How Can I Start an Internet Based Business-Can I Start It for Free

More and more people are looking at starting an internet based business. It is probably the least complicated way to begin a business that can scale to greater and greater heights. The reason for this being so attractive is that it does not take a large amount of money to lay the foundation and then begin to see the business grow and pay for itself.

Pile of money


Of course, it is wise to ask a lot of questions. One of the most asked questions is, “How much is it going to cost me to start my business?” That is a good and important question. No matter what venture we may undertake we must have some idea of how much money we will need to achieve our goals. Depending on the form of internet-based business you may choose will determine the amount of money you will need to begin and to maintain your business.

One question I hear quite often is, “Is there a program that I can start for free?” I am happy to say that there are some programs that you can start or try for free. The problem lies in choosing the ones that are truly free and not just wrapped in wording that makes it sound free.


Any wise person will know that to build and establish a viable business that there will come a time that money will have to be invested in the business. The goal in choosing a beginning free program is to find one that will help you to lay the foundation for your internet business before you must begin to invest your money in the business.

You can search the internet search engines to seek out programs that will offer you free trials, but be wise in which ones you try out. There are many programs which seem to be free at the beginning and they are for 30 or 60 or 90 days, and then they become paying subscriptions if you do not specifically cancel them. They will already have your credit card and will continue to charge the full amount for the program if you do not cancel your membership.

There are scams that seem almost too good to be true. And they are. Any product that promises you the sky with little or no work from you, is a scam. I know, I fell for a couple.

What to look for in a good program

What should you look for in a program to help you start your internet business? One of the first things is that it should have an extensive training program. It should cover a wide range of sites and business forms that you can build on the internet. Access to this training should be quick and available at any time that you might need it.

Another thing you should surely want is support. It should have 24-hour support and be responsive within minutes, not hours or days.

A good internet business building program should have a truly FREE trial that lasts as long as you need to make a real estimate as to your ability to use it to build your program.

Now, any program that has these things and produces these things will at some point be worth your investing in that program so that you can build your internet business to the size that you wish. The costs should be straightforward and easy to understand. There should not be any hidden or surprise costs pop up after you are in the program. You should know how much the program is going to cost and if there are any hidden fees.

How to start an internet business for free

To get your feet wet, so to speak, I am going to recommend a program that will let you begin for FREE. When I say FREE, I mean FREE! This is a program that hundreds of thousands of people have used and have built successful internet businesses over the past 14 years. The best way to utilize the program is to begin with the FREE membership. They do not even ask for a credit card. All you need is an email address.

With this FREE membership you will have access to 10 free lessons that will instruct you in how to build your own website by which you will launch your internet business. You will receive two websites through the program absolutely FREE. You will receive instruction on how to set up your website and begin to build it into an internet business.

With your websites set up you can begin to promote any online business you may wish. These two websites will be yours from now on. If you are already fluent in the internet you can build these sites and make money with them. If you are like me you may need to get more knowledge as you build your internet business. If you are like me, you will probably want to join what is called the PREMIUM membership. Yes, this is the one where you begin to invest in your business. The cost for this PREMIUM membership is $49 a month. But for that $49 a month you will receive unlimited information and learning tools. You will be able to access training for countless avenues of building your online business. You will be able to have 25 free sites through the program and an additional 25 domains which they will host free of charge.

To get all the tools and knowledge that is made available to you through this program would cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars a month if they were purchased separately.

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Wealthy Affiliates

Wealthy Affiliates

This program is called Wealthy Affiliates. Wealthy Affiliates will teach you how to become an internet entrepreneur and guide you step by step to the level of success that you may wish to attain. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme, nor will they promise you that you will make a million dollars. But what they do promise is that they will provide for you the tools and the knowledge by which you can attain the level of success that you wish. It will all depend on how much you wish to invest of your time and energy to build your business.

If you are like most members you will work at it part-time until you begin to get the results that you are aiming for, and then, if you wish, you can become your own boss and do it full time.

You may be retired, like me, and wish to continue to be productive and make extra money. Whatever your goal, Wealthy Affiliates can help you achieve it.

Check out the chart below. Then click the button to get your FREE membership!

Right now! Create your free account! Start your own internet business.

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