Creation vs Big Bang – Which Is True

One of our favorite topics to write about in the scientific realm is that of how everything we see came to be and how it continues to exist. A sub-topic of this is a debate that is ongoing centers around whether this was created by an all-knowing Creator or whether it all came into existence in what some have described as a “Big Bang”.

A fudge factor
The Big Bang

The creation vs big bang debate has been going on since the early 20th century when the “Big Bang” theory was proposed. Creation theory was proposed by the author of the Holy Bible.

So-called scientists in the 19th and 20th century felt a need to do away with the God of the Bible, but being constrained by what was being learned about the facts that pointed to a definite beginning of the universe and that it was supposedly expanding, there was proposed that it all began with a “big bang” and has continued to expand for billions of years.

How does “The Big Bang” line up with the facts?

The idea of a “big bang” came about when Edwin Hubble discovered a shift on the light coming from distant stars. Using the “Doppler effect” which would cause the red to shift toward the blue, he determined that the stars, or galaxies, were moving away from us at high speeds. For them to be receding at such high speeds there must have been some force exerted which caused them to be moving so fast. So an astrophysicist named Fred Hoyle coined the phrase, “The Big Bang” to describe how the universe may have begun.

It was not too long before the promoters of “The Big Bang” were having to do some repair to their theory. There are certain laws of science which are well-established and irrefutable which the “Big Bang” contradicts.

The Law of Causality which states that observed effects require a related cause. It also implies that the cause is always greater than the effect. The promoters of the “Big Bang” were hard-pressed to come up with a cause which did not imply a creator. But, they still refused to acknowledge such a Being.

The Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum. It states that all effects continue at the same angle, or direction, as the applied force. Since the force applied from the “Big Bang” was a singularity all momentum in the universe should be in the same direction. Such is not the case.

The Laws of Thermodynamics. These laws deal with the conservation of matter/energy and the increase of entropy. The very fact that we see organization in the universe is a direct refutation of these laws.

Unmeasurable things
Fudge Factors

Because “The Big Bang” is in opposition to these established laws of science, fudge factors must be inserted into the theory or it would be falsified. A couple of the fudge factors are known as “dark matter” and “dark energy”. Dark matter is supposedly matter that cannot be empirically verified. That means that we can not see it, or feel it or accurately measure it with any of our senses. (If a thing cannot be comprehended with our senses can it be considered as being real or even existing?)

The Big Bang does not have but one leg seemingly to stand on. The balance has to be maintained with “fudge factors” which are really just “fairy tales”, made up stories to make the theory seem tenable.

How does the creation theory stand up to science?

Let us look at the three laws of science that we mentioned above.

The Law of Causality which states that observed effects require a related cause. It also implies that the cause is always greater than the effect. The creation model hypothesizes an omnipotent all-knowing Creator. Being omnipotent, the Creator is, therefore, more powerful than that which is created. So, the Creator is the required “Effector” and is more powerful than the creation.

The Law of Conservation of Angular Momentum. It states that all effects continue at the same angle, or direction, as the applied force. Since the Creator can create as He sees fit, He can cause each individual part of creation to function as He sees fit. He is not bound by natural things but is the Creator of natural things.

The Laws of Thermodynamics. These laws deal with the conservation of matter/energy and the increase of entropy. In the Bible, it is clearly state in the beginning that space and matter and energy were created at the beginning. We see in the creation and living things that matter is continually being changed, or interchanged, by the processes that are carried on in the creation. Matter is changed to energy and energy is changed to matter. Living things carry on these processes as a normal process on a daily basis. The Bible clearly teaches that the law of increasing entropy is going on. “The grass withers and the flower fades”, “heaven and earth shall pass away”; these are clear statements that line up with the second law of thermodynamics.

There are no “fudge factors” needed to prop up the creation theory. It lines up with every known scientific law that has been determined.

What is the debate?

Truth wins out
Is there a debate?

In the debate of the big bang theory vs creationism, there is no real debate. Those who are opposed to a Creator must continually fabricate “fairy tales” of how things came to be or how they are maintained. Their “fudge factors” are nothing but fabricated stories which are predicated to shore up results which would not line up with the facts which we ascertain through scientific observation.

Scientists who believe the “Big Bang” are people who do not wish to acknowledge that there is a higher Being who has created and makes all the rules(natural laws) that sustain and run the observed universe. If they were to admit such a Being existed, then they would necessarily need to be subject to His authority. For that reason, they cannot “allow a divine foot in the door”.

Creation vs Big Bang

In the creation vs big bang debate, it is overwhelmingly clear that creation is the only feasible choice. As Ocham’s Razor states it, “In the competition of two opposing theories, the simpler is always the better choice.” When you consider all the additional added “fudge factors” that must be incorporated into the Big Bang, it becomes totally logical to reject it and accept the Creation model as the better.


How did we come to a point that we as learned people would accept a theory that is so lacking in evidence? Well, it began when certain men, and women, thought that they were better than other men and women. This came about because of a theory called “evolution”. The very foundation of this theory was that some peoples(or races) were more advanced than others and the same was true of sects of people. Those who thought they were the best happened to be the elite intellectuals. These people found in the theory of evolution a means by which they could exalt themselves above others. They promoted knowledge and science above all other things, including faith in a creator God.

Over a period of a couple of centuries, they have entrenched themselves in the education systems of countries and have promoted their materialistic philosophy as the only true knowledge. In doing so they have brainwashed entire societies to believe a lie.

The lie of evolution could only be “valid” if there was enough time for it to occur. To achieve the goal of “deep time” they had to invent a means for that. The eternal universe was negated by the laws of science so they invented “The Big Bang”.

Clearly, “The Big Bang” has been demolished by the laws of science. Yet, the “self-right” (yes, I spelled it correctly) so-called scientists have stuck to their claims of the “Big Bang” by adding one after another fudge-factors. Because we were brainwashed by those who were brainwashed, we forgot to use our God given reasoning to see how illogical their reasoning is.


In the final analysis, we must as reasoning and logical beings, created in the image of our Creator, begin to acknowledge that image, though marred by sin, is still in all humans. Let us begin to exercise the things that come with that image. Things such as reason and logic and a moral conscience. They are marred, but there has been made provision for a total restoration of that perfect image by receiving the presence of the Creator into your life by receiving the great salvation that was purchased by Jesus, God’s only-begotten Son when He died on the cross for all who would receive it by faith.

Big bang vs creationism? There is no reasonable, logical, knowledgeable or spiritual reason why anyone in their right mind would accept the big bang. Use your God-given faculties to come to the logical conclusion of how this universe came to be. I am confident that logic and reason will win the day.

May God bless you!

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