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If you have been looking for an opportunity to build your own home internet business, then you have come to the right place.  Not only can you begin your home internet business, you can begin for free.  That’s right, free!

Type of internet business

Online Business
Start Your Own Internet Business

It does not matter what type of business you wish to establish or which audience you are seeking to attract.  We are going to point you to a program that will teach you and equip you with knowledge that will enable you to go in any direction that you may choose in pursuing your goal of building and internet business.

The platform and program that we shall point you to is one that has been established for over 14 years and has helped and enabled thousands of beginning entrepreneurs to build an online business and prosper.  Most of these successful people began with no internet knowledge and not much computer skills, but by following the program and teachings found in the knowledge base of this program they attained a high level of success in the internet business realm.

Not a get rich quick scheme

This program is not a get rich quick scheme that makes outlandish promises about retiring in a short period of time and living a life of leisure.  The program lays out step by step practices which will lay a foundation upon which can be built a successful and profitable business on the internet.

It sets down the same principles that you would follow in any business of any kind in the “brick and mortar” world , but you get to do it all within the walls of your home and at the time and pace that best fits your situation.

Your investment

Time invested
Invest your time

I said in the heading that you can begin for free.  So, what do you have to invest.  At the beginning you will invest your time.  If you are working or going to school or other commitments, you will have to adjust your schedule to make the time to invest in building your business.

Depending on the amount of time you can alot to building your business will determine how fast or how slowly you will be able to build your business.  Each individual will need to asses their own situation to make that determination.  Most people, even those with full time jobs, can set aside some time each day, or some time each week, to invest in the building of a business which they can call their own.

Some will have more time to invest while others will have less time.  But, the investment of your time will reap great benefits in the long run.  With patience and perseverance you will succeed.  It is a proven thing.  If you ask any successful business person they will tell you that by persevering and never giving up they attained their goal of having their own business.  There are many who do not succeed because they are not willing to pay the price of patience and perseverance.

If you can make the decision at the beginning that you will not stop or give up, you will succeed.  I shall leave that decision up to you.

Begin for free

Free to you
It’s Free!

When I say “free”, I am assuming that you already have a computer and access to the internet.  Because you are reading this, the point is self evident.

I am also assuming that just because you are beginning for free that you understand that at some point you will have to invest some of your money as well as your time.  But, be assured that your time is the most important and the money for this program is far less than any other internet business building program will charge you.

With that understanding, let us look at the program that I believe is the best tool for building your home internet business.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate Logo
Best Online Business Building Program

The program that I recommend is Wealthy Affiliate.  Wealthy Affiliate is actually a community of thousands of internet entrepreneurs who have joined together to provide a program and support for anyone who is serious about establishing an internet business.  It was begun over 14 years ago by two young men, one from Canada and one from Australia.  They are still active in the program providing teachings and developing internet tools to help all its members as they build their internet businesses.

If you join the program you will know these young men as Kyle and Carson, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate.  They began their own online business quest in the early 2000s.  As they began to see success in the internet realm they wanted to help other people to achieve the same success that they were experiencing.  So, they invited others to use their tools and knowledge by setting up this program called Wealthy Affiliate.

The membership has grown into the thousands.  It is not a group of competitors but a fellowship of entrepreneurs who help each other and encourage each other and teach one another.  It is a big family of entrepreneurs growing together.

How to join this family

Family we are
We Are Family

Hopefully, I have peeked your interest and you are wondering how to join this family of entrepreneurs.  Well, this is where the “free” part of your “Begin For Free” comes in.  There are two levels of Wealthy Affiliate, the Free membership, and the Premium membership.

We recommend that everyone who wishes to try the Wealthy Affiliate program begin with the Free membership.  When we say “Free” we are not talking about registering a credit card that is charged for a thirty day trial and then if you choose not to join the money is refunded.  No, you do not register a credit card of any kind.  What you do register is your email.  You then will be granted access to several of the tools and studies made available to all members.

Among these tools will be ten “Free” lessons on how to set up your business website and have it launched on the worldwide web.  With the “Free” membership you will be given two free websites and free hosting for those websites.  You will receive a limited amount of support to help you in these websites.  There is no time limit to the “Free” membership.  So, if you wish to take your time, then do so.  If after a while you decide that you wish to continue learning and growing in building your internet business, then you can join the Premium membership.  If you choose not to move up to the Premium, that’s OK.  Just keep your Free membership and your two websites and work them as your own, because they are your own.

Premium membership

If, however, you decide, like I did, that this is the program for you, then I invite you to move up to the Premium membership.  That is the highest level of membership that is available to anyone.  With the Premium membership you will get every training tool and instruction and support that you will ever need to be a success in an internet business.  As I said, it is not “get rich quick” but it is a pathway to making money that will lead you to being richer than you ever thought.

Just a few of the things that you will enjoy with your Premium membership:

  • Live teaching sessions each week on pertinent subjects
  • Hundreds of lessons and tutorials in the learning bank
  • New ideas and tools posted by members from all over the world
  • 24 hour support that renders answers in minutes rather in days
  • fellowship through site posts of members from all over the world
  • encouragement from like minded internet entrepreneurs
  • tips on how to improve your website and get more traffic
  • constant updates on how to build your business
  • 25 free websites hosted by Wealthy Affiliate for free
  • 25 free hostings for domains that you may already own
  • numberless built in tools to enhance and help you build better websites

There are even more amenities than these.  You may be wondering what the cost of all this will be.  If you were to purchase all of the tools and services that are provided by Wealthy Affiliate you would spend well over a thousand dollars a month.  Even then you would not have the service and quality of product provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

That's all it costs
$49 a month

The cost of Wealthy Affiliate Premium program is $49 a month.  Some of the tools made available to you through this program would cost that much if purchased alone.  You can save some on that by purchasing membership by the year.  But, if you do it monthly, you will spend less than $600 a year.  If you follow the program and are consistent in your production, within that year you will have made much more than the $600 investment in your business.  As you continue to grow your business it will seem as an incidental investment that reaps bigger and bigger crops.

Check out this chart to compare!

Don’t miss this home internet business opportunity!  Click the “Create Your Account Today” button!

You can get more information on Wealthy Affiliate here and here.

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