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Logic is not a tool of the evolutionist. If he were to use logic in his study of living things he would never even consider invoking the term of evolution. Evolution and creation are the two choices that one has when addressing the variety that is found in living things. Why would some choose evolution if it is not logical? What about creation makes it logical?


Over the past century and a half evolutionists have waged a propaganda campaign to convince the western world that evolution is the correct way to address the variety which we find in living things today. Originally it began by stating that somehow certain chemicals and elements came together at just the right time in just the right amount in just the right conditions to spark the first living thing.

That living thing somehow managed to survive a hostile environment and reproduced itself and then its offspring reproduced and its offspring reproduced etc. Through thousands of generations this little living cell underwent minute changes as it adapted to its environment. These little changes were then passed on to the next generation and the next generation would make more changes as each adapted to each situation. This continued for millions and billions of years until we see what we see today.

In the mid 19th century they were able to spread their “fairy tale” of evolution because little was known of what was necessary for a living cell to be living. As knowledge of living cells increased the evolutionists found themselves having to divorce themselves from the beginning of life spark. When knowledge increased and it was found that the simplest living cell must contain over 400 proteins to carry on all the processes necessary for life, they realized that an accident of that proportion was incomprehensible. So, some evolutionists “kicked the can down the road” and allowed that “maybe aliens seeded earth with life.”

Illogic of spontaneous generation of life

The reason for abandoning the beginning spark of life by evolutionists was because even their own lack of logic could not expand to take in the impossibilities that it presented.

The science of probability was too overwhelming to refute. The standards of probability affects logic. The standard set for a thing that will never happen is set at a point when for something that reaches a point where it is 1 chance in 10>40(that is 10 followed by 40 zeros) it is logical to state that it will never happen.

What is the possibility of one protein to form by chance? (Remember it takes over 40 proteins for a cell to be alive by definition). The possibility is 1 chance in 10>108(that is 10 followed by 108 zeros). That is a big number. But let’s see if we can understand it even better. There are 10>80(that is 10 followed by 80 zeros) atoms in the whole universe.

Using your God given logical brain and mind, do you think that it is logical that even the simplest living thing could somehow spontaneously appear? It would take a “miracle”! But, you see, miracles are not allowed by the evolutionist, unless it can fit into evolution. If you can describe the miracle as evolution, it is OK. But it must be evolution, not a miracle.


Since evolutionists could not use logic they used propaganda. You see, as was stated before, evolutionists base their “religion” on change. Originally, the change they preached was change that caused a living thing to grow a little more complex from one generation to another. As this change continued generation after generation they assumed that after a long time a new life form would develop. As this would go on for millions of years there would be brought about the diversity which we see in our world.

Of course there were many examples presented which showed small changes in given species. These small changes were then presented as proof that over millions of years major changes could occur. Of course, no one could live that long to really find out if that were true or not. So the propaganda worked.

To prove the millions and billions of years new ways of determining the age of the earth had to be proposed. There are several and most are based on the decay of radioactive substances in the crust of the earth. For instance, uranium 238 has a half-life of approximately 4.5 billion years. So, they found some rocks which had half uranium 238 and half lead 206. From this they deduce that the earth is 4.5 billion years old. To arbitrarily state that is not logical or truthful. Why? Because no one knows how much uranium 238 or how much lead 206 was present in the rock when it was formed. In fact there have been many instances when a certain lay down of rock was formed that the radioactive calculation was massively wrong. That should be enough to bring into question every estimate which ever used radioactive dating. But, evolutionists are not logical.

What about creation

How does the creation approach stack up to logic. From the theory of relativity we understand that time, space and matter(energy) are the ingredients of the universe we live in. However, almost 4000 years ago there was recorded this amazing statement; In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. In this statement we see time(beginning), heavens(space) and earth(matter). The creation picture fits what we see in our universe. At one time evolutionists admitted that there was a beginning of our universe, but that seemed to be acquiescing to the creation narrative so they invented multi-verses, another “fairy tale”. They dare not let a “Divine foot in the door”. Once again the evolutionists venture into the land of illogic.

The creation narrative presents all things designed to accomplish the things for which they are designed. Birds fly, fish swim, people walk, humming birds hoover, woodpeckers peck, hands grasp, eyes see, ears hear, noses smell and on and on the designs go. Each created thing was perfect in the beginning.

What happened?

But perfection is not what we see now. Why? Evolution says that imperfection is weeded out by natural selection. Therefore, it is necessary for the evolving of each species. That is not logical. If imperfection and death is the tool of evolution how did life ever start? That is not logical.

Creation posits that “sin”(imperfection) entered the creation because of mankind’s rebellion against his Creator. Because of that, death came. We know that the scripture in Genesis that the Creator warned about eating of the forbidden tree that “in dieing you will die” we find in all creation the degrading of the DNA which carries the information of life to every cell in our body. It is a scientific fact that every seven years the cells in our bodies are replaced. It is also noted that the connectors of the genes of our DNA is just a little shorter than the ones they replace in the new cell. As we continue to grow older, the connectors(telomeres) get shorter and shorter until one day they are no longer able to connect the information in our DNA. That is when our physical bodies die. “In dying, you shall die”. It follows logically.

The creations agree with the first and second laws of thermodynamics. It agree with the law of cause and effect. It allows that miracles happen because the cause is always greater than the effect. An all knowing, all powerful, omnipresent Being is not limited by what He has created. He established the laws of creation and sustains them so that they can be studied and know that once found it will be consistent. Evolution makes no such assertion.


Logic dictates that creation is the only viable choice for the existence of the universe. You can use your mind and brain that God has given you and study the Bible and science and critically evaluate what you find and then weigh the logic of your findings.

The Bible teaches that the beginning of wisdom is the fear(respect) of the Lord. The choice is yours. You can honor and respect God’s word or you can do as Adam and Eve did, you can revolt and declare yourself as god. You are created to have a choice. But be aware, there are consequences for the decisions you make. You can choose glorious life everlasting with your Creator or everlasting torment with the devil and his angels in hell.

I trust, that because you have read this article, you have enough wisdom to at least consider the logic set forth here.

May God bless you as you decide.

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