Evolution and Thanksgiving

Being thankful implies that there are at least two sentient entities involved. One party has received something of value from the other and for that said party expresses gratitude for whatever the something is or was.

Can evolution allow for gratitude or thankfulness

To answer this question we must first understand how evolution works. According to those who espouse evolution, it is an all natural unguided process. There is no forethought or planning but only the natural laws of nature and the elements of nature. This applies to the whole gamut of life and its processes. In essence, evolution is merely atoms bouncing around bumping into other atoms and whatever happens is what ever happens.

Then the evolutionists contradict themselves by adding the term of “natural selection” into the mix. This is defined as nature “selecting” certain traits or structures to be reproduced in succeeding generations. The question is, how can any process which is supposed to be things just bumping around running into one another with no guidance what so ever all of a sudden make a decision. To make a decision means to have fore thought. It means there is a choice or choices and a thought out decision must be made. Is it evolution(accidents) or is it thought out direction and intelligent design. It seems that evolutionists want it both ways. This is especially true when their original premises lacks any sound science or logic.

Since evolution is merely accident after accident happening there can be no foundation for thinking that there would be two parties much less one party that would help another party by accident. If it were an accident, there would be no need for thanks on the other party’s part, if they were even aware that good had been done for them.


No thanks in evolution

There can be no thanks in evolution. Among the original premises of evolution was the survival of the fittest. According to the promoters of evolution, only the ones who were the most fitted to survive would survive to carry on their species. We still see this thought promoted in all our wild life documentaries as we see bighorn male sheep butt heads together to prove who is the most fit to carry on his DNA. The same thing among deer, buffaloes, giraffes, wolves and a miriad of other species. I would like to ask these so-called scientists if they have ever interviewed any of these animals to ask them why they do this. Are they really doing to pass on their DNA, or is there some other reason? One’s worldview is probably playing a part in their dialog. No one has ever interviewed any of those animals. It is all a made up story. Make up your own story. It is just as valid as the “scientist’s” fairy tale.

Morality is situational

Thankfulness is grounded in morality. As you learn more about evolution you will soon come to the understanding that there is no grounding for morality in the evolutionary structure. Morality assumes a standard and structure of what is good and what is not good. Evolution is based merely on who or whatever ends up “on top” has the right to do what he wants. He determines what morality is and what right is.

In twentieth century world history we can cite three such situations. In the communist revolution in Russia, Stalin decided what was good for Russia and to fulfill that “good” he systematically murdered millions of people. In the lead up to World War II, Hitler killed at lest 6 million Jews(because they were an inferior race of peoples according to Hitler). Then in the communist revolution in China, Mao Tse Dong murdered 50 million people because they were not necessary for his purposes.

These three leaders were all believers in evolution and used that as the reason to carry out the atrocities that they did. Can you tell me how thankfulness fits into that scheme?

Where does thankfulness come from

Thankfulness comes when a weaker party is blessed by a stronger party when there was no help in sight. Only in this type of circumstance will we find true thankfulness. From time to time we see and hear of people doing extraordinary things to help someone when there was no help in sight. We often hear people express thanks to the people who have served in our armed services as they thank them for their service to our country. Why do they do this? Probably because they themselves were not able to go and do what the person did in service to our country. This is a true form of thankfulness. Next time you see a service person or a veteran please express your thankfulness.

There are many times in our lives when we face situations that are beyond our own ability to meet or overcome and in that situation someone comes along to help us through it. In those times we can understand what true thankfulness is. It is not a payment for the help given but a true recognition of the help given by one human being to another, a help which has no price tag and which no amount of money could repay. But thankfulness expresses our understanding of that.

The real reason to be thankful

Life as we live day by day will have many situations when we will need help for which thankfulness will be the only payment we can render. But the greatest help that any person can receive is the eternal help which has been provided by our Creator. Because of what our forefather Adam did, every one of us is in a situation that we are helpless to solve. Because of Adam’s rebellion we are natural born rebels. That means that we rebel against our Creator. It would be nice to think that there might be some who do not rebel, but that is not the case.

But, “Praise God”, He did not leave us helpless. He has provided a free gift of salvation to all who would receive it. Just as any gift, it will not be forced on you, you can receive it or reject it. You can not pay for it or pay for a little of it. You either receive it all or you receive none of it. When you receive it you will understand true thankfulness. When we were without hope, Jesus died for us. He did all that was necessary. Just receive it and be thankful. Do not be like the evolutionist in his pride who thinks he is as good as God and does not need to be thankful to Him.

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