Health and Evolution – Is There a Contradiction

In today’s biological sciences evolution is assumed to be a fact. But what are the facts in regard to health and evolution? Does the assumption of evolution aid in the pursuit of good health? Or is it a hindrance? We shall begin a journey with this article which will last for several more articles is not several months.

Evolution. What is it?

Beginning in the early twentieth century evolution was presented as the way that all living things came about. It was supposedly heralded by Charles Darwin in his publication of 1859 “On the Origin of Species”. His premises was that somehow, somewhere in a pool of scum some molecules came together in just the right way to form the first living cell and from that cell every living thing has descended. Even with what little knowledge was known about a living cell back then, it seemed incredulous that such a thing could happen. Logic said that such a process was impossible. But, since the purpose for proposing such a process was not necessarily science driven but religiously driven, logic did not play a big part in the process.

Charles Darwin, and those who championed him, were more interested in defeating the Biblical interpretation of creation and its’ God than they were of promoting science. Their goal was to prove that this world and all the life on it could come about by natural processes with no need of a God. So we can see from the beginning that it is not science that evolution preaches but it is the religion of atheism, or rather better stated as anti-theism.

Evolution. How it works.

Evolutionists define evolution very simply. Simply put, they say that “evolution is change”. By using a misleading definition they dupe those who are not informed to believing that evolution is true. Do you see change in living things? Of course you do. Does than mean that living things are evolving? If you accept their definition you must say “Yes”.

But, is that the true definition of what the evolutionist is promoting? If one were to take the time to look into what the evolutionist is really trying to say, one would then, question the whole premises. True evolutionists know that evolution, as they want it to be, is not only change, but change that increases in complexity. In other words, the first living cell was “very simple”. Somehow as it spawned offspring, or replicated itself, it got a little more complex. Then a few generations later as it replicated it got a little more complex. This supposedly was a continuing process. For this to happen, the evolutionists needed more time than was allowed for in the Biblical understanding of creation. So, the earth had to be millions of years old instead of thousands of years as the Bible said. The thing about pseudo-science is that it is not founded on facts, but on belief. As more and more facts(information) was learned about living cells it became evident that even the “simple” cells were more and more complex than Darwin could have imagined. If the simple were unimaginably complex, what of the supposedly more complex. For this reason it became necessary to tens of millions and hundreds of millions and finally billions of years to the process to bring about life on this earth.


The process

The process by which evolution works is through mutations. When DNA was discovered in living things it changed the whole picture of what living things were. DNA is the molecule which contains all the information which is necessary for a living entity to carry on its’ living process. Every cell in a living thing has a DNA strand in it which contains all the information of the living thing. The amount of information contained in the single strand of DNA is astronomical. Though not all is known about it some have likened it to a stack of encyclopedias which stretches to the moon and back. I would say that that is quite an accomplishment for a thing so small that it takes an electron microscope to see it.

Rather than being in awe of such a creation, evolutionists decided to try to work this to their advantage. It was discovered that the passing of the DNA information from one generation to the next produced what is called mutations. These are usually minor and have little if no effect on the offspring. Sometimes they are more pronounced. So the evolutionists ceased on this process as a means for evolution. These changes, mutations, were passed on from generation to generation and were added to until there arose a change in the species. So you can see the need of millions and billions of years.

This was the “story” that was presented as “science” for years. It is still taught in public schools in much of the western world. However, there is one little fact that the evolutionist leaves out. In all the years of research into mutations there has never been one mutation found that added any information to the DNA. It has been found that 99% of all mutations delete information in the DNA. The other 1% is neutral, no information added or deleted. According to the evolutionist information must be added if the entity is to evolve into a more complex being. So, the thing that they hoped to prove evolution actually falsified it. But you will not hear any evolutionist say that.


Bad medicine of evolution

One of the biggest “faux pas” of evolutionary thinking was the promotion of vestigial organs in the human body. Claiming that these organs were leftovers from human evolutionary past and that they were no longer necessary led doctors to without real medical reason to remove these from many persons for no other reason than they were not needed. But since true science has continued to progress almost all the “vestigial” organs that the evolutionists preached have been found to be necessary in the development in many facets of the growing body.

Among the “vestigial” organs are the thymus gland, the appendix, the pineal gland, tonsils and coccyx.


I think that it is quite evident that evolution has been a great hindrance in the promotion of health in the human race. To preach that something as harmful as mutations have been shown to be and then, promote it as a good thing that brings about advancement is to be totally blinded by a false religion. To date there has not been one scientific finding that showed that a mutation has brought about a good thing in a living cell or being. Yet, the evolutionist insists that it works. To date there has never been a finding that any mutation brought about an increase in information in the DNA of any living cell.

If one chooses to believe in evolution then, one is definitively siding with poor health. Evolutionists have shown over the years to forsake good health practices when it does not promote evolution. They have been shown to promote bad health and medical practices when it promotes evolution.

I am sure that this is not the last word to said on the subject but it clearly shows that good health and evolution are not partners in bringing about your well-being.

Stay tuned for more blogs on these subjects.





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