Evolution The Fairy Tale-Can We Trust Evolutionists

One of my favorite subjects to write about is evolution, the fairy tale.

Evolution Is a Fairy Tale told by a scientist

The reason I call it a fairy tale is that there is so much about evolution that is literally made up. You have probably been taught that evolution is an established science. But, if you were to take just a little time and do a critical analysis of even a simple presentation of evolution in a typical high school or college text book, you would find that most of what they present is conjured up by the imagination of the writer.

The beginning of life

In the beginning of life, evolutionists claim that inanimate chemicals somehow came together and “voila”, life appeared. They somehow do not see the need to show any scientific explanation as to how these chemicals and molecules managed to overcome the almost infinite odds of their not doing such a thing. The odds are not really infinite, but are of such a great likelihood to never happen that the science of probability says that it would not happen in this universe.

How can they say that? Let us take for instance the number of atoms in the whole universe. It is generally considered that there are 10>80 atoms in the entire universe. Of course, even this is not too scientific, because we really do not know the exact size of the universe. But to add another digit to the “80” would double the number of atoms. So, we are in the general area of the number.

Now, compare that number(which is the number 10 followed by 80 zeros) to the possibility of the simplest protein, of which there must be over 400 such proteins. The probability of one protein being assembled is 10>108(that is the number 10 followed by 108 zeros). There are fewer atoms in the whole universe than would be the possibility of one protein being formed by chance. And then, you must have over 400 of these proteins for the “simplest” life form to be alive.

Are evolutionists truthful?

The Lie

With just the knowledge that we shared above, you would think the matter would be settled. But for the evolutionist that is no problem. It is not that evolutionists are out-and-out liars, it is that they do not share the whole truth about evolution with the common people.

Evolutionists all approach science from the secular humanist world view. This view says that everything we observe came about by natural processes. They insist that if you can not explain something happening through naturalistic processes, then it is not science. That approach, in itself, is not scientific. True science allows for all possible means of a phenomenon and then by experimentation falsifies those which are incorrect. The process continues until a settled truth can be arrived at and which can be tried over and over with the same predicted outcome. When it comes to a point that it produces the same result every time, it will become a scientific law, such as the laws of thermodynamics, or the law of abio genesis.

Evolution, as it is taught these days, could never be a scientific law. It has been falsified time and time again. A hypothesis is falsified when a prediction is made and then through experiment the prediction does not come about. Therefore the prediction, or theory, is falsified. It should no longer be considered a scientific theory.

Since evolution has been falsified many times, why is it still taught as science? The answer is quite obvious. Those who teach it are not truthful. They would rather believe a lie and hang on to their world view of secular humanism than to accept the truth and give up their world view.

Why does evolution persist?

In the latter 19th century and early 20th century secular humanists began to infiltrate the education systems of Western Europe and the United States. By the 1920s they were well entrenched and were growing in numbers. By the mid to latter 20th century they were not only entrenched but had control of the major universities and colleges. As we entered the last two decades of the 20th century, if you wanted to teach at the college level in the sciences, you dare not speak against evolution.

In the mid 20th century the Federal Government got into the business of education. This was done by offering federal aid to states to help in developing stronger schools. In doing this, the Federal Government began to exert its influence on the local school systems. Whereas before, the state and local school districts determined what curriculum would be taught, now the Federal Government had a say to what would be taught.

Government insists on evolution

One of the first things the Federal Government did was to introduce the teaching of evolution as a scientific fact. Not long after that the government demanded the expulsion of God from the school system. In other words, no mention of a Creator God could be forwarded. Anything related to God must now be expunged from the curriculum and day to day business of education. The Federal Government was able to do this because the local and state school systems had become addicted to Federal Aid. They believed the lie that more money meant better education.

The lie still persists in spite of private non federally funded schools consistently turn out better students at a far lesser cost than federally funded schools do. Evolution persists today because it is taught in public schools as truth. But, because evolutionists are liars they keep telling the politicians that evolution is science and any other thing is not science.  That does not say much for politicians.

The mantra

It evolved. Now repeat.
It evolved.

We mentioned above how the institutions of higher learning had been taken over by secular humanists who promoted evolution. Once in a position of “authority” they began to promote evolution as the only real scientific way to explain living things. On the surface this seemed logical. After all, evolution was defined simply as “change over time”. That was evident even to the less learned. The elite intellectuals took advantage of this.

As knowledge increased and the discovery of DNA showed how life characteristics were passed from one generation to another, it seemed that evolution might be possible. They pinned their hopes on the fact that mutations in the DNA caused changes in the life form. The evolutionists thought, “At last, we have scientific proof!”

So it became the mantra of evolutionists that if something could not be shown to have “evolved” little by little and step by step that they would simply say, “It evolved.” Since by the late 20th century everyone had been indoctrinated by the education system that evolution was a fact there was no real need to have to explain the steps or the processes by which something had evolved.

Knowledge continues to grow

This was the mantra and for a few years it worked to convince the uninformed that evolution really happened. Unfortunately, for the evolutionist, knowledge did not cease to increase. It was soon discovered that mutations actually subtracted information from the genome of the DNA.

Information of Life

This was a fact that very few scientific publications wished to advertise. For Darwinian evolution to be true the information in the genome must increase. If it were shown that information decreased from generation to generation, then evolution would not be possible. There has never been one single mutation that has been shown to increase the information of the DNA.

It has been scientifically proved that every species of living things is progressively devolving. Each generation loses information through mutations, whether they be harmful or non-harmful. That actually drives a stake in the heart of evolution. But you will not hear that from the secular humanist scientist. He, or she, is faithful to the mantra. If you cannot show a step by step progression for evolution, just say, “It evolved”.

Check their pants


From the very beginning evolution was a fairy tale. There has never been any scientific proof to support it or predict it. It is as the famous line of Shakespeare in MacBeth says, “It is a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Evolutionists have told their fairy tale for too long. Science has revealed them to be the liars that they are. They can not be trusted. When you hear someone tell you that something evolved, ask them to explain step by step just how that happened. There will be no steps. They will probably make fun of you as being scientifically illiterate. When they do, just be patient and look at them with pity, knowing that they have spoken lies for so long that they can not tell the difference between what is true and what is a lie. These people can not be trusted to correctly educate anyone in an honest society.

Have pity on them and pray for them that their eyes may be opened to the truth.

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