Define Wisdom

Wisdom is a subject that modern man knows very little about. So if you ask the average person to define wisdom you will probably get some strange looks and then a little “hem-haw” and some strange looks, but no clear definition.

What wisdom is not

Many people think that wisdom is the getting of large volumes of knowledge. But that is far from the truth. There have been many great people in history who attained great amounts of knowledge but were totally inept when it came to applying that knowledge. Gaining knowledge does not mean that one has correct knowledge about any given subject. There have been people who have attained Phd’s in certain fields and then have found that the things they learned to get that degree are not true. Yes, they have a Phd but the knowledge they attained achieving that degree is incorrect. Great knowledge is not wisdom.

Does having people subject to you make you wise? Do people who attain a high position in governing have wisdom? Once again we can look around and find numerous examples of people in leadership positions that lack any indication of wise leadership in their position. Just because one can manipulate large numbers of people with their words or cunning does not mean that they have wisdom.

Does having charisma mean that one is wise? We see many today, especially in the entertainment business and other fields who have the ability to draw people to them and to exercise great influence over them. But even people of evil intent have been known to have great charisma.

Is education wisdom? Today we hear that if you are going to make the world a better place and attain the “American Dream” that means by which you do it is to get an education. If one looks at today s world with its’ great proliferation of knowledge and “education” and think that education brings wisdom, you might want to think again. Education does not give wisdom.


What is wisdom

Since we have seen some of the things that wisdom is not, let’s find out what wisdom is. If wisdom is not the stockpiling of knowledge and influence and degrees and power, then what is it?

If one takes the time to look at who have been considered wise people throughout history, one finds that not a lot of those who were wise fit into the categories we mentioned above. But there were a great number of those with knowledge and power and influence who exercised their charisma in ways that brought about great destruction. So we see that all the things that we attain in this life will not define us a wise. Wisdom is not a matter of things that we have or that we attain. What, then, is wisdom?

The simplest definition of wisdom that I have ever heard is, “The correct application of knowledge or charisma or influence or power which brings about the best good for everyone involved.” All the other things together without the wisdom to bring about great good is of very little value. It is better to have a leader who may have less knowledge but great wisdom in how to apply that knowledge than to have a leader of great knowledge and have little or no wisdom in how to best apply that knowledge.

Where do we find wisdom?

Since wisdom is not something that one can go to college and get a degree in, just where can one find it? The Bible in Psalm 111:10 says this. “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”. Now, that term “fear” in the King James Version means to honor and respect and revere. So, if one ever expects to have wisdom so that he or she can exercise it in all the facets of life, then he or she must respect and honor the Word of the One Who created the universe and all that is in it. One cannot lightly disdain the Word of God and think that the results of their study and research will exemplify any wisdom in its’ findings. For instance: take the fantasy of evolution. Evolutionists say that all that is observed in the universe and on the Earth is merely and accident that occurred from nothing. There is a law in science called The Law of Probability. Bypassing all the laws evolutionists ignore to get the universe and solar system here, the beginning of life is beyond probable. The simplest (as if anything living is simple-that’s what Darwin thought[boy was he wrong]) living thing scientists know of has a minimum o f 256 proteins. Proteins are machines that living cells used to carry on living. Proteins are built from information they receive from DNA. The DNA is made up of proteins which get their information from DNA.(Do you see the conundrum, the chicken or the egg). Proteins are built using amino acids. Living things use 20 different amino acids which are connected in a precise order and the folded in a very specific shape to perform a very specific job. The laws of probability says that to build that protein(just that one not the 256) trying a new combination every second will take 10 to the 120th power (That is 10 followed by 120 zeros) years to come up with that protein. To get the other 255 proteins will take somewhere in the neighborhood of 10 to the 4000th power.

To believe in evolution is an example of having a lot of knowledge but not knowing how to exercise that knowledge

The fear of the Lord

We just looked at a case of a lot of knowledge but no “fear of the Lord”, in other words, no wisdom. Let’s look at the same venue from the point of wisdom. We have the same knowledge. We are working with the same facts and circumstances. But because we begin by respecting God’s Word we exercise wisdom in the use of that knowledge. Our hypothesis is that God created the Earth and the universe and all that is in it. He created mankind also. Because Adam, the first man rebelled against his Creator, God had warned him that he would die, but he rebelled anyway. The term God used in describing mankind’s death was that “in dying you will die”. God said that all creation was affected by Adam’s “sin”. So the dieing began.

Is that scientific. Before answer, consider the first and second laws of dynamics. The first says that matter and energy cannot increase or decrease though they may change from one to the other. The second says that entropy will increase. That’s a fancy way of saying that disorder will become more and more. In essence, usable energy is being depleted and the time will come that there will be no more usable energy.

Those laws describe exactly what God said would happen if Adam rebelled. By using wisdom we find that the laws of science line up perfectly with what the Creator of all wisdom describes in His Word, The Bible. In Proverbs 3:19 it says, “The Lord by wisdom hath founded the Earth; by understanding hath He established the heavens.”


In the verse that we just quoted from Proverbs 3:19 we see the order that we must approach any situation in life if we are to know wisdom. Do not think that by great knowledge that you will solve or overcome the problem achieve success, but first seek wisdom. So how do we define wisdom.  Wisdom is seeing things and understanding things the way the Creator does. There is only one place to get wisdom that brings goodness and blessing and that is by going to the Creator of wisdom and asking Him for it. In the Bible in the Book of James 1:5 it says, ” If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God Who giveth to all men liberally and upbradeth not; and it shall be given him.” Follow God’s Word and you will have wisdom.

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