Evolution Time Is Up-Evolution Science Fiction vs Science Fact

It is time for us to once again address an ever-recurring plague known as evolution science. One would think that with the amount of scientific knowledge that has been accumulated that true science fiction would be acknowledged as such. But such a subject as evolution really would not fall into the area of “science” fiction but would better be described as “science fantasy”. To be factual, “Evolution, your time is up. From now on you are science fantasy not science fact.”

Why fantasy

“Why the term fantasy?”, you ask. Let us approach it from this angle. When you watch the little cartoons that your children watch on Saturday mornings, you see all kinds of things that you know are just fantasy creations of the producers of the cartoons. Those producers are not constrained by scientific facts as to what they can bring to life. After all, it is just a “fairy tale” made up to entertain little children. We hope that as our children grow up they will understand the difference between what is “real” and what is fantasy. Hopefully, they will understand what is fact and what is not fact.

Evolution is not even science

Evolution is not true science by any stretch of the imagination. The term was stolen from a good scientific word, “adaptation”. To adapt means to make adjustments to fit into one’s environment. What evolutionists fail to recognize, or even acknowledge, was that the ability and information needed to adapt (not evolve) to the circumstance had to of necessity already be contained within the creature or living cell. But if they were to acknowledge such a fact, they would undermine their own objective.

True science is based on facts. It is based on facts which can be observed through experiments which can be repeated time and time again which yield the same results. If the experiment does not yield the expected results then the premises is falsified. It is then considered not scientific.

Evolution has been falsified so many times that it is beyond reason to even consider it scientific. Not even science fiction.

Why does evolution persist

If evolution is not science, why does it continued to be treated as such? Consider this. When a thing or subject is accepted without proofs from a natural approach it is usually considered a religion. Religions are usually based on “faith”. That faith is quite often not founded on physical repeatable facts. It is a belief held by the person or groups because it can not be proved by the scientific method.

Evolution is founded on the principle of atheism. Atheism says that there is not “God”. Can they prove that? Is there some scientific experiment that can consistently prove that there is no “God”? Of course, you know the answer. There is no experiment that can prove the existence of a “God”.

Instead of evolutionists admitting their professed “beliefs”, and in so doing render them outside the area of facts and truths, they claim to be scientists and will allow “no divine foot in the door” in addressing science. In so doing they have broken one of the most important things about science in that to find truth in any matter you must look at all the facts, or in this case, none facts, or made up facts. So, by differentiating themselves from religion they try to present themselves as objective and scientific. The truth is that they are more religious than the so-called religious.

Because evolutionists insist that they are not religious but are scientific, they persist in the scientific field.

Time is up

But, time is up for the evolutionist. In the past century one scientific discovery after another has falsified evolutionary tales. Science says that a premise which can not be falsified, that is if there is not some scenario which it is supposed to bring about which in certain situations it does not bring about, then it is proven wrong and is falsified.

There are many scientific hypotheses which have been put to the test many times and have stood the test and have come to the status of being scientific laws. Evolution is not one of those.

Evolution states that living things evolve and grow more complex, thereby increasing the information in the DNA of any given species. But when confronted with cave fish which have “evolved” and no longer have functioning eyes (a loss of information in the DNA of the cave fish), they call this evolution. Is the increase in information in the DNA evolution or is the decrease in information in the DNA evolution. It can not be both or the premises (evolution) is falsified.

The evolutionist will not point out this inconsistency. However, it is rampant throughout the “science fiction” of evolution.

When DNA was discovered it was heralded by evolutionists to be the final nail in the coffin of creationism. It would prove evolution beyond a shadow of doubt. In the early studies of DNA it seemed that might be the case. It appeared at first that only about 2% of the DNA was actually functional and useful in the function of the living entity studied. Their conclusion was that the remainder of the DNA was junk and leftovers from evolutionary progression. To their disdain the evolutionists have been proven wrong again (their hypothesis was falsified). Everyday new studies are showing that more and more of the DNA is functional and necessary in the life of the entity involved.

As mentioned above, evolutionists believe that the information in DNA could be increased by mutations in the DNA and thereby create new information. Over millions of years this would bring about new species and kinds of living things. As experiments and studies of DNA have continued it has been established that mutations do not add information to the gene pool of the DNA. At best it remains neutral. At worst, it removes information from the gene pool. It has been scientifically proved that from one generation to the next in any species, that there is a decrease in information in the DNA. Once again, evolution has been falsified.

It only takes one falsification to debunk a theory. I have only stated two. But there are many more. I shall be sharing them in future articles.

Decision time

It is time that rational minds concede how we have been duped by false science and false scientists. They speak with “authority” but they are merely teaching fairy tales which they have been taught and without even considering the logic or reality of what they are preaching have passed it on to a following generation. And because they defined themselves as “scientists”, generation after generation have believed them and not learned how to apply logic and wisdom.

Most people believe the lie of evolution because they believe the scientist who told them that it was true. Did they think that there might be another approach? Were they even presented a competing alternative? If they were raised in the public school system of the United States, they were not.

It is true that the foundational scientific principles were established by men who approached science with an open yet critical (questioning and seeking) mind who even considered the possibility and probability of a Creator. These men and women passed on a true science which was logical and provable. But evolutionary scientists who are founded in humanistic materialism have no concept of a Creator and thereby have no foundation for logic. So they must continually adjust, redefine and be surprised by the findings so that they can persist in their belief of evolution.

Yes, it is a belief, not a science. Next time you hear “evolution”, just ask for some “scientific” proof. It is not enough that so-and-so said so or that professor so-and-so said so. As Wendy’s used to say, “Show me the beef”. Show me some proof. Produce some real science that proves evolution. THERE IS NONE!

Evolution. Your time is up.

Evolution is a failed philosophy. It is not science and has been falsified time and again. Time to wake up and stand for what is right and not be led down a fairy tale path by someone who has no mind of their own or wisdom for direction.

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May God bless you and give you wisdom as you search.

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