Evolution The Great Hoax

For almost 150 years we have been taught evolution.  The premise of evolution was a fabrication from the beginning.  It was not founded on scientific findings but on rebellion against the truth.  Even the founders and promoters of evolution knew that it was not likely. It was easily debunked by science.  So, we can surmise that evolution, the great hoax, is just that.


Why did the theory of evolution begin

The theory did not begin because there was a preponderance of evidence in its favor.  Rather it began as a rebellion against the evidence of creation supported by science. The founders of evolution were not scientists, they were philosophers, so-called.  

They observations to support their theory.  As far as observations go, they are useful in producing good science.  But these philosophers became biased in the observations they used. The choices they used were determined by their already determined bias.  Their choices of observations were only those that supported their predetermined conclusion of evolution. If the observation supported their view, it was chosen.  Those that contradicted their views were rejected.


A philosophy

You can see how they turned science into a tool for promoting an agenda.  It was no longer the search for truth that it was intended to be. After all, science is defined as the search for knowledge.

Instead of searching for knowledge and presenting facts, they introduced the interpretation of the facts into the equation.  Science had taken a turn toward alchemy.

The philosophy that spawned evolution was that of secular humanism.  To define it in clearer terms, secular humanism is atheism. It did not settle for being simple atheism, but became “anti-theism”.  That term does not mean that they did not believe in god, but that they were against God.

So, evolution was founded by a philosophy that was openly in opposition to a Creator.  Plainly stated, they were at war against their Creator. The premise of this philosophy makes it clear that they know there is a Creator.  They not only know the fact but they actively fight against His revelation in creation.


The illogic of secular humanism philosophy

The conflict

If secular humanists were, as they say, atheists, then that should end the question. If there truly was no Creator, or God, then there is no real logic or reason for life.  It would not matter if someone believed in God or did not believe in God. So, the secular humanist should go on his merry way and enjoy his existence.

Why should he get involved with other people who are doing just fine?  Why would he impose his philosophy on others when it will make no difference in their lives.  Secular humanism says that life ends in oblivion, nothingness. It does not matter if you live a “good” and “moral” life or a wasteful immoral life.

After all, it has been shown that people who profess a belief in God live meaningful and productive lives.  Even if there was no god, that would be worth promoting.

But, the secular humanist is not looking to help people.  They want to defeat God. They are anti-theists.


Secular humanism=Evolution

Instead of adopting a “laissez-faire” approach, the humanists promote a false science.  It is called evolution.

In the mid 19th century when evolution was getting its foothold in science, it was easy to promote.  Though design was evident in science, they changed the perspective. Instead of emphasizing design they began to promote “change”.  The reason for this was a treatise that Charles Darwin had penned called On The Origin of Species(1859).

In “On the Origin” Darwin said that all life we see on earth descended from one original life form.  He used the term “evolution” to describe this progress. He presented many false scenarios of how life forms and body types might have evolved.  What scientific evidence he presented was weak, at best, in proving evolution.


Change: the champion of evolution

The evidence used for evolution was meager at best.  His whole premise was founded on the change in the length and size of the beaks of finches.  What he defined as evolution in the beaks of finches was reversed in the following generations.  So, in fact, there was no evolution. But, there was a “savior”.

“Change” to the rescue.  Rather than defining evolution as bringing about a new species, it was now defined as simply “change”.  The trick worked. Who could deny that change did not occur in living things? Observation bore out the fact of change.  Soon, it was an accepted thing that “change” proved evolution.


The next step

As “change” became the mantra and evolution began to take hold, humanists made their next move.  That move was to make inroads in the education system.

Education was the tool of religion in the founding of the United States of America.  Since it had been successful in the building of the nation, maybe humanists could use it to promote their agenda.  So, education became the tool of the humanist agenda.

 The first step was to get control of the system.  The best way to do that was to get all education under one umbrella.  What better umbrella than that of the government. The end goal was the umbrella of the Federal Government.

This push began in the early 1900s with the emphasis on the local and state governments. That sounded alright since it remained close at home and easy for the populace to control.  But, the Federal government grew and Federal aid extended to states and localities. With that growth came control. Soon Federal aid meant Federal control of curriculum. Guess what philosophy of science took precedence.  If you guessed secular humanism, you were correct.


The “coup de gras”

In 1963 the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that all references to God had to be removed from the curriculum of Federally subsidized school systems.  That meant that all schools related to any local, state or federal entity could not teach any Biblically related subject.

The Supreme Court of the USA


The “coup” was completed.  Only “secular” subjects could be taught in public schools.  That meant that only secular science could be taught in public schools.  The science that fit that bill was that of evolution. The secularists had been successful in morphing their philosophy into a science.  It was a “science” which by then was being shown to have no real science to support it. But, that was OK for them. They had the government backing them.  



There are several truths that must be forthcoming.  The body of science did not cease to grow in knowledge.  As knowledge increased, it became more evident that evolution, the hoax, was not science, but philosophy.  What was the first sound argument against evolution has once again risen as its nemesis.



A watch is designed. It does not happen by chance.

William Paley first presented evidence for design in nature.  Darwin was never able to refute him. The only way around the apparent design was to ignore it or make fun of it.  They were able to do this on the macro level for many years. But, as I said, knowledge continued to increase.

As new discoveries in microbiology have come, design has become more and more apparent.  It is not a simple design that thwarts evolution. The complex design found in the simplest living forms is beyond any ever imagined by mankind.  In fact, the complexity of design is beyond any designs of the smartest humans.


Evidence of design

Could this happen by chance?

The design evident in even a single protein of a “simple” living cell is astronomical.  The possibility of a single protein coming together by chance is beyond possibility in this universe.  Let me give an example. There are 10>80(10 followed by 80 zeros) atoms in the entire universe. Compare that to the possibility of one protein forming by chance: 10>108(10 followed by 108 zeros).

Can one call himself a logical reasoning person if he believes that could happen by chance?  Yet, we have allowed so-called scientists to tell us that such a thing happened.  Is that what we call a hoax?  That is what evolution is.


Continuing evidence

As knowledge about DNA has continued to increase it has become more evident that evolution never happened.

Mutations were supposed to be evolutions “savior”.  As mutations increased in genomes they brought about change in the given species.  Evolutionists hailed this as proof of evolution. Though there was a change in the genome research found out that it was the wrong kind.

Recall that evolutionists defined evolution as change.  In a way mutations were evidence of change, but not evolution.  Darwinian evolution was supposed to trace the growth of complexity in living things.  To become more complex, a living species had to add information to the genome of the DNA.  

Scientific research found that there was no mutation that added information to the genome.  Though there were some that affected no noticeable change in the species, none added information. The facts showed that every mutation subtracted information from the genome.  According to DNA science, Darwinian evolution is impossible.


Why is evolution, the great hoax, still accepted and taught?

What a pertinent question.  It is not taught or accepted because it is a scientific fact.  The reason it is promoted is that if you do not accept it as fact, there is only one alternative.  The alternative is that of divine creation.

If one accepts divine creation then one would necessarily need to acknowledge a creator.  In acknowledging a creator one would thereby acknowledge submission to the creator.

Of all the “creator” scenarios there is only one that is logical and fits with scientific laws.  That one is the creation scenario set forth in the Bible. This is why secular humanists refuse to accept the Biblical creation scenario.  They will not submit to the God of the Bible.


Secular humanism

By definition secular humanism denies the existence of a deity.  To recognize any deity requires either submission or rebellion. According to the Bible, all creation(including humans) acknowledge a Creator.  But, according to the same Bible, not all submit to His authority.

Secular humanists do not submit to the authority of the Creator of the universe.  Because they are in rebellion, they do not submit to His laws. By their actions, they acknowledge a Creator, but by their words they contradict themselves.

I recommend that you go to brainyquote.com and look up such atheists as Richard Dawkins.  Read through his quotes and see just how many times he contradicts himself. Better yet, check how many times he contradicts scientific facts. You will begin to understand why evolution is the great hoax of the 20th and 21st centuries.


Authority and evolution the great hoax

More often than not, secular humanists assert their authority.  Because they are a scientist, you should believe them. They will ask you to set aside your brain and logic just to believe them.  And their reasoning is because they are the authority.

What is the “authority” that you believe is ill-informed?  For the past century, American schools have been force feeding students lies about evolution.  There are many “authorities” on evolution because of this.

There are many people with PhDs in evolutionary science.  It has become evident that many of these people gained their degrees with false dissertations.  By false, I mean this. The subject that they researched and proved has been shown to be false or unverifiable.  They are an “authority” who is been proven to lack correct knowledge.

Even though sound science has disproved every tenant of evolution, it is still taught as fact.


Who are you?

Are you willing to surrender your mind and life to those who willing mislead you?  If you are not willing to question “authority” occasionally, then you have done just that.  By question, I do not mean rebel. I mean just what I say. Ask pertinent questions regarding the subject.  

The answers should be logical and not just because the “authority” says so.  It should not be followed by a mantra such as “it evolved” and that is why. If there is not a logical sequence or understanding be ready to look for another answer.

Be willing to listen to answers you do not agree with.  But do not throw out your reasoning and logic. When an answer follows sound reasoning and logic, be willing to endorse it.  Follow the facts, not the philosophy.


The conclusion

The day is soon approaching when evolution, the great hoax, will be shown for what it is.  As the secularists hijacked science to promote their agenda, so science has overcome their agenda.  

True science is always logical.  It is the secularists who have introduced illogic into science.  As knowledge grows more prolific it is harder for secularists to lie to the public.  They still do lie and make up fairy tales to promote their materialistic agenda. Their rebellion against the Creator grows more and more evident every day.

You have been created with a magnificent mind of your own.  Your Creator has endowed you with the ability to make your own choices.  You can choose to believe the true record of creation set forth in the Bible, or not believe it.  You can choose to believe the illogical scenario of the secularists about the Big Bang. But, take a little time and search out the truth of the matter.

Do not take my word for it or any other person’s word for it.  Go to the source. Read the Bible. Find out what the Creator says about His creation and what He says about you.

Then read the writings of secularists and decide which really fits the truth.  You make the choice.


The Choice

This is your challenge.  After you search and study, then you must make a decision.  There are no fence straddlers. Jesus said it this way, “You cannot serve two masters. You will love one and hate the other.”  You cannot believe the secular humanist and believe the God of the Bible.

Joshua in the Old Testament put it this way.  “Choose you this day whom you will serve. As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”


I hope that that is your choice.  But, it is your choice.


God bless you!


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