Fact versus Truth – Is There a Difference

I was amazed to read that Wikipedia defines “facts” as things that are established. Then they contrasted that definition to what “truth” is. Truth is something that is subjective, that is, what is truth for you may not be truth for me. I have always thought that there was a difference between the two nouns, but I was taught the exact opposite of what Wikipedia stated.

So, in this essay I would like to address the issue of Facts and Truths, Is There a Difference. Let me begin by stating that I believe there is a difference.

Facts, What are they?

The dictionary defines fact as: something that has actual existence: or an actual occurrence. Now, if we compare that to the definition in Wikipedia we find a little of inconsistency with both of these definitions. They are saying that “facts” are established and unchangeable. Consider this. On a clear night when you can observe the night sky and see the stars, it appears that some “twinkle” on and off. That is an observable fact. But, do the stars actually blink on and off? No, they do not. This is merely one example of facts which are actual occurrences but which are not truths.

One more example of a fact. In the evening on a clear day we say that the sun goes down. That is a fact as we observe it. However, that is not the truth from reality. The sun appears “factually” to go down. The “truth” is that it is the earth which turns and moves our location to a point that is on the opposite side of the earth on which the sun is located.

From this we should conclude that the Wikipedia definition is flawed as to which term is established. Facts are very subjective, though that subjectivity should be greatly decreased with better definition of the facts. Truths are established principles which do not change.

Changing definitions

Just lately we have seen how those who would try to overturn truths and set about to redefine what truth is or what they wish it to be. It was stated by a senator who was trying to slander a man being recommended for an opening on the Supreme Court. A slanderous allegation was brought against the nominee for the court. Because the senator did not like the nominee he chose to believe the one who brought the charge.

The nominee denied the allegations. There were no witnesses that would confirm the allegation as fact. But the senator chose to believe the allegations because he said that the woman had presented “her truth”. This senator was using the Wikipedia definition because the nominee had said that the event never happened. So, does “his truth” not have the same weight as “her truth”? Truth is not fluid. It can not be “truth” and “not truth”.

For this reason “facts” must be corroborated. In other words there needs to be more than one observation or experiment that proves its actual occurrence or being. In science it means that there should be a way of proving it wrong or right. If there is none, then it is not fact. It definitely is not truth.

Where did the idea of fluid truth come from

This idea of truth being a relative thing has not always been true in Western Civilization. In the middle of the 19th century there began a movement called humanism. On the surface it sounds alright. But the foundation of “secular humanism” is that human beings are at the pinnacle of evolution. Being there makes them to be the sole determiner of their own destiny. This movement was fueled by the elevation of evolution to the level of science.

Evolution had always been in the background of scientific study but was not taken seriously. But when Charles Darwin published his On the Origin of Species it began to gain traction in scientific circles. It came about in a time of colonial conquest in which some sought a reason for the conquest of so-called primitive nations and this idea that some civilizations were more evolved than others seemed a good enough reason for one group to rule another.

So emerged the idea that there was not really a God Who created the Earth and the universe but that everything came about by natural processes. So it came about, too, that whoever was the most evolved, the fittest, got to determine what the truth was. Humanism exalted man as his own god. That being determined meant that what each individual determined was truth, that became truth for him. If you determined something else was truth, then that became your truth.

So, you see, that senator was playing god.

Real truth

The definition of truth as stated above will only bring chaos and wars. We are seeing that being brought about in American society today. So many of us have been taken in by the secular humanism that has pervaded our society and have allowed it to bring about great divisions in our society. Humanists in claiming to speak “their truth” have in fact lied against the truth. For the humanist there can be no Creator. If people acknowledge that there is a Creator, then humans would necessarily be subject to that Creator. Being subject to a Higher Being means that one must be subject to the rules and laws set down by that Higher Being.

It makes it even harder for the humanist if the Higher Being has given His rules and laws by which His creation will be governed. Would you like to guess which one great work that all secular humanist and those who adhere to their system are adamantly against? If you guessed The Holy Bible, you are correct.

The Holy Bible tells us Who the Creator is and why He created the Earth and the universe. It tells us what His rules and laws are and the consequences of not following them. The Creator is not a hateful Being, but a loving Father Who desires the best for all. But, if someone wants to be his own god, that someone will hate the Loving Creator.


Facts are fluid and change with the season. Truth never changes. How can I say that? Listen to the Creator as He speaks through His Only begotten Son, Jesus: I am the Way, the Truth, and the life.

In the Book of Malachi the Creator says: I am the LORD: I change not.

The Creator’s truth does not change.

So, facts and truths, is there a difference? Yes there is.

The truth is that “Truth” does not change. “Facts” are always changing and must be corroborated.

You can only find real truth when you find the real Creator. He is your creator and He loves you. He proved that by sending His only-begotten Son to pay the price for your sins. Receive Him and His Truth.

And you shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall make you free!


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