Evolution True or False – Evidence That Evolution Is False

It is a wonder that the debate of “evolution, true or false?” is still going on. The scientific evidence that evolution is false is overwhelming. Yet the controversy goes on and on. We shall look at the debate and let you decide for yourself whether it is true or false. The evidence speaks for itself.

What is the real definition of evolution

Darwinian Evolution

For too many years evolutionists have defined evolution as “change over time”. While things do change over time, that is not a true definition of what the really mean as evolution. Their real definition of evolution is a gradually growing of complexity in a living thing. But just because something changes does not mean that it grows more complex.

For almost 150 years they could fool some scientists and most laymen with their definition. But with the discovery of DNA and electron microscopes it became harder and harder to prove their case for the increase of complexity just through gradual change.

Now, the evolutionist must admit that what they mean is, that things do grow more complex as they evolve. They are now beginning to tread where real science will shine the light on whether their theory is true or false.

Evolution – science or fiction

What Evolution Is

Those who believe evolution used to frame the debate as one between science and religion. If you were a real scientist you believed in evolution. If you did not believe in evolution you could not be a true scientist. The only people who did not believe in evolution were unlearned or religious. So they felt that they had the higher ground of science for their standing.

But, as science began to look into “evolution” and study what constitutes real living things and the scientific laws that govern those things, evolution lost some of its standing. Real science must have some observations to establish it as real. Evolution hypothesized “change” over time. This was true, but the change that was observed was mere adaptation within a species. There was never a bridging of species or of a totally new and more complex species “evolved”.

Evolution had hypothesized that the fossil record would show the gradual change of one species to another in step wise progression. The fossil record has not done that with billions of fossils having been found and studied.

Those are two things that use the scientific method which have shown that evolution is not a fact. Yet, there are some who say that we simply do not live long enough to witness the gradual change that would lead from one species to another.

More science

Suppose we look at proven scientific laws and see if evolution measures up to true science.

Abio genesis is a biological scientific law. It simply states that “life only comes from life”. Louis Pasteur proved this with his experiment presented in 1859 at a Science Fair sponsored by the French Academy of Science.

Pasteur’s Experiment
Louis Pasteur

Evolutionists used to say that germs came about spontaneously from minerals and chemicals. Pasteur put that argument to rest. Believers in evolution simply skip over the beginning of life and move to evolution in living things.

Laws of thermodynamics

The laws of thermodynamics will not allow for the process necessary for evolution to be viable. The first law deals with matter and energy and its static state. Matter and energy are manifestations of one entity. The amount of that entity in the universe can neither be increased nor decreased though the two may interchange.

The second law is the one directly affecting evolution. It states that “in a system entropy will always increase.” “Entropy” is disorganization.


Evolutionists argue that there are systems that show increase in organization, such as the Earth. It does appear on the surface that there is a decrease in entropy on the Earth, but the Earth is part of a system and that system must experience entropy through the Earth’s gain.

For entropy to be overcome information must be increased to direct the use of energy. Without that information, there is no organization and entropy continues.


For information to decrease entropy in one system it must allow for an increase in another.


All living things contain enormous amounts of information. DNA is not just an encyclopedia of information, it is whole library of information for even the simplest living cell. What the evolutionist will not tell you is, that when that simple living cell passes on its DNA to the next generation of that cell, it loses some of the information contained in the DNA.

Information of Life

Since DNA was discovered this fact has been established. The decrease in information is caused by mutations. At on point they declared mutations as the means by which cells could change and grow more complex. It was not long before this was proved wrong. It was found by scientific experiments and observations that mutations never added any information to the DNA. Rather, they subtracted information. The second law of thermodynamics applies to living cells as well.

DNA is not a tool of evolution but rather a tool of de-evolution. Given enough time all living things would devolve to extinction. That is a scientific fact and it lines up with all known laws of science.

According to DNA, is evolution true or false?

Laws of probability

The Law of Probabilities

The reason evolutionists evoke billions of years is to allow for the change they said that would be necessary to bring about evolution of amoebas to humans. Since the science of probabilities has grown there are now certain parameters that have been established as to the possibilities of certain things happening. Probabilities are based on sound mathematical formulas and are well tested.

A simple example would be the probability of picking the number “1” out of a hat that has the numbers “0” through “9”. The answer is 1 chance in 10. But, suppose you have to pick the number “12” out of the same hat. (In other words you must pick first the number “1” and after that, with all ten numbers in the hat, choose the number “2”). To get number “1” is 1 chance in 10. Then to draw the number “2” by itself would be another 1 chance in 10. To get the probability rating for the number “12” you must multiply the factors together, 10 times 10. The result is 100. The chance of drawing the number “12” then, is 1 chance in 100.

I think you get the idea. Consider now the probability of the assembling of the necessary proteins to establish the simplest living cell known. The simplest living cell contains over 400 proteins. There are hundreds of amino acids available but only twenty are used to make proteins in living tissue. The amino acids are all left-handed, as opposed to right-handed.

To be formed into a protein by random chance choosing from these 20 amino acids and then assembling them into the right configuration to form one protein, would have a probability rating of 1 chance in 10>108. That is the number 10 followed by 108 zeros.

To give you some idea of just how big that number is, there are only 10>80 atoms in the whole universe. Does it sound scientific to believe in evolution.


There are many scientific papers out that “preach” evolution. If take the time to read and critically understand what is being said, then you will see that most of what is taught as evolution science is smoke screen. Is there any scientific evidence that evolution is false? Sure, there is. But because of their humanistic materialistic worldview most scientists do not want you to know that.

The only truly scientific alternative to their view is, that of the Bible, which is a creation world view. Everything about a Biblical world view lines up with the facts discovered in true science. Because of this the evolutionist is left with an empty bag when true science is set forth.

Evolution, true or false. Know the facts. Know the truth.

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