Election Fraud

Election Fraud

It seems that the main stream media does not accept the fact of election fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election.

What is odd about that whole situation is that they were sure that it happened in the 2016 Presidential Election. They were so sure that it happened that they were willing to spend over $40 million of your and my hard-earned tax dollars to prove it. The result! No Russia collusion or fraud on the Republican side could be found. What was found was that the democrats colluded with Russians and several other entities in an effort to steal the election. Subsequent findings have shown that the democrats actually tried to rig the election but did not allow enough to overcome the massive turnout for Mr. Trump.

Fast-forward to 2020

Now, fast-forward to the 2020 Presidential election. The “riggers” of the election machines felt that by programming a 20% addition to Biden’s total vote would give him a good enough margin to win in the necessary states. Unfortunately, they were wrong, again.

Joe had to steal to win

Panic mode, ensued. Shut the doors to the vote count. Send everybody home, except the chosen few. Bring in hundreds of thousands of fake absentee vote cards. Run them three or four times through the counting machines. Do this without observers from the opposite party.

He’s a natural

In case you think this is made up, check out this link. Bring your experts and let them disprove the facts that are presented throughout the link.

Need more

That should be enough. But, just in case. Check out what is going on in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan. Audits, which if allowed to proceed, will more than prove the fact that Donald J. Trump is still the President of the United States.


Though I must concede that democrats are totally lacking in any logical thinking, I ask you to consider the logic of this past election.

First. Is it logical to think that a person who draws thousands to his campaign rallies would garner fewer votes than one who only drew in the teens and hundreds.

Second. Do Americans really prefer a leader who habitually lies about everything.

Watch out for the smiling politician. He is about to rob you.

Third. Would real Americans choose for a leader a man who teaches his son how to be a huckster and a liar. A son who is a sex maniac.

Fourth. Would Americans really want a leader who has used his political positions for his own advancement to the detriment of his fellow American citizens.

Fifth. Would clear thinking Americans really want a man leading them who clearly is not mentally stable or cognizantly sound?

Time to act

Do your own research. Then, act on what you find.

We, as a nation, cannot wait until 2022 or 2024. The globalists and communists will have done irreparable damage by then. Do something. Write and article. Attend a local school board or council meeting. Write or call your senator or representative and demand action of some kind. If they do not respond in a favorable way, threaten(and follow through) to vote for someone else next cycle. (I had to write my senator and let him know that he would not have my vote next time. He voted to impeach Trump and called January 6 an insurrection. He is a rhino.)

Share what you learn with your friends and neighbors.

Pray for our just leaders.

If you don’t act

If you do not act, your children will grow up in a communistic society. The experiment, known as The United States of America will have failed. We cannot “kick the can down the road” any more. That’s what the Federal Government does. WE ARE THE PEOPLE! WE ARE THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!



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