Google – A Review

I thought that now would be a good time to do a review of Google. So this blog is entitled “Google – A Review”. Some may think of this as “biting the hand that feeds you.” But, if a product can not stand for criticism, is it really a worthy product? So, we begin our review and evaluation of Google.


I remember some twenty years ago when my son first brought “google” to my attention. “Wow! What a great tool this will be for research!” (My son was and is a computer guru. He has been into computers and all things related since TI99 4A days. He goes where the average computer technician only dreams of going.) Sure enough, Google was a great tool for finding information on lots of things.

As time goes by

As more and more people began to discover the possibilities of the tool, it became the “go-to” tool of the internet. It got such a jump on all the others that it has cornered 70% plus of the search market. Even Microsoft’s Bing cannot compare with it. On the surface, there is nothing wrong with one product excelling above other competitors. A free market encourages such competition.

But is it a free market?

But, let us step back and ask some questions. Are we really dealing with a free market in this situation?

Let me draw a comparison. Most somewhat informed people in western society are aware of an opioid crisis we face. That crisis was brought about through a free market. The medicines were developed in response to a medical need. That need was one of alleviating pain for hurting or recovering patience. This was a good thing and compassionate in its origin. What was not correctly communicated to the practitioners and users was that these drugs were very addictive. So, what was begun as a good thing became, in the end, a “killer” for its users. Opioids in themselves are not bad, but the misuse of them is evil. In the final analysis, what was meant for good became in the end, bad.

The global society has become an information-seeking society. Information is almost more important than money or riches. If you have a wealth of information you can gain a wealth of money. This is evident by who the richest people in the world are.

Typically, those who are the groundbreakers in a particular field will become the leaders. It is only logical that that should be. But in information dissemination, the first tends to determine whom they will disseminate. This seems to be what has happened in the realm of search engines for the internet. Because of its dominance, in the beginning, Google has somewhat determined whom to recognize in searches for information providers.

One can understand Google’s desire not to promote its competitors above its self. So, we can understand why Google would put its self above the others. Should we then demand a neutral arbiter? Such an arbiter is not available. The government should not even be considered. When government enters an arena, no matter what, freedom begins to be diminished. Soon follows socialism and on its heels, communism. The free market is by far the better choice.


Another alternative is to educate the society. You might then say that this is introducing government into the equation. That would be correct in modern society. But it does not necessarily have to be so. It is true that government does control education in today’s world. But, it is not true in all situations.

It used to be that localities determined how their morals and norms were passed to succeeding generations. This was patterned after, of all things, Biblical patterns. It first recognized the family, then the church, then the societal government. With the Bible being the foundation, the standards were recognized and fixed. There was not a morphing of morals as one generation passed to another.

Because we are human beings, there were some failings along the way. But, because it was founded on the Bible, corrections were always made, sooner or later.

Unfortunately, when big government rules education, wolves will inevitably infiltrate the sheep. Government loves to make laws, even good governments. The farther the governing body is removed from the individual, the greater the misuse.

Consider: Individual<Family<Church<Local<County(Parish)<State<Federal<Bureaucracy<Etc.

Do you see how far we have removed education from those who should do it best?

So, though education should be the best answer to how to bring about equal opportunity, it will not. Whether you know it or not, much of education is determined by information search.

Why should we even be concerned with who wins the search wars?

Agendas of search engines

If we lived in a perfect world, who wins the search engine war would not matter. But, we do not live in a perfect world.

Things are not always what they seem to be. The world view espoused by any business or person should be considered when considering their motives.

There are actually only two world views available. They can be stated as follows: Materialist humanism worldview; Biblical creation worldview.

Materialist humanism

Materialistic humanism is just what it sounds like. It is based on the thought that all that we perceive came about by accident. It believes and teaches the Big Bang and evolution. All that there is, is matter. Living things came about by accident and evolution. One day the universe will run down and that will be it. There is no God and no purpose in existence. Hence, there is no afterlife and no moral standards. Humanism promotes situational ethics(what’s right for you may not be right for me).

To put it another way, “Whoever has the power, determines what’s right.” Examples of secular humanism societies would be: Hitler-Nazi Germany; Stalin-Communist Russia; Mao-Communist China. Another contemporary would be Chavez/Maduro-Venezuela.

Don’t you think we should know if people who control information have this worldview?

Biblical creation

Biblical Worldview

The Biblical creation world view is in total contrast to the humanistic.

This worldview believes what the Bible says about creation and what our purpose is on earth. Yes, we believe that the universe, and earth, were created around 6000 years ago. Biblical world view believes that there are moral rights and wrongs. These rights and wrongs do not change with the situation or the times we live in.

The prime example of a nation that was founded on the Biblical worldview is the United States. Though not all the founding fathers were Christian, they all realized the foundations provide in the Biblical view. Hence, the two most important documents of the United States are based on the principals of the Bible. They being the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

As I stated above, the best example is the United States of America. Let us ever be on guard lest we lose our direction by following humanistic values.

Back to Google-A Review

We have gone through the above to come to this point. It is evident that those who control Google are definitely of the Humanistic worldview. Considering those who have ruled in the past under this worldview, should we not be alarmed.

Though not a government, they control access to information and opinion even above a government. Even more alarming is the fact that so much in government is leaning to a humanistic worldview. So, even if government intruded, the end result would sooner or later be the same.

It is evident that we are not going to dismantle Google or any search engine. So, what can be done?


Just as Google began as a small entity and grew to the power that it is, so must we. But, we cannot rely on government to do it.

The foundation must be the Bible, the Word of God. The Creator declares in His word, “I am the Lord, I change not.” “Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever.” The Bible says that He is God that does not lie. So, if we are to deal in truth, we must go to the Bible. When we find truth, we do not adjust it when situations change. Only then can we have a stable and productive society for all.

Google – The Review

So, how does Google stack up? As it is, it is the standard of the information search engines. There are others out there that are just as good and just as reliable. Compared to Bing, Google has twice the market. The remaining engines parcel out the other 10%.

But it must be noted that almost all search engines approach from a humanistic worldview.

Google is out to promote its worldview. It may not do it overtly but will do it covertly. Be aware that they will promote those sites which support their worldview. The political agendas that Google has supported are almost always antithetical to the Biblical worldview. So, though you may not ditch Google entirely, it may be worth your while to check other search engines, too.

Rating Google – A Review

Since there is no clearly unbiased search engine, it is hard to assign a rating. If you are liberal or progressive, you may rate them superior. But, if you are Biblical or conservative you might rate them somewhat less.

To me, they are substantial search engine without rival. But they are not to be relied on, to tell the truth. If a sight promotes their agenda, it will rate above one that does not.

Google talks about content and relevant content but that is jabberwocky. It is relevant if it fits their agenda. But it is irrelevant if it does not fit their agenda.

In conclusion

In reality, I rate google no higher as a search engine than any other search engine. It may have a little more quantity, but its quality and honesty are somewhat lacking.

In the final analysis, you must choose. If you have wisdom and use good understanding, you will make use of Google in spite of its shortcomings.

Are you are growing in wisdom, you might wish to weigh it against other search engines.

If you are new in the internet realm, it might be wise to use one of the lesser engines. Here are a few: duckduckgo; dogpile; yahoo; bing.

Last thoughts on Google – A Review

You may not be aware of how much you have been influenced by Google. It is very subtle and is intended not to be noticeable. But it will affect your choices in the use of the internet. And that, in the end, will affect how you relate to the world around you.

I hope that you will be grounded in the truth of God’s word so that you can know the truth. And as you come to know the truth you will be set free.

Then, even Google will not rule over your thoughts or your searches.

God bless you in your search for true life.

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