How Can I Avoid Online Marketing Scams?

That is the question!

If you have been interested in building an online business and have begun to look around the internet to see what is out there, this should be one of your most important questions. When I began to look for a way to make some money online, I did not even consider that there might be more scams than real business opportunities. I learned the hard way that there are not just a few scams awaiting the naive entrepreneur, but that there are far more scams than there are opportunities for the honest business builder.

If you will begin your search with first of all a good dose of skepticism and then study several people who have succeeded online. Then look for a platform and system that can be built upon which emphasizes knowledge, work input, patience and continued learning, then you may be looking at a system that will give you a business that will not just make you money but will be a business that can make you rich and help a lot of people.

How to avoid scams – What to lookout for

Before we get to the things to look for in a good business building platform, let’s look at some things that you will come across that will try to take your money and sooner or later leave you without a business or money or an online presence.

Fast money

One of the first things that should catch your attention and make you think “scam”, is the pitch that you can make big money fast. There are many online platforms that can make a lot of money in the long run, but there are none that can make big money “overnight”. There was one that promised that if you purchased their product, that within two weeks you could increase your investment tenfold. Along with the presentation were three or four video testimonials of individuals who claimed to have done just that. But what was not told was that those testimonies were purchased on “fiver”. For you who do not know what “fiver” is, it is a site where you can go and pay one of the members to make a video endorsing your product and telling how they got rich. The cost of such promos begin at $5, hence the name “fiver”. You can understand how that is a scam.

Your own website

Then there are those will for a price set you up your own website to sell products for Amazon. These can range from a cost of several thousand dollars to a couple of hundred dollars. The claim is that they will build your site for you and stock it with products from Amazon. Then you just sit back and get rich. Once they convince you that you can make money fast and get rich with just a few minutes a day they pitch the price and get you to buy their deal. What they do not tell you is how to maintain and grow your website or how to get people to your website so that they can buy the Amazon products. To get these learning products will cost you more money. And as you continue in the program there will be more and more learning and tools that you will need and will cost you more and more money. In the end, you have not learned any more about online business than when you began. You have just been scammed.

The façade

How about those that begin with the promise that you will make enough money from the very beginning so you can be able to pay for the program as you go. They then sell you into thousands of dollars of debt on a couple of interest free credit cards which are available to anybody with fair credit. They get you to sign “legal” documents by which they will get to keep your money if you decided to dispute any charges they make. (And they get away with it, too.) They will then begin to have people call you to give you directions in where to look for training and share a list of things for you to look up and study. This will go on for several weeks. (The things they share are readily available on the internet and can be found with a quick search on google or bing or any other search engine). But, you have paid hundreds of dollars for this “free” information. They will then try to upgrade you with another credit card and get more money from you. When it is all said and done, the only thing you have more of is the knowledge of whom not to trust. The thing you have less of is your hard-earned money.

The funnel

One of the sneakiest of home business scams is the one that hooks you with a cheap introductory price. It may be $37, or maybe $27, and some have gone as low as $17. What they are trying to do is get you committed by giving your credit card number and spending a little money. Many even say you can start to make money right away. What they do not tell you is that to make the kind of money you really want to make you will need to upgrade with ad-on features to your site or store. These ad-ons keep multiplying until once again you will find yourself into the hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The only ones that these types of online businesses are good for are the people who are selling them. For them it is a great business. For the people they take advantage of, it is very discouraging and sometimes financially crippling.

What you need to know

Things that you should know in searching home based business opportunities are some of the following.

  • Never make a decision in a hurry. If the seller can not wait, then there are plenty who can. You do not need to be in a hurry to spend your hard-earned money. You need to have some clear idea of what you will be purchasing.
  • Never purchase without knowing how much the end product will cost, at least within a given amount.
  • You need to know specifically what you will receive for your money.
  • What kind of support is available for the product you are buying.
  • Can you cancel or withdraw from the program.
  • Is there a money back guarantee.
  • Do you have individuals that you can contact and ask their opinion of the program.
  • How many people are using the program, are they making money?
  • How long does it take to start making money with the program?

Feel free to add other questions to this list.

My recommendation

I personally have tried five different types of online business opportunities. I have had limited success in a few and a total catastrophe in one. But I finally found one that from the beginning was forthright and honest in its presentation. I was amazed beyond belief to find such support and a library of lessons which deals with any and every phase of online business opportunities. It makes no grand promises but it does provide lessons, podcasts, webinars and 24 hour support like no other online entity. In less that six months I had learned more than over three years of learning I had done on my own. I have likened this program to getting a college degree in online business opportunities.

It begins with foundational things that must be in place before any business on the internet can realistically succeed. There are no “make money fast” schemes, but real business practice fundamentals applied on a daily and consistent basis. You can attain the tools by which you can succeed and be profitable in any business model that you might choose on the internet. If you apply the lessons and principles taught you will succeed. The level of success will be totally up to you.

The program that I recommend is Wealthy Affiliates. I mentioned above how it has a wealth of learning materials and support. They also provide free websites and free website hosting up to 50 domains. The cost for all of these tools and lessons and support is set at $49 a month. I’ll not go into all the tools and lessons and support they provide, but suffice it to say that to get the same things apart from Wealthy Affiliates would cost you hundreds of dollars a month, not to mention over the years.

You might think that means I pay almost $600 a year. How much would it cost you to pay a hosting service for 25 domains? Between $250 and $500. You have almost made your money back. How about a good keyword search engine? It’s free with Wealthy Affiliate. How about lessons on building your websites and promoting your business through many different avenues and social media? Thousands of dollars. They are all yours for the monthly price of $49. Pay it yearly and save almost $200 off of that.

But, even better, do a trial run for “FREE”. Yes, “FREE”. You do not need to register a credit card. Just register your email. Then get access to ten free lessons on building your online business. Get two free websites, which you name, and build them with the knowledge you gain from your lessons. Even access the support and interaction of the whole family of Wealthy Affiliates for seven days. If you like what you see then you can sign up for the Premium Membership in which you get access to all the tools and support at Wealthy Affiliate. If for some reason you do not wish to join the Premium Membership that’s OK. Just remain a “FREE MEMBER” and continue to use and build your two free websites. They are yours for as long as you want them.

I hope this has been helpful to you in making your decision about starting an online business. I have shared with you what I think is the best online business opportunity. I hope that you will try the FREE MEMBERSHIP to see if it is the best tool for you.

May God bless you and prosper you in your online business.

Would you like to try the Wealthy Affiliate Free membership?  Check out the chart below to see what is included and then click the button to sign up.  I wish you well!


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