Good Health or Good Health Care?

With all the conversation that is going on today about “Health Care” one would think that we were a nation of really healthy people. The term is actually misused.

Misuse of the term

The term “Health Care” means to maintain a certain level of health. Presumably it is good health. But that is not what the real situation is. “Health Care” as it is being promoted today is actually an after the fact approach to the problem of lost health. If it were truly “Health Care” the issuer would require the covered person to maintain and do the things that would insure his or her good health. There are some insurers who will pay for preemptive measures that help one stay healthy; such as yearly checkups. But that is about as far as I see them going. Especially the Federal Government is grossly negligent in promoting good health.

What is missing in health care

The free market can structure their “Health Care” any way they wish, because it is individuals that are paying for it and they may spend their money any way they wish. However, a government “Health Care” plan should be structured in such a way that it makes the best use of the money that it takes from its’ citizens and then supposes to put it to use as a “Health Care” program. Those who are receiving the benefits of a government “Health Care” program should be subjected to certain requirements.

Those who wish to receive a government’s “Health Care” should meet certain standards. They should begin by meeting certain health standards. This should best be begun at birth, if possible. If not then, as soon as possible. Because they are wards of the state, they should maintain a healthy life style. This could be checked regularly by the appropriate agency and if found to be lacking then proper measures to correct the matter will be addressed.

Some areas to be considered would be: weight; if overweight, then weight must be attenuated or government subsidies will be adjusted to address over consumption of food, or a regimen of walking or exercise implemented to bring down the weight. A limit will be set on the time in which a reasonable amount of weight should be lost.

Promoting health

Government planning, both Federal and Local should set the example. Government officials should be the most fit and healthy as possible. The rules and regulations they set should consider the health of their constituents. For instance, in the developments of subdivisions within a city, quite often the developer is allowed to divide the development into lots that are very small and allow only five feet from structure to property line. That means only ten feet from structure to structure. A little more is allowed in the front, usually a thirty-foot set back and about the same in the back. This means more money for the developer but less opportunity for physical exercise for whoever buys and lives in the structure that is built there. Less exercise, more health issues, less “Health Care”.


The truth about “Health Care”

The truth is that “Health Care” is not about caring for your health at all. It is about controlling an important part of your life. If those who control the government can control how you maintain your living conditions then they can control almost every aspect of your life. For those who receive aid from the government when they have never put anything into the government the aid they receive is their payment for supporting those who are kept in power by their voting for them. By being in power they get to decide the rules that those who make money and pay taxes will have to play by. The goal of these people is to sooner or later get to the point of having complete control over all. So we see that “Health Care” is not really caring about your health at all. It is a means of attaining the end of exercising complete power over your whole life, not just your health.

What to do

Because our nation has succumbed to the idea that human beings are basically good, we have been unwittingly overcome by devious people who themselves have been controlled by forces that they themselves are not aware of. There are two world views that are at work in today s society. There are two and only two.

One is the view that secular humanists have and that is that the natural world is all that there is and that is all. When you die, that is all. Every thing you see came about by an accident and that accident is defined as evolution. In their world view there is no purpose or reason behind our existence. They believe that all are generally good but without purpose. With this world view “Health Care” is only a means to gain control.

The other world view is the Biblical world view. This view is that the world and the universe were created by an all powerful loving God in six days. His highest creation, man, rebelled and brought death and decay to God’s creation. God brought the first judgment on that creation in the form of a year long flood that covered the face of the whole earth and killed all air breathing life on the earth except those who were saved on an ark that God instructed Noah to build. That same God prepared a way of salvation for all who would receive it by sending His only-begotten Son to pay the price for Adam’s rebellion. He paid the price and all who will receive Him will spend eternity on a new Earth with Him.

Those are the two world views at work in this world today. One has brought about Naziism, Communism, Socialism and Progressivism. The other brought about the foundations upon which the United States and its Constitution were founded. The amazing thing is that the God of the second world view created you and loves you enough that He allows you to make the choice of which view you will choose. He allows you to weigh the facts and make your own choice.

The secular world view does not want you to have a choice. They do not want both views to be set forth and allow you to choose. This is evident in our school system. They will not allow creation to be studied nor mentioned. Yet, evolution, which has no scientific foundation is taught as being fact.

So, when the progressive government talks about giving you “Health Care”. Don’t you believe them. They are not interested in giving you good health of good health care. They are only interested in “controlling you”.


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