Climate Change – Is It Inevitable

I opened up the morning paper and was accosted by another article about climate change.  The headline read, “Climate Change, Poised for a Lot of Surprises.” From what the professor said who wrote the paper, it was clear, “Climate change, it’s inevitable.” So, climate change – is it inevitable?

The morning paper

The Morning Paper

The paper which was being reviewed was written by a professor of environmental studies at Stanford University.  Now, Stanford University is one of the most prestigious universities in the US. In the past they were among the elite in regards to the quality of education one could get.

So, I began to read the article with great interest.  Though I am skeptical of climate change enthusiasts, I am open to any evidence that they may have.  

It was only three or four sentences into the article before the whole paper was debunked by its writer.  The writer said, “There is nothing certain about climate change…” Does one need to read any further? If the researcher admits that there is nothing certain, can anything they say be taken as scientific proof?

The writer went on to prognosticate how certain bad things might come about.  He also quoted facts of how the average temperature had risen since the 1950s.  Did he, or she, say how much? No! Just for the record, it was one degree centigrade.  Did they say that it had dipped along the way from 1950 to the present? Or, better yet, did they tell you that 150 years ago the average temperature was higher than now?  None of this was mentioned.

The writer had disqualified himself from the argument.  But did the newspaper bother to tell you that?  No.  They printed it like it was scientific fact.  And they put it on the front page.  It seems that not only are “scientists” lying but so are newspaper editors.  With that in mind, the question arises, “Climate change – is it inevitable?”

Inconvenient truths for alarmists-climate change-is it inevitable-no

There are some inconvenient truths that climate alarmists leave out.  Let’s name a few.

Without CO2 there is no life

Carbon dioxide, the villain in climate change, is necessary for life.  Without it there would be no life on earth. It is necessary in the cycle of plants making food.  No carbon dioxide, no plants, no food, no human beings.  

Carbon dioxide is often portrayed as some kind of nasty smoke.  For those interested in science, carbon dioxide is a clear gas, not smokey particles.

Carbon dioxide makes up about 1/10 of 1% of the atmosphere that we breath.  Right now our atmosphere contains between 300 and 400 parts per million of CO2.  Alarmists say that we should lower that number. Scientists who study carbon dioxide say we should quadruple that number.  Why? You ask. As I stated above, CO2 is necessary for plants to produce their and our food. The ideal saturation, according to those who know, should be around 1600 parts per million.  The effect on the climate would be negligible.

Other Inconvenient truths

Alarmists put out the news that the polar ice cap is shrinking.  While this is factual, it is not the whole truth. The Arctic ice cap is shrinking, though not drastically.

Antarctica ice cap is growing

Oh, did they tell that the Antarctic ice is growing faster than the Arctic is shrinking? Would you call that an inconvenient truth for climate alarmists?  With that in mind, the question of climate change, is it inevitable?

Alarmists also prophesied that the polar bear population would shrink to the point of extinction.  That prophecy was made over thirty years ago. Is it coming true? Once again their prophets turned out to be false prophets.  The polar bear population is on the growth.

Their numbers are growing

Another statistic cited by climate alarmists is the number of deaths attributed to heat.  What they fail to tell you is that twenty times as many die from cold temperature conditions.

Economic effects

One of the major inconvenient truths they leave out is that their program would plunge the world into poverty.  Not just countries suffering poverty, but the whole world.

This is where they will lead you

Still another inconvenient truth they forget is this.  If the whole world does not adopt their agenda and participate, it can not be achieved.  The real truth is that it cannot be achieved anyway. But, back to the real world. The climate alarmists are only active in free societies.  How far do you think they would get in communist China? Do you think India and China will give up its emerging industrial growth to please the climate alarmists?

Nuclear energy

Clean abundant energy

Another inconvenient truth alarmists do not like is the fact of nuclear energy.  The production of energy by the nuclear process is totally environmentally friendly.  With the development of new technologies it is becoming safer every year.

Why do you suppose climate alarmists do not want nuclear energy production?  The main reason they do not like it is because it does what they say they want to be done.  It provides an abundance of energy with no harmful chemicals being injected into the atmosphere.  You would think they would be on board and promoting nuclear energy plants.

Lifestyles of the climate alarmists-why climate change is a hoax

Lifestyles of the alarmists

This points out the true agenda of the climate alarmists.  They are not interested in truths, convenient or inconvenient.  They are interested in control. If they were truly interested in improving the climate by the means they promote, they would change their own lifestyle. 

Take a little time and research how these alarmists live.  They preach conservation but live extravagance. Simplicity is their message, but luxury is their lifestyle.  They demand that you give up your convenience but they have far more than they would ever need.

A good steward

I am not against being good stewards of our home, the Earth.  We should not abuse it or heedlessly ravage it. This earth was supplied with everything that living things would ever need to be able to inhabit it.

By wisdom and knowledge mankind can find provision for everything needed to carry on a fulfilling life on the earth.

In the Bible in the book of Isaiah it says this:

Isaiah 45:18 (KJV)

18  For thus saith the LORD that created the heavens; God himself that formed the earth and made it; he hath established it, he created it not in vain, he formed it to be inhabited: I am the LORD; and there is none else.

I have yet to hear one climate alarmists invoke the God of the Bible in their crusade.  Probably the reason for that is that they do not recognize the God of the Bible. They are evolutionists and atheistic in their philosophy.

Here is my question to them.  If you want to know how to operate a product, should you not ask the manufacturer, or Creator?  Should they not check out the manufacturer’s handbook?

Manufacturer’s Handbook

The goal of the alarmist

They do not wish to acknowledge such a Creator.  To do so would admit that they should be answerable to Him.  I have not heard one such climate alarmist who has a servant’s spirit about them.  Every one of them wants to control everyone else.

Climate alarmists are not at all concerned with your well being.  They are concerned only with their own well being. Their goal is to control you and in the end, rule over you.  This was not your Creator’s plan for you or for them.

The Creator created the Earth for you to inhabit and to enjoy.  He gave dominion of it to His highest creation, mankind. That dominion implies responsibility.  We should be good stewards of this creation called Earth. If we are not, we shall have to give an account for it. To use it as a means to control other human beings is a misuse of that dominion.

Made to be inhabited


The only way we can be good stewards is to have a right relationship with our Creator.  How can we have that right relationship with our Creator?  The only way is through His Son, Jesus, the Christ. To do that you must invite Jesus to become the Lord of your life.  That simply means that He takes charge of your life and directs you. That is the only way you can be a good steward of your environment.

When you hear people preaching about climate change, ask them about their relationship to their Creator.  If they are not willing to acknowledge the God of the Bible, know that they are false prophets. They only wish to enslave you.

Climate change; is it inevitable?

Climate change; is it inevitable?  Sure it is. It changes four times a year where I live.  

Surrender to your Creator and enjoy His creation and Him.

God bless you!


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