Good News vs Bad News-It’s Christmas

I am writing this at the time of the year that people are usually upbeat and positive about things that are going on. Most people at this time of year tend to emphasize the good news over the bad news. I hope that you are one of those people who are on the good news side. Why do you think we want to emphasize good news at this time of year?

It’a Christmas time

Most people like to emphasize good news because it is a time of excitement and of sharing time with family and friends and building new friendships. It is a time of giving and receiving gifts. It is a time, for at least a little while, that we move our focus from ourselves to others. Have you ever stopped to consider why this is? Why is it that Christmas always causes us to become a giving person instead of a self-consuming self-centered person? Let me present one reason why this may be true.

Created in the image

The very concept of Christmas is Bible based. Though it has become secularized in so many areas, its roots are firmly anchored in the Biblical account of the birth of Jesus. Why, you ask, would that make it so important? Since most of the world is not interested in Christian principles or even in the Christian faith?

Whether the people of the world are interested or not interested in the God of the Bible, has no bearing on the truth. Truth does not depend on democracy to determine its validity. Truth is determined by its eternal foundations. It does not change with a new administration or a new ruling class. Truth is grounded in eternal things.

The truth is that human beings were created in the image of their Creator. That image was marred by Adam’s rebellion. But never-the-less the stamp is still there. Because of that image there is a longing for every human being to re-connect with his Creator.


History has shown us that mankind is hopelessly inept at getting back to a right relationship with his Creator. We can read in the history book, called the Holy Bible, the history of how mankind tried and tried to get right with their Creator, but failed at every turn. There seemed to be no possibility of ever getting back into favor with the Creator so that the blessings He had promised could be bestowed on us.


But, the Creator had instituted a plan from the beginning. Though His greatest creation, human beings, could never be able to re-establish that covenant connection, He had already set in motion a means by which every one of His “children” could be put back in good standing with Him and spend eternity with Him in heavenly glory, if they so chose to do. There was no coercion involved in His plan.

To qualify for the reinstatement of “righteousness”, one had to meet all the criteria. But, no one over more than 4000 years since creation had been able to do that. How could it be possible?

The Plan

Since no person since Adam had been able to measure up to the demands of right standing(righteousness) with the Creator, The Creator, Himself, decided to provide a man who could measure up. The man must by definition be human, because He was to be the new federal head of a human race. He was to replace the first Adam who had caused all his descendants to be plunged into a state of bad standing(unrighteousness) with the Creator. The Bible calls Him the last Adam.

This man, who is Jesus Christ, would live a human life, (though He was God, too [a mystery]) and satisfy every thing necessary to have a renewed and perfect relationship with the Creator. He was both God and human. Infinite, yet finite(a mystery). He would meet all demands necessary to renew the covenant relationship with the Creator, and then in a glorious event offer Himself to accept the payment for the sins and failures of human beings.

This payment was made for all mankind. It was then offered to all who would receive it. It was offered, not forced upon.

The insertion

To institute the plan and insert it into human history, the Creator chose a little, out-of-the-way village in a not so prominent country called Judea in the land of Israel. Not too many humans were aware of it. In fact only a handful of shepherds were made aware of it. They came to honor a tiny baby, lying in a food trough for animals, as the King of the universe.

How did they know? They were told by some eternal beings, known as angels, that there was born that night a king, not just an earthly king, but a king that would re-establish the original covenant that the Creator had established with the first Adam. The Creator, through this baby, would pay the price for our rebellion and give us entrance once more into His glorious presence. This would be an everlasting covenant because it would be established through His only-begotten Son, Who would meet all the criteria for the covenant, and then would pay the price for all who had not, but would receive it by faith in His Son, Jesus.

The Good News!

The “Good News” to you is that this restored relationship can be yours. You no longer need to measure up or do your best. The pressure is off. The Word has been sent and faith has come. By grace through faith you can receive not only forgiveness for your rebellion, but you can receive the gift of spending eternity with your Creator, Who loves you dearly.

That eternity will be spent in total creativity and joy. There shall be no sadness or weeping there. It will be joy unspeakable and full of glory, just as your Creator intended from the beginning. In the presence of your Creator is “fullness of joy”. You can not imagine the joy that awaits you in His presence.

The reason for happiness at Christmas

“God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself, not imputing their trespasses to them.” God is not angry with you. He loves you and has paid the price for all your sins when Jesus died on the cross. He established that truth when He raised Jesus from the dead and has seated Him at the right hand of the throne of the Creator.

The Creator loves you and He extended that great love when Jesus came into the world at a time we celebrate as Christmas.

The foundation of joy and happiness at Christmas

That is the reason for joy and happiness at Christmas time. The amazing part of this is that that joy and happiness can be yours every day of your life when you let Jesus be born into your life.

I encourage you, at this special time of the year, cry out to your Creator and receive the birth of His Son, Jesus, in your life. Then you will find that every day is Christmas in your new life in Jesus.

God bless you, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!





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