Evolution Science or Fiction

Evolution-Science or fiction
Science or Fiction


“Evolution is the central organizing principle that biologists use to understand the world.” This statement is one of the core principles of the National Academy of Science. The question is, “Is it true?”  This principle is incorporated in all the life science books of students from elementary to PhD studies. Since this is taught to all our students in public schools and universities should we accept it without question?  Because a person who says he or she is a scientist does that make them right in their conclusions. My question: Is evolution science or fiction.


Darwin’s definition of evolution

Typically the definition of evolution is “change over time.”  This was an observable fact that was seen in plants and animals and people.  In plants, it could easily be shown from one planting season to the next. It was also generally used in breeding dogs and cats and cattle.

Darwin’s definition implied that life forms grew more complicated as they changed.  If we put in terms that have come to light with new research, information increased.

These and other examples were used as proof of evolution.  But, is that the evolution that Darwin and his followers were actually describing.


Darwin’s evidence of evolution

Now, Darwin gave a few examples of what he proposed as evolution.  The beaks of the Galapagos finches were his prime example. Later examples were the moths found on trees in British industrial cities.  The examples he used exhibited change. So, it appeared that evolution was a scientific fact.

The question still remained, “Did the facts fit the definition of evolution?”

One must keep in mind that evolution must grow in complexity or it does not fit Darwin’s definition.


Discovery of DNA

Could this happen by accident?

Deoxyribonucleic acid, known as DNA, is an information storage system. In 1943 this storage system was discovered.  Where was it discovered? It was found in every living cell of every living thing.

DNA is the “hard drive” of every living cell on earth.  It has stored in it every bit of information that the particular living thing needs to carry on existence.  DNA was thought to be the final proof that evolutionists needed to prove their theory.


Does DNA provide evidence of evolution?

The information stored in the DNA double helix is monumental.  How monumental? The information in one cell is enough to fill encyclopedic volumes that stacked would reach the moon and back.  Every cell in a living body has a DNA helix in it. How did it get all this information?

Evolution says that it attained it gradually over millions of years.  As it grew in information, the life form became more and more complex. It continued until it has become what we see today in the world around us.

If the above were true, then evolution would have a strong case.  This is where the title of our article comes in. Is evolution science or fiction?

DNA should prove or disprove Darwin’s definition of evolution.


Does DNA support evolution?

As the study of DNA began in earnest in 1953, the evolutionists were certain that their theory would win out.  As more and more studies were made and the information grew it looked pretty good.

Some early findings said that only between 2% and 10% of DNA was useful.  These were those that coded for the building and folding of proteins within the cell.  In one study it was shown that the difference in human and chimpanzee DNA was only 2%. Sounds like pretty good proof.

But, studies did not stop there.  As more and more research was done they began to find that “junk DNA” was not “junk”.  Whereas it used to be 90% of DNA that was junk was now found to be important in other areas.


Why “junk DNA” is important to evolution

Is it really junk?

Evolutionists had to promote “junk” DNA to help their theory.  “Junk” DNA was presented as DNA that was useful at one stage of evolution.  As the species continued to evolve it(DNA) became useless. Thus, it became “junk” DNA.

This is one reason that evolutionists were able to find such similarity between human and chimp DNA.  The DNA that codes for proteins is similar in most primates. If you discard 90% of the DNA and use only the protein codex you can come up with many similarities.  But when you include the other 90%, the similarity is greatly diminished. So much for descent from a common ancestor.


Does DNA provide evidence for evolution?

The storytellers of evolution were still hoping that DNA would somehow save their fictional science.  But, again, DNA would not fall in line. Science was continually poking holes in their well laid out scenario of evolution.

Instead of providing evidence for evolution, DNA provided evidence that debunked it. The house of cards was falling as more and more evidence questioned whether evolution was science or fiction.  What is that evidence?  Let’s look at the evolutionists’ favorite tool for change in a species.


DNA and mutations

Mutations subtract information

What are mutations?  According to the evolutionist, mutations are the mechanism by which complexity in DNA grows.  To put it in another way, information increases. This is critical to the theory of evolution.  It is the only instrument which brings change in the DNA information.

What is the truth about mutations?  The truth is that there is not one mutation ever discovered that adds information to DNA.  Every mutation that has been studied is shown to subtract information from the DNA pool.

Though you will never hear an evolutionist admit it, that is the death knell to the theory of evolution.  

The question, “Is evolution science or fiction?”, has been settled.

The future of evolution theory

One might think that the future of evolution theory would be not so bright.  But don’t be surprised if it hangs around for a while. Science and logic have for almost half a century shown evolution to be the fairy tale that it is.  Even with mountains of evidence disproving millions and billions of years, the fiction continues.

Evolution was never based on science but on a belief.  That belief was fostered by a philosophy of secular humanism.  They co-opted science, which is a viable study, and hijacked its reputation. Through gradual and devious maneuvers they changed science from a viable study to a propaganda machine.  The prominence of evolution without any concrete scientific evidence proves the point.


Foundations of evolution

The foundations of evolution have never been based in science.  They have been the musings of people who have lost all sense of logic and sound reasoning.  If one does a study you will find that almost all, if not all, did not believe in a Creator.  You might say Darwin did, but in the end, he did not.

The foundations of evolution are based in secular humanism.  The god of humanism is “self”. Because they are blinded to the reality of a Creator they are lacking in logic and sound reasoning.  

Evolution is the only hope for secular humanism.  But science will no longer support their reasoning. Because they have no concern or care for others they continue their lie.  


Creationism and science

Since science cannot support evolution, what does it support?  Consider creationism. The scenario for creation set forth in the Holy Bible is one that is congruent with science.  In fact, science was founded and built upon Biblical foundations by men who believed in special creation. It was only in the past 150 years that humanists began to “preach” evolution.

As we have shown above, science cannot support evolution.  However, evolution will not go silently away. The reason for that is that civilization has allowed fools and liars to assume positions of academia.  Until people begin to stand up and “speak the truth in love”, fools will continue to control the conversation.


Truth will prevail

There is a time, soon coming when the truth will prevail.  Though the truth of creation is evident now, it will be evident beyond any doubt, then.  

I encourage you to open your eyes to the evidence of creation that surrounds you.  The mere complexity of the “simplest” cell should be enough to convince you. But even more, the sheer vastness of the universe and all that it contains should overcome any doubt.

A cursive study of your own body, or parts of your body, will impress you with wonder.  Take time to consider the members of your body. Become aware of all that must go on for you to do simple tasks. Consider the structure, the delivery of energy, the muscles, the nerves, the brain and neurons, and synapsis. How could all this happen by accident?  It could not. It was designed by a Designer.



If you have not considered all these things, then it is because you have not been taught about them. This was done purposefully so that you would believe whatever “scientists” told you. Surely, they would not mislead you!  Oh, but surely they would.

We have seen two generations in the United States that have been taught a lie.  They do not know the truth. They have been misled and do not have enough learning to know it.

It is time to stand for the truth.  That truth is found in only one person.  That person is the man, Jesus of Nazareth.  He is the Creator of all things. God revealed Himself to His creation as a man. He lived and taught the truth. Apart from Him, there is no truth.

Believe and be saved


Believe on the Lord Jesus(Truth) and you shall be saved!

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