Free Online Money Making Opportunities-Are There Any

When beginning a search for opportunities for making money online, most of us will look for a way to try out something for free to see if we really want to pursue an online money making career. This is a little introduction to your beginning your search and hopefully it will save you some time and heartache and maybe some money, too.

Free online money making opportunities

There are numerous money making opportunities on the internet any of which have the potential to make the owner money to one degree or another. As in any business opportunity the investment in the enterprise will determine the return that one will receive.

Since we are talking about “Free” money making opportunities we are assuming that the investment that you are looking at is an investment of time. Not that time is a free commodity, but it is a commodity that you can invest where ever you may decide and that time can be converted into a currency which is a negotiable commodity. The “Free” we shall address is the “Free” that refers to the money aspect of the investment in building an online business.

Which type of online business

Before we get to making any suggestions as to which direction to go and what framework to build on, we must decide what type of online business we wish to build.


There are storefront set-ups in which you decide on a product or types of products you wish to sell. You then build a website on which to display and promote these products on the internet. The problem with this model for the person wishing to build a “Free” online business is that there is usually a financial investment that is necessary to begin this type. There are some few possibilities and we shall mention one later in this blog.

Auction sales

Then there is the auction and sales business which is based and built on a platform which incorporates Ebay and Bonanza and such auction platforms. In these setups you may sell items which you have or sell items for other people or sell items using the “drop shipping” setup, which we shall discuss later in this article. It is simple to set up a “Free” account with Ebay or any of the auction sites. (You can find many simply by doing a google search for “auction sites”. You may choose one or more auction sites through which to sell your products. The free memberships are usually limited in the number of items you may sell. But when getting started you probably will not need to have to many products available.

Drop shipping

This type of business is usually paired with an ebay or storefront business. The usual beginning cost is the cost of purchasing of a domain and a hosting service for your online site. Though these costs are minimal($30 to $100) it is a necessary thing if you are to build an online business. Drop shipping is a structure in which you promote and advertise products on your site and sell them to people who wish to buy them. The advantage is that you do not have to stock any of the items that you advertise and sell.

To do this you ally yourself with one or more businesses that do drop shipping business(google “drop shippers”). Sign up with companies whose products you would like to promote. They will help you set up a “free” account and give you help in promoting their products on your website.

The process by which you make money is when someone makes a purchase on your site(usually through Paypal which is the simplest and a free way to receive payments, since we want “Free”), you then take the money which they have paid you and turn and order the product through the drop shipping company that supplies the product and you pay them the wholesale price. They will then handle the rest of the process and ship the product to the purchasing customer. You keep the difference between the purchase price and the wholesale price. In this way you have spent none of your money and have made a profit by providing a service to the purchaser and the drop shipper.

One must be diligent in choosing the products and the drop shippers that one works with. Not all products and not all drop shippers are equal. You must be willing to put in more time as your business grows. A lot of people have made good money using this platform. But to do that will take time and as you grow it will take more and more time. If you love to work and have the time this will be a good platform for you.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is probably the most utilized form of online entrepreneurial enterprise. You must be willing to invest some of your time in the beginning and as your business grows you will invest some more time. But it is not the exponential growth of time involvement as in auctioning or drop shipping or even storefront.

In the beginning there must be a consistent and steady investment of your time. By this I mean from five to ten hours a week. You will know how much you can invest. Over time(6 months to a year) your business will begin to grow, gradually at first, but then as it grows its rate of growth will increase faster and faster. After a couple of years it will almost be self-sustaining growth. Of course you will continue to build your business, but the time factor will be greatly reduced.

How does it work? In affiliate marketing you will set up a website, usually a blog(you will learn what that is as you go) in which you promote certain products or lifestyles or interests. As you grow an audience you will offer them products to help them accomplish their goals. The products that you will offer will be done by referring them to companies that sell those products.

You do this by “affiliating” your online business with the companies that provide the products or services that they may wish to purchase. The company will provide links for you to insert in your website so that when one of your readers clicks on that “banner” or link they will be taken to the company’s website where they may purchase the products you have advertised. Any purchase made from a “click” through your website will be credited to you and you will be given a commission of an agreed upon amount(ranging from 4% to 70% depending on the product and company). You do not have to participate in the sale process at all. The company will pay you your commissions at agreed upon times and amounts.

This program has made many people rich beyond their highest hopes.


Any of these platforms can make the owner money. There are means by which you can begin any of these for “Free”, but there will come a time that you will need to return some of your profit to continue to feed the growth.

Almost any online promoter of these types of business will offer you a free trial. But that free trial expires within 30 to 90 days and you must purchase the full price of their product or you lose your time investment in building your site.

However, there is one platform that is totally “Free” and you are not tied to a time limit in which you must make a decision. The normal person, which I consider myself and many others, can not get enough knowledge in 30 to 90 days to know whether they can use a given platform to build their online business. You may end up as I did a time or two and feel pressured to join a program and after three or four months realize you could not work it, either because of lack of support or lack of knowledge base or the program was not what it said it was.

The program that I recommend gives you a totally “FREE” opportunity to set up your own website and gives you 10 free lessons to give you the tools to set up your own website to promote you own interests or products. They will also give you 2 “FREE” websites and host them for “FREE” so you can build your presence on the internet. Of course, you will not have access to the thousands of tools which are available to the “PREMIUM” membership. But you can use and learn with the two “FREE” websites for as long as you wish. You are never pressured to join the “PREMIUM” membership if you do not wish. You will be given opportunity to join if you wish, but never pressured.

The name of the program is Wealthy Affiliates. Wealthy Affiliates never makes outlandish promises about success but will give you realistic appraisal and direction in building your online business. If you decide by using the totally “FREE” program that Wealthy Affiliates is viable instrument for building a growing internet business, then you can join the “PREMIUM” program and gain access to thousands(yes I said thousands) of tools and teachings on how to build a successful online business.

The cost for these priceless tools is only $49 a month. You can purchase a yearly membership and save up to 40% off of the membership cost. Now, remember, you can take as long as you wish with the “FREE” program before you make a decision whether to join the “PREMIUM” or not. You may choose not to join. That is OK. Keep the “FREE” as a gift. You may decide later to join the “PREMIUM”. You can do that at any time you may wish.

At Wealthy Affiliates you will find many people who are just like you and are building their own online business. You will also find a wealth of knowledge and information which you will find no where else in one location. The support is phenomenal and is online 24 hours a day. You will get answers to your questions and problems within minutes(usually), not hours or days or never.

I hope you will take advantage of one of the best internet marketing programs available today by signing up for your “FREE” program membership.

Check out this chart below to compare the Free Program to the Premium Program.


I wish you success in your online business ventures. May God bless you and prosper you.


I hope that you have received inspiration and insight from the articles of my blog.  I hope, too, that you will share what you have found with your friends. If you would like to promote the continued building of this site would you consider clicking on one or more of the banners of companies that I have chosen to support by being an affiliate with them.  If you click on their banner and go to their company site and make a purchase from them, they will compensate me a small percentage of your purchase. You will be getting something that you want, or need, and will at the same time be helping to support our sharing of wisdom and health and opportunities of growing your wealth.  God bless you. And thank you.


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