Congress and Term Limits-Should Congress Have Term Limits

With the way Congress has been acting the past two years it is a viable question to ask. “Should Congress have term limits?”

Why the question?

The question arises because of the situation that our government finds itself in. The people, through their states in the presidential election, have pointed in one direction, but the Congress seems to be determined not to go the direction that the general population has indicated.

It is true that our country(the USA) is very fractured at this point in history, to such a degree that it has never been before. There are reasons for such a situation and I shall point out some of the more obvious ones that I see.

Presidents are limited

Presidents have already been limited to two terms, or rather 10 years. The ten years in case a vice president succeeds a president who for whatever reason is not able to finish a four-year term and the vice-president moves up to the presidency. This fulfilled the directive that no person could be elected President more than twice. One of the main reasons for having this term limitation hearkened to the reason for the establishment of the United States at the beginning.

George Washington was such a popular President to the point that the people wanted to elect him as President for life. He refused on the grounds that such a thing might bring about the very thing that the United States had declared its independence from Great Britain. Washington knew that “the longer he — or anyone — retained power over the democracy, the less democratic it became.”

What is needed in any government elected position are people with more courage to solve the big problems of our country rather than congressional leaders planning their careers and protecting their longevity. Too often representatives and senators consider what is best for them instead of what is best for the people they represent.

An elected position is not a permanent job

Contrary to what some politicians believe, being a representative of their constituents is not a permanent position. From some of the things we have seen lately, some do believe that. It seems there are and have been some people who held the position of either a representative or senator for longer than some people hold good jobs.

Originally, those elected to represent their fellow state citizens were working people who had to pay their way in their local society. In most cases, when elected to represent their fellow citizens in Washington, D.C., they had to pay their own way or only received enough to pay for their transportation and a per diam to cover food and lodging. That was for a set number of days only. It was not a job that one could hope to make a living from.

How things have changed

Fast forward to 2018 and my, how things have changed. It is not unheard-of to have people in Congress who have held their office for thirty years. Seniority seems to be the goal of every representative and senator in congress. It is a rarity to hear a senator or representative speak of what his or her people desire for their nation to accomplish. Instead, one only hears what he or she wants and not what their constituents want.


Many, as is evident this year, are not in their position to promote what is good for the country as a whole, but what is good for them, personally, and their political party. Many are merely using elected positions as a means to step up to a higher position. We saw this in recent elections where people who were serving, or had served at a state level, were seeking an office on the national level. This in itself is not a bad thing. However, it has become a mold maker of what is being sent to Washington.

What a nice change it was to get a President who was not a politician, but a businessman. A man who lived and worked to bring about jobs and opportunities for millions of people. He was a man who worked within the construct of a democratic society and by good practices and utilizing the principles of a democratic republic blessed many people, and on the way, made billions of dollars.

Trump Tower

The difference between him and the average politician is that he understands what it takes to make that money and is prudent in how he spends it. Many politicians(more and more these days) have no idea what it means to build and run a business nor do they realize the price that must be paid in time and knowledge and cash. Politicians think that money grows on trees. Their approach is, “What is good for me and how can I gain more power and money.”

Term limits

By imposing term limits those elected to such positions will be incentivized to represent “the people” who elected them. They will be more focused on getting the job done or the goal reached because their time to get it done will be limited. When their term is up, they will then have to live with what they have sought to legislate.

Political aristocracy

Because we do not have term limits for our members of congress we have too many of what I call “Political Aristocracy”. We have a Speaker of the House who thinks she was elected by the nation to be the third in line to the Presidency.(Indirectly that may be so. But I doubt that those in Congress who voted for her to be speaker would ever consider her for the Presidency).

Speaker of Lies, I mean House

If the founders of the great country were to see what Washington has become today, they would rise up and declare a new Revolutionary war. Just as Washington noted, the longer someone retains power over the people, the less democratic the nation becomes. We have some people whose agenda is to do just that. In the name of democracy they are eroding democracy. By using illusory terms they are robbing the people of the rights that the founders fought and died for. By denying the truths of history they are revising history to fit their own agenda.

They are able to accomplish this by staying in elected positions for longer than was ever intended and then through their manipulation of rules and laws enacted have “dumbed down” the average citizen to the point that whatever the politician says, they believe.

Liar! Liar! Pants on Fire

I am convinced that the founding fathers of these United States would not recognize this as the country that they sacrificed so much for.

Time to act

We cannot delay any longer in asking for the abdication of the ruling plutocrats who have seized and held Washington for too long. If we delay much longer it will be too late. They will have accomplished their goal and we shall be their serfs looking to them for whatever handouts they may deem us worthy of.

Maybe that is all that you want. If so, stay on the course. It will be here soon.

If that is not what you want, begin to speak out. Write blogs. Send in articles to your newspaper Op Ed page. But most important, tell your representative and senator to support term limits and introduce a bill to put it into law.

I realize you are dealing with a politician and he may wish to keep his job. In that case, support someone for that office who will vote for term limits and work for it.

If you do not act

If you do not act, some uneducated, unlearned puppet will be running our country before too long and you will be wondering why you do not have all the rights you used to have. We can no longer sit back and enjoy the rights and privileges that those before us have purchased at great cost.

It is time to learn the truth and not what others have fabricated as what they wish you to know as truth. Most of this was propagated by politicians who became professionals and forgot what it was to work and build with integrity things that will profit others as well as themselves.

Lifetime politicians are only interested in controlling others. The way they do that is to gradually take away freedoms by making promises which can not be fulfilled. They do this by taking other people’s money and spending it as if it were their own so that they receive credit for what is done. In the end no one wins except the politician. Those who produce have their money taken. Those who get the money do not have the knowledge to utilize the money effectively. In the end the producer and the recipient end up in the poor house while the politician gets rich(a la Venezuela).

Always question the integrity of the professional politician.

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