business. If you decide by using the totally “FREE” program that Wealthy Affiliates is viable instrument for building a growing internet business, then you can join the “PREMIUM” program and gain access to thousands(yes I said thousands) of tools and teachings on how to build a successful online business.

The cost for these priceless tools is only $49 a month. You can purchase a yearly membership and save up to 40% off of the membership cost. Now, remember, you can take as long as you wish with the “FREE” program before you make a decision whether to join the “PREMIUM” or not. You may choose not to join. That is OK. Keep the “FREE” as a gift. You may decide later to join the “PREMIUM”. You can do that at any time you may wish.

At Wealthy Affiliates you will find many people who are just like you and are building their own online business. You will also find a wealth of knowledge and information which you will find no where else in one location. The support is phenomenal and is online 24 hours a day. You will get answers to your questions and problems within minutes(usually), not hours or days or never.

I hope you will take advantage of one of the best internet marketing programs available today by signing up for your “FREE” program membership.

Check out this chart below to compare the Free Program to the Premium Program.


I wish you success in your online business ventures. May God bless you and prosper you.


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Health Benefits of Optimism – It’s All Good

The world we live in is full of pessimism. It is so easy to point out what is wrong with everything around us. But, is there any reason to be optimistic in a world that is forever trying to point out where everybody else is wrong and where they are right. How do such attitudes bear on the overall health of our society? Are there any health benefits of optimism?

Our health

Does an attitude of optimism have any effect the general health of individuals and societies? I am convinced that it does. Not just because of all the studies that have been done showing that it does, but also because I have lived for over seventy years and have seen times of pessimism and optimism and some that were neither optimistic nor pessimistic, but more like catatonic. Because of that I know that optimism is the preferred approach to any project that is undertaken. Whether it is an individual project or a small group or a large collective endeavor, optimism always brings a better final results.

I have known people who have had life threatening diseases and had the choice of becoming disheartened or approaching the treatment of the disease with a positive and conquering attitude. The one’s that I am most familiar with came out on top every time. But there were others who took a negative attitude and were always pointing out the bad things about the disease. Too many of those lost their battle in the end.

Attitude and health

More and more I am persuaded that attitude, a good attitude, is as good or better than the medicines which we used to help us attain good health. I have many friends who take vitamins and supplements by the handful every day, and yet they are constantly battling allergies and symptoms of all kinds. Their answer is to “throw” more vitamins and supplements at the symptoms. In the end, they have spent a lot of money on medicines and vitamins and supplements and still have the same problems, but less money.

Then there are others who when facing a symptom will take a positive attitude first and may or may not take a medicine or a vitamin or a supplement. They continue on their life with very little interruption and have far fewer problems from the effect no matter what is was. Most positive folks have come through the symptoms in a very short time, sometimes hours, sometimes a little longer, but no matter have ended up accomplishing far more than if they had taken a negative attitude and succumbed to the effects of the symptoms

Does optimism affect your health

Without a doubt optimism has a positive effect your health. Pick out some people that you know that are optimistic in the approach toward life and some who are pessimistic toward life. Study them to see which ones are the healthiest and who are more energetic. See which accomplish the most in their work and which can not seem to get as much done. I think that you will find that the optimistic person will get the most done.

This same principle applies in our health. You will find that optimistic people approach their health the same way. They are proactive. Though they want to eat healthy food, they do not feel the need to hyper diet to eat healthy. Though they desire to be healthy they do not have the need to always train for a marathon.

Optimism puts a spring in your step and even your daily walking about produces a gait that can not help but produce a higher level of health.

Does pessimism affect your health

I think you know the answer to that question. Check around you and find out what kind of health is produced by pessimistic people. By nature pessimists can not see the best of any situation but only the worst. Quite often the “worst” that they perceive is actually worse than the reality that is. Because of their attitude they begin to see and think things that are not necessarily so. So they begin to give in to the worst of any given situation. They lose heart and give up and the pessimism grows worse.

With such an attitude it is easy to see how the defense mechanisms of the body becomes weakened. The brain is the center where all the defenses of the mind and body are carried on and when it becomes overloaded with worry and fretting it will without a doubt suffer in the area of health defense and offense.

How to change your attitude

There are many people who have every right to have a bad attitude toward life. But, believe it or not, your attitude, as well as theirs, is a choice that you make.

I have known of people who have had terrible things happen to them along life’s way, yet they are positive and optimistic toward life. How can that be?

Then there are some who have practically everything they have ever wanted but have a pessimistic attitude toward life. How can that be?

As I said above, your attitude is a choice that you make.

I have a dear friend who is a multimillionaire. You might think that he is positive because he is a millionaire. He is positive, but not because he is a millionaire. Ask him about the seven times that he “went under” and had to declare bankruptcy. What was his attitude then. His attitude was, “So I failed. What can I learn from this failure?” He took optimistic attitude and never gave up on that attitude. It caused him to know that if he did not quit that he would succeed. He did and he still is succeeding.

I know of a man who was declared dead of leukemia by the lab blood tests, but he was optimistic that he would overcome the disease. To everyone’s surprise, but his, he is a healthy and thriving man. What if he had been a pessimist? He would have been just what the lab tests declared. But he was optimistic and positive and he got those results.

How can you become an optimist

Optimism can only be a force in your life if you know that your life is more than what you can see. You see, you are not just a body or just a body and a brain. You are a three-fold being. You are a body, a brain and a mind(spirit). Why do I say that? You see, you have a Creator, and the handbook, The Bible, declares that you are created in His image. Now, He says that He is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; three-fold.

Your Creator is by His own being optimistic. When He created everything, He declared it “very good”. What He says is always positive and optimistic. Now when Adam, the first man, rebelled against the Creator, he introduced pessimism into creation. That pessimism came because of “sin”. The only way to do away with pessimism is to overcome sin in your life. The only way to overcome sin in your life is to give up your life and accept the life which God wants you to have. He wants you to have an abundant and fully optimistic life both now and eternally.

Now, when He gives you that optimism, which is the Holy Spirit, your whole direction and attitude toward life will change. You can make the choice to let Him come into your life and begin right now to live a joyful and optimistic life beginning right now and continuing for eternity.

God bless you!

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Evolution and Thanksgiving

Being thankful implies that there are at least two sentient entities involved. One party has received something of value from the other and for that said party expresses gratitude for whatever the something is or was.

Can evolution allow for gratitude or thankfulness

To answer this question we must first understand how evolution works. According to those who espouse evolution, it is an all natural unguided process. There is no forethought or planning but only the natural laws of nature and the elements of nature. This applies to the whole gamut of life and its processes. In essence, evolution is merely atoms bouncing around bumping into other atoms and whatever happens is what ever happens.

Then the evolutionists contradict themselves by adding the term of “natural selection” into the mix. This is defined as nature “selecting” certain traits or structures to be reproduced in succeeding generations. The question is, how can any process which is supposed to be things just bumping around running into one another with no guidance what so ever all of a sudden make a decision. To make a decision means to have fore thought. It means there is a choice or choices and a thought out decision must be made. Is it evolution(accidents) or is it thought out direction and intelligent design. It seems that evolutionists want it both ways. This is especially true when their original premises lacks any sound science or logic.

Since evolution is merely accident after accident happening there can be no foundation for thinking that there would be two parties much less one party that would help another party by accident. If it were an accident, there would be no need for thanks on the other party’s part, if they were even aware that good had been done for them.


No thanks in evolution

There can be no thanks in evolution. Among the original premises of evolution was the survival of the fittest. According to the promoters of evolution, only the ones who were the most fitted to survive would survive to carry on their species. We still see this thought promoted in all our wild life documentaries as we see bighorn male sheep butt heads together to prove who is the most fit to carry on his DNA. The same thing among deer, buffaloes, giraffes, wolves and a miriad of other species. I would like to ask these so-called scientists if they have ever interviewed any of these animals to ask them why they do this. Are they really doing to pass on their DNA, or is there some other reason? One’s worldview is probably playing a part in their dialog. No one has ever interviewed any of those animals. It is all a made up story. Make up your own story. It is just as valid as the “scientist’s” fairy tale.

Morality is situational

Thankfulness is grounded in morality. As you learn more about evolution you will soon come to the understanding that there is no grounding for morality in the evolutionary structure. Morality assumes a standard and structure of what is good and what is not good. Evolution is based merely on who or whatever ends up “on top” has the right to do what he wants. He determines what morality is and what right is.

In twentieth century world history we can cite three such situations. In the communist revolution in Russia, Stalin decided what was good for Russia and to fulfill that “good” he systematically murdered millions of people. In the lead up to World War II, Hitler killed at lest 6 million Jews(because they were an inferior race of peoples according to Hitler). Then in the communist revolution in China, Mao Tse Dong murdered 50 million people because they were not necessary for his purposes.

These three leaders were all believers in evolution and used that as the reason to carry out the atrocities that they did. Can you tell me how thankfulness fits into that scheme?

Where does thankfulness come from

Thankfulness comes when a weaker party is blessed by a stronger party when there was no help in sight. Only in this type of circumstance will we find true thankfulness. From time to time we see and hear of people doing extraordinary things to help someone when there was no help in sight. We often hear people express thanks to the people who have served in our armed services as they thank them for their service to our country. Why do they do this? Probably because they themselves were not able to go and do what the person did in service to our country. This is a true form of thankfulness. Next time you see a service person or a veteran please express your thankfulness.

There are many times in our lives when we face situations that are beyond our own ability to meet or overcome and in that situation someone comes along to help us through it. In those times we can understand what true thankfulness is. It is not a payment for the help given but a true recognition of the help given by one human being to another, a help which has no price tag and which no amount of money could repay. But thankfulness expresses our understanding of that.

The real reason to be thankful

Life as we live day by day will have many situations when we will need help for which thankfulness will be the only payment we can render. But the greatest help that any person can receive is the eternal help which has been provided by our Creator. Because of what our forefather Adam did, every one of us is in a situation that we are helpless to solve. Because of Adam’s rebellion we are natural born rebels. That means that we rebel against our Creator. It would be nice to think that there might be some who do not rebel, but that is not the case.

But, “Praise God”, He did not leave us helpless. He has provided a free gift of salvation to all who would receive it. Just as any gift, it will not be forced on you, you can receive it or reject it. You can not pay for it or pay for a little of it. You either receive it all or you receive none of it. When you receive it you will understand true thankfulness. When we were without hope, Jesus died for us. He did all that was necessary. Just receive it and be thankful. Do not be like the evolutionist in his pride who thinks he is as good as God and does not need to be thankful to Him.

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