Definition of Mother Nature – Is She Real?

One of my wife’s favorite channel on TV is the Weather Channel. I do not know why it is, because it is to me one of the most boring channels on the air. I mention the Weather Channel because one of the favorite phrases of all the commentators of the channel is the term “Mother Nature”. One would think that a channel supposedly dedicated to a science(meteorology) would use a more scientific verbiage than that. I would like to know what the definition of Mother Nature is.


The definition of the science of meteorology is: A branch of atmospheric sciences which includes atmospheric chemistry and atmospheric physics. That sounds good because it deals with evidences which can be empirically defined. But why does a scientifically sound area of study use a term such as Mother Nature in describing so many of the processes which are used in the presentation of the weather.

I understand the metaphorical use of terminology in describing certain situations and processes, but to humanize a whole process of weather may be stepping outside the realms of science and dealing more with mythology than with science.

A little background

The science of meteorology has been around for several centuries. It began to become a useful tool in the 18th century. But in the 19th and 20th century it became a science which was an almost necessary tool for the carrying on of commerce and travel. As the weather forecast part continued to advance it was an indispensable tool in the saving of lives in catastrophically potential weather events.

When bad things happened it used to be described as “an act of God”. That came from a religious thought that God was judging a country or community or people. However, this terminology soon faded. I’ll explain why in just a minute. It was gradually replaced by “Mother Nature is angry”. Would you like to know why?

Why Mother Nature

As progressivism began to develop and grow in the western hemisphere in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, one of their main goals was to expunge the idea of a Creator God from the vernacular of the people. Of course, one of the foundation treatises of this movement was the work of Charles Darwin, “On the Origin of Species”. It was in this work that Darwin presented “evolution” as the engine by which all living things that we observe came to be.

Since all things came by natural processes it  followed that the mother of all things was nature.  Hence, the term Mother Nature.  It is an evolutionary term meant to exalt evolution.  Every time the weather channel uses the term they are planting the thought of evolution in the minds of its listeners.  Evolution is not science, it is religion.

This was to be a replacement for the God of Creation. Though the treatise was ill-founded and poorly presented, it provided a springboard for the progressives to begin their campaign. Since progressivism is based on materialistic humanism, “The Origin of Species” provided the platform they needed.

How does that affect meteorology?

Meteorology is a science. It is a very important science in today’s society. Almost everyone is affected by weather at some time or another. It must be understood that progressives are very shrewd in promoting their agenda in every area of society. So, in the mid 20th century when information began to increase by leaps and bounds and communication channels grew, the progressives realized that by cornering certain areas of communication they could guarantee the ability of promoting their philosophy to a large segment of the populace.

It was at that time that cable channels for TV became popular. One of the special channels that was established was one called CNN(Cable News Network). It was not a big thing in the beginning, but it grew, and grew fast. However, there were other cable channels being developed, too, which began to take away from CNN. It seemed that the Progressive agenda had reached saturation on CNN.

People could get their news from numerous other channels, but what about weather? Especially, national and global weather. The world was fast becoming a global community and there was definitely a need to be aware of the global weather at all times. And so we see the birth of a channel that is wholly dedicated to weather. This came from the same progressives that first set up CNN.

As The Weather Channel has developed over the years we have seen more and more of the progressive themes being promoted. They have always come out on the side of things that promote a global community. Be aware, that when they promote a global community that they expect leaders of their choosing to be the ones in control. Who are these progressives? We shall save that for another blog.

The Picture

Are they truly a weather channel or are they a promotional channel for a progressive agenda in the world.

They say they are based on science. Much of what they present is based on science. But, much of what they present has no basis in sound science. Let us look at just a few things they have promoted and are promoting which are not science.

Back in the 1970s meteorological science warned of “global cooling” which was occurring and that we were headed for another ice age. They called on governments of the world to unite to avoid this calamity. It was only twenty years or so later that scientists were beginning to warn us about “global warming”. We must unite globally to combat this looming catastrophe. Move ahead another twenty years and the warming has ceased. So what do they do? They changed the terminology. It is no longer “global warming”, it is “climate change”. They had to find a safe ground because when they defined it clearly it was too easily falsified. Who can argue with “climate change”. Where I live the climate changes four times a year.

The agenda of progressives is to blame everything on human beings. If they can convince the global community of this then they can then present their program to rectify the problems.

What is the real agenda?

The Weather Channel has become a great tool for promoting their agenda. What is their real agenda? Let me present and opposing agenda so we can more clearly see their agenda.

Here is an opposing agenda. It is called the Biblical Worldview. The Biblical Worldview is based solely on the history of the world as recorded in The Holy Bible. If you have read and are familiar with that record, you know that it is the antithesis of the Humanistic worldview.

Humanism exalts mankind. Biblical worldview promotes the God of the Bible, the Creator of all that is. At the beginning the Creator gave dominion of His creation to His highest creation, Man. But Man, Adam, fell for the lie of satan, that he, Adam, could be his own god, and have no need for the God of Creation. When he rebelled by eating of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, he fell from his high position of God’s highest creation and became subject to a nature that would now operate on its own as it was governed by the physical laws built into creation. It was no longer under man’s dominion.

Nature has continually been groaning and seeking to return to that pristine and perfect state in which it was created. That same satan is still trying to doop men and women who will buy into his scheme, that they can be as gods and rule their own lives.

Back to the weather channel

Next time you hear them use the term, just to yourself say, “What is your definition of Mother Nature?” 

When the weather channel promotes a “Mother Nature” they are the pawn of a deceiver who wants to deceive and draw as many people as he can into eternal damnation. There is no mother nature. The term is a deception to draw men and women away from the God of Creation Who loves them with an everlasting love. But He loves them enough to let them choose to love Him or not to love Him.

But the choice has eternal consequences. Love Him, and spend eternity in heaven with Him.

Choose not to love Him and spend eternity(never ending) in a place prepared for the devil and his angels, called hell. A place of never ending agony and suffering. Do not choose this! Please!

God loves you!

The weather channel does not love you. They only want to make money and they will lie to you to do it. They cannot predict the weather one week from now accurately, yet they will tell you what the weather will be like 50 years from now! I think not.

The God of the Bible has proven true in everything that He has said in His word. Get a Bible. Read it and find out just how much God loves you. He loves you so much that He paid the price for your rebellion by sending His only-begotten Son, Jesus, to pay the price for your sins on the cross. Accept His gift of salvation, now.

If you need a Bible and cannot afford one, leave a comment and an address and I shall see that you get one.

God bless you!





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