Definition of a Democrat

The term or title “democrat” used to mean something good. The term comes originally from the same word that we get “democracy” from.  In short, it stands for representing the desires of the populace that are represented. But these days it means something completely different from the original meaning. So, what is the definition of a democrat?  That is what I would like to address.


Definition of a democrat, originally

Originally, to be a democrat meant to be a representative of the group of people one was part of. As that representative one promoted the ideals of their constituents.  Such is not the case today of those who say they are democrats.


Why the change?

I grew up in the southern United States of America.  When I was young, most of the people in governing positions were members of the democrat party.  The reason for that was not founded on a good premise.

Generally speaking, southerners were for democrats because the republicans promoted civil rights for all.  Right there you can see why democrats were on the wrong path. It was a racial thing.

Fortunately, as true Christian teachings were preached, the south began to change its view of the democrat party.


Why the change in the definition of a democrat

Why did the south change its view?  The main reason was the teachings of the Holy Bible.  As true preachers of the Gospel of Jesus began to share the teachings of the Bible, things began to change.

Real racial equality began in the south, not the north.  There were very few black people who lived in the north following the Civil War.  That remained the case until after World War I. Then they began to migrate north to find jobs in manufacturing.  It became more evident after World War II.

As the black population grew, the democrats saw their power in the south diminish.  Because of the teachings of the Bible, they realized that they could not continue to control the general population.  So by shifting their focus from promoting racial supremacy to white racism they sought to change their base. They did not stop being racist, they just changed how they would promote racism.

Instead of emphasizing white supremacy they now promoted racial inequality.  With this approach, they secured the backing of all the northern states and all the blacks.  With that move, they began to get the black voters as a block.


How to maintain their hold on the black population

Slavery to democrats

For the first part of the 20th-century democrats maintained their hold on the north and the blacks.  But, as the avenues of communication began to improve, their strategy had to change.

Up until the mid-20th-century education in the US was segregated.  It operated under the guise of “separate but equal”. This may, or may not, have been true.

In the 1950s this was changed.  Instead of “separate but equal” they were integrated.  The hope was that all students would receive the same level of education.  Their goal was that the black population would receive the same level of learning as the white.

It was a worthy goal.  But, the democrats had another idea.  The original plan set forth by the republicans was to bring all students up to certain standards.  This would have made all races to rise to the same academic levels and be judged by the same standards.

The democrats had another plan.  Rather than raise all students to a higher level, they decided to lower all students to the lowest.  This plan took different forms around the country, but in the end, the democrats succeeded.


The end result

The end result was that by using the education system, the democrats lowered the knowledge of all the people.  

Abraham Lincoln said this:  “You can fool some of the people all the time; and all the people some of the time.  But you can’t fool all the people all the time.” The democrats managed to fool all the people all the time, for a while.  They fooled all the black people all the time for a half-century.

Democrats have never really wanted equality for the black people.  They have really wanted the power that the block vote of the black people could give them.  Their era of manipulation of the black people in the US seems to be coming to an end.


The reason for the change

I mentioned above that the reason for the change in the south was because of Biblical awakening.  Through the teachings of the Bible, blacks and whites and people of all ethnicities have realized a great truth.  That truth is that there is only one race; the human race.  

We may have varying shades of skin, but we are all of the same race.  We have descended from the same parents, Adam and Eve.

As this truth is being manifested more and more, black people have ascended more and more in every area of life.  The only hope of the democrats is to stir up strife by promoting racism.


Democrats and the Bible

Holy Bible

Let’s look at where the democrats stand in relation to the Bible and its teachings.

Did you know that democrats have removed from their platform all things that might relate to the Bible or the God of the Bible?

Are you aware that democrats promote the teaching of evolution in our public schools?  This is in spite of all the scientific proof that it is not sound science. Evolution is a false science that is the foundation of all racism.  Can a party that promotes evolution be in favor of equality among races?


The hope

The only hope is that we shall awaken to the hope that is found in God’s Word, the Bible.  No political party can provide opportunity for the hopes and dreams of all people apart from the Creator.  To seek to promote an agenda apart from this is to promote rebellion.


The goal of democrats

To think that man-made plans and programs can bring about utopia is a deception.

It is the original deception presented in the Garden of Eden.  You can become your own god. The democrat party has lied and made promises which are false and unrealistic.  They have promised freedom when their real objective is bondage. 

The blind leading the blind should be their motto.  They are so deluded that they cannot tell the truth from a lie.

If that is the case, then we should rename that political party.  

Instead of democrats, they should be “dumb-o-crats”.

Let not anybody be taken in by their lies and false promises.  It is time to stand for what is right and just. To know what is right and just, we must know what the Bible says.

God’s goal for you

In John chapter 8 Jesus said, “If the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.”

The definition of a democrat would very well fit those who would lead you away from your Creator.

The only real hope for freedom and joy in life can come only through the Lord Jesus Christ.  If He makes you free, then nothing and no one can put you under bondage.  If you want real life, then choose Jesus.  Then you will experience true freedom.


I choose to believe God’s word.  Will you join me?


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