Evolution Versus Science – Science Versus Evolution

In the 20th century, evolution and science were almost synonymous. The humanist agenda was in place and functioning well. By the last half of the 20th century, all public school systems in the US taught evolution as a fact. But, a funny thing happened on the way to the 21st century.  Science began to question evolution.  It became science vs evolution, evolution versus science discussion.  What caused this upheaval?

Logic and science

Some scientists started applying logic to science. They began to ask for empirical evidence to back up the science that was being taught. Facts became more important than colorful fairy-tales of how things came into being.

As scientific knowledge increased, so-called jargon loaded treatises were questioned more and more. Hiding one’s worldview with fancy words and impressive phrases was not enough. “Show us the proof. Where’s the meat?” To answer the questions, more terminology had to be invented. Such terms as “dark matter”, “dark energy”, “multi-verses”, and “inflation” were promoted as fact.

The truth was that none of these things were provable. But, they were needed if a false narrative about life was to be promoted. What was that false narrative?


The narrative I speak of is that which is based on materialistic humanism. This is the philosophy that everything we observe is material. It somehow came from nothing. And the material universe is all that there is. Nothing more, nothing less.

This philosophy does away with any possibility of a higher being. In particular, it does away with the God of the Bible. Why would they be against the God of the Bible?

The foundation of the premise of an infinite Creator assumes the subjugation of the creation to the Creator. The humanist could not allow this because he wants to be his own god.

Because the humanist philosophy had invaded the education system, it ruled in all areas of learning. Science became the main focus of the materialist. It took the latter part of the 19th and first half of the 20th century to establish its control. This was done through the false narrative of Darwin’s Origin of Species. Though the evidence was superficial, it was enough with what little was known about the living cell at that time.

What Happened in the latter half of the 20th century?

So, what did happen in the latter 20th century to begin to expose the lack of science in evolution?

One of the things that happened was the re-study of Edwin Hubbel’s discovery of the red-shift. Hubble was a humanist and did not want to admit what his discovery showed. He noted that no matter which direction he looked, expansion proceeded at the same speed. That spoke to the idea of Earth being in the center or near the center of the universe. This sounded Biblical in its interpretation. So, Hubble made the arbitrary statement that the view was isotropic. This meant that no matter from where you observed, it all looked the same. The fact remains that it proves that the Earth is at or near the center of the known universe.


The information molecule

In the latter 20th century the study of genetics exploded. DNA is the “hard-drive” of life. It contains all the information necessary for any life-form to carry on and to replicate itself.

In an effort to use this as an excuse for evolution, humanists invoked mutations as an instrument of evolution. Mutations do cause a change in the genome of all living things. So, evolutionists said that this is how evolution progressed.

It is true that mutations cause a change in the genome. It affects the information in the DNA. The evolutionists proposed that this change in information caused living things to change and adapt to their environment. To some extent it did. Their use of the “change” was that it caused an increase in complexity. Stated another way, it increased the information within the DNA. If this were true, it would support evolution. However, a funny thing happened on the way to evolution. Instead of increasing information in the genome, mutations decreased the amount of information. Instead of proving evolution, it proved de-evolution. Plainly stated, mutations move a species toward extinction. This is a scientific fact.

Is evolution science?

Is evolution true?

Evolution has never been about science. Rather, it is about manipulating the lives of the population. As long as a belief in a higher Being existed, the elite would have little chance of exerting control. But, with the promotion of evolution as a science, a distinction of class could be established. If evolution was going on, then some species would be more evolved than others, or so the narrative went. Evolution conveniently did away with a Creator who exercised authority over His creation. With that in place, every person became his own god, determining what was right and what was wrong.

Situational ethics

In my formative years, this was called “situational ethics”.

Situational ethics held the premise that what was right for you may not be right for me. It all depended on your situation. For instance, the Bible says sex apart from marriage is a sin. The humanist says that if you really “love” each other and both consent, it is alright. This conveniently sets aside the law of the Creator.

The natural outcome of such a philosophy is anarchy. With just a little knowledge and understanding you can understand who is the root of this philosophy. The root is the antithesis of the Creator, the devil, himself.

The author of false science

Wasn’t it in the Garden of Eden that he(the serpent) first proposed this philosophy? The Creator said not to eat of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. He said that if you did, you will die. Adam and Eve had no concept of death except that it was bad. The devil contradicted the Creator. In other words, he called Him a liar. Then he appealed to the senses of the woman. It looked good, it was good for food, and it would not hurt you. The end result was that she and her husband believed the devil and their senses over the Creator. They ate of the thing that was forbidden to them.

My question to you is, “Do you know of anyone who has not been subject to death?” The lesson to be learned is that right and wrong are not situational.

Evolution promotes death as something good. Death is not good. It is the enemy. Evolution is not science. It is a philosophy of death. Evolution promotes the antithesis of knowledge. It promotes illogical fantasies and seeks to veil the true facts of real science.

Evolution is always situational and changes with every situation to fit its needs. A creative and productive life can never be built on the shifting sands of evolution.

Foundation for life

Biblical World View

If anything in life is to be fulfilling and productive, it must be founded on lasting principals. The only source of these unchanging everlasting principals is the Word of God, the Bible. Any philosophy that leaves out the whole Word of God is doomed to destruction. All who build their life on it will suffer the same results.

So, as you encounter those who believe in evolution, consider whom you are dealing with. Some believe it because that is all they were taught. Others believe it because they are promoting an agenda of rebellion against the Creator. It matters not which it is, but what matters is who they believe in. There are only two choices. You either believe the Creator or you believe the devil. It is as simple as that.

In comparing the two you will find that those principals in the Bible have proven true throughout history. In contrast, those of the evolutionist philosophy are constantly changing and even contradictory of themselves. Now, which approach would be more scientific? I believe the answer is self-evident.

When all is said and done regarding evolution versus science, evolution is not science. When it comes to science versus evolution, evolution is thrown in the trash bin.

Science vs evolution

Let’s awake to reality and call evolution what it is, it is a fairy-tale. It is not backed by factual science. It is promoted by people who do not desire truth but desire to control others. The philosophy is merely a means to an end. That end is the control and destruction of as many people as possible.

Contrast the knowledge of the Creator to that of evolution. Whereas evolution leads to destruction and death, the knowledge of the Creator leads to life. With that life comes love and joy and peace. Yes, there is structure to that life. Some call that structure laws and rules. For those who rebel, that is what it is. For those who embrace this life, it is joy unspeakable and full of glory.

True science

God Inspired

True science supports belief in the Creator. For those who believe this, the end result is eternal life in a place called Heaven. There they will experience unimaginable creativity, love, joy, and wonder.

Evolution promotes belief in ignorance and fool heartedness. The end of such a belief is an eternity in a place called hell. There it will be unimaginable suffering and agony which will last for eternity.

An invitation

I implore all who have embraced evolution as a science, to turn from your rebellion. Open your eyes and mind to the truths of creation and open your heart to your Creator.

This will probably not solve the question of evolution vs science or that of science vs evolution. But maybe it will begin the process of considering the truths of science and which philosophy fits best.

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